Thursday, December 25, 2008

Baiyun Mountain Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Wuzhou is located in the urban northeast. Baiyunshan even remotely Five Ridges, with a total Sanjiang satisfied, and stood to Wuzhou sudden, winding spiral, the magnificent. Peak stood overlooking the city beautiful, panoramic landscape in the distance. Towering trees in the mountains, hazy morning mist. In the early clear after the rain, clouds Su-jie, the unpredictable wind around. The tall white As Hill put on the white veil, covered with white scarves of the green girl. Meng Tang Dynasty poet, a poem goes: "cangwu long white clouds, smoke Dongting deep water." Lishi Rui Qing Dynasty poet wrote a poem: "Xiao Lu's thin in the early days, the late tobacco as the setting sun low power." Baiyunshan Wuzhou for Eight One of the Yunling called Seiran. ?? ?? White Hill Park, built in 1981, 1988, was designated as the first-class scenic spots and autonomous regions. The mountains have built a pavilion Yun-Feng, Song Yun Lou, two-Ting-ching, Taiwan kite, Ban Shanting and watch the autumn of Taiwan, Greenfield Tigers sculpture, and other facilities at the foot of Longquan and construction of the red booths & Dragons, Guan Bao Ge, Probe into bridge "Second-long drama "Relief and so on. Boarded Yunfeng top pavilion, a glance a great sense of small hills. Yunfeng from the pavilion down a path through tree-lined kite booth. ?? ?? Shandong Lu Shan Bai Yun waist, is well-known" Tiger Head " , Here Shan Shi Zhengrong, steep terrain, as a Fuwo the Tigers. Pavilion flying from the north go, A Taolin. Peach blossom in full bloom in the spring when the flowers come here a lot of people, images of each other taking pictures, is the so-called "red Renmiantaohua matched." From time to time there are birds in the distance from the woods Fei Qi, the clear call of the valley in response. Taolin had, on the hills to the two-Ting-ching. The following booths, there is a lifelike sculpture of a tiger, Rolling on the Songhai Zhang Xiao, a good piece Songtao Tigers map. By the holidays, that ran here. Chung Yeung Festival, the mountain is the head Yong Yong, the high tens of thousands of people, great excitement. ?? ?? at the foot of Baiyun Mountain Longquan Fei Bao, Yunling back, facing the Xijiang River, Gu Jian profound, elegant quiet, stand like a wall Cliffs, weather Yan, Han Teng Chui shake, mottled Lvtai, overhanging grass fern. Man Liu Jian Gu in the spring, the fish can see the bottom gravel, stone, scattered rocks, spread all over, or lying banks of V-chuen, or upon Bangshui side, the Kit Kat Yingrun, different patterns. It is "miscellaneous track from the crossing in the shade of a tree, Stephen stones to the loopholes in the flow." Wanting Stephen's clock since mid-stream Baiyun Shan Fu Jian , Is on Long Island and into the Xijiang Di Zhi. ?? ?? 1994 - 1996, the Baiyun Mountain Forest Park in large-scale transformation of landscape plants, the original pine-dominated forest into a variety of shrubs and ornamental plants of the variety of mixed composition of the subtropical rain forest Shows that Fan, Xia Li, Qiuhong, holly natural landscape. Gordon Baiyun Mountain, enjoy the "sea of clouds Mu, Luan heavy meal, drink two rivers, mountain city bird's-eye view" of the United States.

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