Thursday, December 25, 2008

From Fengshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as Phoenix Mountain. Wuming located in the county in the eastern suburbs of 5 kilometers Huangcun summer, it's surrounded by a flat field, it is only where they stand, what the two peak hours, like a flying For Phoenix, which got its name. It's a foot of water ring bend, Yuanwu rock, rock from the West and Ishiba, a natural stone Buddha niches. Virtual clouds in the mountains perforated It varies as Sedum. Zhenjiang rock in the mountains there, study rocks, with yunyan, such as Tai Chi Yan Jing, Dongfeng study of rocks, the Ming Dynasty for read Jinjiang Huang Qi Guan gun, engraved on the Shek Pik "Ming Fung Chaoyang" words, Qiu Jin gesture. And Guanyinge, Wenchang Pavilion, and other pavilions, there are a lot of history to exercise administrative officials, the literati here Sheets, and left a number of Inscription. North of Tai Chi-feng of them inside the cave, "feng" stone, 4.85 meters high, 4.2 meters wide, thick strokes up more than 30 cm, "Tai Chi Tai Fung possession of the hole," said wuming for most of the stone. Xifeng a co-yunyan. Linjiang Diaotai for the huge, carved gun Huang and Huang Jing sing the poems. Ago There is a poem: "Qiaoba the water's edge upon Bimodal, a fiber back to the track wearing Shihmen. Short-ting You turn to rock, is believed to be the world there are other days." The Hill has more than 20 stone Cliff side. If the tourists to swim across the yangshuo Bi Lianfeng, we will cut it in the mountains of the big "with" left a deep impression on the rise Fengshan "Feng", is from the same author - Yangshuo Daoguangnianjian Qing Yuan, Wang Hui, deputy county magistrate hands. This "feng" Peter "with" a South-North, the great Chinese art of calligraphy distributed all the charm of a fascinating people from time to time by the influence of ancient culture and the arts.

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