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Aksu Kuqa Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Aksu Kuqa Temple is the people of the Muslim worship places of worship. Temple is located in the Old City and County Akesu Kuqa bazar pier, away from the Kuche County, New City, about four kilometers, is second only to the territory of Xinjiang Kashiyiti Ga mosque in Seoul the second Temple.

  Kuqa former Temple in 1918 by fire Burning, in 1923 by the local Adji (Li Mu Ming Jiaoai) presided over the fund-raising, fund-raising to rebuild the mosque. Completion in 1927. Temple area of 1165 square meters, the main building consists of two parts, one large main temple, there are rotating staircase to the top temple, calling for the imam "is Mazi". For the brick. The second is the followers of worship for the use of the hall. And the lobby of the hall minutes after the two parts of the room, an area of about 65 square meters. Temple in the south-east corner of the courtyard retains an Islamic religious court sites.

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Glacier Kaerlike - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hami Kaerlike salt pond located in the glacier, 10 km south of the township government offices, 4888 meters above sea level, is still not a one person to climb the peak of the virgin peaks, snow, the size distribution of the 63 glaciers, especially in Dakar Rick flat-topped mountain glaciers, covering an area of about 0.7 square kilometers, Pingdingshan side of the mountain Park, the scenery as Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake, known as the natural reservoir of that solids, the Department of beautiful birthplace of the Yiwu River.

  If the glaciers of the demure girl stand surrounded by mountains, Yamashita is a natural waterfall, as Wanmabenteng, and dumping, unstoppable, rock bottom was stirred up the water droplets, such as Smoke , The sun's radiation, the formation of a true rainbow.

  The foot of the hill is a natural grassland, such as grass green carpet covered the entire mountain, the herdsmen Zhanfang, like white flowers adorned the meantime, the sheep will be Pian Pian, such as clouds, slowly drift in the mountains.

  Sometimes the real cloud cover will come All the beautiful and mysterious become hazy, heavy snow in the winter passes, is authentic snow-wrapped, particularly enchanting, so that all visitors to the heart tremble, for nature can not help to create a spectacular, beautiful and mysterious and praise About. It is tourism, adventure, scientific exploration of the holidays.

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I men Zi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From the city of Hami northbound over the Tianshan Mountains, to the mouth of the men Zi. This is Hami, Yiwu, the three roads Balikun connection point, the ancient Silk Road was an important post, but also ancient customs risk of military strategic pass. I was a men Zi Tian Gap, mountains on three sides, the vast Lin. A Gap, is open grassland, Wild stretch. Changeable weather here, "Serissa" is not rare, even in winter and one group "Linhaixueyuan" The scenery in the north. Here has a high altitude ice rink, ice training is ideal for athletes. In the summer, the bright yellow rape flowers and the green hills on the prairie, the green of the opening race Shanlin Jian, Yang Small shacks, beehive, the bees falling, the crowd of peristalsis, for a little poetic Tim grassland. Rain is "endless scenery after the rain Tim." The fog also wind around the mountains to the prairie's magic cast a veil. TV drama "Gods" in Xian is the monster battle scenes filmed here, and here we can see the scenery To people outside of the charm of days floating in the air.

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Hami Tian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hamid Hamid at the temple in the northern Tianshan Mountain Peak days, as a result of 51 years Qing Emperor Qianlong (1786 AD) at the top of the Tianshan Mountains in the construction of the temple named after. This Tianshan Road Traffic, came to a standstill, to the south is the mouth Nanshan, to the north is the mouth men Zi. Here more than 2700 meters altitude, cloud top bird, since ancient times is the eastern part of Tianshan Mountains in Southern The only way for North overcast. Here, the temple was built before the "black purple ridge." Tang Zhenguan 14 (640), designate Chang Chun-down, the march left the Tuen Mun-Wei Fu Zongguan General, Jiang line of the siege in the production of this equipment, things Holley monument to the credit of the Tian Shan range. Yuan, Ming period, "the wide stone map" Ling (Mongolian: Monument Ridge). The Tianshan Mountain Temple, there are only three empty brick hall and a Duanbei. Thus there are modern people, "Han Xue Pomiaocanbei" Yine. Where a winding mountain road twists and turns day 36, lam, a high mountain road density, Eagle Bird Luming. Shun winding turn, the Tian Shan temple on the peak days, suddenly opened, overlooking the foot of the mountain, only Lin vast, light snow Yingying, a moment when Langyue air, a moment mist cloud cover over, while snow. Visitors visitors stop here and enjoy a wonderful natural scenery.

  The Tianshan Mountain Temple, there are only three empty brick hall and a Duanbei. Thus there are modern people, "Xue Pomiaocanbei "Yine. Mountain road twists and turns of days where 36, a high mountain road close Lin, Eagle Bird Luming. Shun winding turn, the Tian Shan temple on the peak days, suddenly opened, overlooking the foot of the mountain, and saw vast Lin, Light snow Yingying, a moment when Langyue air, a moment mist cloud cover over, while snow. Visitors and more tourists stop here Enjoy a wonderful natural scenery.

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Feng Sui Silk Road - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Feng Sui Silk Road: Feng Sui is the ancient alarm system, it is out of the Great Wall and the co-existence of a complete military defense system. However, the existence of an independent defense to play a role in early warning, Xinjiang is the best example of the beacon towers. Xinjiang Tianshan all over the north-south Feng Sui, with the golden mean of the Silk Road and North Road towards consensus Security played a major role in the smooth flow of the Silk Road. At present, Hami region still retain the age of 51 a total of Feng Sui, Xinjiang is the largest and best preserved Feng Sui. In particular the number of Barkol County to preserve the largest number of Feng Sui, a total of 29, Yiwu County, Hami City, and were 19 and 3. Hami region as early as Feng Sui built in the Tang Dynasty, is still the territory remains Tang Feng Sui 4, which is the second Hami Fort Lake Su-Feng Sui, Willow Springs does not dismount Iraq Feng Sui, Santanghu Bali Kun Feng Sui, Yiwu Hill before the Turpan-wide Erxiao Na Feng Sui. They have been since 1200 years. The present Feng Sui is the preservation of the vast majority of all Qing The construction. Feng Sui before the distribution is the most densely Saerqiaoke Barkol county line to the west, where there are a thousand meters at 2-3, fell across the sea are as many as 13, the city Censen such as the poem says: "Cold Station Far as points, while Wang Feng each other, "Silk Road become a major spectacular! Saerqiaoke tunnel and the Palestinians fung South Lake's two-Kun Feng Sui is basically the same shape, into a square base, the tunnel-up for the contraction of the prismatic, are Rammed earth construction, compactor in the red folder switchgrass and use the framework of logs. Feng Zhang Kuange Saerqiaoke tunnel 8 meters, 7 meters high, up and down through the tunnel-mounted four-story about 8 centimeters in diameter wooden poles. Barkol Bin-Feng tunnel 400 meters from the highway, the big question integrity of the tunnel, each 10 m length and width of more than 9 meters high, the tunnel-Chuanzao in the rough log diameter of 25 cm-fung, south-east tunnel plot was also the site of the new paid courtyard. Sunset in the afterglow of the first series under the Barkol-fung, especially the ancient tunnel, thorough, and it represents the ancient Silk Road Xi Brilliant.

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Hami Mingsha Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

I Hami men Zi Ming Shashan north about 12 kilometers east side of State Road 302 through the province. Mingsha Shan Barkol Hami Basin is located in the eastern edge surrounded by high mountains surrounded by a radius of about 25 square km and an elevation of 2010 meters on the ground, Dune by the relatively high degree of 35-115 meters range for most of the sand dunes in the northwest - southeast direction Pohuan West, East Podou.

  By the golden sand dunes, Feng Jian Qiao ridge, winding snake, the interface between sand dunes. Dune wicker at the bottom of the river flow into a large bulk of green meadow marsh, by the evaporation of moisture in the Ming Shashan around a huge echoed steam box. When people from the Ming Shashan top-down slide when Sand squeezed by the collision with each other to produce the piezoelectric can be transformed into a flexible, elastic and then to be able to change sound, the sound can wicker by the river to enlarge resonate resonance box will be issued after the "Wengweng Weng," and "hiss hissing "Seems like Luekong bombers roar. When the common people down, the sound deafening. Hua Sha people Sha Ming listen to all who have been loud and strong voice of the sand-ming excited cheers and jumping, dancing, cheering the sound made so much noise. There are tourist reception center where, in both Huashapali, sand hill has more than 200 wooden ladder climbing class for Huasha recreational activities to create the necessary conditions.

  Mingsha Shan hinterland in recent years, the area also found that quite Hill's inter-basin, basin with a thick growth of trees up to 2 meters above the sea buckthorn forest, over a total area of 0.6 hectares, there is a long-term there is little Crescent Moon Spring water.

Mingsha Shan Green sand under the surface layer distribution obviously, the sand on the regular growth of grass-yin and India, low-lying sand dunes Department also into the sand between film Drug distribution, rather CMV landscape. Legend has it that, in the Tang Dynasty Ewha Fan Ming Shashan camped overnight on the sand to be buried. West miscellaneous poem stated, "Yuan Men mist seems to be marks, business legend, 48 Tuen, poor night evil wind, buried in the heroes Fu Pen." Is the story of this description. There have unearthed ancient soldiers Armor pieces, and other artifacts, may also confirmed the above-mentioned legends. In the face of visitors to the ancient barracks and Fan Ma Ewha pile, and other sites. Meditate tone is felt.

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Hami back to the Capital Cities - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hami back to the Capital Cities: Hamid, also known as King, the tomb is located in the western suburbs of the city of Hami city back to the well angustifolia. Mausoleum complex covers an area of about 1.3 hectares, surrounded by walls. Buildings were divided into three parts: the first part of the Great Arch al Wie (that is, back to the Wang Fen), buried VII to Wang Fu Jin Bo Xier its size, back to King Muhammad VIII The Princess, 40 royal family. The tomb in Xinjiang for the well-known Islamic architecture, on the bottom of the circle, 17.8 m-high, floor area 1500 square meters, the magnificent formal elegance. The second part of the south of the 5-wood structure of the small pavilion al arch, things arranged for Wang back to the ancient tomb, is to preserve the integrity of the only two . Ai Tika into the third largest Mosque, Monastery East length 60 meters, 36 meters wide north-south, an area of 2280 square meters, can accommodate 5,000 worshipers. Temple ceiling by 108 load-bearing column root plants, four flowers on decorative wall patterns in Arabic and the Koran, is the largest mosque in Hami.

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Hami Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hami of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is the "East gate", an important geographical location known as "the throat of the Western Regions, what channel." As far away as two thousand years ago, this is the first time Zhang Qian of the Han Dynasty in the Western Regions-opening of the Silk Road fortress. Trans-Hami in Xinjiang is located in the eastern end of the Tianshan Mountains, the Tianshan Mountains was divided into two north-south, the Tian Shan Hami is the oasis in the northern Tianshan Mountain grassland and Yiwu is the Barkol Valley. East Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province in conjunction Hami, Turpan, the fire west, which borders Mongolia and the North.

Hami has a long history, since the Han, that is operating here in the Western Regions of the outpost position, once the Silk Road in the city of Hami Strong ancient Western Regions all over the Central Plains and the links as well as on the promotion of exchanges between the East and West, plays a pivotal role. Hami in and around the historical sites of precious historical relics unearthed a true account of the old Silk Road and again on the city's throat style.

Now the mainland is still Hami of Xinjiang into A major stations across Gansu and Xinjiang Provinces Area Lan-Xin Railway and National Highway 312, across from the Hami oasis, the passage of the railway and highway roads, Hami, Turpan and Urumqi, Changji, Shihezi, even the hard line, Jiang to form dong, northern economic development zone.

Kazakhstan Beautiful scenery, numerous attractions. East Tianshan Mountains Trans-Yu Mo Hami region, the mountain pine clouds, Yamashita vast grasslands, livestock development, the well-known of Barkol horse produced on this land. The vast eastern and western hills, the Gobi is rich in treasures on the ground floor. The wooden tag library in the southern desert has to make the number of westbound those who look old and has So far, people are still full of mystery. Oasis abundance of water in the central fertile soil, many products. Mingyangtianxia here in the Hami melon cultivation history of more than two years. Hami lie in the Tianshan Mountains in the eastern part of the territory of the Hami suddenly disappeared, many of the Seven Wonders of the Industrial Side to create a unique landscape. Barkol Lake, Whitehead , I men Zi, Mingsha Shan, the son of Shicheng, the eight stone temple Seoul ditch, gully and the West, are unique natural landscape. Hami is not only beautiful natural scenery, long history and bring back to the Capital Cities and Tombs Ghaith, the Tian Shan Temple and the ancient city, Bricks, rock paintings and so on to see the same human landscape. Hami products rich in resources, is a treasure to be developed, proven reserves are now 76. The main advantage of mineral resources, coal, iron, copper, nickel, gold, oil, natural gas, stone, Glauber's salt, fulvic acid, and so on. Hamid Stone is a unique resource, Tianshan Blue, Blue Star, and other precious stone is A place of production. Wild animals and plants are also very rich

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Prairie Rock in Shirengou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kunas in the Ili grassland, from the first to see you alone to stand for hundreds of years of Shirengou statue, you will find the time long. The windy and rainy kunas grasslands in summer is always volatile, it is probably less negative and more clear, several times a day under the rain. Prairie is one such place. New Have been found in various areas Shirengou grassland, but the collection of cultural relics department has found that the valley is Qiapu Shirengou three, two of them Shirengou body is 1.4 meters high, a half-length Shirengou 0.7 meters high, as clothing for men and women have Shirengou other big amount of relief, Proboscis, Heng Mei, with a mysterious deep breath of dry tranquility to the eyes Kunas of a vast prairie. It's several hundred years is such a posture, it appears to be only very deep Jidao fact outline of what the eye can say, it caused quite a bit of the Han Dynasty-style stone Shirengou, according to research who is Wusun By Li. Rock was kunas grams of Taiwan to the north bank, from Iraq to kunas Breeding Farm Iron stretches nearly 100 miles almost every valley have found ancient rock paintings, is a rare rock paintings of the corridor, with Hill to Taipei grams were found in the text of the greatest rock rock, about ten meters high and seven meters wide, The smooth surface of the stone engraved with nearly 1,000 cattle, camels, horses, sheep and the image of the beast, hunters hunting battle After the surface and the joy of hunting scenes, vivid image of the ancient servant, allow the meat rich and colorful screen characters genitals exposed, you can see at the time of reproductive and sexual worship. Most of these rock paintings Zaoke, and the coloring, and some rocks to the natural color to color, the coloring of the rock paintings in the year after year despite the sunshine, wind and rain erosion, Bright luster still unabated, a large piece of rock in the lower left-hand corner of the rock Shu Xie and his party also, by more than 10 different characters composed. The significance of these characters have not yet conclusive. In recent years, many archaeologists have conducted field visits and extensive research, and some may be inferred Orkhon - Yenisey, Home Bayan Luke, Wu Su cases or Turkic, while others believe is an ancient Tibetan language, religion in the sixth motto mantra: Buddha, pray for an auspicious meaning.

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Temple of the Hui - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinhua Road on the south side of the city of Yili is a Temple of the Hui, it is the most Yili completed one of the mosque, said to be built in 25 years of Qianlong, because at that time very few Christians, the Department of self-raising funds, the continued construction ongoing Finally completed in Qianlong 46 years, existing in an inside reads: "hold people Wu of the Education Bureau, Xiao , And the public on behalf of the rural old, Marcia, Fukui Madden, Yangzong Cheng, Zhou, Kun Li, led by Silver 832 fee, which lasted 20 years, cultivated itself into two. "Yili Temple of the Hui, have become known in the history of a variety of names, in the temple after the completion of the" Temple-Ning "as a result of Muslims from more than Guyuan area, Cisi named Lai Temple solid, Ci Ming emperor, "Ning", meaning peace Yu far, so named Cisi "I would rather solid Temple" is also intended to take its existence of peace, not the 18th century, the Temple of the Hui nationality in the western and north-west Have been built on both sides of the Uighur, Uzbek, Tatar for the temple worship, bird's eye view from above, which several Constitute a Phoenix hospital graphics, is the head of the Hui Temple, so called "Temple in Phoenix," was also known as the Temple in Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi and Gansu Temple, Hang Hang Temple, and so on, the last to be known as the "Temple of the Hui." Yili the Hui Temple of the original floor area of about 6000 square meters, existing more than 3000 square meters, the entire building With classical Chinese-style palace, both Arab and Islamic style, form a Chinese-style architecture of Islam. Yili is the Temple of the Hui Hui people to carry out religious activities in place, because of its unique architectural style and a long history, both at home and abroad of great importance to the Muslim visitors, tourists come to visit And carry out religious activities, it also has more people at home and abroad.

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National Scenic Area between Mo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yili big Mo Mo is located between Seoul between township east of Seoul, Mizoguchi 2.5 km of the township government, even as a result of large Mo Fall River named after. Mok large forest areas between Seoul is an important one, is also well-known scenic spots, many Zhigou, There are features, such as the ditch eagle, bear ditch, Alemale ditch, and so on, and the products are named after the characteristics of animals and plants. To make it There are many tourism resources of the treasure. 26 km long main channel, the top groove for small Kuerdening. Mok large field to Seoul between Apple and larger number of known species is Gongliu County's treasure variety of tourism resources. Main groove 26 km long, the top groove for the small Kuerdening.

Tai Mo Huyiyeping Large area, multi-known species, Gongliu County, Wild Apple is the main focus of the main distribution area, a gallon is black, producing one of the important Marin. Kuerdening there are forest roads leading to the scenic area. Mok even large landscapes to Seoul Beautiful, unique scenery and the win is not only a well-known scenic spots, but also love the arts of painting and photography's paradise and Park, the photographer to shoot a lot of great scenery Mo between Seoul and by the international and domestic awards.

Small Mo Mo is located between Seoul between township east of Seoul, between Mozambique to the west of Seoul, Mizoguchi 2 km from the township government, as a result of even small-Mo Fall River got its name. Donggou are, in Xigou and groove, are well-known Lin origin. One 20 km long trench, the top groove to the Special lush forest, dense Department oxen and horses can not visit. Mok small to Seoul between rich Marin (raspberry) and the well-known, it is also dubbed the "Marin ditch." Mok small animals and plants between Seoul Rich, with the exception of Marin, there are a large number of tablets into the growth of wild apple, apricot, black currant, such as medlar, wild Chinese herbs rich in natural resources. Mok small products to Seoul between rich and beautiful scenery and is well known, there is a yearning for travel and scenic spots.

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Fire hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fire hole at Yining City, 19 km north-west of Western Hills tiechanggou, is Jiaqing 19 years of the Qing Dynasty (1814) found on the ground floor by the spontaneous combustion of coal fields and the formation of geothermal resources. From the fracture gap in the overflow, containing sulfur, Bai Fan, crystal and other minerals gas, a variety of chronic treatment of chronic effect to a certain extent, The treatment of many diseases, the local people to these places called "Fire Dragon hole", with its magical geothermal gases known for convalescence. Fire is indeed the magic hole. In the same area of the holes, some as high as 100 degrees Celsius temperature; hole Some people feel spring warmth; some smoke-Piaomiao; have Colorless gas-emitting; some Emitting a cold mixture of water vapor points. These functions are a far cry from the hole, and some can cure arthritis, and some can cure high blood pressure, to some gynecological diseases Zhi, and some ears can cure eye disease, and some can cure intractable headache ... ... even more interesting is , A small cave Xiangyanghong the temperature is as high as 100 degrees Celsius, not only Eggs, baked Nang, but also clear beef broth and mutton.
  Bayan was established in 1972 Dai-Fire hospitals, the use of heat to treat disease has been the development and utilization of the effect of different features of the 9-hole, can cure arthritis, high blood pressure, intractable disease, gynecology, and other chronic diseases.

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Lin Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lin memorial at the city of Yining border economic cooperation zones. Shortly after the Opium War to Anti-British and anti-drug reputable national hero Lin, Yili down, although in bad times and we are still loyal to the country. In the two years that he is committed to Ken Kan, irrigation for the benefit of the people, by people of all ethnic groups Yili respect and love . To commemorate his achievements, to carry forward his spirit, where the construction of the memorial. Memorial area of 10,000 square meters, construction area of 2000 square meters, in the exhibition hall to display the photos on display, such as in-kind more than 2,000.

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Ili - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ili water and Chen Yi, Yi-li, such as water, is located 16 kilometers suburb of Yining, Xinjiang, which is the largest inland river traffic, the wide river, beautiful scenery, a total length of 1,500 km, from east to west in the mouth of Horgos Into the territory of Kazakhstan, and ultimately flowing into Lake Balkhash.

  The beauty of Ili in Iraq Ancient River, Elisabeth water, is a field northwest of the famous river. Cypriot ancient times; Yueshi, Wusun, such as Turks living in this river basin, Western Expedition of the Tang Dynasty army of Genghis Khan and Mongolia have Tieqi with wood cutting wood to swim across the river surging.

  Originated in the Yili River in Xinjiang, Shanxi days In China, the basin area of about 570,000 square kilometers, and its water abode public Xinjiang River in the first, Xinjiang accounts for about river runoff runoff is indeed 1 /5, about 3 /4 of the water out of the country.

  There are three major tributaries of the upper reaches of the Ili: Turks River River is a river and Kashi. Turks River is the main source, originated on the north side of Khan Tengri. Ili westward flow Kashi are on the way to Yining into the river, into the following broad valley plain, open river, a tributary of the large number of vertical and horizontal canal system. In accepting the Horgos on the right bank of the river, and so on into Kazakhstan, into the final Barr L.. In our country is about more than 400 km.

  The Ili, gentle water flow downstream, in our country Yamaha to cross the border could be shipping turbine. Yining in the vicinity of the river bed for more than 1 km wide, fabric riverflat Man, bifurcation water, sand island, beautiful scenery and is Summer break their summer holidays.

  In 1959, the city of Yining south of the river Department built a large overseas Chinese and reconstruction in 1975, the bridge is a type of reinforced concrete hyperbolic arch bridge, opened up more than 1,000 acres along Riverside Park, become a tourist attraction of the best wins.

  During the holidays, this little bit of fire, cook fish, roasted mutton, drinking heartily, and then the song playing on the grass, enjoy the Wild beyond the Great Wall. With the further opening to the outside world, open water Ili, Ili further renovation of the bridge, the scenic spot will be more pleasant Xuefeng River stands, tree-lined, Yining from the river sections of the recent Department of the famous Bridge of Yili, this is an excellent location filming the sunset, "Sunset Bridge in Iraq" has become the subject of good photos.

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General Yili Prefecture site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ili in Xinjiang has always been an important channel to Central Asia, history has had a number of cities and towns in the border here hold that the development of trade. General Yili Prefecture in the former site of the Huocheng Xian Hui Yuan in the city.

Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in the Ili region in order to strengthen governance, located in the Ili General here, far from the city to build benefits, and they are being Built around the Hui Lai, Sui, Guangren, Ning, Zhan Germany, Gong Chen, Xi, Ta Erqi eight satellite, known collectively as the "Yili NINETOWNS." Are preserved better known as "Ili NINETOWNS" of the Hui Yuan City, was Xichui China's military and political center of the seat of the Ili Prefecture General.

Now General retained within the former site of the House, the former site of the ride south. Hospital towering old trees; Hall, Tai Xie, winding paths, corridors, remain. Slim, sleek, "General Pavilion" has been the renovation of a new, green pines standing in between the trees. Former general in front of the House of peculiar shape of a pair of stone lions, the hospital still, life-like expression, which are hi .

Hui Yuan-center stands a magnificent ancient city of tall bell Drum Tower, overlooking Denglou, both within and outside the city of panoramic scenery. Historically, Hong Liangji, who Qi Yun, Lin, Deng Ting Zhen, Xu Song, and other well-known disgrace people who have left this place in the brilliant performance. Lin opened the public water rate, consolidating frontier defense, For the benefit of the people, by people of all ethnic groups and the general Yili respect and trust. Lin Hui in the far though, only two years, but the diary, copied poems, letters-to stay a lot.

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Li Mu Cypriot Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sailimu is Kazakh, which means "wish", it also has a so-called "three Hai Zi." The lake is located in Bole City, about 90 kilometers to the southwest, 2073 meters above sea level, slightly oval lake, 20 kilometers from east to west, north-south 30 kilometers wide, covering an area of 454 square kilometers, the depth of 86 meters. Sailimu is a cold-water lake (in the summer, the lake will be hand-washing water was some bone), the quiet blue lake, surrounded by a quiet lake can only be heard over the hillside grassland and only the occasional sound of the wind and the cattle and sheep Calls, Prairie Lake is an excellent summer pasture every year by the end of July to early August, the And the ancient ethnic Kazak herdsmen will be held here Naadam event.

  Li Mu lake side, it's like a shining sapphire crystal hanging in the West Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang between the rift basin. Legend has it that the real Queen Mother of the West Lake Li Mu Cyprus is the Jade Pool. Li Mu met with Cypriot Lake, it surprised all of the blue. A pure blue A deep blue, a mysterious blue. It is the face of it, can only be amazed, and difficult words. Wang Zengqi, the late well-known writer said, to see Li Mu lake side, can not attend to other feelings, just think - really blue! Li Mu car that day to the lake side, is in the evening, but the sky is still sun. Sunshine mapping of Cypriot Li Mu As if a huge blue silk satin, sparkling, dazzling gorgeous. While travel on weekdays seen by no means a small lake, but have never seen such as Sierra Leone Li Mu Lake blue. It was no doubt blue, blue is not unreasonable, a blue moving spirits.

  Sierra Leone is said to Li Mu Lake more than 2000 meters above sea level, water depth to 90 meters Due to the high above sea level, water is too deep, so why blue was out of the ordinary. Standing on the shore of the lake in the mountains of Jimuyuantiao surrounded by towering mountains and magnificent. Down from the hills to see the lake, Lake to the heart of much higher level, as if a whale's back. 7000 million years ago is said to be the shock of the Eurasian continent crust, Shanhai changes Tianshan where they stand, creating the highest in Xinjiang, the largest alpine lake. Li Mu Cypriot Lake, which means Mongolian Hill Lake on the backbone. Braving the cool mountain breeze, listening to birds chirp mountain-ming, looked at the sky Swan swept water, you can not help feeling of the Seven Wonders of nature. No wonder Li Mu Lake Cyprus as the "West Net sea. "Blue of the lake is green grassland. Exposure to the lake, as if in a dream Ruhuan outside the fairy tale world.

  Li Mu side of the lake quiet and peaceful atmosphere of a strong shock to me. Daily life in the prosperous world, noisy hubbub of city life, where ever seen such a Shangri-la. Fang head towards distant layers Overlapping peaks, such as such as tobacco, albeit not very clearly in the white clouds of mist, like using a paintbrush and add on; on the grass near the green, the flowers scattered on a shaman, like a brilliant green blanket, soft, rich. White yurts scattered across the lake, an enigmatic suspect. Xi Xian near Shepherd, the only group of group of horse Yanger to leisurely walk in, and eat it too. Wide lake, calm, not far vessel, was quiet as the baby's Nightmare to sleep. Lake of a few small islands, very few isolated, lonely United States, like in Sierra Leone about Li Mu Lake unusual story.

  Legend of a long, long time ago, Li Mu Cypriot Lake lake is not only a water Feng Mao, the prairie flowers in full bloom in this beautiful grassland, the shepherd of the beautiful girl cut the swift and fierce dark and handsome horses were de grams sincere young people in love. One day, all dark clouds like a girl in order to catch the sheep, while edge dance songs, Jade is grazing on the grassland, unfortunately, hunting out the steppes and the devil meet A devil to watch a beautiful young girl Da cut, it will be in the palace Xiangqiang Feizi. Can be faithful to the love, longing for the freedom of all is not dark girl to the palace moved by the high position and great wealth, not from the fight to the death. She rode to flee, closely catching up with defender, was about to seize up. No way out of the dark all of a sudden found near the deep At the end of the pit, then jump into the jump. News of a Sri Lankan grams killed defender, and into the end of the pit. All of a sudden somersault body of water that roared, and monstrous waves. The devil and grassland waves engulfed the palace. From then on the vast grassland has become a vast expanse of water. The death of the lovers Hanhen it into the two inseparable Island, the legislation still in the blue wave on top of 10,000 ares ... ...
What a touching love story. Moving to the Serbian legend Li Mu Lake put on a mysterious color, looked far from blue water on the island, people lamented that it is unusual beauty. It is gratifying that this has been a symbol of the lake, unfortunately, has become a herdsman Well-being of the park.

  Moisten the clear water of Lake Prairie, beautiful grassland to raise her children and grandchildren and future generations. Kazakhstan and the Mongolian herdsmen, grazing around, have a happy and peaceful life. Unfortunately, on their way to kunas to the ranch overnight, failed to plug in a lot of Li Mu Lake stay, I heard that Li Mu Cypriot Lake Turkish-speaking "peace and blessings". Yiyixibie, I am at this beautiful lake has been deeply Road, a "plug Li Mu", she wish that peace is always so beautiful. Since then, that Chunlan lake water, as if on a strong Huabu Kai's blue ink, I will never become a never-ending Expressing complex. For so many years , Abundant vitality of this area, the picturesque Steeped in the picture, still remain in the hearts of the deep.

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Prairie Tamboura - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tamboura grassland, Nilka County is located in the eastern part of the territory, from Cameroon Nilka county along the river and back, Kashi Fengmao River valley and mountain grassland prairie that is often referred to grassland Tamboura. Tamboura grasslands in the name Bilal sa north slope of A Wu Tamboura ditch on the eastern side of several of the towering rock, as a result of rock-like , Seal and name.

  Prairie Tamboura means "seal." Tamboura grassland many attractions, the 113 workers said to each channel has its own characteristics. Quanbao flow, stream water features; als Lang strange stone forest, grassland spectacular sunset; Setsurei Bing-Feng reflected in the deep quiet of the mountain lakes China. The refreshing hot springs, blue sky, grass Lvyin Yin Sakamoto, in order to give people time to enjoy the United States.

  Don Forest Park of the Kashi River Park is located south bank of the northern slope of A Wu Shan Bilal Tamboura trench. Tamboura grassland in Yili Prefecture is one of the well-known scenic grasslands. When along Kashi valley and back, the trip to Mizoguchi Tamboura, Kashi valley terrain open, cross-strait development of river terraces great. Feng Mao river terrace of grassland flowers in full bloom. Tamboura into the trench, however, only began to see the dense spruce forest.

  The surging river Kashi Pentium chain and the Kashi River - Jessica, Tamboura trench stream water features, tall and straight green spruce forest. Tamboura trench a beautiful forest, cool and pleasant, picturesque in the summer, such as Ping, Pinnacle range upon range of hills.

  Tamboura beautiful scenery, forests, grasslands, Fei Liu, rocks, and so on, the film is said to "Tianshan red flower" had taken place in the location, Don From well-known. In general, people will Kashgar River upper reaches of the vast grasslands known as the mountain grassland Tamboura, Yili is the famous one of the five prairie. Tamboura grasslands are 113 ditch to form a 113 scenic spots, Kashi River connecting East and West, North and South mountains shrinkage in the frequency of oblique flow like a Yuchi, water transfer to King, a lot of Valley. There are a lot of natural hot spring valley, the density distribution of other rare mountain ranges, with a spa bath in the good prospects for development.

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Luke bald black Khan, Tamerlane mazar - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huo Chengxian that the north-east of the bald and Luke Khan, Tamerlane mazar. Mazar, which means "tomb", here is bald and Luke Khan, Tamerlane's tomb, which is the oldest of the Xinjiang Islamic architectural style, is listed as the autonomous region's key cultural unit.

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Guozigou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"I Yili King," said Huo Chengxian It is located 40 km northeast of the city, Urumqi is the National Highway 312 - Highway Yili has to go through channels, it's out of the northern end of Mizoguchi is a well-known Serbian Li Mu Lake.

  Guozigou beautiful, bizarre landscape has always been regarded as places of Xinjiang, has long been known in Iraq "The first King" reputation. Longitudinal north of the Tianshan it is 312 national highway in Urumqi - Yili road must pass through the channel, is also a natural gateway to Ili. Guozigou a total length of 28 km along the road of Ukraine ? Iraq to more or less, is the ancient Silk Road in Xinjiang North Road. Pine head, is in excellent shape and is the Guozigou , Under the direct Sailimu banks of the North, south Guozigou straight into the valley. Sailimu, also known as Hai Zi three, and Guozigou close as lips and teeth, Xinjiang is also one of the spots. Head south from the Second Taiwan pine forest, circled the rugged mountain road, one off the Valley is the Guozigou dangerous. Sowing Observatory, a high mountain air falls Diarrhea and, like a vacant Bailian, a spectacular anomaly. Second, Taiwan is Taiwan from the Qing Dynasty army, named after the post.

  Prairie huts add radiance to each other here, tourists are the best rest areas. From Tainan, because of low-growing, involute Taniguchi, the only two roads sparse spruce, Liu Qi Yang strange cross-Ke, apricot, wild fruit, eyeful Green. Guozigou is given by the natural treasure house of nature, wild fruit to the distribution of a broad and well-known, medicinal herbs are also very rich in resources, from spring to autumn rich vanilla, wild flowers in full bloom, beautiful, for its great variety. Guozigou bring visitors to the imagination as well as the United States enjoy, she will be more like Yili to the visitors from home and abroad of the United States and sublimation. Canyon terrain Xian Yao, China has always been to Central Asia, Europe, an important channel, Tomas is still an important sections of highways. Western Expedition Genghis Khan, Hill began cutting routes, has 48 bridges, can be seen on the steep road. Qing Emperor Qianlong, when converted into 42.

  Fruit A total length of 28 km ditch along the Ukraine - in Iraq's road to more or less, is the ancient Silk Road in Xinjiang North Road. "Pine head" is in excellent shape and the Guozigou, Sailimu directly under the North River, south Guozigou straight into the valley. "Sailimu" also known as Hai Zi three, and Guozigou close as lips and teeth, also in Xinjiang's famous . Head south from the Second Taiwan pine forest, circled the rugged mountain road, one off the Valley is the Guozigou dangerous. Valley Observatory off a mountain waterfall and rush down the air, like a vacant Bailian, a spectacular anomaly. Second, Taiwan is Taiwan, the Qing Dynasty army, named after the post. Prairie huts add radiance to each other here, tourists are the best rest areas. From Tainan, because of low-growing, involute Taniguchi, both sides of the road saw sparse spruce, Liu Qi Yang strange cross-Ke, apricot, wild fruit, eyeful of the new green.

  Guozigou rise amid trench Song Zhi, Song Cheng lush, numerous fruit trees, flowers Jing Fang, Fei Bao Yongquan, cool climate, beautiful, full-time Qiu Department to send a real person shall drive into the West Region at the invitation of Genghis Khan Road here, had Fushi: "The River in Shandong, Shanxi Yin, Qian Yan Wang Among a Myriad Deep Creek. Stream rocks lying in power, not old-shoe round. Army two years ago Xing Prince Edward II, the bridge religious Toru Shuixi. For this year, Wu Dao west is charged Tian complex by the noise. "And the" iron wall Yinshan thousand horse , Competing for the first angle Kwame Clement. Under the sea near sunrise view, with Milky Way out on pass. "Guozigou risk of odd and beautiful, can be seen. Qing Lin exile in Xinjiang, into the ditch, sigh," If 10,000 people spent the valley, "can be seen in the Guozigou Xiahua when the gorgeous gorgeous.
Guozigou nature is given by the natural Library to a broad and well-known distribution of wild fruit, medicinal herbs are also very rich in resources, from spring to autumn rich vanilla, wild flowers in full bloom, beautiful, for its great variety. Guozigou bring visitors to the imagination as well as the United States enjoy. She would like more tourists at home and abroad to bring the Ili the distillation of the United States.

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Lake uran - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Uran Lake is located in the northwest edge of Junggar Basin, the son of the sea be divided into two parts, Hai Zi and small, sea-salt lake is a small Hai Zi (Li Ji Lake) is a freshwater lake. Between Hubei and Hunan provincial highway passing through.

Son of the sea on the east coast near the provincial highway where there is a fine white sandy beach, 10 km in length, appropriate For surfing, boating, water sports such as skateboarding and entertainment. Here the clear lake, Lake reed problems, considerable sunset in the evening sunset, the charming scenery.

Xiaohaizi son of the sea in the south, the lake has a Bird Island, gulls, swans, wild ducks in groups ... ..., and to lightly. Lake rich in fish, shore There Guanzi Li-wide feast of fish can not taste.

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Butterfly Gap - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Butterfly ditch located in the urban areas in Altay more than 60 kilometers to the east bank of the Lectra other mountains, the Kazakh in the ravine known as the "bank LECTRA other Black," which means "butterfly ditch."

Butterfly was north-south trench, about 60 kilometers, about 1400 meters above sea level. Surrounded by high mountains around here, Water features, the scenery is very beautiful. Each year in June to September, the Butterfly ditch flowers, there will be millions of butterflies fly here, come together to form a sea butterfly. At this time in the valley is full of butterflies, such as large leaves, such as small snowflakes, and some white, some gold, some black, some silver, beautiful bright On the trails at 50 meters round one, piles of butterflies. Butterfly each pile at least hundreds, then thousands more.


Butterfly Hill Road congestion in some cases, as long as visitors take a step by step, it will pile of trampled to death. Net with a little flutter, you can only catch Bajiu Shi. According to preliminary investigations, the Butterfly Gap There are several dozens of varieties of butterflies, colorful, beautiful. Maple Leaf, such as large and small, such as snowflakes, and some body such as turbot, and some like Quicksilver, some of the edge of wings like a parabola, and some peacock is very much like the opening screen. As for the butterfly's colors and make people even more dizzying stripe: some white, some gold, some black, The silver gray, and some single pure color, and some land from the Ban Bo; scales and some beautiful bright, flashing a shiny metal or soft like Hong Xia; some plain, clear bright. As the butterflies fly thousands of action is, a myriad of mental life,; insects will be "dancers" performing the most beautiful figure Butterfly ditch in the number of absolute superiority of the hawthorn is Pieris, the most beautiful is the most precious large Seyan of butterflies. In addition, the common species of butterflies have Parnassius beads, Batocera Pieris, Nymphalidae line, Nymphalidae leopard, white Nymphalidae hook, Xiaohui Die ...... Hu Diequan of Yunnan, Xinjiang, we compared the Butterfly Ditch, "Pale into insignificance."

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Irtysh - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Irtysh River is China's only river flowing into the Arctic Ocean, originated in the southern slope of Altai, the source from the border to a total length of 46 km, the basin area of 57,000 square kilometers. Irtysh River is the only river flowing into the Arctic Ocean, the origin of this China's Shanxi Province on the southern slope of Altai, the source of two mountains. According to Cameroon Gault Gault according to the Treasury and the convergence into the Irtysh River, from northwest to southeast flow at great speed to go abroad, all the way to Kara Irtysh River, Crane River, River Burqin, Habahe, while Berezovsky, and other cr Into a tributary of the north shore, into the territory of Kazakhstan Sang Chai Lake, and then north through Russia's Ob River into the Arctic Ocean. The whole 2969 km and 546 km in China, the drainage area 57,000 square meters, known as the second river in Xinjiang. Prolific fish in the water, close to the border river Department km wide, the vessel can pass. Many of the tributaries of the river basin from the right bank into the main stream to form a typical comb water system.

  Irtysh Broad valley, the mighty water, runoff in as many as 11,900,000,000 cubic meters, second only to water, Ili, Xinjiang, home to the second place. In the riverbed boulders Diego-watt, silver wave somersault, bend abnormal development. Valley secondary forest and meadow flood plain like a green ribbon, set in the Gobi desert, a unique taste. One Tuen Mun River Valley of the most dense secondary forest, stretches into a green sea, known as "poplar gene pool" reputation. Magnificent scenery along the Irtysh River. They should be, "Gold Mountain" and "Silver Water" reputation.

  Irtysh River downstream of the major tributaries of the river and Burqin Habahe the river, many hearts Beach, Vast expanse of water, the lake valley in the clouds, water problems, linked to criss-cross paths, tree-lined, showing an attitude of "water desert," a magnificent picture. The following summer could be Burqin County of small-turbine, and Water neighboring Kazakhstan to carry out cross-border tourism.

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Ili Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Less than Xinjiang, the Chinese do not know, less than Ili, Xinjiang, I do not know the beauty of" Jingdang this, the appropriate decent, respectable man, with the development of the western region to fight the noise levels will not take the track and, spread around the world. It gave all the guests of the common border to the feelings, and I also mentioned in particular the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang Yili people feeling proud. Yili really beautiful. The United States and it's unique, the United States was extraordinary, even nourish it is the Ili You Youran westward flow. Yili is the hinterland of Central Asia, a warm and Green Island, is a distant one Xichui heaven-sent treasure, a thousand miles north of the Great Wall is a opening Heng Fa ... ... south of the Yangtze River, There's such a bright blue sky Bi Ye; rare hectares of fertile farmland under the mountain! Here, the long river of snow-capped mountains sunset backed bridges people; here, Zhanfang cattle and sheep ranch with modern cities and towns superimposed on the same screen ... ...

Yili the United States, the United States and the United States on the original site in the vast area -- ?? ?? located in the Ili in the northwest frontier of the motherland, known as "beyond the Great Wall Jiangnan" reputation. Eight-county jurisdiction of a city, covering an area of 56,000 square kilometers, the population of 2,090,000, the Civil Administration in the region, "Flora" in Yining City, here is the northern political, economic and cultural center. Yili area around the branch separated from the Tianshan Mountains, its independence The geographical environment, derived from a series of features, fantastic natural landscape. Here is located in the hinterland of Central Asia, the ancient Silk Road, North Road, the hub of blending East and West, coupled with the many national, is rich in folk customs, renowned at home and abroad in the form of fascinating tourist attractions.

This Abundant rainfall and pleasant weather, beautiful scenery and abundant resources, rich products. Ili region and North bortala Autonomous Prefecture, which borders Mongolia and the northeast region, Tacheng and connected to the city of Usu, and the South East Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture of Hejing County, adjacent to the South and in Aksu Prefecture, Baicheng, Wensu County to connect the West With Kazakhstan And the junction of the country, 421 km long border line.

Yili the United States, the United States on national conditions and customs in the United States and strong characteristics --
?? ??
The residents of more than 40 ethnic composition. There are Han, Kazak, Uygur, Mongolian, Xibe, Manchu, Hui, Russian, and other 13 nationalities. So many nationalities Different living habits to form the colorful paintings of the folk painting style. Here, you can see the powerful, thrilling the Diaoyang Kazakhstan, horse racing, chasing girls; can see cheerful, humorous Uighur "to just Macy." You can hear the beautiful deep feeling of the Hui nationality, "Flowers"; can also enjoy the bow Nationality Archery hand presence. You can go into Kazakhstan Zhanfang guests. You can go to see them Uighur farmers welcome the bride's blue carriage, you can eat here, I eat the fragrant Zhuafan, grasping meat, fresh taste of refreshing Kaoquan Yang ... ...

Yili the United States, the United States still has a long history in the United States and the source of long -- This is a tribute to the Han Dynasty poetry, "a Western Ma" (Ma Yili today's) home, "Wusun" old haunt, is the Han Dynasty envoy Zhang Qian arrived in the rate of 300 missions. In 108 BC, Liu Wang Jiangdu small daughter married Wusun Wang Jun, sowing the seeds of ethnic kinship. As she later Princess worries, where the military to be married name, the name Weng, mud Wusun wasted three generations of kings, a total of more than five decades of life. This is the first Chinese "Jun Ken", Genghis Khan is a force build-up Western Expedition. Lin had been accepted here, such a famous Tang Ting Zhen, a famous contemporary writers have left Wang Meng in this "Devolution work" can be found, according to the research, the Yili River valley is a matriarchal society, "Queen Mother of the West Capital."

Yili the United States, the United States and the United States and in more tourists and more tourist attractions --

Sailimu, Yili first leg of his trip. The blue water, blue sky, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, white Air while you're long. Guozigou, 18 Hill Road, the storied overlapping peaks, waterfalls Quan Yong, a step King. Yili River Bridge, west of the clean water, across a bridge. Topol has green riparian forest, there are pretty comfortable Resort.

Needless to say also go Tamboura, Nala Ti, Kashi River secondary forest, grassland about al engine , Rock Mountain, a witness, "Shuangye red flowers in February" Qiaxiqiujing. It should also look at the country Horgos, Lin Hall, Luke spit Tiger mausoleum, the city of Bagua Turks, then the best-looking Zhaosu a word of thanks to Gordon Qianlong monument to Xiata list of horse racing's ranch Scenery. If you are interested in, but also to Ke Dala can see the estate grapes, into the "Caoyuanzhiye" charming mood, take a ride along the rural, known as "Ma's" blue carriage.

  Ili in Xinjiang is famous apple production, called "Apple town." Yili to preserve the nation's original rare wild fruit trees, many experts believe may Ili Apple is one of the world culture to one of the origins of.
  Yili suitable for the growth of Apple, the introduction of many species in the set up Yili, its quality is far better than the country of origin, Yili Apple bright color, dense succulent crisp, sweet and sour moderate, tolerant storage transport.
  There are many rare local varieties of apples, ripe Zi Heise was the Apple; Pingguo Pi tea like color of strong tea Aozhi Fu tea water; also milk-colored Apple and its skin, flesh color Posi milk; oil cooked apples, fruit shine transparent; potato Apple once mature, skin cracking, The flesh color and quality as potato (called Xinjiang for potato potato). Yili also view The high value of red apples, it's unique in its trunk, branches, fruit and flowers were dark red, crown shape is also very beautiful.

Yili Prefecture in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, located in the Ili Valley in the Midwest, the 8 county jurisdiction a city with a total area of 56,000 square kilometers, population 204 41 ethnic groups live together in this beautiful and fertile land. Yili gets its name from the famous Ili. Far in the Han Dynasty, the Yili "out in Iraq," included in the name of Han, Li said that after the "Elisabeth" and "is also out," and "benefit from." "Yili" is the official name of the Qing Dynasty. Yili geographical differences than , Diverse terrain, moderate climate is arid regions of Central Asia's wetlands Island, light, heat, water resources, rich farmers should Yimuyilin. For thousands of years, there has always been nomadic in the proliferation of development, is the birthplace of one of the grassland culture.
Yining City as the capital of the Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture, Yili Prefecture of political, And cultural centers, one in Yili Prefecture in the multi-cultural play an important role. Yining City, along the Ili Valley in the central, dominating the north shore of Yili, Yining County, east, west Huocheng Xian, the South and across the river qapqal Xibe Autonomous County, north of the Tianshan pulse Qin Ke Guer Hill, adjacent to the Hall Dole Fruit Sri Lanka, and Lata namse Three points, since ancient times the "Silk Road" North Road trading city.
To the founding of the early reform and opening up, slow development of the industrial city of Yining. After the reform and opening-up, the city of Yining industry has changed dramatically. Since the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Party, the city of Yining relying on a wealth of resources and geographical advantages Vigorously develop industries, the expansion of enterprise autonomy, the implementation of economic responsibility, joint-stock cooperation system and other operating systems, at the same time to enhance economic efficiency as the central task, strengthen enterprise management, enterprise reform, step up efforts to introduce advanced technologies, capital, continue to develop The new products, improve product quality, many products have been Guoyou Bu You, You district glorious title of the famous "Ili special song" is a case in point.
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Yili has a long history goes back to ancient times, As early as the Central Plains Xinjiang and the Central dynasty to establish strategic links powerhouse. Wusun founded in the Yili and later as Yue, Xi Tujue account of the teeth, Chagatai Khanate of the capital, but also in the Village, the capital of the Khanate of the Junggar, and down two thousand years, China thousands of miles, Yili has been a famous place . Qing Dynasty, and Ili in Xinjiang was the first .
Yili is a multi-ethnic settlements, known as racial, ethnic and called Expo.
Ili Kazak region is China's most populous.
Yili is the only Xibe Autonomous County.
Yili is the use of minority languages up. Yili is the use of national languages up to the local national language of most other areas.
Zhaosu Yili St. Mary Help of Christians in Xinjiang is the largest temple of Lama Miao.
"Yili NINETOWNS" is the first of the Qing Dynasty Xinjiang Ayutthaya construction of the district; Ili in Xinjiang Hui Yuan is the only existing ancient city of the ancient city of the Qing Dynasty.
Lai Temple in the city of Shaanxi, Xinjiang is the oldest mosque of the Hui.
"Ili in Xinjiang Daily," founded in 1934, in the history of Xinjiang is only by the Han, Victoria, Kazakhstan, Mongolia; published in four languages, Han two-dimensional characters out of a total of one newspaper reported.
"People's Guide" in the history of China's Xinjiang The only regional Russian newspapers, issued in the 40's.
Hui Yuan Yili City, Russia is the first in the country for foreign consulates in China. Qing Xianfeng in August (1853) officially opened China's first set of a foreign consulate.
Yili is the The settlement was first introduced in the western region. Feng Yuan Emperor six years (105 BC), Han Wusun central government in the Ili Valley Dynasty. Ili in Xinjiang is the modern history of settlement of the most developed areas, there are Tuen flag, Bingzhun, Tuen back, Damintun, Tuen removal.
"Yili four Camp" (Xibe, Solon, Cher, Root business) is engaged in China Xu settlements on the edge of the oldest, has a history of the Eight, on January 14, 1938 so that the settlement was announced the withdrawal of Ili. Yili settlement so that China is the only settlement in the history of the local settlement agencies, withdraw planted in 1938. Yili benefits far western Chinese city was the first opening to the outside world trading port In 1853 established the first Russian trade circles.
Ili Horgos Port in western China is the largest of the earliest ports.
Nilka Ili in Xinjiang is the site of the ancient copper mine have been found in the most ancient mine, the National rare.
Drainage Ili Wong (the people of this channel) is a well-known in the history of Xinjiang's water conservancy Shi, the first irrigation area of Xinjiang.
Xinjiang Yili dairy production in the first, accounting for 60% of the total output of the autonomous region.
Founded in?????Ma Yili's plant as early as the time scale, the first in Xinjiang. Yili is the home of Pegasus. Wusun stallion transport to the Mainland, the first in Xinjiang. Iraq Stallion market was established in 1942, the country's largest species of one of the race course.
Yili uranium is China's first batch of uranium into the base.
Yili is China's largest, the introduction of the first high-level production of spices lavender, lavender oil production first in the country.
Ili in Xinjiang is to The largest commodity grain and oil.
Zhaosu Ili in Xinjiang in the first oil production plant.
Ili in Xinjiang is the largest flax production.
Yili viper Plateau, China is the only distribution of the snake species.
Yili is China's wild wild apricot apricot concentrate on one of the regions.
Li Huo Chengxian four turtle claw-arid areas in Europe and Asia is the only existing rare species.
Yili black bee is one of our fine bee species, their population size and the first production in Xinjiang.
Yili Huocheng Xian in the border areas of northern Xinjiang, China is the only distribution of Xi Xian animals.
Yili ten Chinese medicinal herbs Rich, Fritillaria, Ephedra, Antlers, bezoar, ferulic, snow lotus, sea buckthorn, such as almond production accounts for more than 20 species of the first in Xinjiang; Fritillaria Ili Ili and national well-known red deer velvet, the sales at home and abroad.

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Treasury tag-desert - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinjiang desert tag library wooden scenic spots in the world of the very few contacts with the City College of the desert, but also with the Tianchi, tied for the Bosten Lake in Xinjiang 3 national key scenic spots one.

  2500 square km area of the library wooden tag, Shanshan, Xinjiang is located in the desert at the southern end of the Old City, the city will be able to stand on See Gold forceful spectacular desert scenery of the infinite. The trip by car, more than 10 minutes to reach the area. In the face of vast deserts, saw yellow sand sky blue, clear Fengqing, from the city to tourists in the field of vision was open, I feel comfortable with immediately.

  "Tag-library" in the Uygur language, "Dune Meaning that the Treasury-tag refers to the desert "dune desert." Treasury wooden tag the formation of the desert, mainly due to the Tianshan Mountains from seven wells angle of the air from the south-west wind and air Dabancheng the south-east winds along the wind-way through, carrying a large number of gravel, the last area in the library-tag meet Collision and sediment from the south Jueluotage Hill also contributed to both the wind direction and wind reduced the deposition. Difficult because the environment, far from the road insurance, bank-tag in the desert in the Tang Dynasty, known as "ghost moraine Da Huan", has also covered a layer of mystery.

  Here's a unique tourism resources are being developed. Has been opened Saudi Karting entertainment projects, and riding a camel expedition Hua Sha, Dongli San plans to open in the future, hot-air balloon, games such as desert, the end-tag library will be a desert research, exploration, sand movement, sand treatment and care , Desert tourism as one of the scenic area.

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Eighth Route Army in Urumqi, Xinjiang Office of the Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Urumqi road victory in the 2nd one is a Chinese and western walls, the structure of civil engineering, green canopy of the pressure back brick two-story yellow building. On the south side of the roof has a pavilion, a bird's eye view of urban scenery. Dozens of hospital Poplar trees, pine and cypress, apricot, in the garden with flowers of different colors, to give the quiet, Yajie feeling. 193 , In the Xinjiang Office of the Eighth Route Army moved into the office here. Chen Yun, Deng-fa, Chen Tanqiu Party a third term, has presided over the work here. At that time, a number of high-ranking Central Committee in Yan'an to the Soviet Union or on the way back to the Soviet Union, had to stay here. Zhou Enlai, Deng Yingchao, Ren Bishi, Wang Jiaxiang, Cai Chang, Liu , YANG Zhi-hua, the original hole, and other comrades have lived here. Memorial Hall for the Autonomous Region key cultural unit. Museum Chen Tanqiu a revolutionary martyr, Mao Zemin, Lu Lin and Qiao Guozhen, Wu Maolin, such as the exhibition's revolutionary deeds.

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Dabancheng district town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

According to the ancient city of Dabancheng "West plans by the state," "White Water Jian, right out flash County community, to the northwest to the Department on the west of Zhu Fan, adequate water, the opening of the horse." It is called Road to White Water Jian, the city for the town of Whitewater. A Western style of the Tang Dynasty in the ancient town of Urumqi Dabancheng into tourism business.

  It was built in a major Black iron rock. Check local stone walls, sand folder by Ben Zhu. With the rock while walking, pacing the external perimeter of its nearly 300 meters thick rammed 10 --- 25 cm to preserve the best of the lot, the wall is higher than 5 meters. According to the city because of the famous Silk Road briefly Whitewater Canyon Road Jian built. "When Kazuo Wan Kai-Fu Mo "risk. Has always been at the Tuen Mun. Was built in about 1600 before.

  "Dabancheng the ancient city" area of 750 acres of scenic spots, there are ancient ruins Dabancheng, Wang Luobin Museum of Art, the Museum stones, Wen Shiguan, traveling here to shop ... ... beautiful girl in Dabancheng Before her life here is a small town, busy artisan Ding Dong, neighing horse's ass, call vendors, it's tempting barbecue, sour scent of ... ... on the ancient Silk Road town is so prosperous, just as a poem by Shen Said: "The countless distance over rings moraine, should be back to Bailian Anxi." The city and two sub-district outside the city. City set Reflect the style of Western folk museum, Chasi, stables, workshops and ethnic arts and crafts show folk art treasures of the Museum of Art Wang Luobin.

  Dabancheng ancient town located in the scenic tourist town Dabancheng 3 kilometers of the Poplar River canyon mouth. Gu Cheng of the canyon, "White Jian", the ancient Silk Road, New North Road Throat hub, is now in Xinjiang North to South and the Mainland traffic artery.

  Why is that Dabancheng White said the town does not? Only the name of the Tang Dynasty to the needs of the military stationed in the sky, and hard to pronounce difficult to keep in mind that local residents can not easily be spread understanding. Local residents of this Oral side carrying the name of a "Dabancheng." People slowly becoming forgotten the name of the military, contained in the oral tradition Dabancheng but far more famous, Wang Luobin of a "girl Dabancheng" Mingyangtianxia it.

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Nanshan scenic tourist - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Urumqi Nanshan scenic area in the south of Urumqi County, where high-rise Xuefeng, undulating hills, lush trees, flowers everywhere, spring water features, enchanting scenery, is the summer tour with the resort. The more well-known place there is east and west Baiyang Gou, after the Gap, Gap Gan, Dengcao ditch, Shuixigou, Seoul temple groove groove, such as room and board. Nanshan in the Tang Dynasty, when it is well-known hunting area, when the Qing Dynasty is a well-known ranch, as summer tour, in the early Qing Dynasty, was the originator. Although the years immediately after the liberation without a strong development, however, often beautiful scenery attracts tourists come here especially.

  Nanshan scenic area in 1989 was awarded the regional government For the autonomous region-level scenic spots. Local farmers and herdsmen to start with the economic sense in their own house or Zhanfang outside the bar on 12 yurts, in addition to the provision of accommodation to visitors, visitors can also help bring the food processing or cooking tool rental to visitors. In the early 1990s, Urumqi and outside Some of the enterprises, business nanshan to see the development of tourism potential and began investing in the construction of nursing homes in the vicinity of Nanshan, resort. By the late 1990s, such as Nanshan sprung up along the emergence of large and small tourist resort. High standards and high-level resorts have begun to appear. Southern landscape of Xigou Sil Leave the village is three-star resort standards, at present, in order to "resort-style garden," which claims to have the silver Village covers an area of about 120 acres, in addition to rooms, there are 11 villas, restaurants, dance halls, tennis courts, gymnasium, Kang Legong, Self-contained multi-function hall, there is a capacity of 300 people meeting room. Sambong shadow stack - alfalfa Taiwan

  Alfalfa Taiwan Torricelli rural area located in the southern suburbs of the territory, 55 kilometers away from Urumqi City. 2020 meters above sea level, covering an area of 3 square kilometers, is a top tourist areas, pasture platform. Surrounded on three sides by scenic mountains, the meadow grass will be Yongruhuaizhong. Looking at scenic peaks overlap , The breeze blowing over Songtao Department, the Jimuyuantiao faintly visible in the urban areas. With luxuriant grass area Rui, colorful wildflowers, as if a huge soft ease of brocade to be laid in between the mountains. From spring to autumn, the area to go forward more than 10 kinds of wild flowers in full bloom, yellow, purple, light blue, red, white, colorful Beautiful. Plus a number of springs gurgle, red deer, wild boars, wild animals, such as Marmota see the line of trees and grass in between, all showing one of the attractive features of the original, stunning, relaxed and happy. There are scenic mountains sambong stands, Cuolayouzhi, mysterious and full of poetic, is a "shadow sambong stack." Bai Yang Fei Bao - Bai Yanggou

  Bai Yanggou located in the scenic areas of the West in the southern suburbs of Urumqi, at the northern foot peak days Nagel, 58 km away from the urban area, covering an area of 612.52 hectares, is the Nanshan scenic spot in the prestigious summer resort tourism, as a result of over gully Topol named after. Bai Yanggou into the West, as if Into a fairy tale world. Even inside the scenic pine continued Ling Feng, Qi eventual unexpected, water features Gou Mountain streams through farms in the rocks, Zuozuo villa in the shade leaves Lam, Zhanfang little scattered on the lawn in the open, pressing Wild. Especially in the ditch as high as 70 meters steep Fei Bao, such as the Bai Lian left, hit rock-splash, if Hauni It is amazing spray click one's tongue. Bai Yanggou come, you can take a carriage, co-author of the melodious tones, carefully feeling quiet Baiyang Gou Qi risk of natural scenery, but also the arm in the sun, lying on semi-soft on the lawn to see Goshawk circling in the sky in the distance and Kazakhstan is rich in folk customs of the race, Diaoyang, Mother, and so on up performances, far from the city to enjoy the calm and happy with that. From the 1950s and 1960s, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping, and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation, Jiang Zemin and other leaders of the party's third generation has come to visit scenic spots, called on all ethnic groups of farmers and herdsmen, to add a more specific area, For the rich Connotations of the text. At present, the area in vacation homes, hotels, and so on Zhanfang reception facilities, superior service, to receive hundreds of thousands of tourists each year to the summer tourist resort.

  Chui Valley tobacco - East Bai Yanggou
  Bai Yanggou located in the scenic southern suburbs of East board room inside Gou Xiang, 56 km away from Urumqi, accounting for Area of 334.4 hectares, the area inside the confrontation between the peaks, towering old trees, trees Weng Yu, luxuriant fragrant grass, a clear mountain streams of pure Gan Qing Yin shallow sing, from Yili. And Su Liu, the breeze blowing, Greenfield in the endless moving Linhai Yong, a magnificent view. Shan Xi Li rain area from time to time, Lan fog cover in the top row of trees, such as Like magic; when Ji-sun and rain, cloud steaming Wei Xia, picturesque. Bai Yanggou Tsui East hiding in the smoke of green Villa, albeit not very clearly, the more scenic spots to add a mood of the Miao-Miao. At present, is located within the green landscape of Xinjiang Hill is the only natural scenic spot of the three-star tourist hotels, service facilities, service First-class quality, known as "the first of the Tianshan Zhuang", summer vacation is a good place.

  Ju-xiang Makino - Chrysanthemum Taiwan
  Chrysanthemum Taiwan is located in scenic areas in the southern suburbs Gan Gou Xiang inside, away from Urumqi, more than 50 km, 2000-2400 meters above sea level, covering an area of 500 hectares, is - slow film The tilt-table fan. Goudi stream Wan Yan, pines clouds to the north, south Fengmao green. In the broad flat surface -, Golden Chrysanthemum, purple Zhaosu, Lau-fong, Cai Yi, the Man Po-cheng of cattle and sheep dotted Splendor Feng Fei, in particular, the sun will be projected in the shadow of the white clouds above the water like a green man evaded Moving, more King Added - Different Road scene. During a stroll, people could not help but look dusty, Xiasi elegant, as if to enter the Eastern Jin Dynasty poet Tao Yuan-ming famous through the ages "to adopt Dong-ju, leisurely southern mountains," the mood among.

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The geographic center of the Asian continent - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Asian mainland scenic spots located in the geographic center of Yongfeng Township package Caozi home village, east longitude 87 � 19'52 ", latitude 43 � 40'37", in Xinjiang by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geography and measured more than two years of field demarcation. 30 km away from Urumqi City, an area under construction. Scenic areas so as to the geographic center of the Asian continent Chi Tower and the core point, the tower marked by a square column 4, are surrounded by "A" font, the English copy of "Asian" name "Asia" prefix "A''on the form, meaning the heart of Asia. Now Has been completed to the level of scenic roads, more than 20 meters high eagle door to the structure of the Youth Pre-employment network, Asia Tianyuandifang Plaza, brought together 49 Asian symbol of the culture of crystal stone and wooden totems, totemic fiberglass sculpture, is concentrated style des Nations. As the sub-heart farthest from the ocean, the continent most of its special geographical location in order to give meaning and profound scientific mystery, with a rich cultural history, is a wooden ulu City focuses on the development of the tourist areas.

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Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum is worth a visit. Here concentrated on displaying more than 12 arts and crafts and cultural minorities. The layout of the exhibits on display and very imaginative, in particular, it is worth mentioning that Xinjiang was found in the tombs of ancient human remains. The museum is divided into different area, there are areas of Mongolia, Kazakhstan , The Tajik areas show zone, as well as cultural relics.

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Shuimogou area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shuimogou Scenic Area is located in the northern suburbs of Urumqi, East 5 km, is located at the foot of Dongshan, the end of the Hongshan. In a 1 km long and more unusual seismic fault of the canyon floor, Hill formed a water tower, clear spring Hill, Hongqiao Hill, Hot Springs Mountain, River Water Mill-based pleasant scenery. Scenic areas within towering old trees, spewing hot springs, Taiwan temple point during the stop. As early as 200 years ago, River Water Mill as a result of the construction of the Qing Dynasty troops in Water Mill, and therefore named. Year 1760 (Qianlong 25), Kashi, 26-year-old Uygur girl, "Xiang Fei" because of family called active insurgency in Beijing, via Dihua (this Urumqi) in the hot springs of Shuimogou Bath, left a Bathing Xiang Fei's mouth with approbation. Shuimogou the perennial hot water for 28-30 ?, the water is rich in potassium, sodium, magnesium and nitrate ions variety, and so on, skin diseases, arthritis and so on have a certain effect.

  Year 1768 (33 years Qianlong) in June, a famous Qing Dynasty scholar Ji Yun had toured the Grinding groove; in 1841, Lin exile in Xinjiang during the visit have Shuimogou; in 1901, the Qing government offices Prime Minister Zaiyi national affairs, "Zhenguo Gong," the two brothers set Lan exile Urumqi, the scenic tour of the Water Mill Gap, an annual expenditure from the state treasury tens of thousands of Xinjiang, two silver, one after another to build, "Hsiao Pavilion "," according to Du Pavilion, "" Ancient stage "and other tourist attractions.

  Urumqi, north-eastern suburbs have a large mountain park, which is well-known scenic spots Shuimogou. Shuimogou scenic, clear spring mountain, towers Hill, Hongqiao Hill, four Shan Shan Hot Springs Jiazhi, tall Xiaoyu Liu, on the hillside around the flowers , Shade pavilions in the shade between. Hill Baiquan spewing at the end of a long inexhaustible Flow, come together to form a Shuimogou flow from wear.

Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in the early years, this has become the tourist resort of Urumqi, the text of letters linger here, wrote many beautiful poems. Today Shuimogou Jade spring, autumn melon Mountain is covered with people in the mountains Yechui self-entertainment, spa bath, down in Lake Adventure, took a cable car at high altitudes, enjoyable.

  In recent years, has built a spa, Fengze Yuan Guanghui Club, Xing'an Range, grape Villa, Villa style, Saussurea Hill Golf Course, clear spring Temple and many other attractions, is Free vacation holidays.

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According to Hill wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

39 km is located in the southern suburbs of Urumqi, Yamaguchi as a result of a huge old quarry area, similar to the old mansion named after Zhaobi wall. Hill Zhaobi slightly pyramid-shaped, steep mountains, the storied Pinnacle. Foothills of water from glaciers Xigou, water flow urgent wide, cross-strait Valley, are to hear the sound of water came tumbling. Valley is a confrontation between the two rock cliffs, the two-phase Hill folder, type Up to a more than 10 km of the canyon. Among the mountain of a period of five concave valley, mountain backwater turn, Shek Mun Lin, Lin leather deep secret, and risk-sheng, and often red deer, leopard, wild boar, and other areas, is a good place to pay homage to their adventure.

  Zhaobi Nanshan Mountain, Yamaguchi as a result of a huge old quarry area, similar to the old mansion as Wall got its name. In the urban areas more than 80 kilometers south of the board room Gou Xiang, Kala Wu Chengshan Canyon. Valley there are large areas of grassland and dense forests, Tongtian He's turbulent north-south ditch, do not have a Wild. And the "Tongtian He let drift," "archery" and "cockfighting" and "race", "Yechui", "tourism tent" To participate in a series of activities to attract tourists. Valley building a guest house and tents, food and accommodation for hundreds of people.

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Four Seasons Tianchi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianchi clear four seasons, all with charm. Late spring. After the winter snows melt, the instant green grass all over the lake. From grass flowers in full bloom, decorate a beautiful spring. Picea spruce needles fibrillation, yellow poplar buds from the green. Summer season, Tianchi always keep the temperature around 20 degrees, the breeze blowing, it is nice and cool, for them to stay away Summer treasure of feng shui. In the summer of Tianchi, a lake of luminous green water waves, waves of Kazakhstan's winter Blazy sound. The hospitality of the Kazakh people in the Tianchi Lake on the grass of the wide-day set up a white Zhanfang seat for visitors to prepare the tea, milk, cheese and meat Shouzhua, there is a pleasure to look at the civil Dance. Tianchi in the fall of the rich colors of the most graceful. A mirror-like lake, you might see are no longer green, but from time to time changes, overcast weather was fine with the sunset light or changing the rhythm. The blue sky and clouds of red, the Molv Ta Song, the golden leaves, reflected in the Autumn, into gorgeous colored lake. Whenever Yi float to the surface, the surface reflection of thousands of rock, the ever-changing, like a modernist painting of the book spread in the lake. Tianchi Lake in late October from the ice to thaw in early May over the years, as long as six months in the winter, condensing Tianchi lake with the 1-meter thick ice, Tianchi is not only a reception for Chinese and foreign tourists in the summer to avoid the Resort, winter is a good mountain skating rink. Tianchi Lake from the tip, clean water, and freeze After a very smooth; In addition, the upper hand at this time a small lake, the sunshine, especially suitable for skating.

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People's Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinjiang People's Hall was built in 1984, in October 1985 the establishment of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the 30th anniversary of the completion of the operation, the autonomous region was the "construction of the 10" one of the country and in Asia to enjoy a certain degree of name recognition, its construction area of over 34,000 Square meters, set meetings, performances, food Stay together. The overall architectural design reflects the national character of the times and, in the community have some influence and image in society, as Xinjiang is the external image of her Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has become a political, economic, foreign affairs, culture Activities at the center of spiritual civilization and an important window She only makes her unable to play an important role. Xinjiang People's Hall on the roof to fly the national emblem and marked her special political status, that is, of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People's Congress Standing Committee and the important place of procedure.

  Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People's Hall, which is a People, places, modern colors of both large-scale construction, August 31, 1985 completed construction area of 29,000 square meters. Lobby of the mosaic of China's largest giant piece of marble murals ? ? "Tianshan Spring." Automatic variable auditorium stage, China is currently the longest stage (long-3 Meters). Three main hall, with tables of 3160 to bring the audience seats, and are available in 8 languages, "Italian translation of the wind" device, the Office of the side for three hours round-table room, multi-function hall and 13, State Chamber. Now, there are side of the Office of the Joint phase Gallery. The entire building, an integral whole, magnificent. In recent years, Xinjiang Autonomous Region People's Hall bear the major types of politics, foreign affairs activities of the reception work, but also bears a large autonomous regions and various types of government banquet, a reception and met with the foreign affairs activities of the masses, as well as large-scale cultural activities, the central condolences to the mission, foreign literature and art groups , Elegant music, as well as social organizations, enterprises do Units of cultural activities such as performances of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang for the rich people's spiritual and cultural life of the autonomous region and the building of spiritual civilization has played a positive role. Xinjiang People's Hall as an important part of the 16, the state, City Hall, she not only because of the different national decorative style embodied different minority Humanities , As well as for the development, to display and carry forward the food culture of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang to provide a unique place.

  Xinjiang People's Hall after nearly 20 years, the autonomous region's political, economic, cultural affairs and the cause of reform and opening-up has played a unique role. Although the current appearance of the building and in-house , And other pieces of the old facilities have been significant, this issue has caused the party of the autonomous region, the main political leaders attach great importance. In order to maintain the Xinjiang People's Hall specific to the important status and role, has held a special meeting to study the transformation of the Xinjiang People's Hall maintenance program as a whole, autonomous regions, as one of the major projects included in the self-government Budget plan. After the restoration of the transformation of the Xinjiang People's Hall in not only the internal functions (such as lighting, sound, air-conditioning, large-screen voting system based on spirit and the wind and seats, etc.) effectively improve the large increase in the decoration on the inside and outside (from the hall decorations, wall to the outside The white marble, tile squares, fountains, as well as more than 10,000 ping Meters of green grass, ground lighting engineering, etc.) will be the new face of the display to the world. By then, Xinjiang People's Hall will be more of the times and the national culture, and not a substitute for her unique status and role continue to serve as landmarks of Urumqi, the capital has become one of the beautiful landscape and meet Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region's 50th anniversary.

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Kumbum Monastery tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kumbum Monastery tower at the mosque at the southern end of Jiefang Road. Department of Tatar people in 1897 to build the donor. In 1919, a local German and also co-funded re-construction, it is also known as the co Temple, the tower is the Kumbum Monastery in the urban areas Uygur, Tatar, Uzbek national, and other major venues for religious activities, but also for the city Open the mosque.

  Chinese and foreign visitors without prior contact, access to visit the Temple, but also in the rear of the chapel to watch the Muslim worship. According to Islamic law, women can not enter the mosque. But the Kumbum Monastery in the tower, such as prior approval, female tourists can also go to visit. 3 Monastery covers an area of 1,000 square meters, Chapel of about 8 100 square meters, the former multi-carved painted pillars, ornate. Chapel 4, full carpets, and can accommodate 1,000 people worship. Temple Tatar Department of the top architectural style.

  Monastery on the mountain and powerful, built scattered. Among them, eight towers, Daikin Watt Hall, Xiao Jin W Temple, Temple flowers, Jing-tang, 9 The most well-known and so on. Babao wishful tower, located in front of the square. It is said that the eight towers in memory of Sakyamuni Buddha's life among the Group of Eight and Gongde constructed, was built in 1776. Its shape more or less the same, the tower is 6.4 meters, 9.4 meters bottom perimeter, the base area of 5.7 square meters. Clean black tower , The base of the green-brick structure, decorated with scripture waist, each tower also has a shrines in the south, where possession of Sanskrit.

  Kumbum Monastery decorative Buddhas Hall of Duixiu, murals and Su Youhua, people call the art "Sanjue", particularly in the areas of the most well-known Su Youhua. Su Youhua plastic butter is made. Crisp Crystal white, soft and delicate, vulnerable to all kinds of blending pigments, autopoietic a variety of rare art of flower. Kumbum Monastery-Su Youhua the fine arts of Tai Shing, not only of high artistic standard and unique art style, and large-scale, rich and varied content. Green leaves of flowering Yicao flowers, there are thousands of Birds and animals, magnificent scenery of the landscape picture, there are slim, sleek pavilions, lifelike portraits, many based on the history and myths and legends of the story, and so on. On the 15th of the first lunar month every year, the Kumbum Monastery is the annual Lantern Festival Su Youhua. At that time, Lama will give elaborate Suyou Hua Temple Square, so that tens of thousands of people to watch. To many people see the Suyou Hua Feng Cai, effort, a long distance to the Kumbum Monastery came to participate in the Lantern Festival.

  Mural is painting on the walls of temples in all, most of it in the curtain drawn, and some painted directly on the walls and pillars. The use of natural dyes mural stone Minerals, it has a bright color, enduring characteristics. Kumbum Monastery of Lamaism is a mural painting, it has a strong Indian and Tibetan style. Murals, primary and secondary characters are mostly Micheng doctrine, the clever idea of the screen, the appropriate deployment of the likelihood that a harmonious tone, exquisite technique, delicate way.

  For the temple Asian-style architecture, and on both sides of the front hall of worship for the spacious corridors, the main hall at the top of the center has a unique floor of the Moon, the temple has also preaching together, the imam of housing, such as the reception room, the local Uighur, Kazakh, Tatar, Uzbek National religious activities such as the main venue at the same time, the temple often pick Visiting foreign Muslims.

  Kumbum Monastery, also known as Tower Temple children. Daikin named in the tile inside to commemorate the Yellow Sect founder Tsongkhapa built a large silver tower, known as the Tibetan language, "Bahrain-yin of the gun", meaning: "Senge of thousands of Maitreya Buddha Temple." It is located in Huangzhong County town of Xinan Yu Lu Shaer's not even spent in the col China is the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism (Yellow Sect) one of the six major monasteries, Qinghai Province is also the first one of the key historical sites and cultural unit.

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Chaiwopu lake resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lake Chaiwopu to the outskirts of Urumqi's largest freshwater lake, from the urban area 40 km south-east. Lake was circular, an area of about 28 square kilometers. Rich lake carp, grass carp, silver carp, herring, Xinjiang is also the base for one of the crab stock.

  Chaiwopu away from the lake only 5 km south-east, covering an area of 47 square kilometers Salt Lake is a salt lake. Salt Lake because of the terrain below Chaiwopu Lake, the surrounding mountains, rivers have been high in salt, floods, water down, Hubei and Hunan, after the same lake, gradually deposited in the lake, creating a fresh water lake this, bear in salt lake According to the wonders of tight neighborhood. In Salt Lake on the east coast side of the road, There is a site of the Han and Tang Feng Sui. Are interested may wish to go sightseeing.

Fishing for Biyou Chaiwopu Lakes area, swimming pool, casino, lounge, and so on the shore of the broad lawn of the race can be carried out, Diaoyang, "chasing girls" and other activities.

  Salt Lake Chaiwopu because of the terrain below the lake, around the Hill , High salinity of the river was, floods, water down, Hubei and Hunan, after the same lake, gradually deposited in the lake, creating a freshwater lake that, according to closely saltwater lake adjacent wonders.

  Chaiwopu Lake for the planning and construction of a new tourism base. Fishing for Biyou resort area, swimming pool, entertainment , Lounge, and so on the shore of the broad lawn of the race can be carried out, Diaoyang, chasing girls, and other activities. Hubei and Hunan in Ukraine ? spit (Turpan) near the road, traffic convenience. In Salt Lake on the east coast side of the road, there is a site of the Han and Tang Feng Sui.

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Ma Asan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma Tianchi is located southwest of Asan, about 3 km away from Tianchi Lake, deep in the mountains of the bee Bogda, Kul Peiyao west, the north poles Hill. Hill, about 5 km off-peak 3056 meters high above sea level. Xuefeng backed by snow, ice for sparkling pool. Visit here to watch, you have to do Qifengyidan essence, but also see the exploration of nature Mysterious. Peak horse teeth, many Chienshih, From a distance, as if rows of huge dent, named.

  Asan cliff Ma Cui Wei, Shi Feng Lin; looking like a row of horse teeth, looking up into the air like a million Wat; stoning for odd-stacked competing show, dazzling. Ma Asan landscape that is caused by the weathering of rocks Kazakhstan people Asan Ma referred to as "Arab-Mayer scattered", which means Hill of butter. Ma has a relatively flat top teeth, is a plump grassland, covered with butter in the summer grass, the blooming flowers of different colors. Looking around here four lucky hit around the northern side of the panoramic scenery of Tianchi, to the east of Bogeda peak south of the snow-capped mountains and clouds Appears to be close at hand, and Urumqi in the west edge of the homes have fresh in our memory.

  "Ma wonders of teeth" by rows of ancient glacial erosion role in the formation of the plane. Geological uplift of the mountains during the fold of the different components of rock, soft rock by the wind and rain erosion and spalling, rock hard off postpone it. Tianchangrijiu "Ma Teeth" will show wonders. Ma Asan's Stone Forest, there is not strange. Some seemed to be "Sophora" Xuepentaikou, Koutu canine, very sharp, "Sophora stone." Some boulder, Fanjuan levels, if Kuanglan sea waves to form a Li-like "Tao Haiyan map." Some of rugged rocks, clad in full "A , The pillars of the Song Qi, Huoxiang "alligator mouth" and swallow everything. There is - such as stone, "Bear Siamese turtle," The Blue Bear sitting, but the long-stars like a turtle head, not to mention strange. There is a stone pillar, as if - Serb shepherd statue of ancient sculpture like the chest, wearing a flat-top, small on the great hat, Wei port, may be called in It may be eye-catching sheep. Both looked calm and serious. Kazakhstan people Asan Ma called the "Arab-Mayer scattered", which means "easy oil" Hill. Because the mountain is more flat, with plenty of rainfall, grass fertilizer, such as oil, livestock food after easily gain weight by fat.

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Tianchi Lake Road - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Overlooking the air, as if the road Tianchi a coiled snake was a huge mountain. In such a car traveling on the mountain, visitors to the mountain as the changes in the hi then suddenly scared. On the re-Xiao; when Dan Fei Ge flow, under the provisional landless. Winding paths, natural picture is a fascinating step by step. Tianchi in the winding road on the road, you can Review the day, between the mountain, and a different climate. Yamahana bottom in full bloom, Feng Fei Splendor, when the three-chun; mountain birch Chung, Lam Blot out the Sun, the sequence is a nine summer; slope Kuteng old, faint Juanniao Manado, the scene is the late autumn; Bogda Peak and the future Snow, reflect the depth of winter scenery. Four Seasons Smoke King, once in the head It could be overwhelmed.

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Bayanbulak grasslands - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bayanbulak grasslands, the Mongolian word for "rich source", located in the south of the Tianshan, about 2500 meters above sea level, covering an area of 22,000 square kilometers, is China's second Grand Prairie, second only to Inner Mongolia Prairie Meadows Elgin. Flat terrain here, abundant water, is a typical meadow grass prairie, also south of the Tianshan Plump summer pastures.

Every summer season, Bayanbulak grasslands Pinnacle range upon range of hills, endless green, the lake widespread, cattle and sheep everywhere, a thriving scene. Well-known Swan Lake sits in southeastern grasslands. There are travel kunas summer resort area, verdant forests in the region, like King flowers, streams Flow, the rocks around the moss, a very beautiful scenery.

Bayanbulak grasslands inhabited by Mongolian, Han and Tibetan ethnic groups in Kazakhstan 9, the brilliant and colorful ethnic customs. Mongolian herdsman's annual "Naadam" event is particularly exciting.

  Qing Emperor Qianlong 36 years, Torghut, Mongolia and the Principal Shuo Drop in the Wo Baxi led by Russia from the Volga River basin give justice to the East, the Qing government for its act, Teci of water to plump them, in 1773 in the opening Bayinbuluke grassland and river are settled. Bayanbulak grasslands A total of 63 peaks, 74, "daba" (Yamaguchi) stands in between the mountains Bayanbulak grasslands, the Mongolian word for "rich source", 636 km from the city of Korla, Hejing County, located in the north-west, south-east corner of Yili, in the central south of the Tianshan, about 2500 meters above sea level, an area of about 23,000 square kilometers, is a typical Wo Meadow grass prairie, south of the Tianshan Mountains are also fatter Summer pasture. Bayanbulak grasslands 270 km from east to west, north-south 136 km wide, around the mountain at 3,000 meters above sea level. Bayanbulak grasslands inhabited by Mongolian, Han and Tibetan ethnic groups in Kazakhstan 9, the brilliant and colorful ethnic customs, the annual Naadam grassland event, horse racing, archery competitions, and other activities Sticking to the favorite for visitors.

  Supply water to ice and snow melting and rain water mixed main part of the groundwater recharge areas, the formation of a large number of grass marshes and lakes. Bayinbuluke Mongolian word for "fertile spring." Far in 2600, this division no matter who that is, there are activities. Qing Emperor Qianlong 36 years 1771), Torghut, and the Principal Shuo Meng, in the Wo Baxi led by Russia from the Volga River basin give justice to the East, the Qing government Teci of water to plump them, they will be placed in Pakistan Brook Music are open grassland and river basin settlement.

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