Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Treasury tag-desert - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinjiang desert tag library wooden scenic spots in the world of the very few contacts with the City College of the desert, but also with the Tianchi, tied for the Bosten Lake in Xinjiang 3 national key scenic spots one.

  2500 square km area of the library wooden tag, Shanshan, Xinjiang is located in the desert at the southern end of the Old City, the city will be able to stand on See Gold forceful spectacular desert scenery of the infinite. The trip by car, more than 10 minutes to reach the area. In the face of vast deserts, saw yellow sand sky blue, clear Fengqing, from the city to tourists in the field of vision was open, I feel comfortable with immediately.

  "Tag-library" in the Uygur language, "Dune Meaning that the Treasury-tag refers to the desert "dune desert." Treasury wooden tag the formation of the desert, mainly due to the Tianshan Mountains from seven wells angle of the air from the south-west wind and air Dabancheng the south-east winds along the wind-way through, carrying a large number of gravel, the last area in the library-tag meet Collision and sediment from the south Jueluotage Hill also contributed to both the wind direction and wind reduced the deposition. Difficult because the environment, far from the road insurance, bank-tag in the desert in the Tang Dynasty, known as "ghost moraine Da Huan", has also covered a layer of mystery.

  Here's a unique tourism resources are being developed. Has been opened Saudi Karting entertainment projects, and riding a camel expedition Hua Sha, Dongli San plans to open in the future, hot-air balloon, games such as desert, the end-tag library will be a desert research, exploration, sand movement, sand treatment and care , Desert tourism as one of the scenic area.

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