Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hami Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hami of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is the "East gate", an important geographical location known as "the throat of the Western Regions, what channel." As far away as two thousand years ago, this is the first time Zhang Qian of the Han Dynasty in the Western Regions-opening of the Silk Road fortress. Trans-Hami in Xinjiang is located in the eastern end of the Tianshan Mountains, the Tianshan Mountains was divided into two north-south, the Tian Shan Hami is the oasis in the northern Tianshan Mountain grassland and Yiwu is the Barkol Valley. East Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province in conjunction Hami, Turpan, the fire west, which borders Mongolia and the North.

Hami has a long history, since the Han, that is operating here in the Western Regions of the outpost position, once the Silk Road in the city of Hami Strong ancient Western Regions all over the Central Plains and the links as well as on the promotion of exchanges between the East and West, plays a pivotal role. Hami in and around the historical sites of precious historical relics unearthed a true account of the old Silk Road and again on the city's throat style.

Now the mainland is still Hami of Xinjiang into A major stations across Gansu and Xinjiang Provinces Area Lan-Xin Railway and National Highway 312, across from the Hami oasis, the passage of the railway and highway roads, Hami, Turpan and Urumqi, Changji, Shihezi, even the hard line, Jiang to form dong, northern economic development zone.

Kazakhstan Beautiful scenery, numerous attractions. East Tianshan Mountains Trans-Yu Mo Hami region, the mountain pine clouds, Yamashita vast grasslands, livestock development, the well-known of Barkol horse produced on this land. The vast eastern and western hills, the Gobi is rich in treasures on the ground floor. The wooden tag library in the southern desert has to make the number of westbound those who look old and has So far, people are still full of mystery. Oasis abundance of water in the central fertile soil, many products. Mingyangtianxia here in the Hami melon cultivation history of more than two years. Hami lie in the Tianshan Mountains in the eastern part of the territory of the Hami suddenly disappeared, many of the Seven Wonders of the Industrial Side to create a unique landscape. Barkol Lake, Whitehead , I men Zi, Mingsha Shan, the son of Shicheng, the eight stone temple Seoul ditch, gully and the West, are unique natural landscape. Hami is not only beautiful natural scenery, long history and bring back to the Capital Cities and Tombs Ghaith, the Tian Shan Temple and the ancient city, Bricks, rock paintings and so on to see the same human landscape. Hami products rich in resources, is a treasure to be developed, proven reserves are now 76. The main advantage of mineral resources, coal, iron, copper, nickel, gold, oil, natural gas, stone, Glauber's salt, fulvic acid, and so on. Hamid Stone is a unique resource, Tianshan Blue, Blue Star, and other precious stone is A place of production. Wild animals and plants are also very rich

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