Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eighth Route Army in Urumqi, Xinjiang Office of the Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Urumqi road victory in the 2nd one is a Chinese and western walls, the structure of civil engineering, green canopy of the pressure back brick two-story yellow building. On the south side of the roof has a pavilion, a bird's eye view of urban scenery. Dozens of hospital Poplar trees, pine and cypress, apricot, in the garden with flowers of different colors, to give the quiet, Yajie feeling. 193 , In the Xinjiang Office of the Eighth Route Army moved into the office here. Chen Yun, Deng-fa, Chen Tanqiu Party a third term, has presided over the work here. At that time, a number of high-ranking Central Committee in Yan'an to the Soviet Union or on the way back to the Soviet Union, had to stay here. Zhou Enlai, Deng Yingchao, Ren Bishi, Wang Jiaxiang, Cai Chang, Liu , YANG Zhi-hua, the original hole, and other comrades have lived here. Memorial Hall for the Autonomous Region key cultural unit. Museum Chen Tanqiu a revolutionary martyr, Mao Zemin, Lu Lin and Qiao Guozhen, Wu Maolin, such as the exhibition's revolutionary deeds.

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