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Huoyanshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the Turpan City, 10 km north-east, east-west and 98 km long, 9 km wide, the main peak of 831.7 meters above sea level. Every summer, the mountain in the scorching sun exposure, hot air rolling up, red ocher mountain appears to be burning in the fire.

Huoyanshan is the hottest place, although Cuncaobusheng surface, but in many of the valley Shanfu Blot out the Sun shade, gurgling streams, Fire Island is the "fruit dock", a well-known Grape Valley here. Huoyanshan because of its unique topography, combined with "Journey to the West" has the Monkey King by three palm-leaf fan Huoyanshan fight the fire story, making Wen Huoyanshan The world.

  As the movement of crustal faults and water cutting, Shanfu left many of the valley, there are Sinopodophyllum groove, groove wood, Tu Yugou, even the Qin-groove wood, such as SU Bo-ditch. These plants are in the valley Blot out the Sun, beautiful scenery and gurgling water, fruit and fragrance.

  Huoyanshan has its unique natural landscape, together with the late Ming Dynasty Wu Cheng-en Tang Sancang will be Huoyanshan learn blocked, the Monkey King story written into the palm-leaf fan by the famous ancient novel "Journey to the West", and Huoyanshan Tang, the Monkey King, Princess Iron Fan , Cattle linked to the devil, so that the magic color Huoyanshan Yu, into the world in Ky Son. Huoyanshan to visitors, but also to see when the bolt passing Tang horse pile - a column of the air in Sheng rocks also stand in Jinkou; a distance of the flat-topped hills, Tang was launched as a stepping stone; Shuanma East pile, every canyon with a peak under a long mouth like a boulder, called Journey Stone; while watching The Greatest Places, while talking about a monkey Sun Princess Iron Fan palm-leaf fan to fan out the fire Huoyanshan the story of this trip will become immense.

  Huoyanshan was east-west connections. Shanshan Xian from the East River main stream of blue, just west ditch Sinopodophyllum Turpan, 100 km long, up to 10 km widest point. Flame Ling bald mountains, Cuncaobusheng. Every summer, when the red sun and air, gas and transpiration, Liao Yan-yun around, such as the shape of the FT-Fire Dragon, very spectacular. Ming Wu Cheng-en's prominent myth novel "Journey to the West"; Tang master in order to learn the story of four West kuai and moxibustion of the population. Back to the 59th and 60, to write the way Tang Sancang Huoyanshan resistance, Unless the story of three palm-leaf fan tune, Huoyanshan to cast a veil of mystery. Wrote the book "on the road in the West have a mile Hartung, is a sunset, custom call Tianjin Tou, where there is a Huoyanshan, no spring without autumn, the seasons are hot. Huoyanshan, 800, flame, four Cuncaobusheng around. If the flies Hill, is the copper Shell, iron body, but also miles into juice! "This description of the Department of significant exaggeration, but the basic features of high fever and is in full compliance with the Huoyanshan.

  Tang learn from the form reshaping group of lively and vivid facial expressions. Plastic is a group of bureau in 1989. To the visual impact of the camera and foreign visitors after another, is the new Huoyanshan One of the tourist attractions. Unfortunately, man-made plastic base was surrounded by tall iron fences, become prisoners, so that visitors stop long heavy sigh and said.

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