Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ili - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ili water and Chen Yi, Yi-li, such as water, is located 16 kilometers suburb of Yining, Xinjiang, which is the largest inland river traffic, the wide river, beautiful scenery, a total length of 1,500 km, from east to west in the mouth of Horgos Into the territory of Kazakhstan, and ultimately flowing into Lake Balkhash.

  The beauty of Ili in Iraq Ancient River, Elisabeth water, is a field northwest of the famous river. Cypriot ancient times; Yueshi, Wusun, such as Turks living in this river basin, Western Expedition of the Tang Dynasty army of Genghis Khan and Mongolia have Tieqi with wood cutting wood to swim across the river surging.

  Originated in the Yili River in Xinjiang, Shanxi days In China, the basin area of about 570,000 square kilometers, and its water abode public Xinjiang River in the first, Xinjiang accounts for about river runoff runoff is indeed 1 /5, about 3 /4 of the water out of the country.

  There are three major tributaries of the upper reaches of the Ili: Turks River River is a river and Kashi. Turks River is the main source, originated on the north side of Khan Tengri. Ili westward flow Kashi are on the way to Yining into the river, into the following broad valley plain, open river, a tributary of the large number of vertical and horizontal canal system. In accepting the Horgos on the right bank of the river, and so on into Kazakhstan, into the final Barr L.. In our country is about more than 400 km.

  The Ili, gentle water flow downstream, in our country Yamaha to cross the border could be shipping turbine. Yining in the vicinity of the river bed for more than 1 km wide, fabric riverflat Man, bifurcation water, sand island, beautiful scenery and is Summer break their summer holidays.

  In 1959, the city of Yining south of the river Department built a large overseas Chinese and reconstruction in 1975, the bridge is a type of reinforced concrete hyperbolic arch bridge, opened up more than 1,000 acres along Riverside Park, become a tourist attraction of the best wins.

  During the holidays, this little bit of fire, cook fish, roasted mutton, drinking heartily, and then the song playing on the grass, enjoy the Wild beyond the Great Wall. With the further opening to the outside world, open water Ili, Ili further renovation of the bridge, the scenic spot will be more pleasant Xuefeng River stands, tree-lined, Yining from the river sections of the recent Department of the famous Bridge of Yili, this is an excellent location filming the sunset, "Sunset Bridge in Iraq" has become the subject of good photos.

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