Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prairie Tamboura - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tamboura grassland, Nilka County is located in the eastern part of the territory, from Cameroon Nilka county along the river and back, Kashi Fengmao River valley and mountain grassland prairie that is often referred to grassland Tamboura. Tamboura grasslands in the name Bilal sa north slope of A Wu Tamboura ditch on the eastern side of several of the towering rock, as a result of rock-like , Seal and name.

  Prairie Tamboura means "seal." Tamboura grassland many attractions, the 113 workers said to each channel has its own characteristics. Quanbao flow, stream water features; als Lang strange stone forest, grassland spectacular sunset; Setsurei Bing-Feng reflected in the deep quiet of the mountain lakes China. The refreshing hot springs, blue sky, grass Lvyin Yin Sakamoto, in order to give people time to enjoy the United States.

  Don Forest Park of the Kashi River Park is located south bank of the northern slope of A Wu Shan Bilal Tamboura trench. Tamboura grassland in Yili Prefecture is one of the well-known scenic grasslands. When along Kashi valley and back, the trip to Mizoguchi Tamboura, Kashi valley terrain open, cross-strait development of river terraces great. Feng Mao river terrace of grassland flowers in full bloom. Tamboura into the trench, however, only began to see the dense spruce forest.

  The surging river Kashi Pentium chain and the Kashi River - Jessica, Tamboura trench stream water features, tall and straight green spruce forest. Tamboura trench a beautiful forest, cool and pleasant, picturesque in the summer, such as Ping, Pinnacle range upon range of hills.

  Tamboura beautiful scenery, forests, grasslands, Fei Liu, rocks, and so on, the film is said to "Tianshan red flower" had taken place in the location, Don From well-known. In general, people will Kashgar River upper reaches of the vast grasslands known as the mountain grassland Tamboura, Yili is the famous one of the five prairie. Tamboura grasslands are 113 ditch to form a 113 scenic spots, Kashi River connecting East and West, North and South mountains shrinkage in the frequency of oblique flow like a Yuchi, water transfer to King, a lot of Valley. There are a lot of natural hot spring valley, the density distribution of other rare mountain ranges, with a spa bath in the good prospects for development.

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