Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ma Asan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma Tianchi is located southwest of Asan, about 3 km away from Tianchi Lake, deep in the mountains of the bee Bogda, Kul Peiyao west, the north poles Hill. Hill, about 5 km off-peak 3056 meters high above sea level. Xuefeng backed by snow, ice for sparkling pool. Visit here to watch, you have to do Qifengyidan essence, but also see the exploration of nature Mysterious. Peak horse teeth, many Chienshih, From a distance, as if rows of huge dent, named.

  Asan cliff Ma Cui Wei, Shi Feng Lin; looking like a row of horse teeth, looking up into the air like a million Wat; stoning for odd-stacked competing show, dazzling. Ma Asan landscape that is caused by the weathering of rocks Kazakhstan people Asan Ma referred to as "Arab-Mayer scattered", which means Hill of butter. Ma has a relatively flat top teeth, is a plump grassland, covered with butter in the summer grass, the blooming flowers of different colors. Looking around here four lucky hit around the northern side of the panoramic scenery of Tianchi, to the east of Bogeda peak south of the snow-capped mountains and clouds Appears to be close at hand, and Urumqi in the west edge of the homes have fresh in our memory.

  "Ma wonders of teeth" by rows of ancient glacial erosion role in the formation of the plane. Geological uplift of the mountains during the fold of the different components of rock, soft rock by the wind and rain erosion and spalling, rock hard off postpone it. Tianchangrijiu "Ma Teeth" will show wonders. Ma Asan's Stone Forest, there is not strange. Some seemed to be "Sophora" Xuepentaikou, Koutu canine, very sharp, "Sophora stone." Some boulder, Fanjuan levels, if Kuanglan sea waves to form a Li-like "Tao Haiyan map." Some of rugged rocks, clad in full "A , The pillars of the Song Qi, Huoxiang "alligator mouth" and swallow everything. There is - such as stone, "Bear Siamese turtle," The Blue Bear sitting, but the long-stars like a turtle head, not to mention strange. There is a stone pillar, as if - Serb shepherd statue of ancient sculpture like the chest, wearing a flat-top, small on the great hat, Wei port, may be called in It may be eye-catching sheep. Both looked calm and serious. Kazakhstan people Asan Ma called the "Arab-Mayer scattered", which means "easy oil" Hill. Because the mountain is more flat, with plenty of rainfall, grass fertilizer, such as oil, livestock food after easily gain weight by fat.

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