Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Irtysh - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Irtysh River is China's only river flowing into the Arctic Ocean, originated in the southern slope of Altai, the source from the border to a total length of 46 km, the basin area of 57,000 square kilometers. Irtysh River is the only river flowing into the Arctic Ocean, the origin of this China's Shanxi Province on the southern slope of Altai, the source of two mountains. According to Cameroon Gault Gault according to the Treasury and the convergence into the Irtysh River, from northwest to southeast flow at great speed to go abroad, all the way to Kara Irtysh River, Crane River, River Burqin, Habahe, while Berezovsky, and other cr Into a tributary of the north shore, into the territory of Kazakhstan Sang Chai Lake, and then north through Russia's Ob River into the Arctic Ocean. The whole 2969 km and 546 km in China, the drainage area 57,000 square meters, known as the second river in Xinjiang. Prolific fish in the water, close to the border river Department km wide, the vessel can pass. Many of the tributaries of the river basin from the right bank into the main stream to form a typical comb water system.

  Irtysh Broad valley, the mighty water, runoff in as many as 11,900,000,000 cubic meters, second only to water, Ili, Xinjiang, home to the second place. In the riverbed boulders Diego-watt, silver wave somersault, bend abnormal development. Valley secondary forest and meadow flood plain like a green ribbon, set in the Gobi desert, a unique taste. One Tuen Mun River Valley of the most dense secondary forest, stretches into a green sea, known as "poplar gene pool" reputation. Magnificent scenery along the Irtysh River. They should be, "Gold Mountain" and "Silver Water" reputation.

  Irtysh River downstream of the major tributaries of the river and Burqin Habahe the river, many hearts Beach, Vast expanse of water, the lake valley in the clouds, water problems, linked to criss-cross paths, tree-lined, showing an attitude of "water desert," a magnificent picture. The following summer could be Burqin County of small-turbine, and Water neighboring Kazakhstan to carry out cross-border tourism.

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