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Maryland Office of the Eighth Route Army memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Co-operation between the second period, our party set up in Chiang integration of public office. In May 1937 began to build, in August 1943 withdrawal, as long as 6 years. The older generation of proletarian revolutionaries Juezai Hsieh, Peng Jialun, Wu Xiuquan, and so on here in the leadership of the "eight do". "Eight to do" in 19 3, was approved as a provincial heritage conservation unit. In 1978 in Lane 2 of the Mutual Assistance in preparing the site, "Maryland Office of the Eighth Route Army Museum," and in January 1981 officially open. A total of more than 150 pieces of cultural revolution, more than 170 pieces of photos and become patriotic education and education in revolutionary tradition of re - Base. The other offices at the former site of the Jiuquan this road No. 157.

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Pingshalayan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as "Fang Yan Chau think," del located in the eastern section of the road, south of the top Yan Tan, Wang Chih-kang to make in October 1987. Were irregular-shaped sculpture in shallow reservoirs, ranging from the size of three stainless steel water Dayan from the Youth Pre-employment-Fen Fei, Tong Sipan embellishment to 5 "goose egg", Cuoluoyouzhi. The overall use of abstract way, Deformation increases, appears to be novel. The sculpture based on the new Lanzhou, one of the Ten, "Fang Yan Chau thought," Yan Tan landscape and the legend, the people of Lanzhou Jiyu to restore the ecological balance so that Dayan's desire to return to the Yantan, and people can think of the geese from birth to Fei's life and the process of succession.

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Zhongshan Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Del located in the middle of the road on the north side, Lanzhou is a long history of the Old Bridge, "the world is the first of the Yellow River Bridge." Zhongshan Bridge, the predecessor of the Wu Ming-hong started 5 years (1372 AD), Song FENG public in the Lanzhou Branch Seven Mile west of the pontoon bridge built; to 9 years, Wu Ming-hong (1376), to defend the country, the more public Deng pontoon to move west 0 years, "Chen-yuan bridge"; 18 years, Wu Ming-hong (1385), Lanzhou Wei pontoon will be moved Yanglian commanding position today, and so far 10 tons of heavy relics, 5.8 meters long cast iron pillars, "General Column" 3. 33-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1907), the Qing government in Lanzhou Road Peng's proposal and a second division Gansu Governor or allowed under the auspices of the use of treasury 306,690 silver two from Germany are Kayou Si & Taylor building, Po Man of the Americans, the Germans der Rohe for technical guidance, built up to 233.33 meters, 7.5 meters wide The first Yellow River Bridge, at the beginning "of the Yellow River in Lanzhou Iron Bridge" in 1942 to "Zhongshan Bridge." In 1954, the Lanzhou Municipal People's Government renovation of the bridge reinforcement, an increase of 5 arc steel arch beam, so that the iron bridge appears to be rugged, powerful momentum.

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Germany wow warehouse permitted Wenshu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Germany I, wow Lobsang East Kokura beads, in the early Jamyang Russia Aung Zongzhe respect by the former Juzu after a warning, the Jamyang is willing to follow the law school. Sixteen-year-old Tibet, Guo Mang into the Drepung Monastery Institute of Buddhist learning submarine. As a result of his bright talent, outstanding, the master of his great hope. In 1709 with the Russian Jamyang Aung Zongzhe back to the Masters This summer, the county seat of the river to help create a master Jamyang Pu Leng Temple and temples to deal with all matters so that Ratsiraka increasingly Chang-Leng Temple Church. Monastery in 1738 as the third of the total France and Taiwan. 1743 will be the master Jamyang reincarnated soul boy Jin Ying enthroned Monastery, the main temple so that the Living Buddha Jamyang system To the formation and continuation. The second kind of wood for a long time the United States and Sega Aung my time in office, his view of the Monastery of the power to create, warehouse franchise Germany wow Living Buddha systems enjoy the "Red Tour" treatment. Wow German Second World warehouse for a long time Sophie Mellon Gyatso in 1772 in the Monastery crowned as the 16th chief Fazuo France and Taiwan, strict discipline, pay attention to language, Church strength to strength. Germany III, wow Dan Nima plans stores in the central Kerry in 1814 to create a warehouse Wenshu Monastery de wow permitted. Sega in 1817 three wood-like Kennedy Motoc the United States for a long time, Kungtangcang III central warehouse Kerry Dan Nima three master plans for the opening ceremony. Since then, Germany has become the permitted wow warehouse Monju majority of the monks and laymen to teach Pilgrims worship the temple. Later, Emperor Jiaqing Banci Han, Tibetan, Manchu, Mongolian four of the text reads. Germany wow warehouse permitted Wenshu Monastery in the stands due south, facing the big Xiahe, Bei Yi Tong as Tai Monastery. "Cultural revolution" in Germany wow warehouse was completely destroyed Monju permitted. Third Plenary Session of the 11th After the party's ethnic and religious policies being implemented step by step, religious leaders greeted the long-awaited dawn. As a result, Germany VIII wow warehouse-like map Dan Jia Jia measures, Jamyang Kungtangcang warehouse and master the profound concern of the living Buddha as well as the active help of monks and laymen, after full preparation, opened in 1995, restored Screen, five years after construction carefully to make significant emphasis on style, to the successful completion of the summer of 2000. The permitted four-storey high, covers an area of 780 square meters, and its appearance as a stone wall, Tamarix wall structure in order to Tibetan stone and wood-based, outside the stone inside the wood, not wood outside, not inside the stone, clean and generous, strong durable . Dian With three-meter-wide corridor, the two sides of the walls are painted Buddhist Jataka stories Zhudian, can be said to have Dian Dian-zhong. Its size and Buddha for the variety, quantity and so on, for exactly the same as the original Hall, Founder symmetry, with a solemn silence, Diandingzhengji device quality of the gold Aquarius (Golden Summit), 000 wins, Falun, two - Lutingjingji Sanskrit-shaped gold and bronze mirrors, in the sunlight, the spangle and glitter. Inside and outside walls of gold to write Sanskrit and Buddhist murals painted over. Zhu Gong hall golden bronze shines like Manjusri, the height of 12 meters, as both sides of Zhu Gong is highly more than 3 meters of gilt bronze and gold statue of Buddha Sakyamuni Buddha Maitreya. Hall Northwest on three sides are dedicated to a height of 7 feet 1 inch of the 1000 gold gilt bronze Buddha statue. Each Buddha statue to life, the respectable kind. Germany wow Monju warehouse permitted the completion of repair, not only religious people on a pilgrimage to meet the spirit of the Buddha's desire for the Monastery also added a bright spot.

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Sangkecaoyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Southbound from the county seat 60 miles Yu, the county is Sankohs Rural vast expanse of beach for a long time up to (the Department of Tibetan Beach Happy meaning) of grassland, with a total area of 850 square kilometers, above sea level in 3000-3200 100 m, surrounded by mountains and surrounded by open flat grassland in the middle, but also a small number of folders to the bush. Great summer Cong river water from south to north Flow, the northern edge of the beach is a reservoir of power Sankoh. Water problems here, the elegant scenery is lush natural grass Woxian one of the ranch.

The vast grassland silent vast expanse of open ground, there is no bustling noisy city, but also do not see intensive village. But it's unique natural conditions for wild animals Rare birds, beasts benefits provided good habitat for reproduction, such as deer, Mongolian Gazelle, musk deer, Qingyang, Marmot, fox, and other wild animals in the long-term survival of breeding here. Especially in the summer and fall season, here yuanyangqiao activities, ducks and other unknown is a wide variety of birds, the list goes on. Jimuyuantiao, white Group, Biaofeitizhuang horses, cattle, colored tents, like the one finally Saman pearl green steppe, such as carpet weaving in Jasper on the pretty patterns. Sulu spend, spend Shandan wild flowers of different colors, such as race and opening up, as if giving the impression that here is the dynamic world of the ocean of flowers, is a natural wildlife park. Wild tour here, not only can enjoy the scenery of the grassland, but also to enjoy the fun of Chengmachipin grassland. Riding a yak pictures, which record the life-long memories, so that the Xiahe beautiful grassland scenery and landscape position long live show you around. Although there is no luxury residential and no soft bedding facilities, but Prairie's stay in tents do not have a taste. Regardless of which you just walked into the tent, the hospitality of the Tibetan people on your side immediately to the fragrant tea and delicious delicious, nutritious Zanba, cheese, and other foods for you to enjoy. At the same time, can also learn more about Tibetan customs. Grassland on the air Fresh, elegant also quiet any of the other hotels, restaurants second to none.

Tibetan-based animal husbandry is a hard-working, courageous, down-to-earth, intelligent people. In the long course of historical development, their dress, diet, housing, marriage, funeral, taboos, etiquette, festivals and so on Has become its own unique lifestyle.

Before and after the Lunar New Year every year on June 15, where a beautiful, colorful flowers and pleasant scenery. Xiahe was hailed as the "gold season." Every time, the Tibetan people always bring a tent and rich food, beautiful scenery and the wild marsh tour a few days to celebrate Integration of Hong wave section. "Hong wave" in the Tibetan language can be translated as "firewood". Every June, on the picturesque prairie, sweet milk and meat, the monks of the temple on the pretext of collecting firewood, came to the field to reunite with their families, entertainment, a few days later followed into a custom.

Good morning, the day before the holiday, people put on a festival Mounted ahead to re-Rabbo came to the (Department of the Tibetan language, refers to the ritual tower) on the hill. Blasting shots, cheered, sang simmer ritual, we pray to the gods for disaster addition to the elimination hard, bless Wugufengdeng village, six domestic animals thrive. Then the entertainment began. By the presiding elders in the village, mainly horse, cattle Cup Wrestling, tug-of-war and so on, regardless of all men, women and children took part. At night, the Tibetan sing and dance, around the campfire burning next to the melodious sounds of singing songs, dancing, and much joy until late at night, a number of middle-aged and elderly and fade after another the children, young pairs The couple then left the tent, To the slopes, the woods or the river, and Latin America also began to sing aloud (Love Song), talk to each other in the hearts of love, longing for a better future.

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Lanzhou God Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lanzhou Lanzhou City God Temple in Zhangye Lu. Was built in the Song Dynasty, Dian Ying 3, General Han Si Feng Ji Xin, also known as Ji Xin temple. After the rehabilitation of the Ming Dynasty who are Gaiyi.?????(1736-1795) destroyed by fire after the renovation. Ride north to south, covers an area of 12,000 square meters, construction area of 4000 square meters. Gate 3, The Valiant Ones Hou Square, 2 for the hard-Huanlangxilou Peak, the north-Xieshan Ding Juan Peng Xiang Dian, after Xieshan Ding-Zhong Yan in the main hall, around a room, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, and so on. Under the corridors of the original mural is now gone. In 1956 for a club of workers in Lanzhou City in the first.

  Temple is for three Qianlong 2002 (Year 1767), "Guan Shen Tong Province donor re-dried and after two years as before, was Hou Square, The Valiant Ones." Is a four-yard into the building, according to the axis of the existing building followed by St. Paul, Xiangdian, in the main hall, the official sleep, Ke Tang, decorated archway from the park section of the tomb of Princess Yan Zhen left out of St. Paul converted sunset (a Ming Dynasty architecture , A pair of stone lions hospital, more than 200 years of history.

  Since 1998, provincial and municipal governments in the strong support of the Lanzhou City Federation of Trade Unions to raise funds more than 800 multi-million reconstruction of the temple god of city Xiurong, and with a new look to the open society, the god of city halls of the temple is a majestic, Diaolianghuadong , Cornices Chu, weather tight, flamboyant, spring flowers and birds singing, pleasant landscape, characters, the main realistic, there is a new scene. This innovation is unprecedented. Today the old buildings have a strong flavor of ancient culture.

  Temple now has a market to operate the antique business More than 100 households and business types have antiques, paintings, porcelain, stone, bronze, jade, coins, philatelic products, furniture and so on nearly 100 species of visitors from every day, a very active trading community. Fully reflects the culture of the ancient Temple of places.

  Lanzhou City in the first workers at the club Lan The city of Zhangye Lu bustling business center of the lot, using the former site of the ancient Temple House established and developed. Temple House was built in the Northern Song Dynasty, Yongle of the Ming dynasty for three years (Year 1405) fire burned most of the Hall Gallery, 34 years Jiajing (1555 AD) to re-Xiurong, set up three main hall, San Ying, General Han Si Feng Ji Xin, also known as Ji Xin temple. According to the "Han" records, Liu Liu, a period of generals, by the name of Ji Xin (this Tianshui, Gansu). When Chu Ying Yang Bing Wei, Wang saw the prisoners to do, General Ji Xin Wang took just pretend, a car East Gate, pretending to drop Chu, which cleverly Liu care by Simon fled, and he was burned alive after Xiang Yu see through in order to win, "Han-Zhong alone," the name.

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To court - Chinese tourism scenic spots

To court in the city of Lanzhou Cui-ying opportunities. Qing Gong Yuan for examination of the Church.

  Tongzhi years (1862-1874), Shaanxi and Gansu Governor General Tso a letter to the Ching court, a request to set up in Lanzhou Gong Yuan were allowed. The first year of Emperor Guangxu (875 work years) Gong Yuan completed, the site was 140 vertical Joe, Joe Cross 90, No. A capacity of 4,000 candidates, Zuo wrote the board "to the court." To the main court building, value and concept of Kam Tong Hall into 3 basic well-preserved hall, and corridors, rooms and so on. Now covers an area of 4700 square meters, construction area of 3000 square meters.

  Examination for the court to make a choice powerhouse, and its In the light of the Church value for the marking of the Examination, for this Yunnan University Library. Zhi Gong Mingyuan front of the original building, there are things in front of the building, homes, "each with its bachi for, willing-foot, three feet Road thoroughfare, their high canopy, its wide wall." The house was to Nai, during the storm, a piece of water, after the "clam shells to shop, so that no mud Juan , Light six-year (1821), "urn were to brick." So, homes, the end of the Qing dynasty, there were more than 5,000, homes, four high-rise buildings which have, that supervision. Am Scotia, arranged in rows, such as long-Lane, corner gate, set up to facilitate customs clearance lock. Qian Ziwen homes, with numbers, every living member of one of Health. After Admission Three times a three-day test, the candidates into a roll-call, day and time-consuming, after the Gun closed doors, open only carry out an assignment, room and board for three days, both in the number of homes, and to Qiaoluo time. "Gong Yuan repair tablets", and "door to women's room in the water, feeding on the Lake, take on Cardiff 300, for the difficult uphill pass, access gate, and sometimes tend to lack of . "Gong Yuan after the sinking, a little storm water solution. Chak hospital this cloud of the General Assembly, there are still homes, 40, also renovated in recent years, can see the style of homes, was evident.

  Late Qing Dynasty imperial examination system, abolished 28 years Guangxu (1903), Gong Yuan Yunnan Provincial Examination to be held for the last time, comes to a close. School sites, in addition to homes, with the court, there is this big cloud the main entrance, formerly known as the Dragon, about the original St. Paul have a left "Tengjiao", the amount of plaque inside the book "by taking out a disability"; said the right "since Feng, "important" by taking people out. " In the 1960s, the two are destroyed Square. There are slopes of the original entry-Ming Li Koji years, "Branch Heroes "of St. Paul, the late Ming and destroyed. The door, there are West Slope Gong Yuan, Ming and Qing Gong Yuan has been known as slope, at the entrance of the street, said Gong Yuan Gong Yuan Street, the city hospital Denggong slender steps that the Lung Mun Road. Gongyuan seat on the streets of the original stone bridge From the city to the main Gong Yuan, said the Longmen Bridge. Old "Tang Lung, 10 times the price," Yun said that straight up, Gong Yuan Street was also changed to Qingyun Street. Gong Yuan until the west side of Great Simon, was the member counties should be candidates together, a great scholar, such as weather Lin, Wen-lin Street, it said. Mr. Lake's West Bank slope, because there are premises for the Transcript, the examination of the Treasury named after Mr. staying. Lake Road East emperor also China Hall, Examiner for the examination before and after the residents. One Man Lam Street, Mr. slope, and other names are still preserved.

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White Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baiyi'an also known as the tower. White Qingyang Temple is located in the eastern section of the road in the residential area of North Street, the white tower built in the temple named after. There are painted white inside Baiyidashi as the original, white enshrined in the Buddha, the Monastery was built in the early 2004 Chong (Year 1631), after the war many times, only to preserve Temple to this day. Shi Xinzhuan for the White Tower Temple, about 30 meters high, Taki was wrong-square teeth, long, 7 meters wide, 2.8 meters high, surrounded by Flowers engraved pattern, lower part of the tower was follow-up bowl-shaped, about 8 M, the largest diameter of 6 meters; due south tower junction with the opening of a Shrine, the original three for Kannei Buddha, is now free ; Octagonal tower body for the first half of cone-shaped, 18.5 meters high, so a total of 12-Miyan, even for low-rise, is a rare domestic; each side of each the opening of the three shrines, the plastic inside a Buddhist, Total 96; on each floor every angle Campanula flying a total of 96, Tasha about 1 meter high, if Aquarius shape, other than the copper Is made.


  Tower before the Qing Dynasty into the hall, after the new antique-style three-story building, in 1991 the museum moved into the city of Lanzhou.

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Xu Shan National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xu Shan National Forest Park, located in the northern city of Lanzhou in the vicinity of Taiwan cypress, only 3 km away from downtown, the city of Lanzhou is the northern and southern Shan greening of downtown to create "Utopia." Green started in 40 years, the existing "support of the National Gansu memorial forest green trees", "Sino-Japanese friendship and a memorial forest", "on March 8 to commemorate Lin," and so on forest land , 000 mu. Pavilion built in the mountains, think of its source, the monument will be built into the planning of forest park tourist areas. The move to the city of Lanzhou such a high altitude, has a very important significance.

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Beach officials groove - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Crown Beach is located in Lanzhou City ditch 10 kilometers east of the Yuzhong County, Ma is the title of mountains, ancient as the official policy of the Gansu horse base, Su-Ming Wang, "Wrangler Beach officials," a boundary marker. There are trench Villa Resort, Mongolian, and Tibetan Nationality-5 reception tent, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, for the important summer To travel.

  Beach officer Alexander Goushen groove scene, Cui Se-Bi flow, infinite quiet, enjoy the scenery along the way Tianchou scattered, vertical and horizontal criss-cross paths, Chaifei small hospital, crossfall Shu-Ying, one of the quiet simplicity of rural scenery. To the bottom line, in front suddenly, the mountains could see snow in the past with Chui Ling, clarity spring, Lin Overlapping waves, relaxed and happy. Beach officials are hard to ditch the number of spring flow, and the snow from the Nanshan mountain breeze floated, but will cool you are happy heart.

  Beach officials ditch humid climate, at any time Shanzhen any game you enjoy. This is a gift of nature's green Shanzhen, the kind of sweet, sour, astringent taste of five people Sheng Jin, prepared and responsive. Lying on a bench under a tree, the steep spring water bubbles out of a pot of tea, listening to the sounds of the birds, watching the charming scenery, it is necessary to set several new local Songhua, fern, fungus, mushroom, Old leader, young nettle, alfalfa flowers, Lily, and then drink two cups, that wonderful sense of self is Dunjue Such as in Shangri-la.

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Sculpture - the mother of the Yellow River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At the south bank of the Yellow River in Lanzhou City in the middle of the road del small park on the north side of West Lake, the country is a lot of the performance of the Chinese nation's mother river - the Yellow River in the most beautiful works of art sculpture of a. High artistic value, in the first national urban sculpture in the evaluation program have been outstanding award.

Sculpture by the Gansu The sculptor who created Miss He E, 6 meters long, 2.2 meters wide, 2.6 meters high, with a total weight of 40 tons, from "mother" and a "baby" of composition. Were a symbol of the endless feed of the Chinese nation, the indomitable mother of the Yellow River, the well-being and happiness has emerged the stronger from the descendants of the Chinese nation. The sculpture composition Jane , Yuyishenke, reflecting the history and culture of remote Gansu.

  Mother Fimbristylis hair, kind-hearted expression, body symmetry Qi long, graceful curve, smiling slightly, the rise of the right arm Wei Qu, sit in on the waves, leaned to the right of a naked baby boy, left in the first micro-Gu, the first quote Han Xiao, appears to be naughty Cute. Sculpture structure Xi Lian, Yuyishenke, symbolizing the endless feed of the Chinese nation, the indomitable mother of the Yellow River, the well-being and happiness has emerged the stronger from the descendants of the Chinese nation. Sculpture carved on the base under the water ripple patterns and Yu Wen, Gansu ancient painted pottery from the original design.

  At the same time, water ripples and Yu Wen also reflects the Yellow River Domain of the ancestors of keen observation of natural phenomena. Sculpture in front of a separate study to the National Youth summer camp in August 1984 by Li, "dedicated to the cradle of the Chinese nation - the mother of the Yellow River," the monument.

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Park del - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"The Yellow River Bund" is the original "del Park", located on the north side of Lanzhou City, the southern bank of the Yellow River. Lanzhou is the only seat of the Yellow River through the city and there have been major cities and towns, according to the geographical characteristics of the municipal government in the urban areas in the north of the southern bank of the Yellow River East to open a bridge from the old Yan Tan, the show west Sichuan flood land, as long as 20 Del's roads, is the longest street in the city one of the del.

  Park along the road, row upon row of sculptures, many attractions, unique and charming style of the Yellow River, Li Qiang is not an open "park", known as "green tourism corridor." Yellow River Bund exercises had been better. Visitors to this Yang Liu Yiyi can see the roadside; pavilions in the park, solemnly quaint, water color waves, into a matched-hui.

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Gansu Provincial Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the city of Lanzhou Qilihe district on the south side of West Xijin, is a topology of the provincial museum. Its predecessor was in 1939 that the Sino-British Boxer Indemnity Board of Directors of the formation of Gansu Science Education Center.

  Gansu Provincial Museum covers an area of 100 hectares, were the main building, "Mountain" type, 5 of the main building in the middle layer, the two wings of 3 In order to connect corridors, the construction area of 18,000 square meters. The main building 13 in an exhibition gallery, a lecture halls, lounges 12; museums under the Ministry of history, nature, the socialist construction, the work of the people, technology, office, the Ministry of Security, and so on. A total of 140 staff, of which industry Account for 2 /3, serving 15 senior researchers, 27 mid-level researchers, 40 junior researchers, strong.

Gansu Province, rich in museums, is the famous one of the provincial museum. Museum's historical heritage, ethnic artifacts and natural specimens of 10 million pieces of information To painting pottery, Han and Tang Dynasties and the Silk Road treasures of the three major Buddhist art treasures for their outstanding characteristics, especially the famous "Copper Horse" of rare ancient fossils "of the Yellow River Stegodon" well-known.

  Museum collections include specimens of natural, historical, cultural revolution and the nation more than 75,000 pieces of cultural relics, a collection of 110 Pieces, such as: painted pottery in Gansu Province, Wu Wei Lei Han Dynasty unearthed in Taiwan's world-famous Copper Horse (see Figure) and the group is charged figurines, the medical side of the Han Dynasty Jane, the Northern Song Chunhua, 2002 (991), "Fu Muen reported heavy Paintings by the change. " Natural specimens in collections there are giant animals unique to China, the golden monkey and the red-crowned cranes, and other specimens. Collection of Two-thirds of the history of cultural relics. The most unique is that all types of Neolithic pottery, wood carving of the Han Dynasty Jane Wood, 16 States to the Tang Dynasty Buddhist, and so on, as written. Cultural revolution was a Red Army left behind posters and so on. Museum display area of more than 7500 square meters, there are 5 large-scale exhibition fixed. "Gansu Cultural Relics" exhibition featuring the historical relics unearthed in Gansu than 1,500 pieces of the system to reflect the profile of the historical development of Gansu Province, Gansu focused Neolithic cultures of the painted pottery, throat arteries of the Silk Road Hexi ? ? Corridor unearthed cultural relics of the Han and Tang, Sui and Tang dynasties to 16 countries and Buddhist art After the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures, and other in-kind.

  "Fuyuan Gansu Natural" exhibition, on display in kind, the Model 1380, a comprehensive introduction to the administrative divisions of Gansu, population, ethnic, transportation, climate, hydrology, soil and animals, plants, mineral resources.

  "Jiayuguan in the Wei and Jin Tomb paintings "exhibition Munei the preservation of more than 60 blocks of painting.
"Like the ancient Yellow River" exhibition, on display together in the spring of 1973 found that the water of the Yellow River County Stegodon fossils, 8 meters long, 4 meters high, is the world's largest individual found to preserve the integrity of Stegodon remains.
"Red Gansu over the Long March "revolutionary cultural relics exhibition, the Long March in order for the axis, through photos, documents, in kind, to introduce the Long March in Gansu major political events and the revolutionary struggle.
The library alone or co-editor of the publication of important books have "Wuwei Han Dynasty," "Gansu painted pottery," and "Wuwei Medical Han Jian" "Han Jian studies", "Binglingsi Grotto," "Red Army had Gansu cultural revolution" and "Tie election Chunhua Pavilion," "Chinese calligraphy Jane elections" more than 10 kinds.

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Liujiaxia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The upper reaches of the Yellow River, there are many valleys in Sichuan and white, Qian Yan stand like a wall of water through the deep canyon, like water Wanmabenteng, the scenery is spectacular, the most famous of which is to Liujiaxia. Liujiaxia located at the junction of Gansu and Qinghai, Gansu away from the provincial capital of Lanzhou City, about 80 km south-west. There Liujiaxia Reservoir A lot of water power stations, supply of Shaanxi, Gansu and Qinghai provinces of electricity.

Liujiaxia to visit, by boat and Su Liu, Qinglie water, fly spray; into the canyon, but see the cross-strait confrontation Qi, the scenery changes all the time with the full landscape of Guilin, the Wu Gorge of the Yangtze River match. Gap out, eyes Is a mountain lake, the water waves, lined blue sky and white clouds, do not have a Huguangshanse.

  Liujiaxia to visit, by boat and Su Liu, into the gorge, but see the cross-strait confrontation Qi, Ren Chun-li pen, thought it was landscape in Guilin, will at first thought it was the Wu Gorge of the Yangtze, we can see more scenery Liujiaxia Change. Gap, is a high mountain lake in front, rippling water, lined blue sky and white clouds, do not have a Huguangshanse. Yellow River flowed over the Lanzhou Liujiaxia before into the Tao River. Great Water Huangshui River and other major tributaries. Lanzhou in more than much of the Yellow River's silt content, even in the flood period, the rate of sediment is around five per cent. Mud The main source is a tributary of the above, from the main stream is very small. According to the observation recorded in the Lanzhou Basin over the region, per square kilometer by the loss of silt each year an average of about a thousand tonnes.

  Yellow River water to be here, to a degree bend, and then flows through the canyon to the west. To Gap home visit, by boat and Su Liu, into the gorge, shows that cross-strait confrontation Qi, Ren Chun-li pen, and match the landscape in Guilin, Liujiaxia more changes in the landscape, the Gap, is a high mountain lake in front, rippling water, do not have a Huguangshanse. Liujiaxia reservoir water storage capacity of 57 billion cubic meters of water area of 13 Square kilometers, was south-west - to the north-east extension of up to 54 kilometers. Lan He dam as high as 147 m, 840 m long dam on the right bank of Taiwan on the ground, building 700 meters long, 80 meters width of the spillway. At the bottom of the dam is the power plant, underground hall lined with 5 large generating units with a total installed capacity of 1 25,000 kilowatts, generating 5.7 billion-year degrees. The Liujiaxia Hydropower Station in Shaanxi, Gansu and Qinghai provinces of the grid together.

  Canyon Reservoir is located in the Plateau, known as the "Pearl of the plateau", the spectacular scenery. Reservoir dam and power plant Liujiaxia Department has provided all kinds of tourist travel Visitors can ship directly to the southwest side of the reservoir Binglingsi visited the grotto. Run-general will take about 2-3 hours, speed boat ride takes about an hour and a half.

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- Maryland tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lanzhou is the capital of Gansu Province, in east longitude 102 � 30 "-104 � 30", latitude 35 � 5 "-38 �, located in the Chinese territory of the Land of the geometric center in the Northwest in the" Block in the fourth "The unique location. Mountains and the urban North-South confrontation, something the Yellow River through the city and, wind, more than 100 Yishanbangshui city built, range upon range of hills overlapping peaks, embodies the strong features of the Northwest wide-hung, also demonstrated the Jiangnan Qi Qing beautiful.

Lanzhou Chengguan dominates, Qilihe, West solid, well-being, the five regions of the ancient red and Yongdeng, Yuzhong, three Gaolan County, the city's total area of 13,100 square kilometers, of which the urban area 1631.6 square km plot.

Lanzhou is in the temperate continental climate, with cold winter, not summer heat, mild climate, the average height of urban 1520 meters above sea level, with an average annual temperature of 11.2 ?, the average annual rainfall 327mm, the average hours of sunshine throughout the year 2446 hours, no cream More than 180 days is a good living and investment in the venture.


The city's total population of 3,140,000, of which the urban population 2,070,000 people living in the Han, Hui, Tibetan, Dongxiang, Yugur, Sala 38, and other nationalities.

Lanzhou Western Han Dynasty The establishment of county government, taking "Jinchengtangchi" meaning that while the Jincheng. Suichu Lanzhou Explorer home to Government of the Qing Emperor Kangxi, when attached to the Gansu Province, Lanzhou, the capital moved from Longxi. In 1941 the city established a formal, on August 26, 1949 liberation of Lanzhou.

In 2004, the city's GDP reached 0,430,000,000 yuan, 11.4 percent increase over the previous year, an increase of 1995 since the founding of the best level. The three industries to adjust the ratio of 4:54:42, social production and fixed investment 23,190,000,000 yuan, an increase of 10.1 percent. For the development of western China, six years ahead of schedule to achieve a well-off society, The state will be in accordance with the municipal government established a "solid start Daying Zhang, building business-oriented city," the guiding ideology, the city set off a "universal business venture in the city, all-business," the climax. Adjust the economic structure, speed up industrial upgrading, urban infrastructure construction, further optimization of the vote Environment, Lanzhou to the upper reaches of the Yellow River into an important economic center in the west Longhai, a new orchid to bring important economic centers of resistance and the radiation sources.


  Lanzhou and its surrounding area is rich in mineral resources, the territory of a variety of proven deposits 156, the main non-ferrous metals, precious metals and rare earth 9, and other sources of mineral categories, 35 minerals, close to the silver Lanzhou, China's Jinchang nickel, lead, zinc, rare earth and precious metals of the platinum group an important place.


Lanzhou is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River water-rich region, the total amount of surface water runoff 38,400,000,000 cubic meters, the Mass Transit Total 960,000,000 cubic meters. Lanzhou to the center of the main stream of the upper reaches of the Yellow River could be built 25 large and medium-sized hydropower stations with a total installed capacity of up to 15,000,000 kilowatts has been built Liujiaxia, Bapanxia, Yanguoxia, large hydropower station and the adjacent areas of other hydropower stations in China constitute One of the largest hydro-electric power Lanzhou is the famous "city of fruits." Lanzhou Lily, valve Rouhou large, sweet and delicious, nourishing food is high; Lanzhou roses, flowers Seyan large, the nation's total oil output rose 80%; Lanzhou black melon seeds, large-shaped plate is known as the "Lanzhou Large, "popular at home and abroad; Bai Langua state, the Yellow River honey, incense over the mouth, known as "Shang Jing under Hangzhou, Lanzhou, melon goods" of the community.

  Lanzhou has a long history, unique natural scenery and rich cultural, ethnic customs scene in the formation of a rich and colorful tourist resources. Lanzhou to the center of the "Silk Road" tour In the region, the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, Xiahe Monastery, Maiji Mountain Grottoes in Tianshui, Pingliang Kongtong Mountain, Binglingsi Yongjing, and other well-known historical monuments. Lanzhou has the world, "the first of the Yellow River Bridge" - Zhongshan Bridge, "the first Longyou Hill" 4A level scenic areas - Xinglong, a state-level forest park - Turpan-ditch Lu, Stone Buddha Alex Hill, and Wu Quanshan, Baita Mountain and other natural scenic areas. In recent years, Lanzhou based on the unique construction of the urban environment, "Barry style of the Yellow River Tourist Line," into the "Silk Road culture, the Yellow River culture and national culture" as one, Lanzhou has become an image of the city on behalf of the characteristics and an important indicator of landscape and Tourism heat .

  Lanzhou is a city inhabited by ethnic minorities, particularly in the most populous of the Hui, walk the streets can be seen everywhere in the Islamic crescent Jiao Hui restaurant, and the streets filled with the scent of roasted lamb will be given a chance to appetites.

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Jinchuan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Park City is located in Jinchuan, to build in 1983, covers an area of 448 mu. Park to the overall layout of the artificial lake as the center, the use of water, roads, trees, soil, and other tangibles Hill, the park will be divided into the artificial lake, viewing area, resting resort, children's play area, production management, and other areas. The overall layout of the structured, garden Park there. Scene as a foil to each other, the architectural style innovation Huguangshanse melt into one. The basic form of a natural landscape in miniature.

Man-made lake and soil self-Hill, the largest of the park landscape. 5l acre lake in order to bridge embankment division, has a bridge, pavilions, winding shore of Lake Fold, Taihu Dan dotted the shore.

Lake Enuoduozi weeping willows on both banks, Jessica grass. There are man-made lake Chi Yu Ye, Mei Wan, Red Lake, quiet park. Red Lake is a lake at the center of the district, east and west there are fresh and the environment, and Bi-chun Xuan, to the north and there are booths Juxian Yingbin Bridge. Hill soil in the lake around the Jin Shan Cheng Water trend. Red Lake is the south-east of Nanping Hill, north-west is Meiling, Taiwan, lark is to the north. Every three hills across the lake. Nanping Hill is Zhigao Dian Park, mountain views, park-wide panoramic view.

Children's play area is located in the eastern part of the park, an area of 30 mu, a rocket landing on the moon, the drama You Long , Horse power, car batteries, electric toys, electronic game room and down the ship, swings, slides and other recreational facilities.

South Park gate l0 meters high, 4l meters wide, 4.5 meters thick, by 20 pillars and 3 Gate Tower, for the main structure of reinforced concrete, by the white granite pillars Stone veneer, the door glazed tile roof, doors inlaid in white marble on the correct amount of Shipai "Jinchuan Park" 4. The northern gate of l0 meters high; 19.8 meters in width, 5.2 m thick, from 8 columns and 3 Gate Tower, for the main structure of reinforced concrete, wooden door for the top structure of the glazed tile above, for the post Zonghong . The gatehouse of the two doors are painted painting, a magnificent simplicity.

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Kim Chang-tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kim Chang has a long history, since ancient times, is a multi-ethnic inhabited areas. As early as 4,000 years ago, the original clan society, human beings have evolved here. Shang and Zhou dynasties, for the West to Rongmu. Qin to the Spring and Autumn, Zhu Mu clan on this. Early Han Dynasty, a break Hun Tu jurisdiction to Wang. Since the Western Han Dynasty County, home to the yuan The more than 1,000 years, has set up bird-luan, and Fan, Li gram dry, marked the United States, Fan Wo, Yan branch, and other county, County, home Yongchang Road, Yuan, Ming Chi Wei Yong-Qing read Yongchang County, are still in use.

  In March 1912, Yongchang County, Gansu provincial government under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China. 193 In November,??????into Xilu Jun Yongchang, established the Chinese Soviet Yongchang district (county) government, only 23 days. In September 1949 Liberation of Yongchang County, the establishment of People's Yongchang County, areas in Wuwei attached to the Administrative Office. February 9, 1981, the State Council approved the setting up of the city of Jinchang, jurisdiction Yongchang County

  Kim Chang-lying tilted from the northeast to the southwest. To mountain terrain, mainly plains, deserts, oases, the desert to start things, change the North and the South, alternating order. Be based on the characteristics into three categories: Qilian Mountains southwest of Long Ridge and its branch cold, majestic mountains tall and straight, "Qi In recent days, "said Ling-long cold as the territory of the peak, 4442 meters above sea level, snow, mountain distribution of natural forests, alpine meadow, the vegetation coverage rate reached 75 percent, Kim Chang is an important water conservation area, since ancient times "Snow-capped Qilian, Jessica Yan support grass" is renowned natural pasture. Central Even, rhubarb, Wudang, the first Long Zhushan between Yongchang, Qinghe Sanbao such as Oasis, at an elevation of 1800 meters or so, flat, fertile land, the territory is the main crop-growing areas. In the north-east elevation of about 1,500 meters, with the exception of Ning, the two-oasis Bay, while the rest is desert, sand dunes, desert and semi-drought Grassland.

Kim Chang-rich tourism resources. The territory of many cultural relics have been found in more than 200. A mandarin duck pond of the New Stone Age, the dam site; there during the Western Han Li gram dry sites, Han and Ming Great Wall and the large number of Han Tomb of the group; there is capacity in the Tang Dynasty Temple St.; are known as "in Hexi A column "of the Ming Dynasty Drum Tower Yongchang 10 minutes; to the north of Hai Zi are the main tower of the ancient buildings, and other scenic areas, snow-capped mountains, grasslands, Greenfield, Xiangyingchengqu wave of scenic rivers of the West, the holiday is a good place.

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Park on the northern outskirts of - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Suzhou area on the northern outskirts of the park is a natural scenery featuring modern garden park. City Park is located on the northern outskirts of the northern 1 km, North River, a northern suburb of Park covers an area of 514 acres of park-wide, all-park is divided into east and west park road running through the Bank of wine which, on the northern outskirts of the park will be divided into east and west park Beautiful scenery in the park, Towering trees, fragrant grass Jessica, Jade, ran.

  Park on the northern outskirts of planting trees of various species of 32 strains of more than 7, 6900 square meters for planting vegetation. East Park covers an area of 393 mu, of which 62 surface acres, the park beautiful scenery, towering trees, fragrant grass Jessica, known as the "Wild Nature is full of Green Green Water Village. "Tibetan, Mongolian, Yugur ethnic characteristics, such as small restaurants Lou 15, embodies the north-west natural scenery and ethnic characteristics. Depths of the tree-lined, winding paths meandering, Shenyou mood, referred to as" full of natural Wild in the clean water of the village green. "Through the green, away to the east, climbed up a rockery, back to the south, sub-scale building Than, Suzhou City, panoramic view; view to the north, the endless green fields, farm fields wave of smoke, it is refreshing. Sitting on a rockery, while watching tourists boating on the lake, fishing lake; while quietly listening to discuss the issue of continuous dry creek Taosheng, if you talk to the ancient voices. Park to open a northern suburb of fishing boats and yachts, boating and other projects. Beverly Plaza covers an area of 3000 square meters, is organizing large-scale urban and rural units and the theatrical performance venue of choice for a rally. West Park covers an area of 121 acres, winding paths meandering, Shenyou mood, tree-lined depths of the open swing, chess, and mahjong, card For working-class consumption levels, people are casual, the holiday resort.

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Temple Law 000 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dafa buildings located in the temple on the northern outskirts of Suzhou City, 2 kilometers Department to review the Indus River Cliff North Bay, the reconstruction in 1984, Suzhou city buildings Dafa Temple (also known as the Temple Tower, the Temple of life-saving, since the Ming and Qing dynasties for an important place in Hexi One of the temple, and the city of Suzhou was the largest Buddhist activity center, Suzhou was one of the eight major King, but unfortunately History destroyed as a result of) the re-building. According to Temple and 000 cases, 000 cases Fazhuang, Yimingfachuang Temple.

  After the believers as a result of increased year by year, tourism has also attracted tourists, and narrow the scope of the original temple construction, is no longer suited to the development of the situation. In 1994, by the late executive director of the China Buddhist Association, Gansu Province, vice president of the Buddhist Association , Fazhuang Temple Master Yongxin as financial and related to the leadership of Jiuquan launching, in preparation for the main Buddhist temple of the religious tourist spots, which is convenient to carry out religious activities, religious people and tourists for sightseeing. Expansion Project at the foundation started in 1995, 28 construction projects, step by step in order to complete the construction in phases. 199 , A project such as walls, the Mountain Gate, King Hall, Main Hall, the bell and drum tower Zhaitang, Liao Fang, and other ancillary works were completed in the same year on September 20 held a grand Buddhist temples and the completion ceremony. Temple sit north to south, overlooking the River to discuss, according to the North after the Indus Cliff Bay, according to Cliff built next to the water, Goushen Qi, steep terrain, gurgling water, verdant trees, winding paths deep, beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery, the weather is very quiet. , The value of the western region development, the Jiuquan re-establish a civilized city, and vigorously develop cultural tourism in the landscape, in the leadership and coordination of care, the second phase project of the temple [as Wofo (Canon Building), the seven-story pagoda, the hospital into things, and so on mezzanine] step by step into the construction, and in March 20, 2002, by the end of August were held in the pagoda and the permitted bed and foundation ceremony. Construction groups like the Tang and Song period, the quaint, rough, rough-volume and the architectural style; hall by the well-known sculptor "The mother of the Yellow River," the designers of the Miss He E to guide the completion of the statue are like the development of the Buddhist peak of the Tang Dynasty's artistic style, solemn vivid, colorful.

  Indus leaves, the wind Lvliu, hall of the temple on the video cover, the bell-ching death, Hang Hang Mountains Afar, incense many tourists wandering the meantime, Cheng Jiuquan for a King . Since the completion of the temple, visitors to come, Jing Xiang Ze network who can not. Plastic hope every day, especially in large-scale annual Spring Lantern Festival, the lunar temple Chuba, 15 July blue glenohumeral basin, and so will be the grand Buddha, hundreds of Jiuquan, near and far, men and women of all ethnic groups in towns and townships and cities, industry and agriculture business Ham North Korea will fight to worship, burn incense and seek , Is a sea of people, the wind around cigarettes, and thus a corresponding trade and merchants gathered here, the formation of a grand natural materials exchange market and better integration of the cultural and civil assembly, and Buddhist activities in one integrated, not only enriched the cultural life of the people, and activation A market economy.

(A) Hall 3
  As a result of The temple gate, usually three side by side in the middle of a door on either side of the door of a small, so called three Hall. There are also writing the Mountain Gate of the Temple. There are many ancient temple compound, or building, said Liu Tong, Song Chongning since 2002 (1103) for the Great Temple of Confucius Temple, the Buddhist temple building homes, said Liu Tong, Also known as a certain part of the main hall. 3 hall, two doors on both sides of the plastic like King Kong, King Kong that is holding a pestle (in ancient India the strongest weapons) Yecha guard the Buddha's spirit, also known as' King Kong bailiffs'. Legend of Buddha often Executive 500 King Kong bodyguard entourage, who were the main 'secret track King Kong'. According to the secular, "NABI Kingdoms" , Said jokingly in, as called for the Second Hengha will, in the Buddhist scriptures there is no such name. On both sides of the walls are painted Dragon law. Dragon also known as "Dragon 8", referred to as the "eight people." According to the "Sariputta asked by the" Buddhist classics recorded for the Dragon: The days of the public, the public-long, Yecha, both stem door of an inner room Also known as "Hong God" or "Le God"), Asura, Garuda (also known as "Garuda"), then bear in Romania (also known as "inhuman" and "Song of God"), Hou Mount Luojia (Also known as "God Damang"), in which "many days" and "Long people," Buddhists believe in most. This god 8 each have a huge team, they Often in groups, all living creatures to protect and safeguard Buddhism.

(B) of the Hall of Heavenly Kings
This is the first tier of the three-door hall, in the middle for the Hall of Maitreya Buddha. After the Maitreya Buddha as the Buddha for Weituo, facing the North. Things for both sides of the four kings like. Four kings known as the King of the East 'Titus upbraid Law', who goes to this country, Hu Chi territory, leading Pishe She (the ghost cloud willow), both stem door of an inner room (the Hong Yun Yin) to God, is the main Di Shi-day music of God, the King of the pipa in the hands of holders for flag, retaining the East Dover Deva (the cloud-sheng) peoples. King of the South were 'totally Glass' (the cloud growth), others can Shangen growth, so holding hands , The leading Pan Japan tea (the ghost-Yong Yun), Ficus pumila (this goes hungry) of God, South Yan Futi care (win gold this cloud, the Department of Zhan Yi Yun) Island people. King of the West 'cross border remain Bo', this goes head-Canton, in order to be able to observe the net eyes of the people Hu Chi, Dragon and the rich get all that one (the smell goes hungry), so entangled in the hands of a dragon, guarding West Qu yeni He goes, the cows) zhou people. King of the North 'border Salmonella', the more clouds that there is big Ford, Hu Chi wealth of the people. Right hand holding an umbrella, table Ford's justice and care for the more single-Yu North (the cloud-sheng, Lu Yi Yun Ju) Island (see "Digha by" two volumes "by the General Assembly"). Four known as the secular King Kong, which is "my NABI "Joked, King Kong and King can not be blurred.

(C) Main Hall
  Main Hall is the main hall, or hall. Daxiong is high praise Buddha on the meaning of weed. Sakyamuni Buddha is the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni India before 2,500 people, a Buddhist monk Prince, the establishment of Buddhism, Sakyamuni Buddha called it. Sakyamuni Buddha there is a variety of positions, the main two: a knot is Jiafu Zuo, Transverse left hand on left foot, called 'set-Indian', that means meditation; Zhishen down the right hand, to be called ' India to touch ', Shakya said that the Road into the former Health in the past, in order to the people Offering their own brains leader, it can be proved that the earth is only because they are in the land have been done. This posture of the statues known as the Road into a phase. A knot is Jiafu Zuo, Transverse left foot on his left hand, right hand ring up for flexor called 'China and India say,' This is a statement with that of Fo Yuefa positions. In addition, Li-like species, down the left hand, his right arm stretched upward, which is named Zhan Tan Buddha, the Buddhist legend is still alive when India You fill Wang Zhan Tan used to describe the wood in accordance with the Buddha's. Were down 'and would like China and India', above all living creatures like to be able to table; on the stretch of 'fearless Shi-Indian', in addition to all living creatures suffer form. Later, modeled on the image of this production is also known as the Buddha Zhantan .

(D), Garan Hall
  Garan is generally to the east side hall in a palace hall. Garan is the Mount Blue Sangha province, said Chung Yun-Yi Park. When Sakyamuni Buddha was alive, to defend the country homes of elderly people have to be reached, he can donate property poor, people called him to the lonely elderly. Legend of Buddha to ask him to care for Patriotic Education Act , With the Buddha's disciples Sariputta choose where to live worship Buddha and his disciples. After re-consider the selection of homes to defend the country's multi-Prince Edward Garden only. But Prince did not sell out the Garden intention to be on the lonely elderly, said: 'If you are in my garden full of gold on, I just sell it to you garden. 'To really lonely elderly Kind of made. Prince Edward very moved, it should be a small part of him still buy gold price of trees, both common to live to please the Buddha, which is India's only well-known tree to the garden alone. Wei Prasenajit homes was also the king to Buddhism, Buddha for the establishment of Buddhism, has made many contributions to the cause. Therefore, future generations of the temple hall Garan For in the Prasenajit is, the left is the only multi-Prince, is to the right of the lonely elderly, to commemorate their Hu Chi Buddhist merit.

(E), and possession of Dian
  Is to the west side hall in a palace of the Tibetan Temple. This is also in possession of Buddha in the Mahayana by talking about the other world, Buddha, ordinary image of the knot is Jiafu Zuo, holding his right hand tin , The table the Prevention of Cruelty to all living creatures, but also table amendments to quit Yan Jing; right hand holding the Pearl of wishful, the full list of all living creatures like to. Some also like the legislation. And the like on both sides of a Shi Li Picchu, like the elderly. This is because in one of the Tang Dynasty of Silla (now North Korea) and Kim Prince of Tibetan monks came to our country?????by local elders Min Support. Min elderly monk from his son, Dominican Farmington. He later said it was in possession of the incarnation of Buddha, Min elderly father and son to become the possession of the Association of paternity, and Jiuhuashan on to become the possession of Buddha should be the place.

(F), the Hall of the Ancestors
  The west side of the hall for the Hall of Ancestors, the layout of such a Zen temple to the most common. The temple is the other sects often follow the example of the system. There Chuzu case for Fazhuang Master Hsin Tao, the two sides are melting as his Master and Master Kai Financial.

(G), lying on the permitted
  Wofo is like the Buddha's Nirvana, according to the Buddha Sakyamuni at the time of Nirvana shape of the case. South West side in the first, lying on their sides, legs stretched Feet close together and left the body home, the right hand branch Yi, Wei Bi eyes, serene comfortable. Lying on the permitted by the end of August 2002 by the paintings of a construction company, is a comprehensive two-Zhong Yan Hall: Cangjing Ge for the upper and the lower lying to the permitted, on the ground floor for the clearance hole evil. What the permitted nine-room bed, a total of 40.8 meters long, wide-1 .5 Meters, plastic Wofo within 108 feet long, 36 meters will be completed as currently the country's largest Wofo.

(H), the pagoda
  Tower, also known as the Great tower, which means grave side, significantly higher or evil out of good hygiene and so on. "Agama by a" Volume 19, a Buddhist world, Bi Zhifo, Savaka, round tower WANG can play for Al. "Tower of the story rather than made by the" Long said in making law as well as the tower made of the story rather than tower. Tower said that if man-made, large or small, "like its been a masterly three realms, as well as to small fruit such as Um Luo. Brake on the table for all to Brahma, as well as to small needle, and so on. All-round covering Peter Chang, as well as to small Date palm leaves. Yubi possession of the tower to cover all homes Nyorai , Hair, teeth, mustache, and claw down to one point, or home Nyorai possession of all the 12 by the next As a Siju Ji, the people of the story rather than Brahma Rubi. "Said pagoda built to increase the wisdom of Ford; Yanshou, raw day, five anti-crime service, the ultimate Buddha; to its fastness, Feng marina, day-long joy, Hu Chi heavens local community Will be united, well-being of the people. 40.8 meters high pagoda, with a total construction area of 1100 m 2, ground 14 meters deep, eight anti-earthquake. For the nine-storey octagonal pavilion-style, like the Tang and Song belong to the architectural style, the two north-south, the outer surface shrines for the six-relief sculpture of Buddha, surrounded by an internal focus on the central column of Buddhist sculpture, A total of 36 layers, the outer wall reliefs 54, for a total of 90. Its high standards, not only in Gansu Province in the first tower, or even the west of stupa in the first.

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Pass - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yumen Pass, commonly known as the small town square plate, located in Dunhuang City, about 90 km northwest of the Gobi Desert. Legend has it that the ancient Western Regions such as Tian and Mei-yu to the input by the Central Plains, it got its name.

  Pass some of the Western Han Dynasty was built in a four-year closure yuan (107 BC). At that time, the Han Dynasty has just been made on the operations of the re-Hun Victory, the Hexi Corridor in the 'out Sijun, according to the customs of the two, "This is the old question of Wuwei, Zhangye, Jiuquan and Dunhuang, such as Ha Tay and Yumen Pass Si Jun, Yang Kuan. Since then, the Yumen Pass it along with customs and Yang, respectively Ancient become the central plains to the Western Regions as well as in Central Asia, Europe and North and South Road, two important points. Du Wei for the Yumen Pass under the collar Yumen officer-designate, the military set up in Dunhuang County, attached to the Jiuquan County. Teijin when the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD: The 89-year-l05), site clearance once the eastward shift of Yumen City has been the town of Yumen, and then re-transfer site. When the Southern and Northern Dynasties (AD 420 in a 589), moved to Pass melon County Jin-chang (this Anxi in the vicinity of Suoyang Cheng), the extension of Tang Dynasty, Han Yumen on this waste.

  Han existing site of Yumen Pass, located on the south bank of the lower reaches of Shule next to a sand hill on. Integrity of the wall, yellow version of the building, a square slightly. 26.4 m North and South, East and West 24.5, 9.7 meters high residual, thick - .9 Meters. West, north of the an open, such as earth-hole. Guan tens site to the north, that is, Shule River downstream from a large, alkaline lake swamp formed. Lucaogou shore problems, tears of the clean water in the lake, water birds shadow of a camel, albeit not very clearly. Guan around the site, there are camps, the site of several city walls, yet to be discovered. Customs boarded the City Then see the vast Gobi, the vast expanse of heaven and earth, the Great Wall, like You Long Feng Sui, in the northwest of the Gobi clearance, sand between Weiyi moraine to the West.

  Pass near the Great Wall and Feng Sui, China's Great Wall Chinese saved the best for some. 3 m-thick wall, 2-3 meters high residue, Dingkuan more than 1 meter, with clay, gravel reed folder Red into a building. Along the Great Wall, about every 5 kilometers, has built a Feng Sui.

  To make more use of loess, stones or bricks with red folder, built into a reed, Dikuan submitted to the narrow side of the column. Some residual about 10 meters high, Dikuan 7-8 meters, Feng Sui have more room next to the doctor, Taiwan remains castle. Feng tunnel in the vicinity have left more than Reed tied into a bundle of ignition with the 'burn with lettuce and reed, Red, branch Populus Duicheng simmer the tobacco used in "new plot", which are then issued a non-commissioned police guard when the signal-to-use tools. Pass the site 5 km east of the Valley when the fire is with the Great Wall, a microcosm of Feng Sui.

  When the stand-Sui East can be seen Wu Li Wei-ran the site of Yumen Pass. Sui close to the West next to the meandering Han Great Wall, then your eyes Shaqi deep into the desert, far away into that mysterious Lop Nur and the ancient city of Loulan ......

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