Friday, January 2, 2009

Sangkecaoyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Southbound from the county seat 60 miles Yu, the county is Sankohs Rural vast expanse of beach for a long time up to (the Department of Tibetan Beach Happy meaning) of grassland, with a total area of 850 square kilometers, above sea level in 3000-3200 100 m, surrounded by mountains and surrounded by open flat grassland in the middle, but also a small number of folders to the bush. Great summer Cong river water from south to north Flow, the northern edge of the beach is a reservoir of power Sankoh. Water problems here, the elegant scenery is lush natural grass Woxian one of the ranch.

The vast grassland silent vast expanse of open ground, there is no bustling noisy city, but also do not see intensive village. But it's unique natural conditions for wild animals Rare birds, beasts benefits provided good habitat for reproduction, such as deer, Mongolian Gazelle, musk deer, Qingyang, Marmot, fox, and other wild animals in the long-term survival of breeding here. Especially in the summer and fall season, here yuanyangqiao activities, ducks and other unknown is a wide variety of birds, the list goes on. Jimuyuantiao, white Group, Biaofeitizhuang horses, cattle, colored tents, like the one finally Saman pearl green steppe, such as carpet weaving in Jasper on the pretty patterns. Sulu spend, spend Shandan wild flowers of different colors, such as race and opening up, as if giving the impression that here is the dynamic world of the ocean of flowers, is a natural wildlife park. Wild tour here, not only can enjoy the scenery of the grassland, but also to enjoy the fun of Chengmachipin grassland. Riding a yak pictures, which record the life-long memories, so that the Xiahe beautiful grassland scenery and landscape position long live show you around. Although there is no luxury residential and no soft bedding facilities, but Prairie's stay in tents do not have a taste. Regardless of which you just walked into the tent, the hospitality of the Tibetan people on your side immediately to the fragrant tea and delicious delicious, nutritious Zanba, cheese, and other foods for you to enjoy. At the same time, can also learn more about Tibetan customs. Grassland on the air Fresh, elegant also quiet any of the other hotels, restaurants second to none.

Tibetan-based animal husbandry is a hard-working, courageous, down-to-earth, intelligent people. In the long course of historical development, their dress, diet, housing, marriage, funeral, taboos, etiquette, festivals and so on Has become its own unique lifestyle.

Before and after the Lunar New Year every year on June 15, where a beautiful, colorful flowers and pleasant scenery. Xiahe was hailed as the "gold season." Every time, the Tibetan people always bring a tent and rich food, beautiful scenery and the wild marsh tour a few days to celebrate Integration of Hong wave section. "Hong wave" in the Tibetan language can be translated as "firewood". Every June, on the picturesque prairie, sweet milk and meat, the monks of the temple on the pretext of collecting firewood, came to the field to reunite with their families, entertainment, a few days later followed into a custom.

Good morning, the day before the holiday, people put on a festival Mounted ahead to re-Rabbo came to the (Department of the Tibetan language, refers to the ritual tower) on the hill. Blasting shots, cheered, sang simmer ritual, we pray to the gods for disaster addition to the elimination hard, bless Wugufengdeng village, six domestic animals thrive. Then the entertainment began. By the presiding elders in the village, mainly horse, cattle Cup Wrestling, tug-of-war and so on, regardless of all men, women and children took part. At night, the Tibetan sing and dance, around the campfire burning next to the melodious sounds of singing songs, dancing, and much joy until late at night, a number of middle-aged and elderly and fade after another the children, young pairs The couple then left the tent, To the slopes, the woods or the river, and Latin America also began to sing aloud (Love Song), talk to each other in the hearts of love, longing for a better future.

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