Friday, January 2, 2009

White Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baiyi'an also known as the tower. White Qingyang Temple is located in the eastern section of the road in the residential area of North Street, the white tower built in the temple named after. There are painted white inside Baiyidashi as the original, white enshrined in the Buddha, the Monastery was built in the early 2004 Chong (Year 1631), after the war many times, only to preserve Temple to this day. Shi Xinzhuan for the White Tower Temple, about 30 meters high, Taki was wrong-square teeth, long, 7 meters wide, 2.8 meters high, surrounded by Flowers engraved pattern, lower part of the tower was follow-up bowl-shaped, about 8 M, the largest diameter of 6 meters; due south tower junction with the opening of a Shrine, the original three for Kannei Buddha, is now free ; Octagonal tower body for the first half of cone-shaped, 18.5 meters high, so a total of 12-Miyan, even for low-rise, is a rare domestic; each side of each the opening of the three shrines, the plastic inside a Buddhist, Total 96; on each floor every angle Campanula flying a total of 96, Tasha about 1 meter high, if Aquarius shape, other than the copper Is made.


  Tower before the Qing Dynasty into the hall, after the new antique-style three-story building, in 1991 the museum moved into the city of Lanzhou.

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