Friday, January 2, 2009

Jinchuan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Park City is located in Jinchuan, to build in 1983, covers an area of 448 mu. Park to the overall layout of the artificial lake as the center, the use of water, roads, trees, soil, and other tangibles Hill, the park will be divided into the artificial lake, viewing area, resting resort, children's play area, production management, and other areas. The overall layout of the structured, garden Park there. Scene as a foil to each other, the architectural style innovation Huguangshanse melt into one. The basic form of a natural landscape in miniature.

Man-made lake and soil self-Hill, the largest of the park landscape. 5l acre lake in order to bridge embankment division, has a bridge, pavilions, winding shore of Lake Fold, Taihu Dan dotted the shore.

Lake Enuoduozi weeping willows on both banks, Jessica grass. There are man-made lake Chi Yu Ye, Mei Wan, Red Lake, quiet park. Red Lake is a lake at the center of the district, east and west there are fresh and the environment, and Bi-chun Xuan, to the north and there are booths Juxian Yingbin Bridge. Hill soil in the lake around the Jin Shan Cheng Water trend. Red Lake is the south-east of Nanping Hill, north-west is Meiling, Taiwan, lark is to the north. Every three hills across the lake. Nanping Hill is Zhigao Dian Park, mountain views, park-wide panoramic view.

Children's play area is located in the eastern part of the park, an area of 30 mu, a rocket landing on the moon, the drama You Long , Horse power, car batteries, electric toys, electronic game room and down the ship, swings, slides and other recreational facilities.

South Park gate l0 meters high, 4l meters wide, 4.5 meters thick, by 20 pillars and 3 Gate Tower, for the main structure of reinforced concrete, by the white granite pillars Stone veneer, the door glazed tile roof, doors inlaid in white marble on the correct amount of Shipai "Jinchuan Park" 4. The northern gate of l0 meters high; 19.8 meters in width, 5.2 m thick, from 8 columns and 3 Gate Tower, for the main structure of reinforced concrete, wooden door for the top structure of the glazed tile above, for the post Zonghong . The gatehouse of the two doors are painted painting, a magnificent simplicity.

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