Friday, January 2, 2009

Zhongshan Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Del located in the middle of the road on the north side, Lanzhou is a long history of the Old Bridge, "the world is the first of the Yellow River Bridge." Zhongshan Bridge, the predecessor of the Wu Ming-hong started 5 years (1372 AD), Song FENG public in the Lanzhou Branch Seven Mile west of the pontoon bridge built; to 9 years, Wu Ming-hong (1376), to defend the country, the more public Deng pontoon to move west 0 years, "Chen-yuan bridge"; 18 years, Wu Ming-hong (1385), Lanzhou Wei pontoon will be moved Yanglian commanding position today, and so far 10 tons of heavy relics, 5.8 meters long cast iron pillars, "General Column" 3. 33-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1907), the Qing government in Lanzhou Road Peng's proposal and a second division Gansu Governor or allowed under the auspices of the use of treasury 306,690 silver two from Germany are Kayou Si & Taylor building, Po Man of the Americans, the Germans der Rohe for technical guidance, built up to 233.33 meters, 7.5 meters wide The first Yellow River Bridge, at the beginning "of the Yellow River in Lanzhou Iron Bridge" in 1942 to "Zhongshan Bridge." In 1954, the Lanzhou Municipal People's Government renovation of the bridge reinforcement, an increase of 5 arc steel arch beam, so that the iron bridge appears to be rugged, powerful momentum.

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