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Pass - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yumen Pass, commonly known as the small town square plate, located in Dunhuang City, about 90 km northwest of the Gobi Desert. Legend has it that the ancient Western Regions such as Tian and Mei-yu to the input by the Central Plains, it got its name.

  Pass some of the Western Han Dynasty was built in a four-year closure yuan (107 BC). At that time, the Han Dynasty has just been made on the operations of the re-Hun Victory, the Hexi Corridor in the 'out Sijun, according to the customs of the two, "This is the old question of Wuwei, Zhangye, Jiuquan and Dunhuang, such as Ha Tay and Yumen Pass Si Jun, Yang Kuan. Since then, the Yumen Pass it along with customs and Yang, respectively Ancient become the central plains to the Western Regions as well as in Central Asia, Europe and North and South Road, two important points. Du Wei for the Yumen Pass under the collar Yumen officer-designate, the military set up in Dunhuang County, attached to the Jiuquan County. Teijin when the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD: The 89-year-l05), site clearance once the eastward shift of Yumen City has been the town of Yumen, and then re-transfer site. When the Southern and Northern Dynasties (AD 420 in a 589), moved to Pass melon County Jin-chang (this Anxi in the vicinity of Suoyang Cheng), the extension of Tang Dynasty, Han Yumen on this waste.

  Han existing site of Yumen Pass, located on the south bank of the lower reaches of Shule next to a sand hill on. Integrity of the wall, yellow version of the building, a square slightly. 26.4 m North and South, East and West 24.5, 9.7 meters high residual, thick - .9 Meters. West, north of the an open, such as earth-hole. Guan tens site to the north, that is, Shule River downstream from a large, alkaline lake swamp formed. Lucaogou shore problems, tears of the clean water in the lake, water birds shadow of a camel, albeit not very clearly. Guan around the site, there are camps, the site of several city walls, yet to be discovered. Customs boarded the City Then see the vast Gobi, the vast expanse of heaven and earth, the Great Wall, like You Long Feng Sui, in the northwest of the Gobi clearance, sand between Weiyi moraine to the West.

  Pass near the Great Wall and Feng Sui, China's Great Wall Chinese saved the best for some. 3 m-thick wall, 2-3 meters high residue, Dingkuan more than 1 meter, with clay, gravel reed folder Red into a building. Along the Great Wall, about every 5 kilometers, has built a Feng Sui.

  To make more use of loess, stones or bricks with red folder, built into a reed, Dikuan submitted to the narrow side of the column. Some residual about 10 meters high, Dikuan 7-8 meters, Feng Sui have more room next to the doctor, Taiwan remains castle. Feng tunnel in the vicinity have left more than Reed tied into a bundle of ignition with the 'burn with lettuce and reed, Red, branch Populus Duicheng simmer the tobacco used in "new plot", which are then issued a non-commissioned police guard when the signal-to-use tools. Pass the site 5 km east of the Valley when the fire is with the Great Wall, a microcosm of Feng Sui.

  When the stand-Sui East can be seen Wu Li Wei-ran the site of Yumen Pass. Sui close to the West next to the meandering Han Great Wall, then your eyes Shaqi deep into the desert, far away into that mysterious Lop Nur and the ancient city of Loulan ......

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