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Tieshan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Tieshan Forest Park from the city up to 23 kilometers, covering an area of more than 4 acres in 1992 by the Sichuan Forestry Department for approval of the provincial forest park. Hua Ying Shan is located in the northern section of the north-Dabashan Aura's Bang Bo in the south of condensate Qiaoba Qiao Hua Ying Shan, across the village, Weir, emerging, you Tangdeng township, in central north-south Daxian, County divided into two parts, East and West, which rise amid permanent peaks, vast Lin. ?? ?? Tieshan north-south extension of the mountain, exposed Triassic siliceous hard brown sandstone, stone color, such as iron, named Tieshan. The average elevation of 900 meters, the highest peak towers 1063 meters above sea level. The main peak of a tower peaks, cliffs angle, Hill Blade, the Eagle's Nest Fairy cap, such as the Eagle's Nest small, steep peak body, to be opened in order to climb along the stone on top. Million Dollar Baby will be the top, overlooking the east, Barry panoramic view of mountains and rivers; extreme head to the west, in Sichuan hills come and go, and stretches thousands of miles. ?? ?? access to the sea of clouds and watch the sunrise, the three major tours Snow is Tieshan wonders.

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Eight Taishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Eight of the township is located in the eastern part of the landscape as a result of descending the stairs into a layered, there are as many as eight, eight named Taishan. The main peak 2348m, for the second peak in east Sichuan.

Taishan Mountain for eight limestone mountain. Colorful and diverse scenery in the region, into Mountain View, Feng Jing, Cliff King, King of Health, the King Air as one is City of its natural beauty is one of the most attractive scenic spots.

  Eight Taishan in the mountains above the stands, high and steep majestic, towering momentum. Around the deep valley, 1500 amounted to a peak elevation 1700m. Standing on the summit, at the foot of the mountains and downs, such as Bo Tao seems that stretches thousands of miles. South-west of the White River tributary, the Valley Wide, on the development of up to 100m elevation of the relatively isolated limestone hill 36, scattered mixed, the shape of chess pieces, so that Qipanshan, which is unique in the limestone hills of Sichuan Province group landscape.

Eight Mount Taishan, also known as the new eight, with the exception of the main peak, there are peaks Laoba Taiwan, Du Xiufeng, Female Peak, and so on. Feng taper end, it seems like pen tower. Gufengwuli, clouds entanglement, when the time is now hidden, and endless changes. Eight on the eastern side of Taishan, a steep cliff. It is estimated that the cliffs as high as 1300 a 1500m, for the Emeishan She Shenya 2-3 times. Prachuab might be called the first cliff. In addition to the main peak of cliffs, in eight rural Pass on the left side of the mouth between, there are cliffs the 1000m deep. Cliffs, such as cutting, look no bottom, cliff variety of colors, such as the enormous frescos.

  Taishan in the eight over 1500m above sea level, are Manshanbianye low shrub sea buckthorn, autumn and winter, the sea buckthorn fruit red, the red mountain. At Peak to pull over 1800m is another scene, large leaves and long, about 1m of bamboo (Polygonum bamboo leaf) forest green all the year round, through the Congcong, height, 10,000 ares like wheat fields. Preliminary estimates there are 40,000 mu Peak bamboo wood, bamboo wood Sichuan This is the largest area, but also to attract the best eight Taishan King's Health. Mountain breeze blowing, Zhuhai 10,000 ares long wave light, vibrant, it is away. Hydropower in the east of the mouth, there is a large rhododendron forest, including 100 acres, late spring and early summer, azaleas in full bloom, pink azaleas and backed with Zhuhai to form a "green piece of a pair of red," the charming scene. Taishan eight tall majestic, lofty cliffs, the Meteorology Series. Sea of clouds, sunrise, Buddha, fog-lan, a combination of snow, which is the largest in East Sichuan Gas King of the area, known as the "Sichuan Emei." "Bashanyeyu Qiuchi see" a poem that summarized the Daba Mountains region of the characteristics of a rainy night. In the night after the weather High-altitude cloud. If the day did not dawn on the Peak, will see the dawn of the night to disperse a magnificent scene: a ray of hope across the sky thick, dark night on both sides to quickly retire, then people will be surprised to discover that they are not standing on top of the hill, But floating in the sea of clouds, the endless sea of clouds, such as rolling waves, Flow and diarrhea. At this time you will feel the "clouds" of fun. Sea of clouds and exposed the top of the hill, such as the drift of the green Sin Temple, an instant, a sea of clouds in the rays at the end of spurting out to the sky to earth, the sea of clouds to an infected Kam Fai. Suddenly, a red sea of clouds from the end of the jump out brilliant colors. The sun gradually rising, the earth started a busy time. In early afternoon, the sun West Ramp, on the eastern side of the bottom of the clouds along the cliffs rising Xu-xu, Yabian stand at this time if we can see a circular or semi-circular ring of colorful, bottom-up floated to you This is the Buddha.

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Alondra scenic tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Alondra scenic areas as a result of Tower Hill Alondra (also known as Yu-Shan and India) on the tower named after Alondra, Alondra tower in Sichuan Province is a key cultural relics protection, according to legend built by Lu Ban. But as far as cultural relics research department, the tower was built in the Tang Dynasty years. Twelve Qianlong (1747) by the year Edition "Florida Chi Meanwhile map," Hill Alondra have been drawn map, as one after another 18 Qing (1813) and fourteen Guangxu (1888) two-year conversion. Bottom floor area 57.4 square meters, 15 meters thick at the end, the outer 6 m long, 26.7 meters perimeter. There are flowers on each floor brick canopy, with the exception of a major since the bottom of the door, the rest of the layer are 8 small window 4. Top with a large cast iron pot closure After the Millennium wind rain and snow, stainless is not bad. Just a plethora, overlooking cities, the floor little impact. ?? ?? Hill Alondra a large solitary peak, Qiao Li River, "Shu LONG claw," a pit Yamashita, known as Tam Alondra. Under the bill bird's-eye view, the rippling blue waves, Baigezhengliu, fascinating. Chan said there are ancient poetry: India Linhe Zhenjiang Yu Bin, Miao Ying Yamagata God. Shen-ha, one soul, Chihiro Bilang Dragonscale. Guo large well-known writer in 1937 on Alondra Hill, overlooking Phoenix Mountain, Hui Hao Shu feelings: "Mr Hill of the Phoenix winding, climbing Alondra For days," Wing this nirvana. In 1968, the People's counties and cities also reached out to a special fund for maintenance of the nine have been rotten The wooden stairs, in 1989 formally open to visitors. In 1994, outside the town of West Dachuan Shi by the People's Committee, Dachuan Shi Hongsheng Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. exclusive rehabilitation Alondra morning sun temple in the mountains. Is now complete (Kuan Yin Temple), and so on Jieyin Dian Hall, facilities Zhaifan Hall, Xiao Chibu flavor, Park also built one after another. Incense is strong, attracting nearly 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the Dachaoshan pilgrims pray at the same time, also received from the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Singapore and other countries for tourists, hundreds of thousands of years, traffic has reached more than 000.

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Quxianhanque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Quxianhanque China's existing hand on the ground as early as age, to preserve the integrity of the structure of the building remains Fangmu. National only 29 Han Que, there Quxian 6 7, in the two territories Yanfeng River Township is less than 10 kilometers next to the ancient Yi Dao, known as "Han Que town" reputation. It is not only a wealth of sculpture content The exquisite carving techniques and skills of construction practices, but also great historical, artistic and scientific value. In the age of 60 was announced as the People's Republic of China State Council, China's major cultural units. There are relatively well-known Feng Huan Que, Shen Fu Jun, Que. ?? ?? Que Feng Huan Zhao Rural Township is located in the village of Quxian soil. Eastern Han Dynasty Light year (121 years) to build. For the original two-Que, Que is the only east of the main part of the Department of Que. By Queji, who Que, Fang-layer, referred stone floor brackets, the roof of 6 parts, 4.38 m high pass. Fangmu for the structure of the building. Who are inscriptions Que positive "so Shang Shi Lang Yuzhou in Henan Province to Beijing You Zhouci Shi Feng Shi Jun Shinto" Que on Fangmu-like structure, the pane, and the brackets Taotie relief and so on are beautiful shape, carved. ?? ?? Que is located in Shen Fu Jun Han Heung Quxianhanbei Tingcun. Yan Guang years, the Eastern Han Dynasty (122-125 years) to build. Quxianhanque are the only two-Que, Que son has been destroyed. Two Que 21.62 meters apart, were high .84 Meters. Two-Que basically the same body, by Queji, who Que, Fang-layer, referred stone floor brackets, the roof of 6 parts. Que who are inscriptions positive. Eastern carved Que, "Han Yezhe Beitun Sima are left waiting Shen Fu Jun Shinto," Que carved West, "Han Xinfeng Du Wei Shen Fu Jun Jiaozhi to Shinto." Wen are the top two Queming Juan Zhu , And degrade the lower end of the gluttonous. East Que floating inside a Blue Dragon, West Que relief inside a white tiger. Que two birds with 1.40 Book House, surrounded by the Han Dynasty for the production of social life and scenes of animals and plants of relief. An air of a lively, realistic, simple shapes, and beautiful.

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Florida tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dazhou City, Sichuan Province is located in north-eastern part of Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei is located in Shaanxi interface is the four western Chinese city --- Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an, Wuhan radiation intersection at the center of the region, jurisdiction-ku, Daxian, Dazhu, Qu Xian, Xuanhan County, the county, the province hosted Wanyuan Shi jurisdiction, the area of 16,600 square kilometers in size, Population 6,380,000 Home section 3 of the province, the province's economic aggregate ranked No. 5. Florida is China, "Han Que town" and "Ramie town", the province is an important natural gas, coal, chemical industry base, is the province's major commodity grain and oil base, Sichuan is a large population of the city, the agricultural market, The industrial city of Sichuan pay And the hub of Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei provinces and cities in Shaanxi four interface of trade and business center.
Has a long history, Renjiedeling. Florida is an ancient Ba, from the Eastern Han Yong-yuan Teijin 2002 (the year 90 years) legacy for the county, the calendar for the state, county, government, agency, the seat of the region, Sui, Tang said Tung Chau, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing to Florida, to 1900 has been years. Florida is the former County area an important part of the establishment in 1993 Dachuan area in 1999 to withdraw up to the establishment of the city. Florida has been in the Song Dynasty upbringing writer Zhang Xun, a famous thinker of the Qing Dynasty Tang Zhen, and other celebrities generation. Florida Chuan-Shan was an important revolutionary base , Xu Xiangqian, Li Xiannian, Xu Shiyou, Wang Wei Zhou, and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation had fought here, out of the Zhang Aiping, Chen Bojun, Wei traditions, such as Shouzhi to the Republic of the more than 50 players.
Convenient traffic, active trade. Dazhou in Sichuan Province is Tongjiang the East Sea Channel, National Highway 21 , 318 vertical and horizontal lines throughout; Xiangfan, to reach the railway, the railway connections and up to 10,000; River City airport after the resumption of flights is a direct route to Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and other places; up to Chongqing Expressway have been completed and opened to traffic, 2 Hours straight on Chongqing, Chengdu to have only 3 and a half hours; up to high-speed public Shaanxi Is also planning and construction, River shipping channel by a direct route to Chongqing and Shanghai. Florida Today, the catchment have been completed and ground and air transportation as one of the three-dimensional network. Good location and transport advantages to speed up the flow of people, goods, capital and information flows to Florida to gather at the same time due to Florida with a large population, large market potential, Florida has become a Second five logistics centers in the world, very active in the flow of commerce.
Rich, rich products. The city has proven to the development and utilization of 28 kinds of mineral, natural gas, potassium salt, limestone, coal, gypsum, K-rich brine, sulfur mine, lithium, strontium, manganese, vanadium, and so on, is rich in reserves, especially natural gas reservoir As much as 1.5 trillion cubic meters, second only to Xinjiang, the country's third-largest in the East China Sea gas field. Good industrial base, has natural gas, coal, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, medicine, food, textile, and other pillar industries, foster a fortune out of steel group, Ying-hua electricity, coal up to Penny, hwachon cars, Sichuan cable, Chuan rubber ring , Diao Tianfu, a bright plastic, Ma Chi-peng, Ma Jinqiao industry and a number of other enterprises. Florida agricultural products rich in resources and great potential for value-added processing, is the province's major commodity grain and oil, livestock and poultry, ramie, tea, herbal medicines production base Dengying beef, de Buxus, Laozao the Eastern Han Dynasty, ramie Otake, County yellow, the River, such as olive and ginkgo known inside and outside the Ba-Shu, the characteristics of agriculture and industrialization of agriculture development prospects.
Beautiful landscape, ecological and pleasant. The city has a national heritage unit 2, AA national-level tourism zone 2, a state-level forest park at the provincial level scenic spots 4, the province Forest Park 3, a provincial nature reserve. A variety of natural and cultural landscape colorful. Xuanhan Luojiaba Palestinian cultural sites worthy of the "Sanxingdui" good, great development potential; Quxianhanque called China's ancient cultural treasures; the source of eight million Taishan, Hill calyx magnificent magnificent, lofty deep, "Sichuan Emei The reputation; Xuanhan One-Hundred-li, beautiful, deep twists and turns, not the increasingly rising of the Three Gorges in the Three Gorges; Otake Wufengshan even more than 10,000 acres of bamboo sponge, for the word "bamboo root of the world"; Daxian really is a group Temple Foshan set of "Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, "religion-in-one resort.

Government integrity, excellent service. In the city to encourage the development and improvement of preferential policies for foreign enterprises to set up investment service centers, the implementation of "one window to the outside world, Banjie one-stop, one-stop service" and "the whole deputy, Teshiteban, Banjie limit" system To improve the quality of service, efficiency; vigorously Building market environment for fair competition and pro-business, pro-business, security, love's Home Affairs in an effort to create a favorable legal environment. To improve the soft investment environment and the promotion of the city's rapid economic and social development.

Business opportunities, has a bright future. At present, the Dazhou municipal government to unite and lead the all - Of the people and vigorously carry forward the "guiding ideology of truth-seeking, pragmatic work style, work stress is the effect" of the "three false", earnestly implement the "Director-General would like to, dare-General, the Director-General of good, do succeed," the "four-dry," requirements, adhere to the scientific Development concept, the full implementation of the "integration into the Chengdu-Chongqing, Qinba linkage, strong emphasis on agricultural workers, are living Xingcheng Bounds to catch up with, the city of wealthy and strong country, "the development, and unswervingly promote the development by leaps and bounds in the next 3-5 years 30,000,000,000 yuan of investment, accelerate the construction of a number of key projects going all out to build the western part of China" coal and natural gas chemical industry base . "
Florida is a hot spot for the reform and opening up, investment is a Florida-hing The park; Florida business opportunities, great potential and bright prospects of development. Florida's open welcome people from all walks of life to reach the state tourism, invest in, the development of cooperation for a better tomorrow.

Prosperous business center,

In recent years, the city reached Play at a unique advantage, transportation advantages to develop the flow of commerce, "Xing Shi circulation," the strategy of strengthening market infrastructure, market cultivation, to build the fleet, the gas gathering business, and strive to build Qinba area and commercial center, has made significant Results. 2003 retail sales of consumer goods amounted to 9 .4 Billion, an increase of 15.2 percent, an increase of the province's No. 2 home. Of which: retail sales in urban markets 5,220,000,000 yuan, up 15.8 percent; rural market retail sales 4,220,000,000 yuan, up 14.5 percent.
Florida highlight the advantage of goods radiation resistant Strong popularity. Florida is located in Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi E interface, since ancient times and numerous merchants. In recent years, the transport and communications infrastructure improved, Xiangfan, to reach the railway, the railway connections and up to 10,000, 210,318 National Longitudinal throughout, River shipping channel Tongjiang Sea, reaching all-Chongqing Expressway Open to traffic by the end of River City Airport will resume service, Florida has developed into a catchment for one of the three-dimensional air transportation network. Postal and telecommunications industry has also made rapid development. The unique location, transportation and communications hub advantages to promote the goods of radiation significantly enhance the ability now to attract the country's 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions Florida influx of business, the Shanghai Group, Hong Kong, South interest groups, to win the whole Beijing, Taiwan companies such as De Keshi have been settled Florida development.
Since last year, Florida vigorously implement the "integrated into the Chengdu-Chongqing, Qinba linkage, strong emphasis on agricultural work, live Xingcheng, to catch up with the leaps and bounds, the city of wealthy and strong country," the "24 words" made Ideas flow of commerce industry full of vigor. Florida-based private individuals to build a positive business flow of forces to form a state-owned, collective, joint venture, joint-stock system, and other individual economic sectors, the coexistence of a variety of management and multi-channel, a small link in the development of competing for the new circulation pattern. In 2003, the people Retail sales enterprises 5,580,000,000 yuan, accounting for 59.1 percent market share, an increase of 24% compared to 2002 increased 3 percentage points. The flow of commerce through innovative marketing, chain from scratch and to flourish, all forms of convenience stores, chain supermarkets, chain stores, etc. With the development of e-commerce, logistics and distribution, and other modern retailers have begun to progress. At present, the chain outlets in the city over 1600, 2003, the city's retail chain to achieve 2,050,000,000 yuan, total retail sales of consumer goods accounted for about 21.7 percent. The city has been focusing on cultivating tobacco companies, CNPC Florida , Florida business group, the Pharmaceutical Group day Thailand, the metal material, supply and marketing group Nong Xin, Xinhua Bookstore Co., Ltd., China Grain and Oil Trade Corporation, the backbone of 8-commerce enterprises, in 2003 sales revenue of 2,730,000,000 yuan, and taxes to achieve 109 million Yuan, respectively, compared with 29.7 growth in 2002 , 6.2%. The development of commodity markets in the ascendant, the shape of a wide range of the market system. Only by the end of 2003, the city has 563 kinds of commodity markets, operating with a total area of nearly 1,000,000 square meters. Foreign trade export, there has been new development, export of textile products in addition to the two major types of meat consumption and the main Commodities, has been expanded to machinery and electronic products, herbal medicines, furniture and other products, self-export volume of foreign trade in 2003 reached 10,300,000 U.S. dollars, representing 36.1 percent growth in 2002.

New Chapter of Agricultural Industrialization

Dazhou, Sichuan since ancient times City and industry, the country's major production base of commodity grain and oil. In recent years, the city amounted to adhere to the scientific concept of development, the industrialization of agriculture to develop and promote agricultural and rural economic development. In 2003, Florida agricultural output, grain output ranked second in the province, the total output of meat, the total output of township enterprises Ranked third in the province, the per capita net income of farmers reached 2353 yuan, 130 yuan more than the previous year.
Florida features a rich agricultural resources, processing and value-added potential. Xuanhan of dairy cattle, the source of million of the old house and chickens and goats plate angle, the White River, and other unique poultry, the ramie Otake, Drainage The yellow flower, the Daxian sericulture, the source of the selenium-enriched million ears and a mushroom tea (black ears, white ears, mushrooms), Xuanhan the authentic Chinese herbal medicines, such as cash crops long enjoyed a good reputation. In recent years, the Florida market-oriented in order to increase income for farmers goals, to develop agricultural industrialization.
First, the professional development of the rural cooperative economy Texture. SCO specifically in rural areas of the city a total of 1426, of which 16 were "province of Nong Jixie 100" title, with total assets of 3.2 billion in operating income 2,000,000,000 yuan, driven 318,000 farmers get rich.
The second is to cultivate leading enterprises. The city a total of more than 400 leading enterprises, Die more than 60 leading enterprises, the focus of leading enterprises at the provincial level 6. January to May this year, the province focused on leading enterprises in the completion of municipal revenue 645,000,000 yuan, the realization of tax 55,640,000 yuan.
The third is to actively adjust the industrial structure of agriculture. At present, Liang Jing broadcast side of the city to reach more than 65:35, Integrated Product Quality Product rate of 48%.
Fourth, focusing on cultivating a pillar industry, building a base of goods. Ramie development of the city, beef cattle, tea, olive four pillar industries, building strong, "high-quality grain and oil, livestock and poultry, ramie, tea, fruit, medicinal herbs" such as the six major commodity base. The city has been built National meat (milk) bovine base County 3, the national oil base in a county, provincial base in County Boehmeria 2, the major tea producing provinces County 2, provincial pigs base 5 county, provincial and county water base 3 , Quxian yellow, orange base was identified as "pollution-free agricultural products base in Sichuan Province," Otake high-quality agricultural products, China has been opened Association named "China Ramie town."
The fifth is to actively promote the development of services. Florida has always been to services in rural economic development as a new growth point came, and made remarkable achievements. 2001-2003, the city lost an average annual surplus rural labor force to 1,080,000, an average annual labor More than 3.0 billion into the city services per capita income of farmers in more than 600 yuan.

Favored the development of natural gas

Dazhou City is rich in natural resources, the reserves of 1,500,000,000,000 cubic meters, second only to Xinjiang, the country's third-largest in the East China Sea gas field China Petroleum Group, Southwest Oil and Gas Field Branch of the formation of Sichuan Gas Field in northeast China Petrochemical Corporation and the Southwest branch into Florida, with overall responsibility for natural gas exploration, development, construction and management of terminals and market development. Faced with a golden opportunity for development, the municipal government attach great importance to the requirements of Xuanhan County Committee, County House well cite the county's ability to develop natural gas resources, with greater courage and more pragmatic style, more preferential policies, more flexible measures to actively create a good development environment to create a pro-business, pro-business, security , An administrative business environment, all in Sichuan Province to build an important base for natural gas and chemical industry.
Ming and integrity of the state-owned enterprises has attracted two major oil companies in Xuanhan 100-billion-dollar investment. Sinopec Group, Southwest Branch with a total investment of 5.62 billion plan to develop natural gas, natural gas purification plant to invest 1.5 billion. PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Branch in Xuanhan 2.5 billion investment to build Luojiazhai purification plant, To invest 1.3 billion phase of the project, in January 2007 formally completed and put into operation, the day after the completion of processing sour gas 600 Million in annual foreign 1,660,000,000 cubic meters of natural gas transmission, with an annual output of 300,000 tons of sulfur.

The second phase of the project to invest 1.2 billion put into operation in 2009, the year outside the transmission of natural gas 500,000,000 cubic meters, with an annual output of 260,000 tons of sulfur. The plant will be built on the domestic as well as Asia's largest capacity to deal with a maximum sulfur content of the purification plant. At the same time, will also invest nearly 50 billion yuan, the development of a number of other gas fields. In March this year, the Hong Kong Minglun Group Xuanhan optimistic about the rich natural gas reserves, to invest 10 Xuanhan yuan in the establishment of natural gas as raw materials, "an annual output of 400,000 tons of methanol" has officially started the construction of the project. The RMB project is expected to achieve annual sales income 529,200,000 yuan, investment profit margin 13.45%, investment profit rate of 23.6 percent, the payback period (after tax) in 7.31 The project marks the start of the city amounted to make full use of natural gas resources to carry out a comprehensive development and utilization of natural gas has entered a new stage of development for the construction of natural gas and chemical industry base in the city and lay a solid foundation. Florida's natural gas resources, comprehensive utilization, and will certainly promote the lead and the Florida secondary and tertiary industries in the rapid development of Florida will bring great economic and social benefits.

Tourism and Culture illustrious

Florida, said in ancient times, "Tongzhou", has a long history and deep cultural and natural environment, history and culture, the Red Army culture, unique folk customs and cultural special With the construction and development of leisure tourism, eco-cultural tourism of the unique advantages of Sichuan Tourism is the type of complete and high-grade tourism market.
At present, the city has AA national-level tourism zone 3 (Daxian really Foshan, Xuanhan One-Hundred-li, Quxian Longtan - Han Que), a state-level forest park Wufengshan Otake), the provincial-level scenic spots 4 (Daxian really Foshan, Xuanhan One-Hundred-li, the source of eight million Taishan - Longtan River, Longtan Quxian - Han Que), the provincial-level nature reserve 2 (hundred Xuanhan Gap Lane, Wan Shan source calyx), the provincial Forest Park 4 (LEIN shop and Daxian Tieshan, Quxian large sloping ridge, Xuanhan Guanyin ). Florida history and culture of ancient massive, national key cultural unit 2 (Quxianhanque and Xuanhan Luojiaba sites), the national patriotism education bases in a (Source million World War Battle Gallery), the province's key cultural unit 14. Xuanhan Luojiaba sites, since 3000-4700 , 33, highlights the grave of King Hou traces of Pakistan, is the largest pre-Qin cultural sites; Quxianpinghuan, such as Shen Fu Jun 7 Que (Han Que said the town), is the largest group of Han Que, with exquisite art Known to the world, Chinese and foreign historians and caused widespread concern in the sinologist; Daxian really Foshan, a pair of Buddhist temple Pierce the sky, is a set of "Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism," religion-in-one resort. Florida is the old revolutionary base areas, so as to the source of Battle World War million museum, memorial hall, Wang Zhou, the former residence of Zhang, represented the remains of red, vivid reproduction of that year Xu Xiangqian, Li Xiannian, Zhou Wang, Zhang Aiping, and other revolutionaries of the older generation of blood and fire The course of fighting. Florida colorful folk culture. Three color booths Quxian Department, Cai Gaoqiao, acrobatics, drama in a furnace, one of China must be called;-high nine Kawamoto, de grass pull out gongs, suona Otake, such as the renowned folk de Prachuab inside and outside.

Yen Chin-new city Dazhou City in promoting the "three changes", has always been to operate as a focus of the city, into new concepts, innovative business ideas, and highlight the characteristics highlight Florida, so that old Florida for a new look, in 2003 to operate the city's urban Income 857,000,000 yuan, an increase over the same period last year 620,000,000 , Ranking fourth in the province. In the first half of this year, the completion of the city's urban infrastructure investment 270,000,000 yuan, accounting for the full year goal of 54% of the mission, the Center City District invested 113 million, and other counties (cities, districts) investment 157,000,000 yuan. Shi Benji operating income of urban 11053.6 Million.
To make up for a serious shortage of construction funds, who Dazhou City to open up channels of financing. According to "speed up the transformation of the three, three-forward the process" of the total requirements of the city to operate the innovative idea of the city, those who adhere to the rules of market economy can operate all of our resources into the operation of the city's Fan , To promote the full range of urban land, minerals and water, gas, sewage treatment, urban taxi, bus lines operating in cities such as the right to public welfare undertakings, the operation of public resources. The successful launch of the 1053 urban taxi operators the right to a public auction, the auction to achieve revenue 80,740,000 yuan; head of the city water supply and drainage, City Gas Corporation, the city power company, city sewage treatment plants, such as the implementation of several public enterprises and institutions to sell as a whole, the current preparations have been basically completed.
As the urban planning and construction management of the power forward, Florida to further accelerate the process of urbanization, in 2003 the city's urbanization level increased to 1 .8% By the end of 2003 City Center into an area of 24 square kilometers, the urban population of 35 million people, compared with the end of 2002, the increase in the area of built-up area of about 3 square kilometers, the urban population grew by 30,000 people or so, expansion into central city Accelerated phase. Dazhou municipal government decided to seize the plane Through years of efforts to build Florida population of 500,000 or more, the built-up area for more than 40 square km area of full-featured, fully-largest city.

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Cangzhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Great Jiuzhai at the international tourist area on the north side of trunk lines 100 meters away from the "Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou" backbone only 38km, from Chengdu, 240km, Lu Hua county from the 60km. Cangzhai old standing in the river Meng, Cucu linked to the floor for possession, Yishanbangshui, like in the mountains Kuwata Kate live in the world outside the Peach . In the long history of change, to create the Tibetan and Qiang cultures of the national culture, the preservation of a number of unique ancient Tibetan tradition to become the western Sichuan Plateau Mining Research on Tibetan culture, "living fossil." There are unique Tibetan architecture. Ancient times, the ancient color for Seoul to resist foreign violations, gregarious, This created a unique Tibetan residential areas. Cangzhai according to the construction of the ridge, down to style towers, stone tablets and Wong stressed mortar wall, usually three, slightly larger than the bottom, the layers Oblique, Taiwan was cylindrical, Dongnuanxialiang, connected to every household, repair Collapse rather than a century, decorated with red, yellow and white main Tibetan modified. Small families , Stepped over, criss-crossing, one of the early Pro, such as the Eight Diagrams income. Cangzhai structured as a whole, the same household, a clear stream water and wrapped with Walled floor, in the event of accident, deep, ancient channel then become the safe passage and the fight against the enemy of the important positions to form a solid defense system. House, adjacent to the possession of Li-hung, If the hope of the Kingdom of European-style castle, in the history of the building can be a way.

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Direct wave Tibetan stone house - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tibetan stone house in the more than 2000 years ago during the Qin and Han dynasties on the prevalence of?????to form a scale in the Sui and Tang dynasties and the size of the Jinchuan Zheng Chao Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty period. For the first water-resistant, animal customs, storage and use of residence, then toast for the development of Tibetan stone house Guanzhai, Tibetan stone house circles, feng shui and Tibetan stone house fighting four major Tibetan stone house. Among a number of Tibetan stone house up to war, warning into Tibetan stone house, ears , The main Tibetan stone house, built in traffic, pass ridge, cross rivers or open field of vision Strip, in time of war to fuel Lang Yan, shots, flag, wind angle, and other means to transmit orders report to the police.
Barkam Songgang in the township, nearly 30-meter-high wave straight Diaolou (two) and the composition of the Diaolou Songgang Guanzhai good scenery. Meandering Road and river water in the crawl at the foot of them. The terrain is relatively open so that the towers is particularly magnificent.
Diaolou straight wave, known as the essence of building stone tablets, in July 2001 for the fifth included in the national key cultural unit. Diaolou according to the two north-south distribution of the mountain, more than 50 meters apart. South bend Suomo Mo west trench foot, and Songgang Guanzhai across the river. Direct wave was outside the octagonal towers, which were round. South seven Tibetan stone house 29 meters high, six-storey Tibetan stone house north 24.7 m, Tibetan stone house two distinct edges and corners, such as the formation reduction wall. According to research, direct wave Tibetan stone house built by the middle generation, still has a solid.

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Wenchuan Sanjiang information on eco-tourism zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanjiang Wenchuan eco-tourism zone is located in Wenchuan County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in the southern territory of the Sanjiang Township, River, in the river, the Blackstone River in the convergence of three rivers that it is. Area with a total area of 188 square kilometers away from Chengdu only 95KM.

  Sanjiang away from the earth, and in a deep valley gorge quiet, beautiful scenery. Blue Valley Stream, Hai Zi's colorful Artesian Bore Baths, Zhetianbiri virgin forests, rare animals of the rich, dream of convective clouds of glowing rays, romantic snow-red leaves, colorful prairie wildflowers, constitute the vitality of the original picture. This is to make you a more physical and mental health of the Pure Land! This is a city from the recent "Forest Hospital" This is a city best suited to people's leisure tourism destination!

  Travel a long period of comfort here: mild climate, with cold winter, not summer heat, the average annual temperature of 12.9 degrees in August the average temperature of 20 degrees. Comfortable here in the summer time every day for 23-24 hours, is outside the Times. Here the ecological environment quality is extremely good: air quality for a class of the national level, the air pollution index of 25, Chengdu is the 1 /5; environmental quality of surface water for a country; forest on the Sanjiang release oxygen for 1500 tons; In the air with negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter 1,500,000, Cheng The city of 10,000 times higher; in the air than the bacterial Chengdu times lower 150-70000; dust 100-1000 times lower than in Chengdu; noise 30-50 dB lower than that of Chengdu. Here summer temperatures 10-15 degrees lower than in Chengdu. In Chengdu, solar radiation is three times is Bath light of the excellent sites. Here is the eco-hunting and pollution-free, green vegetables, edible wild herbs, such as ecological food.

  There can also aromatic and trees microbicide treatment of disease; can enhance the aroma of flowers and intelligence, the harmony of nature can exert a favorable influence on the physical and mental, all kinds of forest Sports Action can be physical. The beauty of many of the wisdom of waiting for your eyes to appreciate, many look forward to your wisdom and knowledge of the heart to pursue.

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Jiuzhaigou? Wu Huahai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"I never Jiuzhaigou" and "the essence of Jiuzhai" Wu Huahai's reputation, ditch Kongquehe is located on the upper reaches of the end.


You Lin along the path along the cliff, go downhill all the way through You Lin, Wu Huahai arrive soon. Wu Huahai on the west side of the bypass, there is a path along the cliff to enjoy Shui-Guang Autumn is the best point. You This can be in porphyrin. To continue the path along the cliff along the northbound, arrived on the north shore of the Wu Huahai. An open, gentle slope quickly to the fatigue of the end of the stack. This is the outlet of the Wu Huahai Road and the junction Kongque, built on a trestle. Trestle on the south side of the lake, gorgeous color, Molv, Borland, Wong Chui of mixed color Tantalum pay a ten-color light, color wings like a peacock; trestle on the north side, bend like a hole in head and neck reputation, took the top three old trees like Ling. From here the following Kongquehe known as the Road. Kongquehe along the left bank of the Road northbound, about 100 meters, crossing the river will be on the road to the mountains. Wu Huahai looking down the road from this, the scenery is even more wow. Wan Shan Road to the southeast, on the south side of East Wu Huahai to the highest point, there is a huge rock, known as the Tiger Stone. Tiger stood looking down on the stone, Wu Huahai can observe the whole picture.

Wu Huahai various scenic spots of Jiuzhaigou is the most exciting one. Surrounding hills, shrouded in autumn after a Xuan The Autumn, rich color, attitude million, Jiuzhai to dominate. Wu Huahai of the most colorful on the outlet in the vicinity of the lake, woven into a colorful Zhu Zhu Jin, such as the golden flame. Calcium carbonate with the quality of water, and the chlorophyll content of different aquatic communities, the role of the sun, the colors, turned into a round, a , Blue, Molv, Wong Chui. Cong Lin shore, Orange Red Green reflected on the pool, a colorful, wooden sink and water, plants Dianran each other, the United States and its Youmiao, so named Wu Huahai. Jiuzhai said: Shen Chi Wu Huahai is that the water where Saxiang, where spent Lin Fan, the beautiful and rich.

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Changhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuzhaigou largest Hai Zi - long the sea. Changhai 3060 meters above sea level, covering an area of 300,000 square meters, the top 4450 m, 7.5 km in length, 44.57 m depth, the depth of up to 80 meters. Chang-hai is the son of ancient glaciers, it does not have the outlet, on moraine-block into a lake, south of Changhai Chuan Xuefeng snow on the long sea-water, so that long for the sea, "dissatisfaction with the equipment, leaving the leak gourd Bao", whenever the summer and fall season, a long blue color of sea water, non-polluting liquefied petroleum gas vessel can carry you a long wide sea In cruising, the sea surface of the long winter will end on the thickness of 60 cm of ice, a long time and has become a sea of ice Yang. Long beach all the year round with a stand of "one-armed elderly Parkinson's," Legend of a long sea monster from time to time, and the old guard Bo Chang-hai, hai for a long mysterious add a little color, "one-armed elderly Parkinson's," in fact a tree, Due to years of weathering, it is a strange development of the horizontal tree, no tree on the left-Ya, right Zhangzhexuduo Qiu Sheng-chi, in the aesthetic known as the "tree flag." Friends of the sea platform in the long walk back, we can see evidence of the formation of a long sea "ice boulder," We can go down this path along the cliff about 10 minutes, they had to Wucai Chi.

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Wu Caichi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From a long line down the sea is 1 km Wucai Chi. This mountain 3,000 meters above sea level, on the Wu Caichi deep in the bottom of the ravine in the mountain. Although Wu Caichi Jiuzhaigou in the public sea of the most slim, sleek, but its color is the most gorgeous and, Wu Huahai about the same. Wu Caichi unusually clear, through the water, the pool can be seen STONE the rock face, as the color of the bottom sediments as well as the pool of plants of different colors, the blue color of the lake had become colorful. Zechawagou 18 km long, from Connaught day long until the Long Hai, Jiuzhaigou is in line to visit the four longest, the highest elevation of a tour route.

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Jiuzhaigou? Primeval forest - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuzhaigou a large area of primeval forest, is on the top groove at the end of an Office of the virgin forest is a part of it. Outside the forest, walking at the foot of deep soft moss leaves of fresh, fragrant nose Xiuzhuo humid air, ears listening to birds and Greenfield, who Fu Zhuo Lin wild mountain breeze and watching the eyes of verdant forest, swim Came to like another world, suddenly have a refined sense of extraordinary. Cang, such as branches and leaves and forest cover, Zhetianbiri, forest filled with the aromatic resin. Can be found on the ground covered with wild animals. Into the forest there are back-to-nature, a sense of isolation, Jiuzhai vegetation, sunny lower part of the Chinese pine, oak trees, lush spruce, the lower slope Shan, Qi tree, birch, fir forest, for the upper mountain shrub and alpine meadow.

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Season the sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu Caichi down from the go, quickly reached the season on the sea. Up and down season with the sea water, and the quarter and changes in the autumn, rainfall, high water, winter and spring, gradually lower the water level until early summer, or even all of the lake dried up lake bed covered with grass and become the oxen and horses grazing land . , The next quarter A long distance between the sea, each with its own characteristics. Next season is the most water-color blue, transparent, just like the bright blue ink. Lake side of the road, a large number of plant height of trees, in the fall, the leaves yellow black heart, looked far from Ilex golden light. Next season, leaving the sea along the mountain road to go downhill, full of color on both sides of the Storied. On the left side of the road is a small valley, the valley full of makeup Shen Yan Cai Lin of the major contributing factor.

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Xiong Maohai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiong Maohai an elevation of 2587 meters, 14 meters deep, covering an area of 90,000 square meters. Panda activities here often. Lake strange rock texture, reflected on the lake, Lake and Bangshui naturally under the Health laps of the rounded black pattern looks like the panda's Whitehead, Xiangyingchengqu. ?? ?? Xiongmao Hai Jian Zhuhai in the downhill and not far away. Giant Panda To be an auspicious objects, won the Kushiro Jiuzhaigou Tibetan love. Jiuzhaigou is said to the giant panda's favorite around here, drink plenty of water, food, so that a cat can be called by Hai Zi sea. ?? ?? Xiong Maohai water clarity, a clear reflection, and similar Jian Zhuhai. Especially in the weather and sunny, blue sky and white clouds on the lake, Storied white side, Lake vigil peaks, reflected in the water, a blurred picture. Lake strange rock texture, reflected on the lake, Lake and Bangshui naturally under the Health laps of the rounded black pattern looks like the panda's Whitehead, Xiangyingchengqu.

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Ssangyong sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Sea dragons" in the reeds on the sea, the sea spark falls under the group, Yong Hai Zi in the sea because of two prisoners locked like a submarine named after the long line, there are two legends of ancient Nielong often laid in Jiuzhaigou Hail rain and snow disaster, the disaster brought about by the Tibetans to Jiuzhaigou, after the surrender by the King, the chains with locks on Hai Zi, the actual Was lying on the bottom with two white travertine Digeng. Like two dragon hidden in the sea, squirming want to move, the wind of Health and stare at any time to sky, flying into the sky.

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Cliff Hokyo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cliff is Hokyo bar ditch as there is a huge old quarry area, stands proudly, formed on the surface, far from looking like a big screen. This is the Hokyo Cliff, Cliff, also known as the devil. ?? ?? Legend has it that this is the old quarry area of Jiuzhaigou million, according to Hill's main bar Zhaga erected by the side of Hokyo, following a suppression to ravage the people of the devil, It can not stand up forever.

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Sparks sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ssangyong spark the sea at sea between the sea and Wolong, 2187 meters above sea level, and 9 meters deep, covering an area of 36,352 square meters, the blue color of the water wave-like mirror. The Lake is surrounded by dense forest, the lake in the heavy shade of green, like a piece of jade crystal clear.

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Wolong sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

2215 meters above sea level in Wolong Sea, 22 meters deep. Legend has it that in ancient times, in the vicinity of Heishui He's Black Dragon. Jiuzhai each year honors people only 99 days of precipitation. Bailongjiang sympathy for the people of the White Dragon, want to send Jiuzhai Bailongjiang water, was to block Black Dragon, the dragon fight, White Dragon Tilibuzhi into the lake, the mountains of God Surrender to the Black Dragon. But while the White Bailongjiang return to power, then in the course of time into a long lake bed Huanglong. People miss it, this is called the sea Wolong sea. Wolong around the sea covered with trees and flowers of different colors, a green spring and summer, autumn wind from time to time, full embankment Autumn, the red leaves on trees reflection of Huguangshanse Beautiful. Wolong seabed there is a yellow milk of calcium carbonate sediments, like the shape of a dragon Shen lying in the water, life. Calm lake, through the clear water, as a sleepy Wolonghe the bottom and let people enjoy; breeze lake breeze, the ripple off again, as if in the body Long Xu Peristalsis, slightly stronger winds, rough waves in the lake, Wolong's like being awakened, chasing its tail; if the strong mountain breeze, calm lake broken moment, Shashi Wolong will disappear without a trace. Wolong is a slim, sleek sea-blue lakes, a typical representative of a very strong heart of a magnificent blue. The lake water out of fashion, the details quiet , As a smooth, crystal clear sapphire, caught the attention of visitors.

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Reed Sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuzhaigou into the first reed Hai Zi is the sea, "Reed Sea" 2140 meters above sea level, the total length of 2.2 kilometers, the lake is a swamp and a half. Sea reed problems, water birds fly, Biliuhe stream, Yang Cui shake Green, winding blank lines, flooding one good scenery. "Reed sea", the reed Dang Dang, a green, Xu Feng, the Green Wave and downs. Sough voice, lyrical euphemism, relaxed and happy people. Spring and summer season and a clean color with Reed, packed hole green; autumn and winter, Isshiki golden reeds, such as gold plate on a green, surprised people even could not believe the colors of nature could such a strong contrast. Flowering season is a scene of geese Rong Rong Lu Hua, Saoshounongzi, Niunie for state, set off layers of Xu Chao, attracted teams of egrets, ducks both. As a result of the whole reed in the sea, full of angry, percussive rhythm of a poem, and knock people's hearts.

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Fall Shuzheng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuzhaigou Shu Zheng Shu Zheng falls in the upper reaches of the Hai group that ran the Shuzhengzhaiqian side of the road. Falls 62 meters wide, 15 meters high, is into the ditch to see the first waterfall, Jiuzhaigou is the smallest of the four major falls in a. Although the smallest, but it can travel at the beginning of the human soul-stirring Jiuzhaigou. Along the upper reaches of the lake bank Man Liu Department, was divided into countless trees in the water flow unit, the final pool to the top of the waterfall Shuzheng Yabian Hill, pour down, scattered water, form the elegant expression, tolerance of a big-curtain. Falls fall, come together to form the current Wang Zuoce a surging torrent. Whitecaps rolling down has been a jump Runs off the mill and constantly push the lower reaches of Mill and turning round wooden houses.

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According to bar Kamiyama Zhaga - Chinese tourism scenic spots

According to bar Kamiyama Zhaga 4400 meters above sea level, standing at the bar, such as Ma Road at the end. Kamiyama is said to the Lord of mountains, on the 15th of the lunar month to worship Hill on March 15, and Ma Chi Festival, held here. Believers in groups, some on horseback, some on foot, along a counter-clockwise direction around the rotation Kamiyama, Peter Buddha bless. ?? ?? bar Kamiyama Zhaga according to the vicinity of many scenic spots, such as a recent Falls bar is red into the pool. Kamiyama, such as waterfalls in the bar halfway up the mountain in the dense forest. Feibaochuanlin out of the cliff fall, was intercepted four steps into Diepu 4. Jiuzhai Shenshui as Tibetan. ?? ?? Chi Hung as a result of weeks Mountain named after the red soil showed that Kamiyama is located in Shan mountains to the path of a ridge, was seen as the Tibetan sacred pond. If the bar-bar-Lindau is located on the bridge, such as road side by mountains, forest roads with a total length of 500 meters, on the road over pine needles, Piaomiao rosin, its winding streets is to walk through the forest to the Miao.

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Yan Jian area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yan Jian area is located on the south section of the trench, about 2900 meters altitude, Swan sea, suspended Stephen, primeval forest. The rough spots mysterious, strange Yan Feng, is the ideal place to enjoy the natural beauty.

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House, the ancient city of Songpan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Songpan, ancient song of the state, historic city of Sichuan Province, is famous in the history of the frontier town, referred to as the "gateway to the western Sichuan," the ancient land for the use of forces. Gusong contained in the history of the state, "a brief Ling-Min, Jiang Yuan-control, left Long River, possession of the right dot-com," "Tianfu shield, overcast locked frontier", it has been since the Han and Tang Dynasties, Guan Wei are located here, there are Tuen large number of troops. Tang Dynasty, the Tibetan leader Songtsan Gambo sent to Changan to marry him. Messenger of passing the state song, was detained Zhou Guan, furious Songtsan Gambo, 200,000 soldiers who lead the invasion, Tang captaincy general Han Ham's defeat, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty ordered the Department of History of the Book of History Commission Bentazon army arrived in the state, the battle Chuanzhu Si, Tang Jun victory. Songtsan Gambo back possession after Youqian In order to send envoy of gold and marriage, and do the right thing King will be married Princess Wencheng and Songtsan Gambo, a much-told tale through the ages for the mass. Into the Songpan County, around ten of the Shing Mun tall ancient city walls, well-preserved. According to the "Songpan County," records, 12-year-Wu Ming-hong (1379) Qiang-General of the West Put down in Granville, Mao Dong non-commissioned officers posted in the rebel army, the troops on the north, into the state song, a letter to Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, in the proposed state-song set Wei-jun. Song, Wei set up, Ding Ning, transfer high Methodist significantly to the right of fortification is responsible for matters relating to the western border in the foothills east wall along the riverbank over, took five years to build A section of wall. Ancient wall length 50 cm, 25 cm wide, 12.5 cm thick, the mortar used by the Department of glutinous rice, lime, Aozhi from tung oil, each weighing 30 kg blue, and piled more than 10 meters high, more than 6200 meters long wall, Arduous work. Today, Songpan in the "ditch kiln," "Pa kiln" in the mountains, Left for the fortification of the building and fired brick cellar ancient relics. Ming orthodox Yingzong years (1436-1449), Songpan people change took place. Top of the largest in the Western Hills change the people, can be deployed in the city observed the situation. People become calm, responsible for the Songpan Bingbei crown Yu Shi-chen, in the western city wall built by the foothills of the Hill . Jiajing five-year (1526) Song Pan Zongbing amendment also outside the City Qian Yumi, which lasted 60 years, the city of Songpan system so that only begun to take shape. There are the ancient city of Songpan doors 7: East said, "Yang Kun," the South "extension of smoke," the West "Weiyuan," the North "Qiang town," said the foothills southwest of "Simon", outside 2, the east-west "Linjiang" to the North-South "Fu-ching." Shing Mun to the large section of the parallelepiped stone arch, so that was at the top of the semicircle, the door of the Rock-hard steel on a variety of carving patterns, special ingenuity, thought-provoking. Linjiang Shek Pik on the door, frame engraved with the 16-year-chong (1644) on the relief given the harsh cloth . Fort Portal ancient city wall built in Ming Hongwu, 12-year-Song Wei and Pan Wei, the merger Methodist time to Songpan. 15 openings Joe thick, solid workmanship, for hundreds of years by wind and rain erosion rather not bad. On the surrounding walls can enjoy the magnificent scenery. Songpan city, bridges, the unique landscape, a fast and Lee's ancient city of Songpan from the river at the eastern end of the road around the city to the west across the stream, the cut-off Main Street, Central, nanliu transferred from the South on the left side of the Shing Mun outflow SONGPAN the ancient city, making the whole lively and vivid immediately Songpan city together. In particular, people on both sides of the river, according to a bank of the river set up in the ancient meaning of the scene Zhulou enjoy Yuanshanjinshui, Chang freehand brushwork. Songpan was an important historical memorial. Qing Xianfeng years, heavy taxes, which led to a vigorous Tibetan and Qiang people, anti-big uprising. During six years of the intifada, the uprising's leaders, the leadership of Songpan Qiang is the amount of heroine can be. Rebel army took over nine Kwan had six Fort, occupied Songpan City (now the Songpan County) for two years, repeatedly besieged beat Qing, the eradication of thousands of people Qing

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Zhaga Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhaga Falls 40 km away from the Songpan County, located in the village after the triple scenic Muni Temple trench. Into the original forest, since the post-Huanglong Temple is the only Mizoguchi Zhaga Canyon, Canyon at the end, who is known as the first Chinese travertine falls Zhaga of Great Falls. Zhaga, Shiraiwa Tibetan word for the white water. Zhaga starting point above sea level falls 32 0 meters and 93.2 meters high waterfall, 35 meters width, and height-for waterfalls. Falls are the upper reaches of the lake, the lower reaches of the river bed is a step, the water outflow from the platform to 23 meters per second, the flow rate by three-step ups and travertine, a huge impact on the Shek Pik travertine to form a huge waterfall, Savaka ten, Zhan Gulei such action, Wanmabenteng. The valley filled with water saturated with high concentration of negative oxygen ions, so that people Shen Yi-ching. Whenever the sun, magnificent rainbow, like seven-color dragon, through the clouds and fog.

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Miya Luo Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China's largest red leaves Miya Luo scenic landscape in the area, which is located in Sichuan Aba Tibetan and Qiang autonomous rationale Island County, backed by snow-capped mountains, in the face of the basin, is in Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou - Huanglong travel in the middle of the line from Chengdu City, 263 km. Scenic areas with a total area of 3688 square kilometers, well-known than the North Xiangshan leaves more than 180 times as large scenic areas, China is now open and found the largest and most spectacular scenery of a red leaves scenic area. "Miya Luo" is the Tibetan language, means "the Haoshua Bazi", is located in the Zagunao tributary of the Minjiang River valley area. "Zagunao" Tibetan is also the "good fortune". Scenic mountains with continuous, vertical and horizontal river, the pleasant scenery, especially when the wind's effect, with scenic areas along the river valley Zagunao the two sides in a dense forest of maple, maple tree, birch, pine Liriodendron, such as larch Gradually by frost, the leaves become stained by the beautiful bright red and golden yellow. At this time, Wan Shan Hong Bian, do storied dye, 3 00 square kilometers of leaves, flowers in full bloom, such as red wave of pan-tao, Dan Golden Stream, 3000, 3000, decorated with red leaves land to become a great spectacle. Erdaogou 3300, 3300 Liang, Gou Gou has red leaves, snow has Gou Gou, Gou Gou Quanyong there. Hill was to cover up red leaves, red leaves water dip, the Dow was red leaves Cheng, a Cucu, a round fired into the fall Miya Luo flames. Snow-capped mountains, hot springs, forests, leaves, Tibetan and Qiang culture, a wonderful dream red corridor. Scenic area surrounded by red leaves in the lives of Tibetan and Qiang people, its simple customs and practices of the nation, majestic ancient castle Danzhai, and the Qiang Leather coat, the Tibetan belts of coral, highly characteristic of Tibetan and Qiang ethnic restaurants and construction, gorgeous costumes, strong happy, "Zhuang pot" dance, constitute a great national culture and customs of the Tibetan and Qiang corridor. Miya Luo Scenic Area in Sichuan rationale for the seat of the county, the territory of undulating hills, deep gorges, deep history and heritage of God Canyon of life, but also a place worth visiting. From the territory of Zagunao string up Miya Luo River Red, Hot Springs ditch Gul, Partridge Snow Hill, Bi Penggou, gentian ditch Falls, Cangzhai Qiang villages, Buddhist temples, such as landscape, very harmonious. Launched in November this year, Miya Luo ski project. County traffic rationale for the tenth Convenience, relying on State Road 317 from County Line through-and-ride from Chengdu to the only rationale for the county more than 3 hours. Memo travel transport: from Chengdu by the National Highway 317 to Miya Luo Red Line area, better traffic conditions, Chengdu and Dujiangyan City, Simon station every day to Miya Luo two classes of long-distance bus Road about 6 hours. Miya Luo leaves the area very convenient transportation, its springs, such as leaves and the main scenic spots in the 317 national road near the line, major roads and scenic He Kan Hung original state, Zoige, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong Temple connected to constitute Jiuzhai -- Huanglong - prairie - Miya Luo tourism circle. Live : At present, there are justifications for the county the size of hotels, guest houses more than 30, more than 50 hotels, on the reception capacity of 2,000 passengers. Miya Luo leaves until the end of 10 months in order to see a lot, because Miya Luo average of about 3500 meters above sea level in, so do be done before the detailed preparatory work to bring a raincoat Cold-proof clothing. Restaurant features: Tibetan possession of a burnt meal steamed, pickled cabbage side block, mountain vegetables, Tibetan bacon, sausage, Zhutui incense, wine suck, and so on. There are restaurants Qiang Yang Yu (potatoes) Ciba, mountain vegetables, home-style bacon, Hong Zhutui, corn cake, the silver wrapped rice, buckwheat noodles and pickled cabbage noodles, wheat wheat wine). ?? Yu: Seabuckthorn natural drinks, wild vegetable products, plastic sign red leaves, red leaves wine series. Tibetan handicrafts have Yao Dao, cigarette case, the hot pot, belt, Toupa, jewelry. There are crafts Qiang: The footwear and so on (embroidered shoes), insoles, Toupa, Wei Yao.

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Aba Great Jiuzhai Minjiang tourism drift - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Aba Great Jiuzhai Minjiang River Tourism Co., Ltd. Main drift of the "Long March on the road in the first drift" since the Red Army in Wenchuan beyond the bridge 7 groove, the whole 9 km with a total drop of 20 meters, Sichuan Province, is currently the longest mileage of drifting, drifting experience The most passionate atmosphere of drift motor travel, to fill the A-ba motor drifting tourism project Blank.
Jiuzhai out of the West, return to Chengdu, will be along the Songpan, Maoxian, the three Wenchuan county, "Long March on the road in the first drift" of the terminal at Kai, was in the Battle of the Red Army Yanmenguan the battlefield, standing in Wenchuan County and the city of Red Army Next to the monuments, drifting through the Red Army was fighting off the Red Army River, the terminal arrived in Wenchuan County of 7 trenches, the whole 9 km, drifting time 30-50 minutes, at little cost on the way, never turn back-pass without trouble, which is very convenient itinerary can be said to be on the way to a pleasant Jianlai, Minjiang hug, dance and wave, drift through the Red Army was robbed of the Minjiang, the experience I think that the group will not miss this opportunity.
Said Kai drifting Wenchuan County town of Point Terminal Red Bridge, I tell you to the Red Army two years ago of a bridge crossing the Minjiang story:
May 16, 1935 by Xu Xiangqian, Wang Shusheng led by the Red Army 27 Division 9, 30 Red Army 8 division from the south close to Maoxian Wisconsin (Wenchuan County city), county Tuanzongxuying Bo Jiang Fei, vice-collar South Tuanzong Zheng Tuanding fled to a small number of Minjiang River in the West Bank and the fate Tuanding Minjiang and Tuojiang Bridge Bridge (this Zagunao River ) Cut off in a vain attempt to cut off the channel crossing of the Red Army. May 23, the Red Army stationed in Wisconsin, brought in for bamboo Bamboo rope, in Wisconsin, such as carpentry Li made with the assistance of more than 10 people on June 7 2 bridge repair, so that the Red Army's main crossing into the north Fan Li. KMT for the West to stop crossing of the Red Army, sent aircraft bombed bridge, up to 24 sorties a day. July 5 at Minjiang Bridge was severed. Red iron in the town, the slope by group Assistance from the slope by the mountain to cut bamboo, Ping Sang in the dam day and night in time for bamboo rope, and 7 days to repair the bridge to protect all the main crossing. In 1956, the bridge turned into a cable bridge, and has been Wenchuan County as a youth education in patriotism and monuments always kept down. 2004 Wenchuan County Commission, the county government for improving the Great Jiuzhai "red plus green" travel considerations, the development of investment projects drift to fill a major tourist Jiuzhai Link drifting large red tourism projects blank because the early 20th century??????Long March in writing this feat, so this Flow naturally as the "Long March on the road in the first drift"!
"Long March on the road in the first drift," is not only??????and commemorate the memory of the Long March, at the same time as a special tourism projects red, it tastes great. You take it on a self-challenge, to conquer the natural platform; it You waves between the Valley was a new experience; it allows you to the new historical conditions, the Red Army savor snow-capped mountains to climb, over the grass, the Minjiang River Crossing fearless spirit; it makes your life will be tough!
Dear Friends of the Mission, at this point, maybe you plan to experience a "Long March on the road in the first drift , But it is worried about the safety of it? In fact, this worry is unnecessary. "I drift along the Long March" by experienced, skilled sailor steering, because they are the first from China's Hunan Zhangjiajie drifting drifting Maoyan He's separation from the ranks of sailors, that section of river rafting Sichuan Provincial Communications Department by the experts carried out a rigorous assessment of the security and safety permits issued, "the Long March on the road in the first drift," the use of rubber boats is currently the most advanced purpose-built boat drifting at the same time, the insurance company to assume the 100,000 yuan per person for insurance money, "Long March on the road in the first drift" stop wave Zhou, narrowly, with full insurance factor, I would urge the group at ease.
As the saying goes well, all the better to hear it a try, you tour members, such as Che Xingzhi Wenchuan, the experience may wish to experience the "Long March on the road in the first drift," the feelings of passion filled, the pump wave of the Minjiang River and to stimulate the pleasure! Red aftertaste 20,000 That's the first journey of a thousand miles long march of the heroic epic!

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Siguniang Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Siguniang Mountain scenic area in Aba Prefecture in Sichuan Province is located in Chinese territory Xiaojin Xian, an Qionglai mountains.

It's located in scenic areas on the south side of the mountain on the north bank of the fertile several tributaries, about 220 km away from Chengdu, with a total area of 450 square kilometers, the main peak 6250 meters above sea level, the magnificent, strong view . Because it has one of the beautiful scenery of southern Europe, often referred to as "the Alps of China."

  Siguniang Mountain scenic area rich in natural resources, tourism, water Ying-shan, Bicao loud, modern glaciers and vertical ecological species add radiance to each other, with scenic areas are concentrated in the fourth quarter Glacier relics, and Beryl Tianhe quarry and other geological landscapes, unique geological structure of the ecological created a wealth of plant and animal resources, with its taste world-famous national parks such as Yellowstone, Grand Canyon match. It is also listed as state-level scenic spots, national-level nature reserves, as well as Class AAAA level scenic spots at home with the current Wolong, Fengtongzhai Giant Panda Nature Reserve, together with an application submitted to the International UNESCO World Natural Heritage.

  Hill linked to the forests, lakes attached, linked to shoot outside world as the source of beauty: Shuangqiao Gou, Chang Pinggou, sea Zaigou ... ... all the way trip, Huaxiangniaoyu the way, if a word used to describe the phrase is Well, we are all familiar with the words: mountain has four seasons, different days Shiliquan.

  Siguniang Mountain scenic spot is the representative of the opening to the outside world is climbing the 10 peaks of one. Siguniang Mountain as its name, should also be Three peaks, three girls Hill (5664 m), the girl Hill (5454 m), Lady Hill (5355 m), in addition to five colors Hill (5430 meters), top Hill (5472).

Siguniang Mountain East and the Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve, which borders the south Fengtongzhai Giant Panda Nature Reserve to form panda ecological corridor. She's surrounded by beautiful scenery where a large number of: Jinshan folder, the world's largest funnel - funnel Wai Tower, Bifeng Xia, and Xiling Snow Mountain, the justifications for the county Miya Luo, the justifications, such as Bi Penggou County, formed a Siguniang Mountain for Link tourism center.

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