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Florida tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dazhou City, Sichuan Province is located in north-eastern part of Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei is located in Shaanxi interface is the four western Chinese city --- Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an, Wuhan radiation intersection at the center of the region, jurisdiction-ku, Daxian, Dazhu, Qu Xian, Xuanhan County, the county, the province hosted Wanyuan Shi jurisdiction, the area of 16,600 square kilometers in size, Population 6,380,000 Home section 3 of the province, the province's economic aggregate ranked No. 5. Florida is China, "Han Que town" and "Ramie town", the province is an important natural gas, coal, chemical industry base, is the province's major commodity grain and oil base, Sichuan is a large population of the city, the agricultural market, The industrial city of Sichuan pay And the hub of Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei provinces and cities in Shaanxi four interface of trade and business center.
Has a long history, Renjiedeling. Florida is an ancient Ba, from the Eastern Han Yong-yuan Teijin 2002 (the year 90 years) legacy for the county, the calendar for the state, county, government, agency, the seat of the region, Sui, Tang said Tung Chau, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing to Florida, to 1900 has been years. Florida is the former County area an important part of the establishment in 1993 Dachuan area in 1999 to withdraw up to the establishment of the city. Florida has been in the Song Dynasty upbringing writer Zhang Xun, a famous thinker of the Qing Dynasty Tang Zhen, and other celebrities generation. Florida Chuan-Shan was an important revolutionary base , Xu Xiangqian, Li Xiannian, Xu Shiyou, Wang Wei Zhou, and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation had fought here, out of the Zhang Aiping, Chen Bojun, Wei traditions, such as Shouzhi to the Republic of the more than 50 players.
Convenient traffic, active trade. Dazhou in Sichuan Province is Tongjiang the East Sea Channel, National Highway 21 , 318 vertical and horizontal lines throughout; Xiangfan, to reach the railway, the railway connections and up to 10,000; River City airport after the resumption of flights is a direct route to Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and other places; up to Chongqing Expressway have been completed and opened to traffic, 2 Hours straight on Chongqing, Chengdu to have only 3 and a half hours; up to high-speed public Shaanxi Is also planning and construction, River shipping channel by a direct route to Chongqing and Shanghai. Florida Today, the catchment have been completed and ground and air transportation as one of the three-dimensional network. Good location and transport advantages to speed up the flow of people, goods, capital and information flows to Florida to gather at the same time due to Florida with a large population, large market potential, Florida has become a Second five logistics centers in the world, very active in the flow of commerce.
Rich, rich products. The city has proven to the development and utilization of 28 kinds of mineral, natural gas, potassium salt, limestone, coal, gypsum, K-rich brine, sulfur mine, lithium, strontium, manganese, vanadium, and so on, is rich in reserves, especially natural gas reservoir As much as 1.5 trillion cubic meters, second only to Xinjiang, the country's third-largest in the East China Sea gas field. Good industrial base, has natural gas, coal, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, medicine, food, textile, and other pillar industries, foster a fortune out of steel group, Ying-hua electricity, coal up to Penny, hwachon cars, Sichuan cable, Chuan rubber ring , Diao Tianfu, a bright plastic, Ma Chi-peng, Ma Jinqiao industry and a number of other enterprises. Florida agricultural products rich in resources and great potential for value-added processing, is the province's major commodity grain and oil, livestock and poultry, ramie, tea, herbal medicines production base Dengying beef, de Buxus, Laozao the Eastern Han Dynasty, ramie Otake, County yellow, the River, such as olive and ginkgo known inside and outside the Ba-Shu, the characteristics of agriculture and industrialization of agriculture development prospects.
Beautiful landscape, ecological and pleasant. The city has a national heritage unit 2, AA national-level tourism zone 2, a state-level forest park at the provincial level scenic spots 4, the province Forest Park 3, a provincial nature reserve. A variety of natural and cultural landscape colorful. Xuanhan Luojiaba Palestinian cultural sites worthy of the "Sanxingdui" good, great development potential; Quxianhanque called China's ancient cultural treasures; the source of eight million Taishan, Hill calyx magnificent magnificent, lofty deep, "Sichuan Emei The reputation; Xuanhan One-Hundred-li, beautiful, deep twists and turns, not the increasingly rising of the Three Gorges in the Three Gorges; Otake Wufengshan even more than 10,000 acres of bamboo sponge, for the word "bamboo root of the world"; Daxian really is a group Temple Foshan set of "Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, "religion-in-one resort.

Government integrity, excellent service. In the city to encourage the development and improvement of preferential policies for foreign enterprises to set up investment service centers, the implementation of "one window to the outside world, Banjie one-stop, one-stop service" and "the whole deputy, Teshiteban, Banjie limit" system To improve the quality of service, efficiency; vigorously Building market environment for fair competition and pro-business, pro-business, security, love's Home Affairs in an effort to create a favorable legal environment. To improve the soft investment environment and the promotion of the city's rapid economic and social development.

Business opportunities, has a bright future. At present, the Dazhou municipal government to unite and lead the all - Of the people and vigorously carry forward the "guiding ideology of truth-seeking, pragmatic work style, work stress is the effect" of the "three false", earnestly implement the "Director-General would like to, dare-General, the Director-General of good, do succeed," the "four-dry," requirements, adhere to the scientific Development concept, the full implementation of the "integration into the Chengdu-Chongqing, Qinba linkage, strong emphasis on agricultural workers, are living Xingcheng Bounds to catch up with, the city of wealthy and strong country, "the development, and unswervingly promote the development by leaps and bounds in the next 3-5 years 30,000,000,000 yuan of investment, accelerate the construction of a number of key projects going all out to build the western part of China" coal and natural gas chemical industry base . "
Florida is a hot spot for the reform and opening up, investment is a Florida-hing The park; Florida business opportunities, great potential and bright prospects of development. Florida's open welcome people from all walks of life to reach the state tourism, invest in, the development of cooperation for a better tomorrow.

Prosperous business center,

In recent years, the city reached Play at a unique advantage, transportation advantages to develop the flow of commerce, "Xing Shi circulation," the strategy of strengthening market infrastructure, market cultivation, to build the fleet, the gas gathering business, and strive to build Qinba area and commercial center, has made significant Results. 2003 retail sales of consumer goods amounted to 9 .4 Billion, an increase of 15.2 percent, an increase of the province's No. 2 home. Of which: retail sales in urban markets 5,220,000,000 yuan, up 15.8 percent; rural market retail sales 4,220,000,000 yuan, up 14.5 percent.
Florida highlight the advantage of goods radiation resistant Strong popularity. Florida is located in Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi E interface, since ancient times and numerous merchants. In recent years, the transport and communications infrastructure improved, Xiangfan, to reach the railway, the railway connections and up to 10,000, 210,318 National Longitudinal throughout, River shipping channel Tongjiang Sea, reaching all-Chongqing Expressway Open to traffic by the end of River City Airport will resume service, Florida has developed into a catchment for one of the three-dimensional air transportation network. Postal and telecommunications industry has also made rapid development. The unique location, transportation and communications hub advantages to promote the goods of radiation significantly enhance the ability now to attract the country's 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions Florida influx of business, the Shanghai Group, Hong Kong, South interest groups, to win the whole Beijing, Taiwan companies such as De Keshi have been settled Florida development.
Since last year, Florida vigorously implement the "integrated into the Chengdu-Chongqing, Qinba linkage, strong emphasis on agricultural work, live Xingcheng, to catch up with the leaps and bounds, the city of wealthy and strong country," the "24 words" made Ideas flow of commerce industry full of vigor. Florida-based private individuals to build a positive business flow of forces to form a state-owned, collective, joint venture, joint-stock system, and other individual economic sectors, the coexistence of a variety of management and multi-channel, a small link in the development of competing for the new circulation pattern. In 2003, the people Retail sales enterprises 5,580,000,000 yuan, accounting for 59.1 percent market share, an increase of 24% compared to 2002 increased 3 percentage points. The flow of commerce through innovative marketing, chain from scratch and to flourish, all forms of convenience stores, chain supermarkets, chain stores, etc. With the development of e-commerce, logistics and distribution, and other modern retailers have begun to progress. At present, the chain outlets in the city over 1600, 2003, the city's retail chain to achieve 2,050,000,000 yuan, total retail sales of consumer goods accounted for about 21.7 percent. The city has been focusing on cultivating tobacco companies, CNPC Florida , Florida business group, the Pharmaceutical Group day Thailand, the metal material, supply and marketing group Nong Xin, Xinhua Bookstore Co., Ltd., China Grain and Oil Trade Corporation, the backbone of 8-commerce enterprises, in 2003 sales revenue of 2,730,000,000 yuan, and taxes to achieve 109 million Yuan, respectively, compared with 29.7 growth in 2002 , 6.2%. The development of commodity markets in the ascendant, the shape of a wide range of the market system. Only by the end of 2003, the city has 563 kinds of commodity markets, operating with a total area of nearly 1,000,000 square meters. Foreign trade export, there has been new development, export of textile products in addition to the two major types of meat consumption and the main Commodities, has been expanded to machinery and electronic products, herbal medicines, furniture and other products, self-export volume of foreign trade in 2003 reached 10,300,000 U.S. dollars, representing 36.1 percent growth in 2002.

New Chapter of Agricultural Industrialization

Dazhou, Sichuan since ancient times City and industry, the country's major production base of commodity grain and oil. In recent years, the city amounted to adhere to the scientific concept of development, the industrialization of agriculture to develop and promote agricultural and rural economic development. In 2003, Florida agricultural output, grain output ranked second in the province, the total output of meat, the total output of township enterprises Ranked third in the province, the per capita net income of farmers reached 2353 yuan, 130 yuan more than the previous year.
Florida features a rich agricultural resources, processing and value-added potential. Xuanhan of dairy cattle, the source of million of the old house and chickens and goats plate angle, the White River, and other unique poultry, the ramie Otake, Drainage The yellow flower, the Daxian sericulture, the source of the selenium-enriched million ears and a mushroom tea (black ears, white ears, mushrooms), Xuanhan the authentic Chinese herbal medicines, such as cash crops long enjoyed a good reputation. In recent years, the Florida market-oriented in order to increase income for farmers goals, to develop agricultural industrialization.
First, the professional development of the rural cooperative economy Texture. SCO specifically in rural areas of the city a total of 1426, of which 16 were "province of Nong Jixie 100" title, with total assets of 3.2 billion in operating income 2,000,000,000 yuan, driven 318,000 farmers get rich.
The second is to cultivate leading enterprises. The city a total of more than 400 leading enterprises, Die more than 60 leading enterprises, the focus of leading enterprises at the provincial level 6. January to May this year, the province focused on leading enterprises in the completion of municipal revenue 645,000,000 yuan, the realization of tax 55,640,000 yuan.
The third is to actively adjust the industrial structure of agriculture. At present, Liang Jing broadcast side of the city to reach more than 65:35, Integrated Product Quality Product rate of 48%.
Fourth, focusing on cultivating a pillar industry, building a base of goods. Ramie development of the city, beef cattle, tea, olive four pillar industries, building strong, "high-quality grain and oil, livestock and poultry, ramie, tea, fruit, medicinal herbs" such as the six major commodity base. The city has been built National meat (milk) bovine base County 3, the national oil base in a county, provincial base in County Boehmeria 2, the major tea producing provinces County 2, provincial pigs base 5 county, provincial and county water base 3 , Quxian yellow, orange base was identified as "pollution-free agricultural products base in Sichuan Province," Otake high-quality agricultural products, China has been opened Association named "China Ramie town."
The fifth is to actively promote the development of services. Florida has always been to services in rural economic development as a new growth point came, and made remarkable achievements. 2001-2003, the city lost an average annual surplus rural labor force to 1,080,000, an average annual labor More than 3.0 billion into the city services per capita income of farmers in more than 600 yuan.

Favored the development of natural gas

Dazhou City is rich in natural resources, the reserves of 1,500,000,000,000 cubic meters, second only to Xinjiang, the country's third-largest in the East China Sea gas field China Petroleum Group, Southwest Oil and Gas Field Branch of the formation of Sichuan Gas Field in northeast China Petrochemical Corporation and the Southwest branch into Florida, with overall responsibility for natural gas exploration, development, construction and management of terminals and market development. Faced with a golden opportunity for development, the municipal government attach great importance to the requirements of Xuanhan County Committee, County House well cite the county's ability to develop natural gas resources, with greater courage and more pragmatic style, more preferential policies, more flexible measures to actively create a good development environment to create a pro-business, pro-business, security , An administrative business environment, all in Sichuan Province to build an important base for natural gas and chemical industry.
Ming and integrity of the state-owned enterprises has attracted two major oil companies in Xuanhan 100-billion-dollar investment. Sinopec Group, Southwest Branch with a total investment of 5.62 billion plan to develop natural gas, natural gas purification plant to invest 1.5 billion. PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Branch in Xuanhan 2.5 billion investment to build Luojiazhai purification plant, To invest 1.3 billion phase of the project, in January 2007 formally completed and put into operation, the day after the completion of processing sour gas 600 Million in annual foreign 1,660,000,000 cubic meters of natural gas transmission, with an annual output of 300,000 tons of sulfur.

The second phase of the project to invest 1.2 billion put into operation in 2009, the year outside the transmission of natural gas 500,000,000 cubic meters, with an annual output of 260,000 tons of sulfur. The plant will be built on the domestic as well as Asia's largest capacity to deal with a maximum sulfur content of the purification plant. At the same time, will also invest nearly 50 billion yuan, the development of a number of other gas fields. In March this year, the Hong Kong Minglun Group Xuanhan optimistic about the rich natural gas reserves, to invest 10 Xuanhan yuan in the establishment of natural gas as raw materials, "an annual output of 400,000 tons of methanol" has officially started the construction of the project. The RMB project is expected to achieve annual sales income 529,200,000 yuan, investment profit margin 13.45%, investment profit rate of 23.6 percent, the payback period (after tax) in 7.31 The project marks the start of the city amounted to make full use of natural gas resources to carry out a comprehensive development and utilization of natural gas has entered a new stage of development for the construction of natural gas and chemical industry base in the city and lay a solid foundation. Florida's natural gas resources, comprehensive utilization, and will certainly promote the lead and the Florida secondary and tertiary industries in the rapid development of Florida will bring great economic and social benefits.

Tourism and Culture illustrious

Florida, said in ancient times, "Tongzhou", has a long history and deep cultural and natural environment, history and culture, the Red Army culture, unique folk customs and cultural special With the construction and development of leisure tourism, eco-cultural tourism of the unique advantages of Sichuan Tourism is the type of complete and high-grade tourism market.
At present, the city has AA national-level tourism zone 3 (Daxian really Foshan, Xuanhan One-Hundred-li, Quxian Longtan - Han Que), a state-level forest park Wufengshan Otake), the provincial-level scenic spots 4 (Daxian really Foshan, Xuanhan One-Hundred-li, the source of eight million Taishan - Longtan River, Longtan Quxian - Han Que), the provincial-level nature reserve 2 (hundred Xuanhan Gap Lane, Wan Shan source calyx), the provincial Forest Park 4 (LEIN shop and Daxian Tieshan, Quxian large sloping ridge, Xuanhan Guanyin ). Florida history and culture of ancient massive, national key cultural unit 2 (Quxianhanque and Xuanhan Luojiaba sites), the national patriotism education bases in a (Source million World War Battle Gallery), the province's key cultural unit 14. Xuanhan Luojiaba sites, since 3000-4700 , 33, highlights the grave of King Hou traces of Pakistan, is the largest pre-Qin cultural sites; Quxianpinghuan, such as Shen Fu Jun 7 Que (Han Que said the town), is the largest group of Han Que, with exquisite art Known to the world, Chinese and foreign historians and caused widespread concern in the sinologist; Daxian really Foshan, a pair of Buddhist temple Pierce the sky, is a set of "Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism," religion-in-one resort. Florida is the old revolutionary base areas, so as to the source of Battle World War million museum, memorial hall, Wang Zhou, the former residence of Zhang, represented the remains of red, vivid reproduction of that year Xu Xiangqian, Li Xiannian, Zhou Wang, Zhang Aiping, and other revolutionaries of the older generation of blood and fire The course of fighting. Florida colorful folk culture. Three color booths Quxian Department, Cai Gaoqiao, acrobatics, drama in a furnace, one of China must be called;-high nine Kawamoto, de grass pull out gongs, suona Otake, such as the renowned folk de Prachuab inside and outside.

Yen Chin-new city Dazhou City in promoting the "three changes", has always been to operate as a focus of the city, into new concepts, innovative business ideas, and highlight the characteristics highlight Florida, so that old Florida for a new look, in 2003 to operate the city's urban Income 857,000,000 yuan, an increase over the same period last year 620,000,000 , Ranking fourth in the province. In the first half of this year, the completion of the city's urban infrastructure investment 270,000,000 yuan, accounting for the full year goal of 54% of the mission, the Center City District invested 113 million, and other counties (cities, districts) investment 157,000,000 yuan. Shi Benji operating income of urban 11053.6 Million.
To make up for a serious shortage of construction funds, who Dazhou City to open up channels of financing. According to "speed up the transformation of the three, three-forward the process" of the total requirements of the city to operate the innovative idea of the city, those who adhere to the rules of market economy can operate all of our resources into the operation of the city's Fan , To promote the full range of urban land, minerals and water, gas, sewage treatment, urban taxi, bus lines operating in cities such as the right to public welfare undertakings, the operation of public resources. The successful launch of the 1053 urban taxi operators the right to a public auction, the auction to achieve revenue 80,740,000 yuan; head of the city water supply and drainage, City Gas Corporation, the city power company, city sewage treatment plants, such as the implementation of several public enterprises and institutions to sell as a whole, the current preparations have been basically completed.
As the urban planning and construction management of the power forward, Florida to further accelerate the process of urbanization, in 2003 the city's urbanization level increased to 1 .8% By the end of 2003 City Center into an area of 24 square kilometers, the urban population of 35 million people, compared with the end of 2002, the increase in the area of built-up area of about 3 square kilometers, the urban population grew by 30,000 people or so, expansion into central city Accelerated phase. Dazhou municipal government decided to seize the plane Through years of efforts to build Florida population of 500,000 or more, the built-up area for more than 40 square km area of full-featured, fully-largest city.

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