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House, the ancient city of Songpan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Songpan, ancient song of the state, historic city of Sichuan Province, is famous in the history of the frontier town, referred to as the "gateway to the western Sichuan," the ancient land for the use of forces. Gusong contained in the history of the state, "a brief Ling-Min, Jiang Yuan-control, left Long River, possession of the right dot-com," "Tianfu shield, overcast locked frontier", it has been since the Han and Tang Dynasties, Guan Wei are located here, there are Tuen large number of troops. Tang Dynasty, the Tibetan leader Songtsan Gambo sent to Changan to marry him. Messenger of passing the state song, was detained Zhou Guan, furious Songtsan Gambo, 200,000 soldiers who lead the invasion, Tang captaincy general Han Ham's defeat, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty ordered the Department of History of the Book of History Commission Bentazon army arrived in the state, the battle Chuanzhu Si, Tang Jun victory. Songtsan Gambo back possession after Youqian In order to send envoy of gold and marriage, and do the right thing King will be married Princess Wencheng and Songtsan Gambo, a much-told tale through the ages for the mass. Into the Songpan County, around ten of the Shing Mun tall ancient city walls, well-preserved. According to the "Songpan County," records, 12-year-Wu Ming-hong (1379) Qiang-General of the West Put down in Granville, Mao Dong non-commissioned officers posted in the rebel army, the troops on the north, into the state song, a letter to Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, in the proposed state-song set Wei-jun. Song, Wei set up, Ding Ning, transfer high Methodist significantly to the right of fortification is responsible for matters relating to the western border in the foothills east wall along the riverbank over, took five years to build A section of wall. Ancient wall length 50 cm, 25 cm wide, 12.5 cm thick, the mortar used by the Department of glutinous rice, lime, Aozhi from tung oil, each weighing 30 kg blue, and piled more than 10 meters high, more than 6200 meters long wall, Arduous work. Today, Songpan in the "ditch kiln," "Pa kiln" in the mountains, Left for the fortification of the building and fired brick cellar ancient relics. Ming orthodox Yingzong years (1436-1449), Songpan people change took place. Top of the largest in the Western Hills change the people, can be deployed in the city observed the situation. People become calm, responsible for the Songpan Bingbei crown Yu Shi-chen, in the western city wall built by the foothills of the Hill . Jiajing five-year (1526) Song Pan Zongbing amendment also outside the City Qian Yumi, which lasted 60 years, the city of Songpan system so that only begun to take shape. There are the ancient city of Songpan doors 7: East said, "Yang Kun," the South "extension of smoke," the West "Weiyuan," the North "Qiang town," said the foothills southwest of "Simon", outside 2, the east-west "Linjiang" to the North-South "Fu-ching." Shing Mun to the large section of the parallelepiped stone arch, so that was at the top of the semicircle, the door of the Rock-hard steel on a variety of carving patterns, special ingenuity, thought-provoking. Linjiang Shek Pik on the door, frame engraved with the 16-year-chong (1644) on the relief given the harsh cloth . Fort Portal ancient city wall built in Ming Hongwu, 12-year-Song Wei and Pan Wei, the merger Methodist time to Songpan. 15 openings Joe thick, solid workmanship, for hundreds of years by wind and rain erosion rather not bad. On the surrounding walls can enjoy the magnificent scenery. Songpan city, bridges, the unique landscape, a fast and Lee's ancient city of Songpan from the river at the eastern end of the road around the city to the west across the stream, the cut-off Main Street, Central, nanliu transferred from the South on the left side of the Shing Mun outflow SONGPAN the ancient city, making the whole lively and vivid immediately Songpan city together. In particular, people on both sides of the river, according to a bank of the river set up in the ancient meaning of the scene Zhulou enjoy Yuanshanjinshui, Chang freehand brushwork. Songpan was an important historical memorial. Qing Xianfeng years, heavy taxes, which led to a vigorous Tibetan and Qiang people, anti-big uprising. During six years of the intifada, the uprising's leaders, the leadership of Songpan Qiang is the amount of heroine can be. Rebel army took over nine Kwan had six Fort, occupied Songpan City (now the Songpan County) for two years, repeatedly besieged beat Qing, the eradication of thousands of people Qing

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