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Jianlou the front door - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ming Jian Lou front door orthodox four-year (1439), have elapsed since the 450-year history. Ming and Qing dynasties, with Jianlou Zhengyang Men linked to the tower walls to form a big Weng Cheng. Republic of China, Weng Cheng has been gradually dismantled, the Jian Lou Wei-hung, standing alone at the southern end of Tiananmen Square, and every other floor Zhengyang Men Sea. For hundreds of years, the front door Jianlou war history, a thing of the past changes in honor of the motherland as a witness. It witnessed the humiliation of our old social history; it also witnessed the Chinese people at home and abroad against the enemies of the rule of oppression of one of the magnificent scenes of heroic struggle; it and stand up Chinese people, the cheers of the socialist revolution and construction of a new one after another victory. Today's front door Jian Lou, do read Spring in the world, and people into the reform and opening up great new historical period. A standing tall and straight as the officers and men, loyal to the people guarding the square.

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Long An Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long An Temple is located in Chongwen District in north-east of White Bridge No. 1. Beijing is a famous Buddhist temple outside the city. Beijing in 1984 is listed as heritage conservation unit. Long An Temple next five years Jingtai (1454) was built. 37 Wanli (1609), Tsui Lam monks in Sichuan after the rehabilitation of the permitted Ying Tong 3. Now The down-to-deposit form, although 47 years Qing Emperor Kangxi (1708) repair, but can still see the architectural style of the Ming Dynasty temple. Long An Temple, sitting south, an area of 10,000 square meters, 160 meters long from north to south, east, more than 60 meters wide, to preserve the basic layout of the building intact. Ago Xie Shanding Fangmu masonry structure of the Mountain Gate, single-arch portal Upper amount of "Chi Jian Long An Temple." Hill has about 10 minutes inside the Gulou (already destroyed). Zhu Dian Dian followed by King, Qian Dian, and the Main Hall Houdian - Land Agency. The hall are hard green glazed tile roof Hill, magnificent momentum, the comparable monastery non-general. Major Dianqian Everything has a side hall in a palace. Bring up the rear in the former has a stage to the north, for the Department of Fotu their "1000" was held ritual act in an opera based Jingfo. There are relics of the existing four-Stone, the earliest age for the next five years Jingtai monument, the Temple after a long an account of the creation of the remaining parties are the rehabilitation of previous tablets. King There are two backyard more than 500 years of Beijing Cooper and two rare trees pulling. Beijing to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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King's College Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

King's College is located in Chongwen District in the western Taiwan, Chongwen Dongxiao outside the city, 203 Main Street. It is the middle of the Qing Dynasty (1750) in the capital of the establishment of a College. King's College, the predecessor of the Department of Taiwan, down Hongcheng Chou Ching Ming will be the private residence - Hong Zhuang. 39 Qing Emperor Kangxi (1700), Qian Jing Zhaoyin Tin-based justice, the meager collection of Health to study children. Since then, the tranquil sound of loud reading of the manor has been studying voice, to become the capital of the free school is located. Kangxi Teciyushu "Yu-wide group to" horizontal inscribed board. 15 Qianlong (1750) officially changed its name to "The College of Taiwan." King's College Taiwan under the governing institution Shun Tianfu , The students collected mainly in the provinces and the capital will be ready to participate in the trial, the Palace and the Juren Gong Sheng, but the Shuntian Fu Tong-sheng will also attend. College to host more well-known people. Teaching is the main content of the Eight-part Essay exercises, copying Fateh, sometimes by a number of books to teach moral principles. School personnel found, the Shang Shu immediately recommended. Exceptional species in order to the spirit of the Qing Dynasty, training manuals for the hospital and school personnel to identify the purpose is very clear. King's College in Taiwan 22 years of Qing dynasty (1842) repair, five-year Guangxu (1875), once again rebuilt. After rehabilitation, the College much better than it is. With the front of the Sector Yingbi linked to the tile as a barrier at the entrance there is lying stone lions, exquisite Diaogong, is spectacular. Guanting Chuihua the middle of the Gate Tower, all fitted with inlaid wood carving, decorated with oil paintings, appears to be elegant and solemn. East-West text field repair, not only spacious and bright, but also corridors. The tables and chairs inside Tim, attended to provide all the better Learning conditions. Sanshiyinian Guangxu (1905) the abolition of the imperial examination system, the implementation of school education, the College was closed, replaced by straight school. And then had several changes of the capital known as the 16th public primary schools, primary schools Dongxiao City, Beiping Shi of the National Center for the 12th District primary and Kowloon Central Primary School, Chong First District Central Primary School, and so on. Chongwen District in 1973 changed the city of Dongxiao primary, in 1983 and twice in 1986 for the renovation of school buildings, renovation and expansion.

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Hokkeji - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hokkeji at Hokkeji Street, Chongwen District, was built during the unknown. Qing Emperor Kangxi and repair Tongzhi years, outside the city of Beijing is one of the Temple. Hokkeji its construction are the Mountain Gate, the main hall and three East and West side hall in a palace. Xie Shanding Mountain Gate for the three-room building, the Mountain Gate for two lattice windows, doors are there between the coupon reads " Hokkeji-hing. "Then into the main hall are three Miankuo three-room, and Qianlang. East and west side hall in a palace on both sides of the room for three. In addition to the main building, east and west have Kuayuan, dozens of housing, In many years, has been turned into temporary Ting Ling Ling's room. Clock is, had kept Drum Tower, only the Mountain Gate, the main hall into three parts and offers. Hokkeji is in the vicinity of the Qing Dynasty stationed troops of the Eight Banners, said the barracks, Junji 18 (1661) blue flag was set up to teach the market. Monastery to focus on the protection of cultural relics Chongwen District.

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Beijing Amusement Park Phantom Aquarium - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Amusement Park Aquarium phantom amusement park located in the center of the island, an area of 2000 square meters, is a phantom water aquarium with the general stands of the aquarium staggered aquarium is also China's first Phantom aquarium. Museum modern sound, Light, electricity and other high-tech way to show a Gorgeous color, magic and unpredictable, volatile deep-sea aquarium in the world. Harbor Library has caves, ancient ruins, shipwrecks, coral, UFO waters, deep-sea scenery, tropical scenery, the Chinese garden scene 8. The Library can be found in the touch percutaneous phantom aquarium can watch the magic Aquarium and large-screen Phantom of the World Aquarium, to bring you that the vast and mysterious ocean world, take a stroll in this lovely body nearly 100 species, different shapes of tropical fish, sea fish, shellfish, the type of deep-sea coral aquarium in the world, Can clearly see the fish swimming in the leisure, barbed touch dolphins, jellyfish touch, grasping Ma, a beautiful aquarium, as a microcosm of the Underwater World, that is, it meets the people's yearning for the sea, but also appropriate to maintain the "aesthetic distance" here, financial knowledge, interest and enjoyment in one, is The majority of visitors to be a good viewing, places to visit.

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Man-made lake park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Man-made Lake Park Monastery is located on the south side of Main Street, an area of about 90,000 square meters, accounting for half of the surface area. Europe not only the park's landscape style, beauty and beautiful fountains, there are large swathes of green grass and sculptures of different styles. Address: Xicheng District Six Andrew Kang shop on the 15th

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Beihai Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beihai Park located in the downtown area in the north-west of the Forbidden City, and as a result of China Shipping, the South China Sea, said the three sub-sea named after. There was Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties gradually build 5 from the emperor Gong Yuan, China's oldest, most complete, comprehensive and the most representative one of the royal garden. Park to the whole mythology of A pool of three mountains "(too much liquid pool, Penglai, the abbot, Chou) the idea of the layout, in the form of unique, deep rich color fantasy mood.

Beijing Beihai Park was built in the Liao Dynasty, the expansion of the repair history,?????to large-scale conversion, the basic form of this pattern, since nearly the Millennium History of our country's oldest existing, to preserve the integrity of one of the royal garden.

Beihai Park since before the Revolution, all of the Royal Regency, covering about 69 hectares of land, water surface area of 39 hectares, the park's landmarks for the Qionghua located in Baita Temple Wing of the island.

Baita Jian Year in 1651, Junji clearance for eight years, as a result of the Tibetan lamas get mad at the request Khan-built, Beijing is a city most famous La Mata, the whole building elegant Qingli, the rough is different from other magnificent La Mata. The following review for the tower dome bowl, setting a positive vision of the gate, dedicated to the Sanskrit "with 10 comfortable," by Tasha Three-phase round, disk-day, construction sites, Yang, a round-ray, the Pearl of the flame Xiangdie bottom-up component.

As a result of Emperor Qianlong obsession "Garden of Music", so in the southern North Sea in large-scale replica garden, the garden also in possession of numerous treasures, unfortunately, in the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded Beijing in conjunction with the Yuanmingyuan was robbed , The park building has been damaged.

The Empress was a pleasure rest of the royal garden, restored in 1925 after the park opened to the outside world. In recent decades, has been constantly training and maintenance. The Beihai Park is a national 4A level scenic areas, scenic areas into Qiongdao, on the north shore of scenic spots, Town area, east coast area, a botanical garden in the North Sea in five parts, each with its own characteristics, there are well-known scenic spots Pu Ho, vegetarian restaurant, vegetarian for a better tomorrow, King Hall, the snow quickly together, Nine Dragon Wall, Five Long Ting, Xiao Xitian, and so on, weeping willow in the park Shade, Calocedrus pines, the garden dies, scattered pavilions, temples Sensen not only maintained gardens in the north of the atmosphere Reproduction is also the landscape of southern Subtle grace.

The construction of the North Sea from an old myth: It is said that Hao Han's has three mountains on the East China Sea, known as Penglai, Chou, abbot; long life lived on the mountain gods of death. Qin Shi Huang unified China, Xu FANG sent to the East China Sea search for immortality medicine can be a Obtained. By the Han Dynasty, Emperor also start with a long life dream of immortality can still find no results, then ordered to dig in the north of Chang'an a large pool, "pool is too fluid," the pool of three stacked rockery, respectively Penglai, near Chau, the abbot named three mountains. Since then, successive emperors like to follow the example of "a pool Mountain "in the form of the construction of the Royal Gong Yuan. Beihai is taken in this way - a symbol of the North Sea," too liquid pool "," Qionghua Island "is the Penglai, in the water in the original" Mission City "and" Hill rhinoceros Taiwan " Chou is a symbol and the abbot. Garden "Lvgong hole", "Um immortal," "Sin for copper plate Ruth," and many other relics of the Qiuxian The first is a general of the North Sea waters, there are islands in the water "Yao Island." Jin started digging pile Lake Hill, the expansion of Yao Island, called "Qionghua Island," built on the island, "Yao Guang Temple", "Han Guang Temple", from Bianliang (now Kaifeng) moved to Burgundy Yue Hua stacked stone rockery, North Sea have begun to take shape. Yuan Dynasty Qionghua continued expansion of the Island, called "Long live the Hill" and "Longevity Hill," 'Hill ditch, "and use it as the capital of the Center for the construction of large, so" first in the North Sea after Beijing. "Ming Dynasty, the palace became the North Sea After the Garden, Xiyuan said, before digging in the South China Sea, east coast of bulldozers, rhinoceros and the City Mission Hill land link with Taiwan, and "Kim Dong Yu Ao Bridge." Qing Dynasty, Han Guang-Dian Li tower built on the site of Temple, "White Pagoda Temple", later renamed the "Temple Wing," said Qionghua Island for the Baita Mountain. Qianlong period of the North Sea and carried out large-scale construction, construction for 30 years. Guangxu of the times, she embezzled military naval repair of the North Sea, for pleasure. After the Revolution of August 1925, the North Sea into the park to be open to visitors, but poor management of waste gradually, to the establishment of the People's Republic of China on the eve has become an overgrown with weeds, mud deposition of the Huang Yuan. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, Beihai Park is listed as national key cultural , And three sea dredging, repair buildings, increase the facilities, the North Sea so that the more wonderful, the people rest of the tour destination. In 1987, Beijing in the North Sea as one of the new King 16.

From the south gate entrance, the path was built in the Yuan Yong-bridge, see the "heap cloud", "Ji Cui," the two Painting of St. Paul, in the face of the whole park is at the center - Qionghua Island, referred to as Qiongdao. If the shade cover on the island, linked to the Diange. Junji built opposite is the beginning of 2008 (1651) of the White Pagoda Temple, the Qing Emperor Qianlong 2008 (1743) to Wing On Temple. The main building has a Falun Dian, Ching Palace, the Temple Pu, side hall in a palace Gallery veranda, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, and so on. Bottom-up, depending on the building and the mountain. Empress Garden, after that year were often temple to burn incense and worship anger. Dianqian Ching, has "Margaret Di" and "win argument", "according to Cloud" and "well meaning" four booths, elegant and symmetrical appearance. This Baita on television. White Pagoda was built eight years Junji (165 ). The Tibetan La Mata, 5.9 meters high, the tower was shaped Aquarius, the upper two floors for the bronze canopy, located on top of the Pearl of gold Tasha, under the build-angle Tazuo Sumeru. Tower possession of scripture Lama, the mantle and two relic. There is a small tower before the elegant hall as a result of good.

Qiongdao the west Is the emperor of the Qing Dynasty when the park closed, hosted a dinner in honor of procedure or the heart Yue Dian. Bring up the rear of the floor, Xiao Qing Emperor Qianlong line with his mother after the winter ice to watch throw competition. In the north-west of the read kurau there, kept the building from the Wei, Jin Ming Dynasty to the Fateh 340, Tiba more than 210 pieces of stone to 495. Embedded wall Mo Ke's Palace of the "three Greek Church Fateh", calligraphy called for the original?????. Lin also with the Light Temple, and extended Pavilion smoked south of the mountain, "Sin for copper plate Ruth."

Qiongdao the northeast slope of the towering old trees, here is "Eight Harvard," one of the "Qiongdaochunyin." Along the Qianlong Royal title of "Qiongdaochunyin monument" next to the road ahead may be through a tortuous way, "Chunting see" and "look at the gallery" in front of the natural scenery like a landscape painting, so beautiful. Gallery outside of the lake and a pile of stone Youdong Shishi, the endless changes.

Along the foothills north of the lake, there was Empress Fishing, boating, after a rest, whom the Church Lan Yi, Fang Shan restaurant is now open. Tong Yi-lan to the east "between Pu Ho" and "vegetarian restaurant," two groups of buildings, sophisticated layout, quiet environment, and constitutes a park in the park. Empress of the Qing Dynasty, the ministers in Ho Chang Pu between feast. Department of vegetarian restaurant of the Royal palace of the Qing Dynasty, is also Dili rough set of well-known painting by the artist. Archery is the outside review. To its south, "Tong Chun-Yu Lin," Hall, the Department of the East, "Shannon-room," the West is "wonderful view room."

It's built to the north-west has a small hospital in the water, saying "Linglong", and Qulang connected. This discount to the north-east of the hospital, "the main Keting Before viewing a 800 years of Guhuai. And then north of the square there is a "Silkworm altar," the Department of the Qing Dynasty Empress who worship God silkworm, Beijing is also one of the nine altar. Westbound from the silkworm altar, not far from the studio to listen carefully, with an area of 4700 square meters, was Emperor Qianlong Bookstore, said the small Qianlong Garden. Later, for a Prince Study. Lent is a pause to Western Hall of Heavenly Kings. Phoebe main hall of the Department of Architecture, here is the translation and printing of the Tripitaka. The Glass Pavilion is the back-fat-free coupons beam structure of the hall, the glass wall Qianman Buddha, dazzling. Hall of Heavenly Kings on the west side, Block 424 with seven-color glazed brick into the Nine Dragon Wall. It was built Qianling 21 (1756). 25.86 m long, 6.65 meters high, 1.42 meters thick, three of China's most famous Nine Dragon Wall in a fine. Nine Dragon Wall along the southbound, there is a "Iron Ying Bi", 3.56 meters long, 1.89 meters high, texture and color as iron, carved on both sides to the cloud With the monster, for the relief of the Yuan Dynasty art. Yingbi iron to the north, there are three Jinyuan La. The main building was once the Emperor Qianlong before and after the ceremony changing the Department of Recreation and other Museum. 44 Qing Emperor Qianlong (1779), for the protection of Wang's "fast clear when the snow Tie", a building courtyard, "Snow fast together." West Five lake pavilion, was built eight years Junji (1651).

Five distinct sub-ting, fly away gold color, Yuan Wang Wulong, as floating, it said "Five Long Ting." Empress of the Qing Dynasty are here for the full moon, fishing, pleasure to watch the fireworks. Pavilion of the corner of the West, there is a large complex with a total "Xiaoxi Tian." The "floor to poke" and "Paradise" is the main building, which is specially for the Emperor Qianlong's mother Empress Xiao-San birthday and the blessing of the construction. Wing back to the bridge, go south, they can park outside the group to board a city tour.

  Beihai Park inherited the ancient Chinese garden tradition, the Gambling Garden art director, both in the north of the gardening Hong Kuo momentum and southern Subtle private garden scene in the charm and has the magnificent Gong Yuan emperors and the solemn, religious temples, the Meteorology Series and an integral whole, the Chinese garden art Treasure.

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Prince House Johnston - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Prince House Johnston of the original four in the North West Pacific Wharf, to the north until the champion Ma alley. The fifth son of King Suk Junji first year in Sierra Leone has been called Ze Prince. Junji to eight years for the Prince Gong Jin. Shuo-side in the first duo in Bogor Junji 12 (1655) the passage of Wales, Hao Yue Zhuang change. Since then, are inherited by the village of Wales Chong Hoon of Wales is contained in the boxing establishment of the Palace. Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded the House burned. 20 era, the Northern Warlords and their younger brother Chun Xin Zhuang bought the Palace, the Palace building demolition, in this building, known as the safe in. "Green Lane" the door to preserve the amount of brick in the Xicheng District Cultural Heritage Bureau. After he opened here For peace in the street (into Tiananmen Square to West Main Street). The site of the North-South split up the two districts. This Pacific port warehouses of the West northbound. Prince House Johnston to the front of the site.

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Museum of Chinese coins - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Coin Museum is located in the People's Bank of China Building. To the museum as a prelude to the huge bronze relief, the layout is like a "money Kong Yuan Fang," with the Office of the Central Exhibition Hall and four. Central Office through the pictures reflect the origin of the currency and monetary system and the East-West blend the characteristics and circumstances. The main exhibition hall China's basic history of coins on display - "Chinese money", including the unified currency, the won-day letter, gold and silver currency, bank notes and are now part of the next five and also held a variety of topics coin show. The library mainly engaged in the coin collection, exhibition display and research. There are a large number of collections of ancient and modern As well as coins and other coin-related artifacts, some of the domestic collection is seen.

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Chinese Arts and Crafts - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chinese Arts and Crafts in the Xicheng District in the northeast corner Fuxingmen overpass. China's first state-level arts and crafts museum, a renowned China's best contemporary arts and crafts Jane (Tibetan) products. Written by the Museum of Deng Xiaoping. In July 1990 formally opened to the public. Art Gallery of the construction process - Architectural style and modern decorative arts combined with strong ethnic characteristics, Cuoluoyouzhi high and low, like a bud of the Moon. Office of the Library in an orderly manner, the display hall, museum treasures several parts. Hall front door in the face of the wall embedded with large bronze decorative wall, "China Star Flash", the performance of In 5000 with a history of Chinese arts and crafts achievements. A Celebration of the Arts Chamber display of contemporary Chinese arts and crafts of the essence, are the main types of jade, ivory carving, wood and stone carving, ceramics, lacquerware, embroidery, Drawn, cloisonne, gold and silver Table Tops, filaments mosaic, tin, copper spot, and so on. Including the older generation Arts and Master of Fine Arts, experts, professors of the fine handed down over the years, as well as by national or international Gold Award Gold Award and a number of excellent works of national treasures. A Celebration of the Arts Museum Treasures of China's most outstanding contemporary arts and crafts treasures, Chinese arts and crafts show is the art treasures of the elegant hall. The library is most Zhen 4 is a large emerald treasures: Daiyue Qi Shan-concept, flower-Rui Han Xiang, the world filled with the table plaque, Ti Liang Qun-Fang, pay homage to flowers, rare ancient and modern are rare treasures. Museum of Art is a modern multi-purpose building is currently China's largest arts and crafts, tourism souvenirs to buy Center and a renowned quality, style and features of the times reflected in the Seoul Arts Center.

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Prince Andrew House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Prince Andrew House at Damucang alley. Is the founding father of the Qing Dynasty Di Jierhalang closure. Palace of the Qing Dynasty was founded in the early days of clearance, the minister of the Qing Dynasty kings and house construction, are customized, such as site-built housing is too high or it is an offense. Prince Andrew Jierhalang as a result of construction on the Temple-House over the system, but also good at Bronze lion, turtle, crane, Junji in four years (1647) and dismissed from office after impeachment by a fine. Site following the completion of the passage of history, Wang has been the renovation or expansion. Republic of China, the first Palace will be mortgaged to the bank Xi Shi church in 1925 to the resumption of rent for the premises of the Chinese University. Zheng sit Palace south, the original layout East and West at 3, the eastern part of the former prominent human body, the Palace is the main temples is located; in the west over power as a result of back streets, in another courtyard and garden areas in the west. Where it is the most famous gardens, garden "Hui Park," Wang Di Garden is the capital of the best. Existing buildings, only the eastern part of To stay, Street Gate, Miankuo 3; Miankuo the main entrance 5, before the time out, still Danbi relief; Miankuo 5 in the main hall, the stage has also kept Dan Bi; East co-exist in the allocation of flats Miankuo 5 West only in the allocation of flats on North Miankuo 3; for the last sleep is, Miankuo 5. China changed its name Yat-sen University used together with this SHANG Yan. Original After the floor, cover and a number of ancillary construction were removed, the Western Garden is for the construction of a second Long Road Middle School. Zheng Palace today for the state Department of Education site, in order to focus on the protection of cultural relics in Beijing.

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