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Lake Hot Springs Spa - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hot Springs Spa Lake is the third of the western region of Tibet on a pilgrimage spot. It is said that there have been a practicing Buddhist monk here, the pilgrims who come here to wash away the evil hope. The temple has many Fodiao, Tibetan pilgrims believe that the path can be seen on a hillside south of the river, and hot springs are located in the east end of the trail, river .

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Tuo Linsi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tuo Linsi at Elizhada County, as the next Quan He is in the early 11th century by ancient construction of the grid from the Wang Sivori. Guge Dynasty because of the strong Buddhist-hing, gradually become Tuo Linsi it at the time of Buddhism, its size and shape are modeled on the Qiancang the Samye Monastery built. Hundreds of years, although through a variety of Tuolin Si Natural and man-made destruction, but still many temples, towering pagoda.

Reported, 10, the end of the century, has become the Guge Wang Yi Sivori (formerly wide heat, after the Italian monk who Qufa Sivori, will allow the throne with his brother, is still a monopoly of power, people are still used to be called King) , In order to please the end of the Arab-Israeli Master Ali to missionary work, it is necessary to repair a temple. To determine the address of the repair Temple, Guge king to ask Atisha, Atisha sent to a disciple of Ali. It is said that his disciples will knock cymbals sharp instruments used in the Pan Huai thrown into the air, the hammer fell Tuo Linsi is the site of the Temple. The voice of the seized land, "Tuoding" to its name, torrington "Tuoding" took place in a long time to turn the sound. "Asked" to "high" meaning "small" to "fly" meaning, that is, flying Tuolin Si Temple, can also be interpreted as "hovering in the air of the temple."
Tuo Linsi the year is 996 years old by the grid Sivori Wang Jian Chang as Guge monks, Tibetan Buddhism Philip period translated well-known teacher and apprentices Translation Renqinsangbu place. In 1036, Sivori benefit Guge and their brothers strong Quwo Celebration Venerable Atisha in Tibet, Zhuxi Tuo Linsi of preaching, Hong Chuan Buddhism. Tsongkhapa disciples of the ancient Monastery of zaba Geang Wang conducted a large-scale reconstruction. Tibetan Buddhism after the period of Philip the many monks This has left footprints.

We may have been mindful of the ancient frescoes in the cells and Atisha Renqinsangbu portraits. In 1036, India was Nalanda, the first ultra-Temple Atisha Buddhist monk has set 10 of the bumps along the way, when Ali came to the nearly 60-year-old. Atisha went to Zhu Xi, Tuo Linsi, from ancient division translation of a large grid Renqinsangbu such as the widely translated as translated by the public. Here, Atisha wrote a famous Buddhist book, "Light of Buddha Road" and "Magic Mirror Mi Zhou explained." Three years later, Atisha set off on his way back to India, the monks were in the Champlain Zhong Ying Dumbarton to carry forward the hinterland of the Tibetan Buddhism, Silence on the outer suburbs of Lhasa Nie Tong. In 1076, Guge religious Tuo Linsi was held in commemoration of the death of the law will Atisha, The Guardian, as well as possession of Xikang region monks travel miles to take part, known as the "Fire Dragon in law", becoming the event of Tibetan Buddhism. Atisha Master Zhu Xi and the Fire Dragon in the law Open, so that the sound of Tuolin Si Ying Tibet, Tibet Ming Si into the Middle Ages.
The next presentation is Renqinsangbu, he is Tibetan Buddhism after the beginning of a well-known Hong
Great translation division, the Guge Ning Wang was born in that special place, 13-year-old Ye from the rest become Sang, 17-year-old was sent to the Royal Family Kashmiri Guge, And so on to study abroad before and after the 3rd, which lasted more than 10 years. Legend has it that he has with 75 Pandita law school, came back to invite monks to India a lot of Guge and their co-operation with the Translation. He had translated the classic teaching has significantly by 17, 33 on, but there are close to teach 108 Quintero, including the "intensive" Longshu Fozhi and released two "," taken as true, "and" possession of Yoshinobu release "important national secret. Recorded in the history of Tibetan Buddhism; Renqinsangbu to the Tantric Buddhism and the combination of high theory, which he said the division and beyond, translation by the translation of other secret membership as a "new secret teaching" and said the previous period, including Tibet Translation close to home " Mi Zhou. "

The Guzhuo Tuolin Si Quan He is located in the south bank of the cliffs as high-drunk on the stage before a shortage of high ground. Historically, the construction of Tuolin Si and the carry forward Buddhism, as the spark start a prairie fire, to Ali and the broad masses of Tibetan spread. Tuo Linsi 3600 meters above sea level, and almost Lhasa . Stephen appropriate temperature as the valley's agricultural operation is ideal, these natural conditions in the Ali only comparable to Kaplan. Tuo Linsi original on a larger scale, there are 3 main hall, 10 small and medium-sized hall, although the temple construction was subject to varying degrees of damage, but also to retain the side of the ruins there are a number of well-courtyard and three Church and a pagoda.
We are of Langba Lang first visit was Lacan, to paraphrase paribba Nyorai Hall, the city is an altar-building. The earliest age, elegant design, unique structure. Although the temple does not have been at the top of the deposit, statues, murals are almost completely destroyed, but retained the four towers and the wall can still see the original Early construction of the structure and style. Hall square in the middle of a symbol of Sumeru mountain, surrounded by a small symbol of the Hall of the Ministry of the four major continents, Dongnanxibei the pagoda on behalf of the four kings, the whole structure of Tibet with the hinterland of the famous Monastery of the two achieve the same effect. The difference is that the construction of small Tuolin Si-intensive, plus the land is located in the gorge Lin, Do not have a magnificent.
Hall of the Center Party and 4 small component of the Center Hall of small "sub"-shaped, the outer ring from 4 hall and 14 small hall, were dedicated to the Buddha, Bodhisattva, Tara, Ocean's statue, and so on. The whole group of Hall of the overall 53.5 meters long, 48.5 meters wide north-south, which preserves the Tubo period More features, but subject to change. Outside the South, North, West and around the temple hall 3 are to resume by the Road around a week, the central group in and around the Temple Hall also formed a large complex by the turn of the Road, which is a typical Tibetan permitted period Structural shapes. It is said that is modeled on the Samye Monastery, the Samye Monastery which is also India's Temple modeled line, it is "Ventolin", is flying in the air and never meant falling.

Now we are entering the Dukang, which means assembly hall, is the only remaining Tuolin Si 2 complete one of the halls. It was "convex" shape, the doors to the east, the temple area of 490 square meters, door frames, there are carved door Face, an auspicious day, Juan Cao Wen, the pattern beads, Lotus pattern, Lianban Wen, the hall's ceiling painted designs are flying, lion, dragon, wind, peacock, lotus, Juan Cao, brown Moroccan fish, Jialing Ka-band, Ruyi Clouds, dense ring go well, prism geometric patterns; a mural Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Bulmo, Tara, King Kong, eminent monks West wall on the eastern side of the upper part of a group of ancient Georgian royal family and staff to sit a row of end-Indian ceremony, monks and laymen Waibang people sitting or legislation, the whole characters and scenes, costumes gucheng grid with a few ancient temple ceremony of the map or Worship Buddha Figure 3 Dongbi have much in common on both sides of King Kong 16 dancers very good map, chart or dancers in a show of hands over the top Gassho or chest, on a short-sleeved tights, bare breasts large abdominal Wei Lu, next to a drag dress, barefoot Titaiqingying Tap dance, the other temple murals in Tibet is rare.
We enter the Gabo Lacan, it was rectangular, door frames, there is Lonicera Juan Cao Mei-carving patterns, Lotus Chan Zhi Wen. North hall wall Zhu Gong in Buddha as high Luo Ji has a round face big ears, a scarf bare right shoulder, Jia Fuzuo end, the plastic on both sides of a mud pagoda; things for the wall before the statue of the Buddha immeasurable life, Guanyin, the Sakya ban Tranzda; South doors on both sides of the wall for the statue red, blue and angry King Kong; Bulmo frescoes painted over, Tara. Zunsheng Bulmo, an amount Health, the first comb Gaoji Corolla, eight back on three sides; white mother, wearing a flower crown high-rise hair bun, double loop earring large, bare upper body inclined Phi axillary network, left hand holding a lotus flower qu neck, You Shouzhang out, set your feet to sit Angiopteris in full bloom, the classic image of beauty; Green Tara left with a lotus flower, single-disc left leg, right leg down stretch, the foot A Lotus, she is said to be able to escape the suffering of eight, also known as the so difficult to save the mother of eight.
We continue to see the inside of the wall paintings Ventolin, a wild beauty, whether in line or color, people feel a kind of awe. The magnificent men and women of Fu Mei, the best way exaggerated. If that Hall of Dukang The 16 dancers Tanxionglouru of King Kong, slender waist, Breast, Buttocks, graceful posture, and look elegant, graceful drape dress, a very strong artistic appeal.

Finally, we come to visit the Tuo Linsi Sambo: The first elk angle, Atisha said to be brought from India, also said that when Buddha preaching to the elk an angle; Second, the quality of the five Buddhist ivory crown, Tuo Linsi said to be the first Living Buddha used to wear and leave future generations-per-permanent Tuo Linsi Living Buddha in Buddhist activities have to wear the crown; third, a black The large gravel, above a recessed clear footprints, deep inside the stone Cunxu, palm prints very clear, it is said that this is Gap footprints left by the end.
As the Guge Dynasty Buddhist Hing vigorously, gradually become Tuo Linsi it at the time of Buddhism, its size and shape are modeled on the Qiancang the Samye Monastery built. 900 Over the years, although Tuo Linsi through a variety of natural and man-made destruction, but still many temples, towering pagoda. Tuo Linsi since the creation of this, there were a number of senior monks. 15th century AD, the ancient seat zaba Gee Wong France and Taiwan were changed when the Gelugpa; in 1618, to greet the Panchen Lobsang Gyaltsen has to end Tuolin Si Chuan-law; the 17th century AD, the Dalai Lama Kelsang measures to Tuo Linsi Sera changed color under the Giza branch of the warehouse, Chi Wang Qin A dispatch (1677.1739) was Tuo Linsi France and Taiwan, from the Sera Monastery since then every 3-year rotation and dependents France and Taiwan (15) has become the custom. The number is now 18 months Lama, the monks of the existing 2 and 2 administrator. Tibetan calendar every year on the 21st day of three to the "color Dafa measures", 17 3 days of the start Diamond hop dance of God, carried out on the 20th race.

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Zanda soil Lin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zada County has a well-known scenery of the landscape soil Lin district. Lin ancient land is affected by the orogeny, lake sediment formation of long-term cut by flowing water, and weathering a gradual erosion to form the special landforms. Lin's land "trees" up to the level of scattered tens, thousands, do not have a taste. In the meantime road car, like around Daquan feet more than the Giants.

Say Alizhada People's rays are the most beautiful, glowing rays of soil Lin is the most charming. That is the level of floods washed through the landscape of rock, weathering and erosion to form a unique landscape, tall and straight steep, imposing the same attraction.

  The meandering river like Stephen Forest land in the valley running quietly, like exposure to Wonderland, Dreaming of a great fantasy world. Ming-Li Lin land given to the sunset of life gone, like a castle Block, a group of towers, a tent Ding Ding, a palace at various levels, vary Saga, thousands of deportment, in the face of nature's masterpieces really marvel. Lin soil the landscape is one of the wonders of Ali. According to legend, a long, long time ago, Zada along a vast expanse of water, blue sky only under the water and wind. Later, the forest land from the sea gradually run out. Although this is a beautiful legend, but with a certain degree of scientific truth. According to research scientists, have been here Is a 500 km radius of the Great Lakes, the Himalayan orogeny so that the lake is rising, declining water level, above the surface of the rock by the long-term erosion of wind and rain to cut and polish this pair is now out of the picture.

  Zada on the hillside outside the county, Lin soil everywhere, from county to foot. Between bar , Stopping along the way, you can see the Grand Canyon-like landscape. Among them, the burr of the trench soil Lin of the most spectacular. Thorough, and here the mountain, like a castle Tucheng Block, an area of several hundred square km and magnificent scale.

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Sheng Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mapangyongcuo Gangrenboqi located 20 km south-east peak, 4588 meters above sea level, is the world's highest fresh water lake in one of the more than 400 square kilometers area. Xuanzang of the Tang Dynasty in India to learn from their experience in mind also that the Queen Mother of the West Lake is located on the Jade Pool. Tibetan Mapangyongcuo in Italy as "the eternal unbeaten jasper ", Is the cause of the 11th century in the Lake for a religious war, as a result, Tibetan Buddhism Ga Jupai Waidao victory and teach," next to Mary "is the Buddhism commemoration of the victory of the lake and thus got its name.

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Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River, the river?????around, turn, turn to make a huge U-shaped form of a huge canyon. In 1994, Chinese scientists on the Grand Canyon was scientific proof, in an integrated indicators to confirm the main stream of the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon to the Grand Canyon in the world. According to the State Data released by the Bureau of Surveying and Mapping: the Grand Canyon from the North Milin Xian major crossing card Village (2880 meters above sea level), the South County to the county measures the Palestinian village of cards (115 meters above sea level), the total length of 504.6 km, the depth of 6009 meters, with an average Depth of 2268 meters, is the world's no doubt about the Grand Canyon. Have been classified as The sector most of the United States Grand Canyon (1800 m deep, 440 km long) and Peru's Colca Canyon (3203 meters deep), can not be on the same par with the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon. Xinhua News Agency reported in a timely manner to the world the news that the world was a sensation. In September 1998, in Formal approval of the State Council of the People's Republic: the Grand Canyon scientific name for "Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon" and fight for the Roman alphabet Yarlung Zangbo Daxiagu. Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon discovery, the scientific community is called the century of human geography found that the most important one. It is in Generations of scientists, after painstaking efforts over a long period suddenly found. Prior to this, more than two decades, the many disciplines of Chinese scientists has entered the 8th in the region to conduct a comprehensive scientific investigation. In late October 1998 to early December, by scientists, journalists and members of climbers composed of scientific exploration Expedition, which lasted more than 40 days, through nearly 600 kilometers deep in the dense forests, steep cliffs, fast-flowing Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon region has been unusually difficult to carry out scientific exploration study tours, access to the most scientific information, and enjoy exploring The world's wonders of the Grand Canyon, the realization of the human foot for the first time to wear Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon's magnificent feat in history. In more than 40 days on foot through the study, experts in the Grand Canyon area of the Grand Canyon accurate mapping of the bottom of the depth and width, have an extremely important measured data. Geology, hydrology, plants, insects, glaciers, the landscape, and so on, have access to a wealth of science Material samples and thousands of samples for the Grand Canyon of the treasure-house resources to add new content. Is especially commendable is that this study not only confirms the existence of the Brahmaputra on the main stream of the waterfall and the number and location of the group, and found large areas of rare and endangered plants - Taxus, the family of insects in the "living fossil" - Lack of head-winged insects. Scientific investigation confirmed that the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon area is the world's most biologically diverse mountain, "the museum of natural vegetation types," and "genetic treasure house of biological resources." At the same time, the Grand Canyon in India and Asia-Europe plate subduction of the crowded Northeast corner wide variety of geological phenomena, That's rare "geological museum." Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon of the world has a magic charm, unique environment and rich natural resources are precious wealth of our country, is also a precious natural heritage of all mankind. "Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon National Nature Reserve master plan" was in April 2000 Have been specialists in the field. This marks the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is about to become a National Nature Reserve. In the "master plan", the Tibetan experts and scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon area of the protection of animals and plants, geological features and so on to protect a very detailed planning, division of the various protection Domain and protection of species, developed a perfect protection measures proposed in the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon Nature Reserve, with a total area of more than 9600 square kilometers, the population of 14,900 people.

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Ali Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ngari is located in the western Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, north of Xinjiang, Qinghai, and Nagqu area for the East, Xigaze Prefecture, southwest of Kashmir with India and Nepal, which borders the country, as long as a border more than 1,000 kilometers, is China's longest border region .

  For the whole territory of the Himalayas, Karakoram Kong at the end and surrounded by Mount, gar jurisdiction, leather and Kyrgyzstan, were changed, Cuoqin, Japan, Turkey, Zada, Kaplan seven counties with a total area of 340,000 square kilometers (10,000 square kilometers of which contain 3,5 Sino-Indian dispute area ), Larger than the United Kingdom, Germany and the equivalent of two, three more than the area of Zhejiang Province. As the living environment of evil , Has a population of only 70,000 people, is the world's human population density and the survival of the local minimum.

  Ali area 4,500 meters above sea level on average, for most of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which was known as the "roof of the world's roof", "The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau."

  End Low-temperature freezing, the average annual temperature of less than zero, Shiquanhe Town, extreme winter minimum temperature of -41 degrees in the summer of extreme maximum temperature of 21 degrees, a large temperature difference between day and night, in a small temperature difference, as the temperature was a high degree of vertical elevation changes throughout the year to snow ; Occasional snow in winter, but because of traffic blocking the population living in scattered Easy to form a severe snowstorm, which in recent years to 1998 and 2002, the most serious disaster in 2002 and three-meter-thick snow the most, because of traffic disruption, Kaplan, Zanda County starvation up to a week or so, people, animals die of starvation, cold Dead serious at the same time the spread of the epidemic; summer rainfall is concentrated, basically June until by the end of August, mountain torrents, mud-rock flows large-scale outbreak, the river rose, roads, bridges washed away, every year the floods in varying degrees, which in recent years to the summer of 2000 was the most serious, Shiquanhe, Jia-Mu River levee breach 5 days, the county seat gar a vast expanse of water, large areas of housing down , More than 20,000,000 yuan of flood control projects to be washed without a trace, since the interruption of all the roads, without any external assistance, local people, the troops fighting in the levee on five consecutive days and nights, finally saved the town of Shiquanhe. Weather winds of 180 days, the Tibet Autonomous Region is the worst living conditions, natural disasters, the most Fan.

  Shiquanhe Town, is located in the capital, 4,300 meters above sea level, Xinjiang-Tibet Highway (State Road 219) and pull through the lion road. Yecheng 1085 km away from Xinjiang (1055 km, said a), 1800 km away from Lhasa, the new addition to the Xinjiang-Tibet Highway 80 km asphalt , Are soil Hill Road, Lion Road and Latin America apart from Lhasa to Xigaze for the asphalt surface, the rest are dirt roads, some sections of a natural way, the risk Shangao Lu, and frequently change routes, which led to the Yecheng and away from Shiquanhe Lhasa's mileage is not very determined, very inconvenient traffic. Referred to as "the world's most remote places From the Indian-controlled Kashmir, 55 km, gar and the county seat is located at Shiquanhe (Senge zangbo) North and South sides of the strait. A small amount of growth the town red, for the mountains outside the city surrounded by mountains with no trees, such as the survival of life.

  The territory of many mountains, we can see, you might see Setsurei Bing-Feng, a spectacular anomaly, rivers, Parked everywhere, there are large rivers Shiquanhe, like Quan He, Ma Quan He, Kongquehe. Kong at the end of Sri Lanka as a watershed in the mountains, west of Shiquanhe, like Quan He westward out of China, Shiquanhe exit after he called India, Pakistan into the Indian Ocean. Maquan River to the east of the Ali area known as the Yarlung Zangbo (Jiang By the Nyingchi Prefecture out of the country, known as the Brahmaputra, Ganges in Bangladesh and the convergence of the Indian Ocean after the injection. The larger lakes have a bar-South fault at Coqen County, ban public wrong (Lake), located on county land, Mapangyongcuo (Sheng Hu), located in the county Kaplan, wrong Laon (Ghost Lake), located in the Kaplan County, the Rivers, lakes and numerous. As a result of these lakes located in the sparsely populated areas high above sea level, almost no pollution, plus the Lake of the minerals to make clear the lake bottom, showing a variety of colors, with snow-capped mountains, grasslands, very picture of China and the United States.

  Ali was once the ancient climate, Sen Widespread, Ali, so that the region's rich mineral resources, the door who is now mining coal, gold reserves were an alarming change, is currently in the exploration, mining magnesium boron is very rich in other rare metals, mineral-flung areas, But in the high-elevation, the conditions, traffic inconvenience, it is very difficult to mining, most of the current Nissan did not exploitation.

  Later, as a result of surface elevation, relocation of rivers, forming the Ali Plateau, the forest can not grow, difficult to human survival, Lakes moved up into the exposed surface area to form a gesture million, and a variety of changes in soil forest, as if in the absence of sea water The road, a scene At the spectacular, beautiful, particularly Landform soil Lin Zanda County, the most obvious area of several hundred kilometers. Some people say, "Lin went to the soil, stone forest again, they feel extremely bored." Lin soil can see how beautiful scenery, but Zanda remote, very few people coming into there.

  In recent years, due to Exchanges to gradually close the border, Ali, the mysterious and beautiful and known to outsiders gradually each year to travel Ali countless personnel, most of them foreigners, the Chinese economy as a result, awareness of the reasons that only a small number of people Ali. At present, tourism has become one of the pillar industries in the region, Ali, 2002 Water Tibetan Year of the Horse, Year of the Horse in the Tibetan tradition is the most auspicious year, Ren Gang Brennan (Bo Qi) is known as the king of Kamiyama said Buddhists believe that the Year of the Horse to Kamiyama, usually the equivalent of around 13 years Circle can be transferred after Mianhuo misfortunes, by all Buddhists respect, can ascend to heaven after death. Ali and the region Seize this rare opportunity to Ali in 2002 as a tourist area, and held a press conference, the world's major media widely publicized, and the establishment of Ali, a window for foreign propaganda site, the community will Kamiyama at the foot of the town and Shiquanhe held a variety of activities. Used to attract all over the world You are. Another point I want to say is: Ali to travel there is absolutely no law and order and national, Ali simple and hard-working people, very friendly to any Tibetan, very few social stability in the country.

  Gu Cheng and Yang Ali, meaning "Da Pengniao", and that I Much like the name, or I would say that I am coming with Ali. As the ancient Ali mild climate, population, is the birthplace of one of Tibetan human form of the mysterious plateau peculiar culture, ancient civilization is one zhang, zhang-old puzzle in modern people are more text, such as if one day Some people read the ancient text zhang Ali ancient culture is bound to make all too clear. After zhang for the Tibetan replaced after the demise of Tibet, Tibet, after four years of war, the establishment of a regional Ali Gugewangguo ancient time frame the production, life has been very well-developed, the population of hundreds of thousands, and today's Ali 70,000 of the population in sharp contrast, the ancient Seven demise of the century, in the absence of written records, the Guge Dynasty mysterious demise of a large number of the population has become the mysterious disappearance of the mystery through the ages, all over the world was fascinated archaeologists, but it has yet to be convinced of an absolute Conclusion.

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Asia is booming style garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Romantic style, Ye Feng Rhine drunk tourists, tropical China - Hainan Island, the picturesque scenery, unique hot springs. Tourism is booming in the Chinese resort city, the use of the natural landscape to build a prosperous Asian style garden, visitors can understand the garden in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and India, the country's architectural style. Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm, has been received from the settlement of the world in 21 countries and regions, returned overseas Chinese, returned overseas Chinese though have been living here in 20-50 years, but they are still living in the country proficient in a variety of indigenous cultures, most of the people Pure said Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam and other countries of the language, Southeast Asian countries keep way of life, customs and so on. Sun Fat-singing, there is a world in the matter in Taoyuan. In the style park visitors can enjoy the culture of the Southeast Asian countries, etiquette and food culture, to appreciate that returned overseas Chinese and their descendants from Indonesia's performance, with rich Indonesian ethnic song and dance style, visitors can devout Festival Thailand's "Simian Fo" and have a chance to taste the flavor of a variety of food products in Southeast Asia, the scenery is unlimited coconut whirling shadow, we hope to the United States, both Chinese folk song and slow dance or pop Kuangwu can enjoy life with coconut Matched tree, sparkling in the dim light spring night time is more intoxicating charm, but also on the east coast tourist island of coconut wind A shining star of the line. Asia is booming style park is the Green World, The Song of the Ocean, the United States and the environment, there will undoubtedly be your classic romantic trip memories left.

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Bay in the first group of Muslim graves - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingshui located in the pancreas and the suburbs of Sanya Bay, which borders the Lingshui on the beach, the graves of their group into the territory of Sanya City Fan Ling Po total of more than 40 blocks. According to the history contained, as early as on behalf of the Sui and Tang dynasties, the Middle East in the vicinity of the Arab Muslim countries began sailing across the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea, arrived in Quanzhou, Guangzhou and business area of trade. At that time, the sea Island to the south eastern coastal areas are in the South China Sea has become by the Quanzhou Trade Center in Hong Kong and Guangzhou to Hong Kong's foreign trade in the ship's route near the cord. At that time, from the Middle East to Hong Kong and Guangzhou's "Silk Road on the Sea" on the Lingshui Bay is one of the goods traffic between the filling stations, where there had been Persians (now Iran) short Living in the village of Persia, the ancient Persian navigation in the death of the buried here on the beach. These are the tomb after Shanhu Dan tombstones, some of them clearly engraved with the inscription of the Arab text. Specifications vary Tombstoning size, some as high as 63 cm, 52 cm wide, 45 centimeters high in general. Root archaeological expertise Research, this group of Muslims are buried the remains will be buried in the trenches on the beach, the seat will be grave north to south, the remains westerly knees is because the West is Islam's paradise.

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Hill turtles - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm is located in the territory. Even as the three peaks were turtle-shaped east-west mountain ranges, the main peak of the high altitude of 280 meters, the level of scattered mountain, the turtle's head, body, tail Xingshenjianbei have outlined, and lifelike, fully demonstrated the nature of the Creator And the great magic. Set up in the mountains, "Hill turtles pavilion" and " Temple Mountain, "the two major attractions, not the Republic of China in the early Qing and the fung shui master monk Road here Alchemy and the remains of the body, there are more complete and burial Alchemy Um, is not a development of the cultural attractions.

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Qingyun tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This is also known as the local "Shan Mei Ling", "Wanzhou tower." Qingyun body for the octagonal tower, and Huozhuan sporadic stone structure, the tower about 27 meters high, seven hours seven canopies. Top-level middle, a prominent eight-prism, the capitals up a ball Tasha Road. For the octagonal floor wall, the top six layers of wall are circular, each from a different side Off the two arches, one for viewing, two for ventilation light. The bottom of a door opening to the west, the top gate tower embedded on the wall of the rectangular piece of stone inscribed "Wun". Next to the "Japanese Invasion of light years to build the" small print. Tap the bottom of the third layer and Tap Mun in the same direction. There are also embedded a piece of the same size of the monument inscribed " Feng, "the word, there is next to the small print, as a result of too clear to see that tower inside her air, sufficient light, cool Fengqing. Visitors from the west gate into the ground floor, looking at the top of the tower, when we look at the whole picture of abdominal tower and enjoy the superb ancient tower building Technology and fascinating scenery. Qingyun tower to the existing rare species in Hainan is one of the ancient tower, the Japanese Invasion in light Dynasty (AD 832). According to the "Chi Wanzhou" set, Qingyun, the predecessor of the tower is Wenkui tower, built in five years of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1666 AD) damage to light after the Japanese Invasion in the reconstruction, named Qingyun tower, as derived from a spectacular high-rise tower 000. Qingyun towering tall tower, flavor, solid and stable, fully reflects the ancient Mannings People's unique brick architecture. 150 Over the years, although the ancient tower by numerous typhoons and strong thunderstorm hit, but the tower is still intact, Wei-ran as before. Japanese occupation of Hainan, has used heavy artillery bombardment of the tower, but it did not blow up, just south angle greater than the damage. Hainan has been damaged after the Department repair ?. Qingyun tower is one of the Mannings well-known scenic spots, is now included in Hainan puff reiterated that the protection of cultural relics. Arjun own a charming charm, it rocks around the rocks, Zi attitudes; lush plants, flowers Fengdie groups on the shuttle between the foliage. There is a stream under the tower, like a silver-white ribbons around the tower and, King Piaomiao charming. A plethora of views, the tower million Ha street, South Gate foreign Fangtiankuaikuai, Tianchou farmhouse in the village, Coconut Grove Beach fishing boat, the vastness of the boundless beauty of a panoramic view of the South China Sea, and so on. Modern well-known poet, playwright Tian Han Wun Teng-tower had left "Wenkui seven-tower, 10,000 ares field granary" of the famous.

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Pilling ceremony Jiqing Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Area of 1.6 hectares, was built in July 1980. The establishment of protected areas are mainly designed to protect tropical forests in Hainan textilis precious tree species. Green Tree for the brain-long spices, tree height up to 30 meters, diameter at breast height of up to 1.2 meters, tree-straight, gray bark of green, it got its name. The quality of hard green trees, decay Wetlands, is the construction of a bridge of the ship and the production of fine wood, as well as the fine wood.

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Bin Wu Tse Ting Dongxing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is a tour break, the ideal holiday, state farms in Hainan is a tourist point. Wu Tse Ting-bin, located in the Department of Dongxing farm overwhelming tropical green plants, coconut, rubber, pepper, coffee, and other tropical green sea Fangqianwuhou, lush forests, roadside flowers, cool breeze blowing, the tree light Put flowers sway, Canada Niaoyu Lin, Bee butterflies love flowers, one Chunyiangran, scenic, winding trail on both sides of the areca, coconut trees stand take place; linked to the nursery garden plants, the fight between Yan Yan, thousands of colorful, East Afloat surface of a pond surface of the rectangular house, the pond water as a mirror and the Netherlands want to drop the green. Fish flies, Shi few. Room luxury villa decoration, air-conditioning equipment, high-level furniture, wool carpet, color TV, water heater and so on. Filled with all sorts of physical barriers around the shape of the flowers potted landscape, the environment is very tranquil beauty. The villa is on both sides of the multi-color marble golden glazed tile decorated by the two-story restaurant and dance hall, a restaurant in part of the , Built in a part of the lake and promenade with Shuixie, pavilions, the use of glass tile roof will be covered, ANGLE, the corridor after another, around the growth of various tropical plants, bamboo Lin Xiu, is a direct step A King, Bin Wu Tse-ting in the 1980s were the first to enter the market for many years, Chinese and foreign tourists who come to hear the history of stream Must have received France, Britain, Germany, Japan, Belgium, the United Nations and other dignitaries. Fan Bin Wu Tse-ting to visit or resting, all of their teeth better environment full of praise, away. Leaders in 1986 when Wang visited Hainan to staying here for the Su touch the landscape, not help, Hui Wrote: "Dongxing Tse Ting Wu Bin."

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Spring Garden Sea Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is an ideal tourist resort. Spring Garden area is the eastern provincial nature reserves to spend big angle, where the minority rich foreshore scenery, lush forest area, there are more than 200 wild monkeys in the scenic spot to settle in to play. Large and small pebbles all over the Gulf, the beautiful landscape peculiar. The south-east is the "first island of Hainan Island bird's nest" Also known as the Grand Island), is a state-level marine nature reserves, mountains at sea, enchanting mystery, north of the "first island lagoon," the sea of small, water-sen-ho, covering an area of nearly 49 square kilometers. Rich music and crabs, mullet, after security, the North shrimp, rich in aquatic products. Spring Garden in the surrounding sea, the landscape is dense, rich products, Distinctive color. Spring Garden of the Gulf. Into the sea from a terrace level formed a small sea shore of Lake lagoon Quaternary deposits. Five Ridges lying along the coast, range between 3 to form crescent of the Gulf, Spring Garden is located in the middle of the sea, a large East Changling, (ching, "Chi Wanzhou," as the old Ringo, or the Department of the ancient village of Spring Garden and the old name) , The ups and downs Wanting Southern Ocean into the sea at a young age, as if I wear a long full scale of the Green Dragon, West Ridge has the size of the Ukrainian market, Wu ground, before and after the order, the seaside crouch, hard granite gray, white tiger is tantamount to the Gulf in the South Island of sugar cane Shuo full circle, seabirds, and so on swiftlets and down the ancient "rose" is; North Sea after a small, fish-sheng Snake turtle, who props, "basaltic" real. Spring Garden seamounts care, since ancient times, "Blue Dragon left and right white tiger, the former Suzaku, after the basaltic" said Jia Feng Shui. With unique scenery here, Changling block the typhoon so quiet, plus the climate in the South China Sea. It is like spring all year round. Haiti Spring Garden area, Changling there are several clear spring water Lee, a school-Ban Yao Shan, a student said to have been quiet throughout the skin love, lived hard. And a tomb, the legend, who moved from the mainland, in the immortal Park grams of heaven, dressed in funeral Ling Ha. And caves, local people said that the old hole, through more than 2 years, through the North. King-tat of small sea. And rock starling-dong, were difficult to climb, During this period of social starling, often Shanlin Jian Huang Jing, porcupines, rabbits and the like come and go whenever harvest crops, the monkeys spent more angle to patronize food, Wild phenomena. Eight or nine months each year, sea and chicken, sea ducks, gulls and the like will come to play a small sea, Jiji Haoqiu born to sing each other. Chengkungling there is an extension of one hectare of natural forest , Lush jungle, Fujiki Interlacing, parasitic species, Gurong dense shade, the mother of Health Tingxiu, fat leaves, berries attractive, tall coconut trees, flowers and fan of Health. In the shade, have been abandoned have surfaced of a residential garden is still good, the second brother is said to be a county magistrate's office at the same time Deng-Ke House, as elegant place to live, still The local people take delight in talking about. There is a fresh water fish ponds near. South dune separated from the sea only about 100 meters, covering an area of nearly 0.5 hectares, the most up to the depths of 5 - 7 meters above the fish duck pond. A geological expert said to be rare exotic landscape. Dunhuang in Gansu Province, only the crescent moon pool, anywhere else. Wu Tai Ling on the eastern side of the market, there are a few Sand dunes as high as 20 meters, West Rock Hill. Mianzhaotaihai, is a high-Hua Sha Po good place. Spring Garden 4.2 km-long coastline, the waters of the Gulf area of nearly 2.5 square kilometers, sunny, the average was 24.5 degrees Celsius climate, water temperature 25 - 30 degrees, moderate width of the beach, beach-slope , Clean sand, water pollution free, no water, transparent as much as 15 meters, is to carry out a comprehensive maritime activities of the ideal places. To sea, submarine tour, yacht, sailing, surfing, sightseeing at sea, the beach net, inter-reef fishing, and so on. Spring Garden Sea, the Gulf a slim, sleek, quiet she was at a loss, is back to the Park , In 1993, a professor in the early spring when the tour, Ji Jing sentiment, leaving behind a poem, "Taiwan is a ray of others, before the sea after spending Lake 4:00; Vista as a monkey with a sharp, bi-run Pingsha welcoming gull, the management He is always dust in the world, and the temporary home to Spring Garden; cold to the Department not to muddy the province, exploration field visit to Cuba by China-year-old. "

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Coconut Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingshui Township is located in Coconut Grove Village row, Lingshui River exit, only 5 km away from the county seat, with a total area of about 1 square km. Lingshui river like a silver ribbon, surrounded by coconut in the island around slowly into the sea. This island surrounded by clear water, coconut dress. Have to land on the island by boat, Zhou Ying Shen Zi Xian state of the coconut trees, the waves wash heart Di Zou Zhe The Rhine, is a Shangri-la to the sea in Wonderland. The high-sighted land on the island to the south, the only female double large stone in the sea, the fight against the wind and waves, dependent on phase. Looking down at close, green coconut matched green water, fishing boats with seabirds show. Islands less than 100 meters, there is a temple, built in the Guangxu years, the incense peak seasons, the extraordinary excitement, Coconut Island has added to the magic of many colors.

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Perfume Bay - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingshui County is located in the east. 18 km from the county seat, as a result of perfume range to flow into the Gulf of spring water named after. Bay County, with the perfume of the Mannings Shi Mei Wan-phase, the coastal scenery of strange. Perfume into the Bay, the first thing your eye is green coconut, hit or miss Then at the end of the silver beach, if the lower blanket, into a high hill, like Desert landscape. Craggy rocks beach, clear sea bottom, the tide waves, splashing Chu Yu-fei. At sea, fishing and small fan, seabirds Xiang play. Water Pik Shan-ching here, in particular fresh air. Perfume Bay Copper Ridge at the foot of the "stone tower" for people to watch the sunrise, "shiting", standing on the beach with a "dragon king chair", is a legend Dragon King's exclusive "Throne." Perfume Bay is the top of the range cattle, with the dividing line in the distance across the continents. Chau as if a boundary Crystal Palace, Youlanbobi water, stone lace, the same hole. Side hole covered with giant trees, shading strong, the rich different plants, Qinren the heart. Board here, such as the Penglai. Perfume Bay side of the mouth are "Sin Well, "is very strange, away from the coast only a few steps away, between the stone out of the sweet spring water. T'ienkan even in drought, spring never dried up. Local farmers in a popular proverb: a drink of the immortal Stephen Wells, to" Hong Three years, three white, three-off safely. "Perfume Bay is now being developed, the land had already been formed, 6 km from long cement road. A number of tourism projects will soon be launched. Perfume Bay will be her unique charm, to meet customer P Plus!

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Sixth Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mannings million, then located in the town 60 km to the north, as a result of six linked to the peak, Teng Wei Yi-lang, so ancient, "even large Tsui-feng" good reputation, Wanzhou is one of the Eight.

Ridge Sixth unique scenery, from the look up at the foot of Ling Ha, the only people around the peak out, Ling Feng Cui large, towering tall and straight, looking six-feng Fog, like arch of the six girls, Chuchudongren. Here the magnificent mountains, China Qiu He, Cong Long forest, rich water, rich in tropical rain forest scenery, Hainan Province, is not to talk too much about the natural vegetation of the Kingdom.

Dong Lu from the sixth mountain range along the ridge trail to the peak of the Sixth Company Taishi Climb, rising all the way, but see here fluctuated mountains, forests covered, exuberantly, towering old trees. Rattan wood from the tree climb the tree, round-trip shuttle to the forest's trees are wrapped up. Under thick trees, flowers grass-fan-mao, thousands of tourists to this, welled up germination, "the rivers flow Unity is strength of feeling. "Zhengyan wild flowers, the distribution of the forest off the scent, came halfway up the mountain, there is also some interest Jing Lin leaves, birds in the trees Ni-nan Zhou Zi, partridge from time to time," Hill And Qing, good, "the call. Shan waist of a small spring Qu Hui Zhao, the gurgling flow. Here, the birds cited , Ting boom springs, green leaves rustling, come together to form a beautiful symphony of the forest, had to stay here to visit the ancient poem; "Welcoming the visitors to this endless, the trees still smell the Orioles Valley." You pass along the winding paths to board ARMCHAIR peak, steep inserted here Han Feng Qi Xiu-hua, the Jimuyuantiao standing on top of the roof, many ups and downs peak arch ring, all green everywhere All roads lined Road under Wanting dragon and snake respectively, surrounded by mountains and rivers Xiuse's northern foothills sixth, East break out to sea, the scenery Qingshanxiushui good one. Ling Qing Dynasty poet sixth Tour when he left a poem: "Castle Jimu Taiqing large, and even meet unexpected peaks; Gao Qing blue sky really difficult to mix, not a painting show ap smoke, the sound of birds flying wide call Lu Chang, Lin Shen Mo animal walk 000; do not dislike the level scenic spots, Doujiu intended to call friends to do the dumping.

ARMCHAIR toured the peak, the south-east bypass from the south-west along a rugged Hill Road and slowly, over the two deep valley, south of Ling came to the sixth, and then boarded a small peak, it was the seat of the Soviet regime Qiongya Here steep mountains, which rise amid permanent barrier, deep-rooted trees, dense, thorny problems is a natural barrier, when the Red Army is relying on this mountain Xianyao, withstand the harsh environment practice, the revolution of the fire spread and grow, spread throughout the Hainan . There is a Cave "Red Army holes." Han-dong is the ancient name, appearance Stone Hill oblique trouble such as the Shishi, the hole tied with rattan chaos before the hanging, inside a series of five holes, holes under a Qinglie spring water, fresh air and cool holes. The ancients had left this verse: "The status of the cave complex guests sat, wine Lin Feng is also intended to dump." That hole was the Red Army's strong body of the sick and wounded, along the hole after one out of the exit, and then North Korea North set foot on a piece of flat land, which is when the Red Army practice, known as the playground of the Red Army, the Red Army parade ground display Lianwu used knives, guns, wooden sticks, bricks, and so on, politicians do places with the red stone, Shi Zhuo. Was founded here Leninism school senior, military academy, factory machinery, such as the Red Army. After today's Army Not only is the sixth Ridge tourist areas of a magical landscape. And people recall the history of the revolution, and cherish the memory of the martyrs, revolutionary tradition and patriotism education of good places.

Mountain Ridge is a sixth branch in the north to Qionghai, security will be at the junction of South Lingshui, Baoting County, which borders Liangmiansandao Ma On Shan and West linked to the sea to the east. North-south mountain range, and the plot 394 square kilometers. Six of its peak: with steeple, ARMCHAIR, stone dog Tsui, Heung-three, Bei-plane, first, is no less than six high peaks, the highest peak ARMCHAIR 558 meters altitude. Sixth of the Green Ridge had a secret, high-fang, the mother of Health, the red silk Heichou, such as the pillars of rare plants, forestry area of 18,000 hectares, is a natural plant in Hainan Province protected areas.

Sixth, not only for its range of high and steep mountains, beautiful forest known, and there are numerous Ling Shen Jian Cave, the ancient deer elk call for the companion of the party. Revolutionary War was Qiongya adhere to the revolution 23 years of armed struggle to establish the revolutionary base areas, the revolutionary comrades hard shelter, is the resort of Hainan revolution, Comrade Zhu De in the sixth inspection Ridge, is pleased to Fushi, "Ridge Sixth": "Sixth Chengkungling Choi Wan-sheng, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the red flag up. Guerrilla war for 23 years, Hainan Qing turn over the masses. " Sixth Ridge, with its six-Jun Xiu-feng, even overlapping peaks Kong, Lin shade of natural beauty and 23 years down the red flag is not included in the great achievements of the "Dictionary of Chinese historical sites."

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Dongshan Ling Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wanning County is located two kilometers east, an area more than 10 km, is a beautiful dream more than Fukuyama's treasure, known as "overseas Taoyuan." Dongshan Ling 184 meters high. Dongshan Ling consists of three peaks Bingzhi, there Chengkungling the size of more than 100 scenic spots, nature of the Aura 10 minutes to bring up a Dongshan Ling Lai strange. Xiong Zhi-day South, Cloud Peak-walled, open days, old-dong, Diecai exquisite feelings; its lofty peaks Tsui, penholder, such as shape, also known as Beacon Hill; its rugged mountain rocks, rocks different holes, the formation of the many wonders of Kai King, led to numerous Civilian visitors given word poetry, leaving the ink all over the Hill.

If the stone forest, people King Xiangyingchengqu days, the Buddhist temple Buddhist nunnery, the confrontation with Chang, ran, known as "Buddhist mountains" reputation. Whenever climb people to look around Dongshan Ling peak Jimu Department, there will always feel that this has all the magic Ling Lai. In particular, Shi is very unique. Its range of its holes rock the landscape 100, Shi Shi Smart, the treacherous hole The magic of their own origin story. People after a long tour Dongshan Ling, a division of poetry in his choice of the famous "Eight Dongshan", and that is: "a few fans verdant Hekou, a clean up spilled Wan-lin," "seven-yun Chao Gap"; "towering vancomycin According to a fight, the distance to the days of high emperors of the West "," Wat is Peak "; its shape A boat, sailing will be like "Sin mooring boat"; "particularly foot hole course of events", "Hong Peng Lai Cave"; "Even Ben Tao Tao spray snow", "Yao Tai Wang Hai"; "Confucianism in the stones out Mountain, south-east up Banbi days "," Fiat crown cover "and" circle as with the Dragon, "" Clear Water, Blue Dragon Ring "and" sea eyes streaming Dan . General climbers from the "cloud the first phase of the road" to start, meaning there are far Shangao Lu. Road along the granite rising, but see rise amid Li Ping, the tower rocks. Along the way, brilliant Yamahana, winding paths. Ancient and modern stone mountain fresh in our memory, particularly "the first in Hainan Hill" and "South-day residential Doo," "Dongtianfude", "Dongshan large Tsui The most spectacular and so on. A number of ancient sites of the existing building, known as the "World Dongtian" magic 36 holes, the abbot and the 7-hole, the wonders of overseas reputation. "Hua Feng Xian Yan" is a natural rock hole, 4.4 meters wide, 7.7 meters long. "Hua Yan Feng," the words carved in the Song Dynasty and declared a four-year (Year 11 2), Dongshan Ling is the first stone. Dongshan Ling there are well-known Buddhist temple, Chaoyin Si, the East Temple, the temple dedicated to natural stone Buddha statue and more, many visitors Koushou. The most well-known for Chaoyin Si, Cisi to commemorate King's anti-Southern Song Li Gang and the construction, Sakyamuni Buddha Temple and anger from King 5 Han Yang Master Monk yuan (ancestral home in Hainan) away, sleepwalking mountains, several decades after the magic would also like blurred, amazing. Chengkungling as many as 4.2 meters in the Song Li Gang phase of the granite statue, visitors from throughout the year, best incense. Maitreya attractions Palace, statue of Li Gang, a maze so that visitors Longdong Amazing spray.

Dongshan Ling not only charming scenery, but also well-known specialty. Its unique music and Eastern goats and eat crabs were included in the "Encyclopedia of Chinese food." There are an after mullet, shrimp north of Hong Kong, Tung Shan Luo Bing, and other visitors to make food taste great on full blessing. Dongshan Ling secret preparation (including 20 Chinese and South expensive drugs) and the betel nut Bujiu Huajiu are Weichun Shannon, is particularly nourishing. The Dongshan Ling partridge take tea in the wild. Refined by hand, the specific quality, beauty heat, cold prevention and treatment. Contemporary China's well-known historian and poet Yu Tian Han Dong Shanling had left brush Anthem Part: Qiongzhou many resorts, this alone Ling Ran. Fat sheep eating grass chi, tea with a good name Stephen. Chao Yin's visit to the temple, dressed Xixian respect. Wei-Ting Wang Hai very, stones foot tower.

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Diaoluoshan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Diaoluoshan China is extremely rare and original tropical rain forest, away from the highway opening Lingshui only 21 kilometers, the same provincial highway. Diaoluoshan have Huguangshanse Forest Park, which rise amid permanent Cheung, Fei Bao Tan Kai, Old trees, plants, rare birds and rare animals, rocks and other natural cave tourism landscape, and there is the Island The famous Maple Hill fruit falls, as well as beautiful scenery of southern pastoral. Tropical marine monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 24 ?, the highest monthly average temperature Z8 ? (Jul), the lowest monthly average temperature of 15 ? (November), is an ideal "natural air-conditioning zone." The cool climate and clean air, will go a long way However, God, extraordinary and ancient, show that wild male, in the quiet of the limited space, visitors to fully demonstrate their distinctive characteristics can not be replaced completely different from the island's many scenic coastal and artificial "sunshine on the beach, sea Ye Feng Yun, "a traditional feature of the United States in order to give people the enjoyment of green mold and refreshing experience Music is not thought .

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Shi Mei Wan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the southeast of Wanning City, 30 km from the county seat. Shi Mei Wan Shan three sides, facing the sea, Yamagata beautiful, lush vegetation, there are large areas of coconut, rubber, and other tropical crops. On the beach natural growth of the world's largest remaining area of rare trees - green Pilling (1.4 million) in the Qing Dynasty on the protection and attention Guangxu 27 years "from government ban," the monument, it is still remain on the coastal beaches. Here has been identified as a National Nature Reserve. Shi Mei Wan long at both ends of the beach, the sea to rise amid two out. Harbor usually calm, coastal white jade on the beach, close to within 100 meters water depth of 3 m, however. Beach, about 7 km. On Triangle area not far from a beautiful island called Island Wells added. Island while surrounded by spray, little Baiou; plants on the island, thousands of rock. There will be a seaside tourist resort.

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Sun Moon Bay - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wanning City at the new increase, the new Field 2 between the West even Lingshui County, for the range cattle industry. Gulf photogenic powder white sandy beaches, clear blue sea. Fluxus boulder in the sea, is spectacular. Castle Peak Bay in the back, within two Huai River, east side of the highway from the Bay off. This way the two have been close to the resort, leisure facilities, Happy visitors to enjoy.

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Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, located in Hainan Province, a famous scenic tourist hot spring tourism is booming in the region (latitude 18 � 1 ', longitude 110 � 13', due to historical reasons, here since the beginning of the 50s of the last century, we live with more than 20 countries Returned Overseas Chinese and regions, especially in tropical areas of Southeast Asia to the Overseas-based), 163 kilometers away from Haikou City, 97 km away from Sanya City; here in the South China Sea to the east (about 10 km from the coast), surrounded on three sides by mountains, ample sunshine, a long summer without winter, humidity, rainfall and uniform, Is a typical tropical monsoon climate, suitable for a variety of tropical and subtropical plant growth and development; Due to the unique geographical location and prosperous weather conditions, in 1957 Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Research Institute selected spices drink here at home and abroad as the preservation of the collection of tropical and subtropical crops (plants) germplasm resources as an important base, has set up a Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden. Institute of spices in the drink more than four decades, Research efforts on behalf of the workers as well as the Institute for "research, development, tourism, three-in-one" model of reform and development, the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden has collected more than 1200 kinds of preservation of the unique tropical and subtropical crops (plants) germplasm, and has become a A set of scientific research, popular science, production, processing, tourism and species Protection of resources into one comprehensive Tropical Botanical Garden.

  Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden is divided into five functional areas: ornamental plant area, the pilot demonstration areas, scientific and technological development zones, three-dimensional planting areas and ecological leisure area; collection of 12 types of plants: tropical spice plants, tropical beverage plants, tropical fruit, tropical Francis forests, tropical ornamental plants, tropical medicinal plants, palm plants, tropical plants, tropical plants endangered, rare tropical plants, desert plants and tropical crops such as vegetables. Into the Botanic Garden, will open as an encyclopedia on the tropical plants, all sorts of wonderful nature here in the colorful scene, 000 Special thin the list goes on; through the botanical gardens, you will be a surprise Tan Qi, a state of mind at ease; a variety of exotic tropical plants pieces of flowers and trees composed of a beautiful picture, outside of which, like the middle reaches of the painting. Dailv according to the botanical gardens near the mountains, the lake surrounding the green, and the extreme ecological environment, fresh Gan The air will wash away the trouble you for a long time lag of thread, full of new vitality. "Hainan must Xinglong, is scheduled to go to Xinglong Botanical Garden," hometown of overseas Chinese is booming out of this green pearl mystery. In recent years, the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden features great efforts to develop tourism project: to carry out the tropical ornamental plants, lake fishing and other activities for You are tropical plants provide a tourism and leisure venues; agricultural research study tours, professional bodies for inspection, exchange, the provision of test model cooperative research base; agricultural science and education, young people with scientific knowledge of tropical agriculture and environmental protection, education ; To carry out farming, harvesting of living For tourists to participate in the practice of agricultural activities and fun. Garden Tour appropriate period of the year, suitable for all types of crowd participation. If you play tired, but also in the rest of the park free to enjoy the Botanic Garden produced a variety of beverages, Shannon's booming coffee, cocoa and coconut milk Ganxiangqinglie Champlain of tea. Long Tropical Botanical Garden has been the China National Tourism Administration as a "national class AAAA tourist area (point)," the first "national agricultural tourism demonstration sites", the China National Tourism Administration, the Communist Youth League Central Committee named the first joint tourism (point) of the National "Youth Civilization ", the Communist Youth League Central Committee has been named" National Youth Education ", The China Association for Science and Technology was named" national model of rural popular science bases, "the Hainan Provincial been named as the" tourist zone in Hainan civilization demonstration, "Tourism in Hainan Province have been rated" outstanding tourist attractions in Hainan Province (point) " , "Top Ten Tourism in Hainan Province King (district) of" honorary title. Xinglong Tropical Plants Has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 Environmental Management System. Create first-class environment, first-class order, first-class service, first-rate management is the relentless pursuit of botanical gardens, you are welcome to the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden and the magic of this beautiful land!

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Xinglong Hot Springs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wanning County, located in the Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm in the territory in the eastern suburbs, the beautiful Sun River. Where beautiful scenery and beautiful landscape. Or the most famous hot springs, spring has more than 10, 60 ? Four Seasons maintain underground mineral water. Water rich in minerals, transpiration of water vapor with a faint fragrance. One bath, skin diseases, Guan Yan and neurasthenia, and so have the therapeutic effect.

In the prosperous and famous hot springs of coffee there. Xinglong coffee is returned from abroad in small species, Chaozhi technology is the transmission of returned overseas Chinese. Chong assail the nostrils out of the coffee flavor, color English taste. Farm Park for the Heat, there are imported from tropical fruit And medicinal herbs, spices more than 100 kinds of plants, during a walk, posture stem experience of the attitudes of tropical plants, it is cool mind and eye.

In addition, the booming hot spring near the Xinglong Tropical Garden, Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden and South-East Asia, such as the village life of leisure tourism, has become eat, live, play, multi-functional bath Sets of sufficient size to Hot Springs Resort.


  Taiwan pavilion here to enjoy full, shady trees, flowers Yan, Wu spent my language. Hot Springs has been around a pond, spring out from time to time, Chang strings of beads of water, as if the Feifei Ock, more than 10 spring, the water temperature to keep the four seasons 60 ?. History set, which is booming in the original settlement of most of the people of Li nationality, sparsely populated, and later, Min many people in this kind of wasteland betel nut, rubber, and gradually turned into a small market, at the time of the Qing Dynasty officials here said they intended to "booming" Up, "booming" became the title here. In l951, a large number of Malay Asia, Indonesia returned home, the State Council decided to organize them to develop here, the first batch of more than 700 people have come here to set up the Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm, continued after the Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm become the resettlement of returned overseas Chinese settlements. Now here have been resettled from a total of 21 countries and regions, a total of more than l2000 Overseas Chinese, with a total population of 26,000 people.

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P Ishijima gun Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Isle Hainan gun phosphorus level nature reserve where coral reefs located in the north-west of Hainan Island, including the gun Ishijima phosphorus (also known as big shovel reef) and its surrounding waters, its geographic range: 109 � 04'50 '~ 109 � 06' 31'E, 19 � 40'00 '~ 19 � 41'29'N, area 1 1 hectare, in April 1992 by the original People's Government approved the establishment of Danzhou County, mainly for the protection of phosphorus gun Ishijima and the surrounding coastal waters and coral reef ecology.

P Ishijima own gun by corals, shells and various types of coral sand, shells, beach cliffs, the secondary component of the coral reef island of gravel, an Distribution of coral reef area of the northern margin, is the study of coral reefs in the northern Gulf in the South China Sea and regional distribution of coral reefs and coral reefs and their biological history of development and constitute an important base for change.

Protected area management activities so that the phosphorus gun Ishijima and the surrounding marine environment and biodiversity can be maintained. In order to safeguard coral reefs and related Marine Living Resources. The local marine environment basic well-preserved, but the coral reefs in a natural state of recession.

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Tropical Jun Tun Hua Guoyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Local rich ancient customs, Park and Tourism set up park, a hundred Garden, Bainiao Yuan, the tropical wildlife park, lake resort, business center, vacation homes and rural life more than 30 scenic spots such as housing. Danzhou City Government now plans to invest 200,000,000 yuan to Jun Tun Hua Guoyuan, the House of Representatives even as a tropical botanical garden, built tropical Danzhou Huaguo Yuan Mu, a unique financial different tree, Jade, Fruit landscape into one of the large-scale tourism and entertainment projects, will soon meet with visitors.

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Danzhou City Forest Reserve fan of protected areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The establishment in 1981, is located southeast of Danzhou City fan to increase the region, covering an area of 8 million. This protected area of tropical rain forest vegetation for cover. The establishment of protected areas not only for the protection and development of water resources Lam Songtao Reservoir, to prevent the reservoir sedimentation has played an important role in the region at the same time Songtao added back to the beautiful scenery.

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Longmen Fluxus - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danzhou City located in the seaside town of Man-E Longmenshan. Block, standing Longmenshan is on the coast of the rock mountain, the highest point 39 m, the rocks on the mountain rocks, north from the south, stretches and downs, like a section of the Great Wall, magnificent. East Mountain urn with a door-hereinafter referred to as "the first day of South Gate," more than 30 meters high, 20 meters wide, hollow Wind, was the rock arch, lift north wind and waves, hit at Shihmen, songs such as drums, more than 10 responses, it is named "Dragon Fluxus." Here Miangen 4 km of coastline, beaches clean, ashore thousands of stone, the scenery and unique, stand-Dan Guantao, relaxed and happy, Hainan Province, is well-known tourist attractions. Legend has it that long ago, there is a stone Plowshares, long-term impact of Sui Bo, to shovel Haikan Stones, the Longmen are on the rise steeply shaped. Its a hole in the wall on that fine-range, which can run hundreds of people. According to the "Dan records," records, Li Ming Dynasty at the head of the Organization Celastrus LI Han people after the uprising failed, the rebels have more than the Department of Shou Here, "Hu Shan Hu Hai", elusive, with more than 10 officers and men deal with During the Spring and Autumn.

Fluxus Longmen in the Ming Dynasty named to the visitors by amazing. Bagong Qing Chen Zhuang Qi Jue has a title: "The gantry Saga Qiao Shi power, influx of looking to roll Pepper. Man Road, difficult roads of Shu Jing, I still have the rural way more dangerous" Feelings of Xie Jing, thought-provoking.

Fluxus Yangpu Development Zone, adjacent to the gantry, with the Yangpu Development, the goal Fluxus landscape of visitors increasing fame spread far and wide.

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Well Dongpo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At that time, Su help villagers fought well, Stephen Wong sweet water, the villagers in memory of Su put it called "well Dongpo," For centuries, the sweet well water has never been dry.

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Um Guanglang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danzhou City is located in the southern outskirts of the town and is a disgrace Su Home Danzhou lived for three years when the premises. Song Sheng years, Su and his son early Danzhou, the very local Zhang Zhou Guan Su respect, so that the Soviet Union Official home of the father and son live in the house, made official on a regular basis to give them food. Who knows not last the following year in Hunan Dong Leizhou about the incident, it will send to the expulsion. Su and his son nowhere to take shelter, the situation is bleak, local officials and the public have great sympathy for, along with help in the south of the Su-Lin Guanglang housing, with the help of fellow townsfolk built a hut 3. Although Chong Yi around the breeding, but in a hut "Bamboo Leaf Begonia who sticks" Guanglang forest, the relief of Yu will Dongpo cottage named "Um Guanglang." In the same year, Su help villagers fought a well, Stephen sweet enough water, the villagers called it "Dongpo well." For centuries, well water has dried up. Um Su Guang Lang is in Danzhou three years of life remains, and all of its history into The expansion of repair many times. Guanglang Om is the current local government in recent years of specialized rehabilitation. Transportation: access to the sea by the province to Danzhou Express steam, and then take the bus to the local attractions.

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Songtao Reservoir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

More than 100 islands, who seemed to carelessly let go in the vast surface of the water, surrounded by mountains and forests around the vast, boating on the lake, the mountains could see Weiyi, towering old trees, water clarity, the fish surfaced. The biggest reason for car: specialty Songtao big head, delicious and cheap ... ... Danzhou City area 20 km south-east, Danzhou cross, the white sands of the two cities and counties, is entitled to the "pearl island" Tianchi reputation of the mountain. Located in the upper reaches of the Nandu River, was founded in 1958, built 10 years time, China is one of the largest earth dam project. 81.1 meters high, 760 meters long, will be the Pentium Nandu River water cut-off Southeast Asia and Canada Fan Yang-ri. Area of 144 square kilometers in the reservoir area, the reservoir in more than 300 islands. The total storage capacity to 3.34 billion cubic meters, the upper reaches of the Nandu River region of 1400 square kilometers of cross-strait store rainwater, at all levels through the channel linking a large number of water to form a unified irrigation system , The water in the western and north-west of Hainan Island, large tracts of land. Songtao Reservoir wide, surrounded by mountains and forests around the vast gray. It is not only promoting agriculture, fisheries, public benefits, but also heat on Hainan Island. Vacation, a good place for sightseeing. The most popular cruise in the reservoir area is the scenery, boating Bibo , But see the mountains trying to lay all the winding, towering old trees, quiet lake-Bi, have surfaced fishing boat, the boat trip there is a sense in painting.

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Blue Ocean Springs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danzhou City is located in the town of Ocean Blue Canyon, 12 km away from the Danzhou City, Haikou 149 km. Blue Ocean Springs in Hainan is one of the larger hot springs, hot springs with the 6 km long, 500 meters wide, in the range of 2 square kilometers there are more than a dozen natural spring, traffic on up to 2,000 tons more than in the water temperature 43-84 , For rheumatoid arthritis, skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases have a good effect, is the ideal health care radon spring. There is a local hot spring and a cold seeps only separated with one stone, hot and cold but clear, very rare. Tips: play in the blue ocean hot springs, we have a taste of the "hot fire-hot" and hot springs Eggs.

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Kuixing tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danzhou City and is located in the town, Hainan Province, is well-preserved ancient one. Kuixing tower was built at the end, is a small stone, unique shape, well-preserved. A total of seven, internal hollow tower, a short-floor canopy, the floor can not enter the narrow arches, window-shaped for the money. The first tier of the two posterior wall engraved lines: "Time Yi Wei-year (Year 1895), Chung Ji Dan, Danzhou officers and rehabilitation of land and water business. "Traffic: Danzhou to the sea by the provincial Express, and then take the bus to the destination.

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Danzhou Dongpo College - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gu Chen Dan ear Danzhou County, Hainan Island was first built in the Han Dynasty, one of the two counties, and a long history here, so that the rich culture, famous people come forth in large numbers. Su Shi was relegate to the Changhua military is here Dundian, during the Enlightenment Hainan education credit. Su Shi, "Buddhist Dongpo," 1037 ~ 1101 Relegation to Hainan, live and give lectures at the time of the call contained in the original place of wine together, was not so now with the grand scale. SU's home in disgrace three years, Hainan, the wine contained in the Church Hall to open learning, teaching Shi-Shu, the dissemination of the Central Plains culture. The "College Dongpo" after the expansion of the Yuan dynasties Danzhou highest institution, and then by Rehabilitation of the Ming Dynasty, more people now. College entrance imposing Hong Kuo, hospital towering old trees, set out by the wine booths, set wine together, the great hall, the Austrian Church, and other niche of the old buildings, Pavilion, Lianchi, homes Gallery, is about sophisticated, it is clear that year was down Dongpo When Fu-free benefit, only shows that people in Hainan and respect for the culture of the Soviet Union as a Buddhist Southern made a great contribution to the recognition. House possession of inscriptions, tablets, sculptures, apparatus, Jing-quan, and so many paintings, such as the famous "Li Pei Xian clog map", as well as Guo, Deng, Tian Han Tiyong to the works of art. Hall, there are wine containing 15 tablets, Yuan, Ming and Qing, and so on.

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Coconut Village Farmer Happiness - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Covers an area of 200 acres of coconut farmers Walled music at the famous River Thames, 12 km away from the city of Qionghai is only in recent years to build a farm in Hainan reflect the characteristics of tourist attractions. Is based on local natural resources and the search for today's back-to-nature, the mentality of getting back to basics and open up new tourism projects.

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Mountain Forest Nature Reserve will - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Area of 80,000 hectares. Protected area was established in 1981, its role is to protect, restore and develop the region's water forest, alluvial silt reduction and prevention of the reservoir. It is a Qionghaisenlin conducive to the development of comprehensive management of large forest areas.

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St. hectoliter - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tao is famous for its ancient and modern wonders of the first, standing outside in the River to the sea about 150 meters southwest of Hong Kong and the Boao Hai Bibo big door of a black stone block more than the Lei Cheng, a few meters above the sea of huge rocks. In the past, and let the wind and waves hit this stone chest high, fixed Wei-ran, the holy spirit Wei, the people As "St. hectoliter." Hectoliter St. Andrew's head is the most vivid spectacle of a few hours after the storm. Whenever heavy rains, flash floods bet, River, Long River roll, 9 River water level will rise together, fall together, surging to over Hong Kong to Boao. And this time, not to be outdone in the sea, but with greater momentum, set off a A huge wave, towards the red in the face of the past three into head-JIANG Hong-tao, two from the opposite happened at the same time Jutao impact on the St. hectoliter, roar into the water, into the sea. Two red physiognomy of the Ju Tao, a round of a round head and rushed into, again and again Zhuangde blown to pieces, and a trip trip Integrated flow, roll, spin, forward setting after the collision, the Mercedes-Benz in San hectoliter around the spectacular scenery of strange. . Janitor's room compared ancient times, a literary tour hectoliter St., spirits are made, they will use Huibi River in the scene "Lotus stack," and this "saint hectoliter" King,

Write a couplet. Together on a "lotus Guanyin heap preaching fish listen to explore. "Xia Lian:" On the Road, San hectoliter Confucius wave fans laugh. "Up and down a few words, the antithesis neat, hidden wonders, so far as the story Chuan.

St. hectoliter strange, since ancient times been a magical legend: in ancient times, as a result of the collapse of Heaven four sides so that the land of eternal fire, Suffering from chain and the beast Xiongqin harm people. In the sky kind-hearted and hard-working Nu Wa, in order to lift the suffering of the people, they set up giant furnace, a colored rock Lian to make up for heaven. Nu Wa rock Lian, as a result of lost time, a black rock fall. This stone ramp impartial, just falling in Hong Kong and the Boao access to the sea, so that the stones here are sudden, people "St. hectoliter." The rock legend, is the expression of the ancient and beautiful wishes of the psychological kind-hearted. Ming Dynasty Club Jiajingnianjian county magistrate Lu Peng's "St. hectoliter to defend the sea" poem:

Wang Miao vast sea suspect, who taught the town of San Shek waterfront. Origin of the natural barrier set up here, but also where to find the Jintang. That the poem, Hectoliter is a "natural barrier set up to" The Greatest Places, it appears that there is scientific justification.

Boao Tourism Scenic Area, with its rich and unique scenery, plus the complete set of tourist facilities, warm and thoughtful services, tourism, attract foreign tourists all the year round waves.

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Quetta - - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ocean Tower is located in Qionghai city southwest of the town of about 500 meters, mixed high and low in the crown of coconut leaves, Quetta-stands, against the sky. It is the preservation of Hainan, the most complete one of the ancient architecture.

According to the "Joan East County" records, Quetta together for 21 years Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1599) Jean-ken East Construction of the chapter. Reported in the construction of a tower during the night, Lu chapter in a dream saw a night by the name of Huo, wearing a green dress, standing on the top read: "The days of play Quetta even Jia Di." As a result, the tower of life "Quetta together."

Quetta-high 30 meters, a total of seven, each higher level High-wide and have accordingly reduced. Hollow tower, at the end of Tazuo there, surrounded by walls of the main entrance of the north, there is the top-Mei Shi Bian, a letter, "Quetta together." Tower-like building in the Tang Dynasty, ancient and unique style. Eight each from the outside wall structure, a loft-style brick tower canopy, the seven build a false door, only to build a real door. True North Gate Open from the door into the real, through a negative turn of the turn Jiaqiang small staircase, will be on the second floor. Television so high, until the top of the tower. Department-phase at all levels of brick buildings which have canopies and beautiful and strong. Across the top of a tree, climbed up rafter can stand in a circular tower on top. Looking around the view, trees, Wo Tsui, Bihe, do Honglian close eye , A great open-minded, self-entertainment Tao Tao sense of God.

Quetta together, not only for the study of ancient architecture in Hainan history of the development of civilization and architecture to provide a direct basis, and have greater tourism, aesthetic appeal.

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Hongshiyan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hong Kong is located in Boao, Qionghai City. Scenic red rock terrain open flat, the photogenic powder white sandy beaches, clear blue sea. West Beach sea surge wave height, on the coast of the southern tip of the towering pile into dozens of different levels of dark red rock, called "red rock." The tree-lined area, the entire coastline from the blue sea and green trees embracing, Central Elegant, fresh air and charming scenery. Rich variety of seafood here, the colorful conch is delicious visitors gallery, curios hands.

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Baishi Ridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baishi Ridge Hainan Province, is 20 best tourist attractions (point), is located in Qionghai City, 12 km south-west, from the Island Highway East Baishi Ridge export westbound only 6 kilometers, 92 kilometers away from Haikou. Total area of 16.24 square kilometers, from high mountain ridge, and other components.

  Baishi Ridge (Yongdusan) Hainan's tourism zone is a bright "Pearl" by the peerless display only the edge of Hainan Island native tribes gather in the nation - "Shen Migu" (native tribes still retains eat soil, grazing practices), Humanities area (a total of 18 landscape), Baishi Ridge (Yongdusan) natural scenic area of tropical forests ( 20), the elegant fashion of the modern leisure playground - as well Greenpeace Huacao Chang air travel cable composed of a total of three plates.

  Ridge Baishi Ridge is the highest high, 328 meters above sea level. Hill-like changes in the Wanduan, walk-for-shaped. Yamashita craggy rocks, thousands of Cave deep, unfathomable magic. Every cloud Around, flickering peaks, the erratic and volatile in Utah are illusory. Ridge has 1308 stone mountain cliffs and paste, Gordon's impressive, "Eight Baishi Ridge", viewing the character River.

  There are many around the Baishi Ridge Reservoir, Mountain View, add a lot of the Smart Xiuse.

  White Dan Ling Eight: tower columns, Kim Chi drive, Vision Qingshitan head, Tsui Ping Yong, kongtong wind screen, spray cattle Cang, granite-Wei Cai, Chu Yun-Bi marsh. "Kongtong wind screen" on board the 300 level, Baishi Ridge is the best landscape "pillars tower." Qing Wang Ju Ren local Chongyou poem read: "The Towering mountains and wasteland Zhi Heng violet fluorescent color means. Not from the ladder step-class, with a total Teng-free Ge am being led back. Qing Jie-dust in the air, around the tree-to-ri, want to ask what lay by the year, suddenly Yuxuan to reverie. "Vividly describes the" pillars tower "and the towering quiet realm of pure, if the circumstances are, their feelings when will all the more strange. Ridge has 1000 tons on top of huge, pale colors therefore Baishi Ridge got its name. Boulder hanging in the air, it scared yet unhurt. From different angles to view this piece of stone, their various shapes: looking down from above, such as the faltering of the turtle; Ling Ha from the look, like the Pentium Horse, brought to life. Next to a huge Cave, blowing winds, Se Se-ri of music issued from time to time, Shashi charming. Since ancient times, people are not only stone in his praise of this nature Timmia charming, yet with the Teana The Sound of Music intoxicating, he is different from King's Department. There are burial Hong Lifang, scale cloth coffin burial, "Ban Xian" Tanglie Baishi Ridge and the betel nut and many other beautiful legend. Taishi Hong metaphysics of the Qing Dynasty had heart Baishi Ridge called the "Aura full of gods." Baishi Ridge Scenic matched landscape, spread all over the reservoir, River from the foot of the mountain like a jade belt matched reservoirs spread all over, like a jade belt River from the foot of the mountain and have Wanting. The new Baishi Ridge Resort Village, an international golf course, coconut Chong Chai, Islands And the Villa Restaurant, and other facilities available for people to leisure, play hard.

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Red Detachment of Women statue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Gate is located in Qionghai City of Park Jie Xin, by the statue carved from granite, even the base of the total 6.8 m high. Woman Warrior Jiaochuan statue of straw sandals, Zhu Li shoulder, busy, the Red Army's heroism bull by the horns to show full out. Hu has a positive base of the statue's inscription reads: "The Red Detachment of Women." "Red Detachment of Women"??????that is the second independent women's division Tewu Lian-jun, was founded in May 1, 1931, even the female soldiers in Qiongya special committee under the leadership of the CPC, completed the outstanding leadership of the defense agencies, launched The masses, and other tasks, and in line with the main combat forces, an ambush in the sand ridge cap, the removal of Yangjiang And other heroic battle enemy, in order to set the revolutionary exploits of Hainan Island. In 1990, Hainan Provincial People's Government to determine the focus for the Red Detachment of Women statue commemorating the revolution to protect the building units.

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Qionghai Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qionghai City, Hainan Island is located in the eastern South China Sea to the east, south, west and north respectively, with the Mannings, Qiongzhong, Tunchang, Dingan, Wenchang, and other border cities. Living in 28 countries and regions overseas Chinese, Chinese 550,000. Have proven the value of mineral exploitation are titanium, potassium tungsten, gold, graphite, kaolin, sand, and other 14 kinds of glass, At 35 degrees for more than a perovskite 17,700,000 tons, 3,400,000 tons of graphite, K 200,000,000 tons, 100,000,000 cubic meters of granite, glass and more than 100,000 tons of sand.

  Water, electricity and resources year-round flow of six rivers, water total 27.9 billion cubic meters, has been using 263 million Meters, accounting for 9.4 percent, to reach the water quality of the national secondary drinking water standards. There are 7 medium-sized reservoirs with a total storage capacity to 259,000,000 cubic meters. Electricity and water reserves to 120,000 kilowatts, to develop capacity of 118,000 kilowatts. In addition, Kwun Tong, on the north shore of Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Kwun Tong, is a valuable, the traffic on 10 00 tons, the water temperature reached 76-84 degrees-taken, the state-level appraisal, is the world's rare hot mineral spring fields.

  43 km long coastline, the depth of Hong Kong Longwan 12m, is an international waterway near the deep water port, the construction of 1-5 million 42-ton berths. Fishing grounds around the East and West , Nansha, a higher economic value of more than 40 kinds of fish. There are 18.7 million shallow beach, seafood farming is a good base for the country's largest Eucheuma farms in the territory.

  World-famous River to the main line, including the River, Baishi Ridge, Hot Springs, Kwun Tong, Island, River to the sea, Boao, Palm Beach Harbor River Garden, constitute the entire tourism system, Hainan Province, was listed as one of the top 10 tourist areas opening to the outside world. There is also the first General Zhou Memorial Hall, the statue of Red Detachment of Women, together Quetta, for Speed and so on the runway more than Humanities Department, attractions, the famous "Boao Asia Tan "in Boao.

  223 national highway (Hai-yu east) and the East Island Highway was from the north-south through the territory of the two provincial highway running through the city, all cities and counties across the province and networking. Highway in the territory of 4 entrances, plus the location of the plot from the city entrance to the provincial capital Haikou, 86 public Only an hour's drive. Highways criss-crossing the city, extending in all directions, the city's traffic mileage of 2100 kilometers, with an average per square kilometer area of 1.1 km highway. Longwan under construction in Hong Kong, plans to build an international transit port in the near future. Tam Mun Hong Kong is well-known fishing port and is also leading to the east and west, in the Nansha Air Hong Kong, there are 10 fishing and cargo vessels of dual-use direct flight to Hong Kong.

  Existing program-controlled exchange capacity of 40,000 mobile phone subscribers reached 23,000, the realization of the urban and rural telephone exchange and transmission of digital program-controlled, directly allocated to domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and cities and counties and the World On more than 200 countries and regions.

  Reunification of the provincial power grid, in addition to the territory of the provincial cattle Ridge Road Station, there are large and small power station 26, a total installed capacity of 99,700 kilowatts and an annual generation capacity of 300,000,000, the surplus power.

  The city has reached the national secondary Water standards 2,790,000,000 cubic meters of water, there are 2 city water plant, the daily water supply capacity of more than 40,000 tons. At present, and Nissan is to build a water plant 100,000 tons, to meet completely the next 10 years, city residents and large-scale industrial water needs.

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Cervus field of protected areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Eastern 20 km away from the urban area, covers an area of 2000 ares, and Yang Zhao 400 Cervus only. Cervus and the giant panda, golden monkey, are rare animals at the national level, the body beautiful, and like deer, but it is a forward bend of the horn is worth watching. Cervus run good jump, startled when over 5 meters wide ditch , Usually in the thick undergrowth like the activities of the hillside. Their vision, hearing and smell are acute, look for Bucks songs by dual; song by the wife of your youth call for deer milk, even one kilometer apart can hear each other. Protected areas on the tower overlooking deer can be seen Divertimento. Cervus favorite color red, so North Korea And the rising sun, they come in groups activities. At this time a plethora view of the best deer, can also see the occasional wild boar, and other animals come and go. Transportation: Take arrived in Haikou City, Oriental Province, steam express train to the East and then by bus to the destination. Room and board: here can eat all kinds of live seafood; Near the hotel there Harbor Hotel, the Oriental Pearl Hotel, and so on.

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Eastern Travel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

(A) Introduction
  Oriental City is located in the geographic latitude 18o43'-19o18 ', N 108o37'-109o07', Shaopian the western South China's Hainan Island, Changhua River, with its South and South East Ledong Li Autonomous County, which borders the north to northeast separated from Changhua River And the Changjiang Li Autonomous County Community, in the north west by the Bay, Vietnam and across the sea, the mountains north Lebanon home.
  Eastern climate is tropical monsoon climate, year-round without Shuangxue, the average annual temperature of 24 ? ~ 25 ?, the average annual sunshine hours 2777.15 hours, the average annual rainfall of 1000-1900 mm, in July In October as the main rainfall period, accounting for 70% of annual rainfall. Every year in November to March the following year for the north and northeasterly winds, the April to June for the multi-south southwest wind, in June to October monsoon affected by the south-east, Typhoon, 4-6 times the average annual typhoon, but 10 Little more than a typhoon. Article unique climate So that the East has become the winter-season vegetables and tropical fruit production base for the fine.
  Eastern area of 2256 square km area, 65.4 kilometers long from north to south, west width of 53.6. Which should be 86.78 million mu of farmland, 70.56 million mu of land should be plastic, the heat should be 14 million mu of land, to Yilin 02.94 million, 35.09 million mu of forest land Yi Mu, the other 29.06 million mu. 37.59 million mu of arable land available, the total land area of 11.1 percent, of which 17.37 million mu of paddy field area, dry land (including slope, the garden) area of 20.21 hectares. 42 million mu of the Thanksgiving - Flat terrain, into film development, the city is an important grain-producing areas. Yet in the city, such as the development of appropriate planting in more than 75 million mu.
  Administrative division under the jurisdiction of the Oriental City 8, a sense of the city, three, Itabashi, four more, the new dragon, Daejeon, the East River, Cheonan, 10 riverside village of 176 township (neighborhood , And wide dam, the public love, the three red-chuen, a Chinese state-run farms and farms, state-run island province of West Forest Farm, Cervus field-level protected areas, the state-owned monkeys of a ridge cutting the field, Jianfengling Forestry Bureau is also part of the forest In the territory.
  Population, a population of 377,686, of whom 297 Han 41, 78469 Li, Miao 886, 289 Zhuang, 23, of the Hui people of other nationalities 178.
  Oriental Chemical Town in Dongfang City, located south of the total land area of 29.9 square kilometers, of which 16.57 square kilometers of industrial land for the net, the planning period ( 2020) of industrial land for a net 9.98 square kilometers, long-term plan (to 2030) industrial development and back-up 6.59 square kilometers. Chemical City, combined with the overall layout of the natural topography, to determine the function of specific areas, power supply, for which, heating, communications and other infrastructure are unified planning, construction and Arguments. Chemical City's goal is to build the China National Offshore Oil Corporation is now relying on the rich chemical Island, after 20-30 years of efforts to become a Marine in the South China Sea oil and gas resources and processing bases and fertilizer, synthetic ammonia, methanol, fine chemical industry base, modern city of Chemical Ecology.
  (B) natural resources
  Oil and Gas To the surrounding waters are rich in oil and natural gas, in the northern Gulf waters have proven reserves of more than 2,000 billion cubic meters. Is developing the "Dongfang 1-1" gas reserves of natural gas nearly 1,000 billion cubic meters, with an annual output of 2,400,000,000 cubic meters, when China's third largest gas field. Natural gas pipeline network into operation Yangpu power plant for electricity generation, but also access to the sea industry, to provide life gas.
  Coastline coastline of the city was a north-south orientation, the total length of 84.4 km, the formation of Hong Kong and seven of eight Bay (eight in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Chao-ying, four in Hong Kong will, Duntou Hong Kong, eight in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong sky, the county door to Hong Kong, Li Zhang Hong Kong, South; Seven Bay: Bay, in front of the Gulf, Duntou Bay, Island Bay fish, grass Bay, Wan Li Zhang, shuanggou Bay); jurisdiction waters of the seven natural fish market (shuanggou sea, a sense of En-hai, hai-line quarter, the sea's good, Lebanon's sea and the sea redfish, sea-old), the depth of 26-70 meters; depth of 10 meters within the shallow water area of 5.16 hectares, the beach 2.48 ha plot for the development of aquaculture area of 1.68 million mu beach. In addition, sea salt rich in resources, the East is the salt of Hainan Province, one of the three major salt production base, producing an average 45,000 tons of raw salt, salt can be used in the area of 5 million.
  The main metallic mineral deposits of gold there, , Zinc, iron, copper, tungsten, titanium, lead, silver, crystal, mica, quartz sand, and so on. Placer quality pure quartz, white color, silicon amounted to 99.3 percent, is now a proven open-pit mine, about 18 square kilometers, the reserves amounted to 20,000,000 tons or more.
  River City has 8 major rivers, namely Chang River (230 km long), South River (26 km long), Thanksgiving River (60 km long), Tong Tianhe (32 km long), with Lo River (47 km long), the North River Lebanon (41 km long), Yao has South River, the East River is the city of Changhua River in the territory of the two major tributaries.
  Tourism for Development Tourist attractions include: Daguangba tourist spots, Red Hot Springs Resort Xing, Daejeon Cervus scenic areas, forest monkeys Ridge Scenic Area, scenic Moon Bay beach, sand falls in tourist areas, Ya-long national scenic tourist style, Pan Chen-Hu tourist spots, Longquan Mountain Scenic Area, the scale Island Scenic Area, Long Coastal Bay Resort, the East Lake Village; human landscape: Han Ma Fubo Furui, Rong Fu-Long Park Village, 2 to the New Stone Age ruins of the Han Dynasty - Kowloon City site, the site of beacon towers Thanksgiving, the first examination of the Song Dynasty Hainan Fu-do East stone Yushan Town, a sense of city school buildings Museum - into a hall too, Li traditional festivals " Three months, "the source.
  (C) the ecological environment
  Oriental City, natural ecosystems can be divided into the eastern Shan Qiu Senlin ecological reserves in the central field of ecological forest and protected areas in the western town of ecological construction on three levels.
  (1) in the eastern hills of natural ecological protection zone by limiting Department of mountain towns of development, population and the promotion of industry to gather in the western coastal areas and gradually in the eastern mountains of the population, reduce the mountain of man-made damage to the ecological environment. To carry out the work of returning farmland to forests, and gradually form a dense forest vegetation-rich eastern part of the ecological and environmental protection areas. The territory of the four major mountain ranges, Jianfengling Hill Russia Yin Ling Mountains, Old Village Ridge Mountains, Guanyin mountain collapse, as well as the field Cervus Nature Reserve, Daguangba ecological reserves, and so maintain 95-100% of green coverage, with the exception of some of the built environment and coordination, low-density Vacation resort construction and management of the necessary facilities so as to avoid the emergence of other artificial structures Mountains to maintain the original natural state.
  (2) of farmland in the central forest ecological agriculture through the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, rational use and protection of agricultural resources, to develop eco-efficiency tropical agriculture, strengthen the agricultural pollution prevention, the promotion of traditional agriculture to ecological agriculture in transition. Forest Resources Engineering Water and soil vegetation protection, afforestation land to make full use of Yilin.
  (3) in the western town of eco-construction zone rational coordination for urban construction planning, to create a rational layout and convenient traffic, comfortable life, the ecological environment for urban living excellent working environment, improve the urban afforestation rate and improve the urban greening system , To form a city in China, Lin cities and towns in the town of Green Point and the pattern of lines combine the green eco-system of cities and towns.
  (D) infrastructure
  1, transportation
  8 port of Hong Kong exports are iron ore, imports of coal-based integrated deep-water port, with an annual handling capacity of 7,000,000 tons Currently, 8 of productive berths, of which 6 million-ton berths, 1 kiloton 2 berth, is China's largest iron ore export port, the country is one of the eight major ports, with 12 ports and World 17 countries and regions navigation. China National Offshore Oil-rich island of fertilizer every year 520,000 tons of urea granules large Sinotrans by the eight major commitment to Hong Kong.
  Hainan Xi railway line railway operation mileage of 214 km, the main purpose is to mine iron ore stones, Yinggehai and other places to transport the crude salt 8 Sinotrans in Hong Kong. Guangdong railway line was opened to traffic, Hainan Xi railway line from the local railway line dedicated to upgrading the national railway An integral part of the network, to play a passenger, freight functions, further improvement in Dongfang City of transport conditions for industrial development, the formation of an integrated transport system of opportunity.
  Oriental City, the existing highway traffic mileage of highways for the 952.5 km, the highway traffic mileage of 66.5 for the public , 77 km national highway, provincial highway 155 km, 75 km County Road, Village Road, 579 km of Agriculture and Forestry. In which density is 42 km /100 square kilometers, per million people have 26.6 km highway. Urban areas have taken shape to the highway, national, provincial trunk for the relatively well-developed road network. 2, energy
  Oriental installed capacity of electric power owner of 240,000 kilowatts Daguangba Power Station, and installed capacity of 8700 kilowatts of wind power plant 8, the installed capacity of 225 kilowatts a high slope of the ridge, the installed capacity of 1500 kilowatts of Tuo-hing, The installed capacity of 125 kilowatts of Cheonan, and other small and medium-sized Station. 2 of the existing 110KV substation and a 220KV substation, a city supply of electricity production and living, for a CNOOC-rich island of fertilizer and cement two-ji electricity industry. Luo with 220KV substation is the center of a regional substation. Change the existing distribution facilities to meet the basic work Development in the near future, the medium-term needs.
  The existing water supply capacity of water supply for 25,000 tons /day. Water from the North Gong Li River and into the reservoir, the water quality to meet the national drinking water standards II. In the construction of new water supply capacity of 10 +10 10,000 tons /day, water from the Changhua River, the water can reach the national drink II water standards. The new water plant will soon put into use to meet the Oriental Chemical Town in the near future, the medium-term water needs.
  The city's water storage reservoirs there are 39, from the normal capacity for 1,805,000,000 cubic meters, of which there are relatively large reservoir: wide dam reservoir (capacity of 1,700,000,000 cubic meters), Tuo Xing water (Capacity of 30,000,000 cubic meters) high slope Ridge Reservoir (capacity of 51,250,000 cubic meters), Cheonan reservoir (capacity of 14,500,000 cubic meters), Gong into the reservoir (capacity of 10,000,000 cubic meters), Bay Creek Reservoir (capacity of 8,000,000 cubic meters ).
  3, Telecom
  At present, the city's fixed If 12,494 users, mobile users, 3265, 108 Internet users, DDN user data line 13. At present, to offer telecommunications services include: international and domestic long-distance telephone, local telephone, telex, fax, data communications and so on. The city has taken shape in order to transfer digital Exchange program of urban and rural-based integrated communications network, can call all over the country, Hong Kong and Macao and around the world.
  (E) of the dominant industries
  1, large-scale synthetic ammonia and fertilizer production base
  CNOOC has completed projects include: a 300,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 520,000 tons of urea, Phase II projects have 450,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 800,000 tons of urea, 600,000 compound, 33,000,000 bags, and other projects, an area of about 104.25 hectares of land. Recently, the medium-term annual production capacity of chemical fertilizer 1,600,000 tons more than the long-term annual production capacity of chemical fertilizer 3,640,000 tons more than the need for natural gas in Should be about 3,500,000,000 cubic meters. Oriental City to become China's largest fertilizer production base in one of the annual output value reaching 70 billion yuan.
2, large-scale methanol production base
  CNOOC building in the near future 600,000 tons of methanol project, the long-term planning to achieve an annual output of more than 1,000,000 tons of production scale, as China's largest methanol production base.
  3, a large fine chemical base
  Key products include acetic acid, acetate, methanol and its extension products, formaldehyde, urea-formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin, acetal resin, butanediol, polyols, such as Urotropine. CNOOC has identified 30,000 chemical projects Liquid carbon dioxide, 30,000 tons of biodegradable plastics, acetate 400,000 tons, 400,000 tons of soda ash. In addition, it is necessary to continue to extend the above-mentioned raw materials for the products of fine chemical industrial chain, synthetic resins, adhesives, plastics, fiber, medicine, perfume, paint and so on a certain scale of production, the establishment of China's large-scale One of the fine chemical production base.
  4, high-efficiency tropical agriculture production base
  Bananas, seafood, mangoes and melons of the four leading industries are agriculture and the rural economy in our city's strong support. Information guide, a typical model, the implementation of advantage to start, drive base, to promote science and technology, the market pull kimono Driver "five action" strategy, adjusting the agricultural structure, to the "expansion of bananas, melons to improve and transform the mango, the expansion of aquaculture," the high-efficiency tropical agriculture development path, step by step implementation of regional distribution base of production, industrial management.
  (Vi) export-oriented economy
  1, the use of foreign capital 001, the actual use of foreign capital 2,050,000 U.S. dollars, up 48.8 percent reduction; in 2002 the actual use of foreign capital 500,000 U.S. dollars, up 75.6 percent reduction; 2003 Jan-Apr foreign capital actually utilized 500,000 U.S. dollars.
  2, import and export trade
  2001 foreign trade in and out Total value of 54,860,000 U.S. dollars, up 41.2 percent, of which 22,430,000 U.S. dollars of imports and exports 32,430,000 U.S. dollars; 2002 import and export value of 89,590,000 U.S. dollars, up 63.3 percent, of which 83,100,000 U.S. dollars of imports, exports 6,490,000 U.S. dollars; 2003 1 April import and export value of 43,890,000 U.S. dollars, of which 34,440,000 U.S. dollars of imports, exports 9,450,000 U.S. dollars.
  (Vii) the cause of science and education
  1, the situation of the city's existing human resources professional technicians 4119, of which 99 high-level talents, 1193 mid-level talent, at the beginning 2827 talented people.
  2, education and scientific research institutions in the city an existing secondary school, a technical school, 18 secondary schools (including the nine-year compulsory 7), 178 primary schools. 26 scientific research institutions, including the city of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, agricultural machinery, an independent research institute mango 5, Science and Technology Service Center , Fisheries Technology Promotion Station a township Agricultural Station 17.

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