Sunday, December 28, 2008

P Ishijima gun Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Isle Hainan gun phosphorus level nature reserve where coral reefs located in the north-west of Hainan Island, including the gun Ishijima phosphorus (also known as big shovel reef) and its surrounding waters, its geographic range: 109 � 04'50 '~ 109 � 06' 31'E, 19 � 40'00 '~ 19 � 41'29'N, area 1 1 hectare, in April 1992 by the original People's Government approved the establishment of Danzhou County, mainly for the protection of phosphorus gun Ishijima and the surrounding coastal waters and coral reef ecology.

P Ishijima own gun by corals, shells and various types of coral sand, shells, beach cliffs, the secondary component of the coral reef island of gravel, an Distribution of coral reef area of the northern margin, is the study of coral reefs in the northern Gulf in the South China Sea and regional distribution of coral reefs and coral reefs and their biological history of development and constitute an important base for change.

Protected area management activities so that the phosphorus gun Ishijima and the surrounding marine environment and biodiversity can be maintained. In order to safeguard coral reefs and related Marine Living Resources. The local marine environment basic well-preserved, but the coral reefs in a natural state of recession.

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