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Eastern Travel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

(A) Introduction
  Oriental City is located in the geographic latitude 18o43'-19o18 ', N 108o37'-109o07', Shaopian the western South China's Hainan Island, Changhua River, with its South and South East Ledong Li Autonomous County, which borders the north to northeast separated from Changhua River And the Changjiang Li Autonomous County Community, in the north west by the Bay, Vietnam and across the sea, the mountains north Lebanon home.
  Eastern climate is tropical monsoon climate, year-round without Shuangxue, the average annual temperature of 24 ? ~ 25 ?, the average annual sunshine hours 2777.15 hours, the average annual rainfall of 1000-1900 mm, in July In October as the main rainfall period, accounting for 70% of annual rainfall. Every year in November to March the following year for the north and northeasterly winds, the April to June for the multi-south southwest wind, in June to October monsoon affected by the south-east, Typhoon, 4-6 times the average annual typhoon, but 10 Little more than a typhoon. Article unique climate So that the East has become the winter-season vegetables and tropical fruit production base for the fine.
  Eastern area of 2256 square km area, 65.4 kilometers long from north to south, west width of 53.6. Which should be 86.78 million mu of farmland, 70.56 million mu of land should be plastic, the heat should be 14 million mu of land, to Yilin 02.94 million, 35.09 million mu of forest land Yi Mu, the other 29.06 million mu. 37.59 million mu of arable land available, the total land area of 11.1 percent, of which 17.37 million mu of paddy field area, dry land (including slope, the garden) area of 20.21 hectares. 42 million mu of the Thanksgiving - Flat terrain, into film development, the city is an important grain-producing areas. Yet in the city, such as the development of appropriate planting in more than 75 million mu.
  Administrative division under the jurisdiction of the Oriental City 8, a sense of the city, three, Itabashi, four more, the new dragon, Daejeon, the East River, Cheonan, 10 riverside village of 176 township (neighborhood , And wide dam, the public love, the three red-chuen, a Chinese state-run farms and farms, state-run island province of West Forest Farm, Cervus field-level protected areas, the state-owned monkeys of a ridge cutting the field, Jianfengling Forestry Bureau is also part of the forest In the territory.
  Population, a population of 377,686, of whom 297 Han 41, 78469 Li, Miao 886, 289 Zhuang, 23, of the Hui people of other nationalities 178.
  Oriental Chemical Town in Dongfang City, located south of the total land area of 29.9 square kilometers, of which 16.57 square kilometers of industrial land for the net, the planning period ( 2020) of industrial land for a net 9.98 square kilometers, long-term plan (to 2030) industrial development and back-up 6.59 square kilometers. Chemical City, combined with the overall layout of the natural topography, to determine the function of specific areas, power supply, for which, heating, communications and other infrastructure are unified planning, construction and Arguments. Chemical City's goal is to build the China National Offshore Oil Corporation is now relying on the rich chemical Island, after 20-30 years of efforts to become a Marine in the South China Sea oil and gas resources and processing bases and fertilizer, synthetic ammonia, methanol, fine chemical industry base, modern city of Chemical Ecology.
  (B) natural resources
  Oil and Gas To the surrounding waters are rich in oil and natural gas, in the northern Gulf waters have proven reserves of more than 2,000 billion cubic meters. Is developing the "Dongfang 1-1" gas reserves of natural gas nearly 1,000 billion cubic meters, with an annual output of 2,400,000,000 cubic meters, when China's third largest gas field. Natural gas pipeline network into operation Yangpu power plant for electricity generation, but also access to the sea industry, to provide life gas.
  Coastline coastline of the city was a north-south orientation, the total length of 84.4 km, the formation of Hong Kong and seven of eight Bay (eight in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Chao-ying, four in Hong Kong will, Duntou Hong Kong, eight in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong sky, the county door to Hong Kong, Li Zhang Hong Kong, South; Seven Bay: Bay, in front of the Gulf, Duntou Bay, Island Bay fish, grass Bay, Wan Li Zhang, shuanggou Bay); jurisdiction waters of the seven natural fish market (shuanggou sea, a sense of En-hai, hai-line quarter, the sea's good, Lebanon's sea and the sea redfish, sea-old), the depth of 26-70 meters; depth of 10 meters within the shallow water area of 5.16 hectares, the beach 2.48 ha plot for the development of aquaculture area of 1.68 million mu beach. In addition, sea salt rich in resources, the East is the salt of Hainan Province, one of the three major salt production base, producing an average 45,000 tons of raw salt, salt can be used in the area of 5 million.
  The main metallic mineral deposits of gold there, , Zinc, iron, copper, tungsten, titanium, lead, silver, crystal, mica, quartz sand, and so on. Placer quality pure quartz, white color, silicon amounted to 99.3 percent, is now a proven open-pit mine, about 18 square kilometers, the reserves amounted to 20,000,000 tons or more.
  River City has 8 major rivers, namely Chang River (230 km long), South River (26 km long), Thanksgiving River (60 km long), Tong Tianhe (32 km long), with Lo River (47 km long), the North River Lebanon (41 km long), Yao has South River, the East River is the city of Changhua River in the territory of the two major tributaries.
  Tourism for Development Tourist attractions include: Daguangba tourist spots, Red Hot Springs Resort Xing, Daejeon Cervus scenic areas, forest monkeys Ridge Scenic Area, scenic Moon Bay beach, sand falls in tourist areas, Ya-long national scenic tourist style, Pan Chen-Hu tourist spots, Longquan Mountain Scenic Area, the scale Island Scenic Area, Long Coastal Bay Resort, the East Lake Village; human landscape: Han Ma Fubo Furui, Rong Fu-Long Park Village, 2 to the New Stone Age ruins of the Han Dynasty - Kowloon City site, the site of beacon towers Thanksgiving, the first examination of the Song Dynasty Hainan Fu-do East stone Yushan Town, a sense of city school buildings Museum - into a hall too, Li traditional festivals " Three months, "the source.
  (C) the ecological environment
  Oriental City, natural ecosystems can be divided into the eastern Shan Qiu Senlin ecological reserves in the central field of ecological forest and protected areas in the western town of ecological construction on three levels.
  (1) in the eastern hills of natural ecological protection zone by limiting Department of mountain towns of development, population and the promotion of industry to gather in the western coastal areas and gradually in the eastern mountains of the population, reduce the mountain of man-made damage to the ecological environment. To carry out the work of returning farmland to forests, and gradually form a dense forest vegetation-rich eastern part of the ecological and environmental protection areas. The territory of the four major mountain ranges, Jianfengling Hill Russia Yin Ling Mountains, Old Village Ridge Mountains, Guanyin mountain collapse, as well as the field Cervus Nature Reserve, Daguangba ecological reserves, and so maintain 95-100% of green coverage, with the exception of some of the built environment and coordination, low-density Vacation resort construction and management of the necessary facilities so as to avoid the emergence of other artificial structures Mountains to maintain the original natural state.
  (2) of farmland in the central forest ecological agriculture through the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, rational use and protection of agricultural resources, to develop eco-efficiency tropical agriculture, strengthen the agricultural pollution prevention, the promotion of traditional agriculture to ecological agriculture in transition. Forest Resources Engineering Water and soil vegetation protection, afforestation land to make full use of Yilin.
  (3) in the western town of eco-construction zone rational coordination for urban construction planning, to create a rational layout and convenient traffic, comfortable life, the ecological environment for urban living excellent working environment, improve the urban afforestation rate and improve the urban greening system , To form a city in China, Lin cities and towns in the town of Green Point and the pattern of lines combine the green eco-system of cities and towns.
  (D) infrastructure
  1, transportation
  8 port of Hong Kong exports are iron ore, imports of coal-based integrated deep-water port, with an annual handling capacity of 7,000,000 tons Currently, 8 of productive berths, of which 6 million-ton berths, 1 kiloton 2 berth, is China's largest iron ore export port, the country is one of the eight major ports, with 12 ports and World 17 countries and regions navigation. China National Offshore Oil-rich island of fertilizer every year 520,000 tons of urea granules large Sinotrans by the eight major commitment to Hong Kong.
  Hainan Xi railway line railway operation mileage of 214 km, the main purpose is to mine iron ore stones, Yinggehai and other places to transport the crude salt 8 Sinotrans in Hong Kong. Guangdong railway line was opened to traffic, Hainan Xi railway line from the local railway line dedicated to upgrading the national railway An integral part of the network, to play a passenger, freight functions, further improvement in Dongfang City of transport conditions for industrial development, the formation of an integrated transport system of opportunity.
  Oriental City, the existing highway traffic mileage of highways for the 952.5 km, the highway traffic mileage of 66.5 for the public , 77 km national highway, provincial highway 155 km, 75 km County Road, Village Road, 579 km of Agriculture and Forestry. In which density is 42 km /100 square kilometers, per million people have 26.6 km highway. Urban areas have taken shape to the highway, national, provincial trunk for the relatively well-developed road network. 2, energy
  Oriental installed capacity of electric power owner of 240,000 kilowatts Daguangba Power Station, and installed capacity of 8700 kilowatts of wind power plant 8, the installed capacity of 225 kilowatts a high slope of the ridge, the installed capacity of 1500 kilowatts of Tuo-hing, The installed capacity of 125 kilowatts of Cheonan, and other small and medium-sized Station. 2 of the existing 110KV substation and a 220KV substation, a city supply of electricity production and living, for a CNOOC-rich island of fertilizer and cement two-ji electricity industry. Luo with 220KV substation is the center of a regional substation. Change the existing distribution facilities to meet the basic work Development in the near future, the medium-term needs.
  The existing water supply capacity of water supply for 25,000 tons /day. Water from the North Gong Li River and into the reservoir, the water quality to meet the national drinking water standards II. In the construction of new water supply capacity of 10 +10 10,000 tons /day, water from the Changhua River, the water can reach the national drink II water standards. The new water plant will soon put into use to meet the Oriental Chemical Town in the near future, the medium-term water needs.
  The city's water storage reservoirs there are 39, from the normal capacity for 1,805,000,000 cubic meters, of which there are relatively large reservoir: wide dam reservoir (capacity of 1,700,000,000 cubic meters), Tuo Xing water (Capacity of 30,000,000 cubic meters) high slope Ridge Reservoir (capacity of 51,250,000 cubic meters), Cheonan reservoir (capacity of 14,500,000 cubic meters), Gong into the reservoir (capacity of 10,000,000 cubic meters), Bay Creek Reservoir (capacity of 8,000,000 cubic meters ).
  3, Telecom
  At present, the city's fixed If 12,494 users, mobile users, 3265, 108 Internet users, DDN user data line 13. At present, to offer telecommunications services include: international and domestic long-distance telephone, local telephone, telex, fax, data communications and so on. The city has taken shape in order to transfer digital Exchange program of urban and rural-based integrated communications network, can call all over the country, Hong Kong and Macao and around the world.
  (E) of the dominant industries
  1, large-scale synthetic ammonia and fertilizer production base
  CNOOC has completed projects include: a 300,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 520,000 tons of urea, Phase II projects have 450,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 800,000 tons of urea, 600,000 compound, 33,000,000 bags, and other projects, an area of about 104.25 hectares of land. Recently, the medium-term annual production capacity of chemical fertilizer 1,600,000 tons more than the long-term annual production capacity of chemical fertilizer 3,640,000 tons more than the need for natural gas in Should be about 3,500,000,000 cubic meters. Oriental City to become China's largest fertilizer production base in one of the annual output value reaching 70 billion yuan.
2, large-scale methanol production base
  CNOOC building in the near future 600,000 tons of methanol project, the long-term planning to achieve an annual output of more than 1,000,000 tons of production scale, as China's largest methanol production base.
  3, a large fine chemical base
  Key products include acetic acid, acetate, methanol and its extension products, formaldehyde, urea-formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin, acetal resin, butanediol, polyols, such as Urotropine. CNOOC has identified 30,000 chemical projects Liquid carbon dioxide, 30,000 tons of biodegradable plastics, acetate 400,000 tons, 400,000 tons of soda ash. In addition, it is necessary to continue to extend the above-mentioned raw materials for the products of fine chemical industrial chain, synthetic resins, adhesives, plastics, fiber, medicine, perfume, paint and so on a certain scale of production, the establishment of China's large-scale One of the fine chemical production base.
  4, high-efficiency tropical agriculture production base
  Bananas, seafood, mangoes and melons of the four leading industries are agriculture and the rural economy in our city's strong support. Information guide, a typical model, the implementation of advantage to start, drive base, to promote science and technology, the market pull kimono Driver "five action" strategy, adjusting the agricultural structure, to the "expansion of bananas, melons to improve and transform the mango, the expansion of aquaculture," the high-efficiency tropical agriculture development path, step by step implementation of regional distribution base of production, industrial management.
  (Vi) export-oriented economy
  1, the use of foreign capital 001, the actual use of foreign capital 2,050,000 U.S. dollars, up 48.8 percent reduction; in 2002 the actual use of foreign capital 500,000 U.S. dollars, up 75.6 percent reduction; 2003 Jan-Apr foreign capital actually utilized 500,000 U.S. dollars.
  2, import and export trade
  2001 foreign trade in and out Total value of 54,860,000 U.S. dollars, up 41.2 percent, of which 22,430,000 U.S. dollars of imports and exports 32,430,000 U.S. dollars; 2002 import and export value of 89,590,000 U.S. dollars, up 63.3 percent, of which 83,100,000 U.S. dollars of imports, exports 6,490,000 U.S. dollars; 2003 1 April import and export value of 43,890,000 U.S. dollars, of which 34,440,000 U.S. dollars of imports, exports 9,450,000 U.S. dollars.
  (Vii) the cause of science and education
  1, the situation of the city's existing human resources professional technicians 4119, of which 99 high-level talents, 1193 mid-level talent, at the beginning 2827 talented people.
  2, education and scientific research institutions in the city an existing secondary school, a technical school, 18 secondary schools (including the nine-year compulsory 7), 178 primary schools. 26 scientific research institutions, including the city of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, agricultural machinery, an independent research institute mango 5, Science and Technology Service Center , Fisheries Technology Promotion Station a township Agricultural Station 17.

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