Sunday, December 28, 2008

Diaoluoshan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Diaoluoshan China is extremely rare and original tropical rain forest, away from the highway opening Lingshui only 21 kilometers, the same provincial highway. Diaoluoshan have Huguangshanse Forest Park, which rise amid permanent Cheung, Fei Bao Tan Kai, Old trees, plants, rare birds and rare animals, rocks and other natural cave tourism landscape, and there is the Island The famous Maple Hill fruit falls, as well as beautiful scenery of southern pastoral. Tropical marine monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 24 ?, the highest monthly average temperature Z8 ? (Jul), the lowest monthly average temperature of 15 ? (November), is an ideal "natural air-conditioning zone." The cool climate and clean air, will go a long way However, God, extraordinary and ancient, show that wild male, in the quiet of the limited space, visitors to fully demonstrate their distinctive characteristics can not be replaced completely different from the island's many scenic coastal and artificial "sunshine on the beach, sea Ye Feng Yun, "a traditional feature of the United States in order to give people the enjoyment of green mold and refreshing experience Music is not thought .

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