Sunday, December 28, 2008

Xisha Islands - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Islands like water after another, like beads floating in the Green Wave 10,000 ares of the South China Sea. It is located southeast of Hainan Island, about 180 nautical miles, with the Dongsha, Saudi Arabia, the southernmost tip of China's Nansha Islands constitute territory. Xisha Islands, stretching from northeast to southwest, 250 km in length, a width of 150 km of sea area, from 4 Block Island, Island, reef, beach composition. Xisha islands to the east of Germany is appropriate, by the North Island, and Ishijima, and so on Yongxing Island 7 islands; Islands to the west is the Wing-lok, from gold and silver, built in, 8 coral islands.


  Xisha Islands, located south of the Tropic of Cancer, abundant rainfall, the island Near the waters of the small changes in water temperature. These advantageous natural conditions to form a unique landscape of the Xisha Islands. Xisha Islands on the Big Island in the first Yongxing Island, as into a tropical botanical garden. Where the proliferation of tropical plants, lush Four Seasons. Sand around the island within the area of growth in order to avoid the white frosting composition of the tree-lin The more the center of the island by the higher plants, the more close to the coast, the more dwarf plants. In the outlying island of sand, is the growth of marine-tung and Scaevola, and other tropical trees and shrubs.


  Tong coast of the main island in the sand 50-100 meters wide, as if along the island as windbreaks. It's Better quality, more branches and low, and strong wind. Scaevola is a coral island, tropical evergreen shrub, widely distributed, large area, in addition to the flooded areas can tide, the islands have growth elsewhere. In addition to the natural forest, the island was also the history of China's growing military and civilian, such as coconut trees in some places to form small coconut Lin. Xisha Islands on the habitat of more than 40 kinds of birds, and other unusual birds are common, Ukraine tern, black tern pillow, crested terns and dark eyes, and other rural edge. Throughout the forests of the upper and over, tens of thousands of seabirds circling fly all day long, a thousand million-ming Bird, into a spectacle since, Su said, "birds of paradise." What is more interesting is Bird, it will in the ocean to the navigation of fishing vessels, fishermen during the day under the build-up and other unusual birds Xunshi direction of the sail boat to go fishing nets, they follow in the evening to fly back to the line, the fishing boat from the ocean to the nearby islands Parking. Fishermen say other unusual birds as a "bird navigation." Tropical Islands is China's major fishing grounds, There are coral fish and the ocean more than 400 species of fish is tuna fishing, mackerel, redfish, bonito, flying fish, sharks, grouper important fishing grounds. Seafood mainly sea turtles, sea cucumbers, pearls, shellfish, abalone, dozens of fish species and so on. There are relatively rare sea turtles King of the leatherback turtle, sea cucumber King of May Participation of the world's most famous pearls - Nan Zhu, baby, a dozen unicorn. With the land, sea and air transport development, people in the South China Sea to visit the islands scenery desire to be realized in the near future.

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