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Dongshan Ling Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wanning County is located two kilometers east, an area more than 10 km, is a beautiful dream more than Fukuyama's treasure, known as "overseas Taoyuan." Dongshan Ling 184 meters high. Dongshan Ling consists of three peaks Bingzhi, there Chengkungling the size of more than 100 scenic spots, nature of the Aura 10 minutes to bring up a Dongshan Ling Lai strange. Xiong Zhi-day South, Cloud Peak-walled, open days, old-dong, Diecai exquisite feelings; its lofty peaks Tsui, penholder, such as shape, also known as Beacon Hill; its rugged mountain rocks, rocks different holes, the formation of the many wonders of Kai King, led to numerous Civilian visitors given word poetry, leaving the ink all over the Hill.

If the stone forest, people King Xiangyingchengqu days, the Buddhist temple Buddhist nunnery, the confrontation with Chang, ran, known as "Buddhist mountains" reputation. Whenever climb people to look around Dongshan Ling peak Jimu Department, there will always feel that this has all the magic Ling Lai. In particular, Shi is very unique. Its range of its holes rock the landscape 100, Shi Shi Smart, the treacherous hole The magic of their own origin story. People after a long tour Dongshan Ling, a division of poetry in his choice of the famous "Eight Dongshan", and that is: "a few fans verdant Hekou, a clean up spilled Wan-lin," "seven-yun Chao Gap"; "towering vancomycin According to a fight, the distance to the days of high emperors of the West "," Wat is Peak "; its shape A boat, sailing will be like "Sin mooring boat"; "particularly foot hole course of events", "Hong Peng Lai Cave"; "Even Ben Tao Tao spray snow", "Yao Tai Wang Hai"; "Confucianism in the stones out Mountain, south-east up Banbi days "," Fiat crown cover "and" circle as with the Dragon, "" Clear Water, Blue Dragon Ring "and" sea eyes streaming Dan . General climbers from the "cloud the first phase of the road" to start, meaning there are far Shangao Lu. Road along the granite rising, but see rise amid Li Ping, the tower rocks. Along the way, brilliant Yamahana, winding paths. Ancient and modern stone mountain fresh in our memory, particularly "the first in Hainan Hill" and "South-day residential Doo," "Dongtianfude", "Dongshan large Tsui The most spectacular and so on. A number of ancient sites of the existing building, known as the "World Dongtian" magic 36 holes, the abbot and the 7-hole, the wonders of overseas reputation. "Hua Feng Xian Yan" is a natural rock hole, 4.4 meters wide, 7.7 meters long. "Hua Yan Feng," the words carved in the Song Dynasty and declared a four-year (Year 11 2), Dongshan Ling is the first stone. Dongshan Ling there are well-known Buddhist temple, Chaoyin Si, the East Temple, the temple dedicated to natural stone Buddha statue and more, many visitors Koushou. The most well-known for Chaoyin Si, Cisi to commemorate King's anti-Southern Song Li Gang and the construction, Sakyamuni Buddha Temple and anger from King 5 Han Yang Master Monk yuan (ancestral home in Hainan) away, sleepwalking mountains, several decades after the magic would also like blurred, amazing. Chengkungling as many as 4.2 meters in the Song Li Gang phase of the granite statue, visitors from throughout the year, best incense. Maitreya attractions Palace, statue of Li Gang, a maze so that visitors Longdong Amazing spray.

Dongshan Ling not only charming scenery, but also well-known specialty. Its unique music and Eastern goats and eat crabs were included in the "Encyclopedia of Chinese food." There are an after mullet, shrimp north of Hong Kong, Tung Shan Luo Bing, and other visitors to make food taste great on full blessing. Dongshan Ling secret preparation (including 20 Chinese and South expensive drugs) and the betel nut Bujiu Huajiu are Weichun Shannon, is particularly nourishing. The Dongshan Ling partridge take tea in the wild. Refined by hand, the specific quality, beauty heat, cold prevention and treatment. Contemporary China's well-known historian and poet Yu Tian Han Dong Shanling had left brush Anthem Part: Qiongzhou many resorts, this alone Ling Ran. Fat sheep eating grass chi, tea with a good name Stephen. Chao Yin's visit to the temple, dressed Xixian respect. Wei-Ting Wang Hai very, stones foot tower.

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