Sunday, December 28, 2008

Danzhou Dongpo College - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gu Chen Dan ear Danzhou County, Hainan Island was first built in the Han Dynasty, one of the two counties, and a long history here, so that the rich culture, famous people come forth in large numbers. Su Shi was relegate to the Changhua military is here Dundian, during the Enlightenment Hainan education credit. Su Shi, "Buddhist Dongpo," 1037 ~ 1101 Relegation to Hainan, live and give lectures at the time of the call contained in the original place of wine together, was not so now with the grand scale. SU's home in disgrace three years, Hainan, the wine contained in the Church Hall to open learning, teaching Shi-Shu, the dissemination of the Central Plains culture. The "College Dongpo" after the expansion of the Yuan dynasties Danzhou highest institution, and then by Rehabilitation of the Ming Dynasty, more people now. College entrance imposing Hong Kuo, hospital towering old trees, set out by the wine booths, set wine together, the great hall, the Austrian Church, and other niche of the old buildings, Pavilion, Lianchi, homes Gallery, is about sophisticated, it is clear that year was down Dongpo When Fu-free benefit, only shows that people in Hainan and respect for the culture of the Soviet Union as a Buddhist Southern made a great contribution to the recognition. House possession of inscriptions, tablets, sculptures, apparatus, Jing-quan, and so many paintings, such as the famous "Li Pei Xian clog map", as well as Guo, Deng, Tian Han Tiyong to the works of art. Hall, there are wine containing 15 tablets, Yuan, Ming and Qing, and so on.

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