Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bay in the first group of Muslim graves - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingshui located in the pancreas and the suburbs of Sanya Bay, which borders the Lingshui on the beach, the graves of their group into the territory of Sanya City Fan Ling Po total of more than 40 blocks. According to the history contained, as early as on behalf of the Sui and Tang dynasties, the Middle East in the vicinity of the Arab Muslim countries began sailing across the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea, arrived in Quanzhou, Guangzhou and business area of trade. At that time, the sea Island to the south eastern coastal areas are in the South China Sea has become by the Quanzhou Trade Center in Hong Kong and Guangzhou to Hong Kong's foreign trade in the ship's route near the cord. At that time, from the Middle East to Hong Kong and Guangzhou's "Silk Road on the Sea" on the Lingshui Bay is one of the goods traffic between the filling stations, where there had been Persians (now Iran) short Living in the village of Persia, the ancient Persian navigation in the death of the buried here on the beach. These are the tomb after Shanhu Dan tombstones, some of them clearly engraved with the inscription of the Arab text. Specifications vary Tombstoning size, some as high as 63 cm, 52 cm wide, 45 centimeters high in general. Root archaeological expertise Research, this group of Muslims are buried the remains will be buried in the trenches on the beach, the seat will be grave north to south, the remains westerly knees is because the West is Islam's paradise.

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