Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spring Garden Sea Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is an ideal tourist resort. Spring Garden area is the eastern provincial nature reserves to spend big angle, where the minority rich foreshore scenery, lush forest area, there are more than 200 wild monkeys in the scenic spot to settle in to play. Large and small pebbles all over the Gulf, the beautiful landscape peculiar. The south-east is the "first island of Hainan Island bird's nest" Also known as the Grand Island), is a state-level marine nature reserves, mountains at sea, enchanting mystery, north of the "first island lagoon," the sea of small, water-sen-ho, covering an area of nearly 49 square kilometers. Rich music and crabs, mullet, after security, the North shrimp, rich in aquatic products. Spring Garden in the surrounding sea, the landscape is dense, rich products, Distinctive color. Spring Garden of the Gulf. Into the sea from a terrace level formed a small sea shore of Lake lagoon Quaternary deposits. Five Ridges lying along the coast, range between 3 to form crescent of the Gulf, Spring Garden is located in the middle of the sea, a large East Changling, (ching, "Chi Wanzhou," as the old Ringo, or the Department of the ancient village of Spring Garden and the old name) , The ups and downs Wanting Southern Ocean into the sea at a young age, as if I wear a long full scale of the Green Dragon, West Ridge has the size of the Ukrainian market, Wu ground, before and after the order, the seaside crouch, hard granite gray, white tiger is tantamount to the Gulf in the South Island of sugar cane Shuo full circle, seabirds, and so on swiftlets and down the ancient "rose" is; North Sea after a small, fish-sheng Snake turtle, who props, "basaltic" real. Spring Garden seamounts care, since ancient times, "Blue Dragon left and right white tiger, the former Suzaku, after the basaltic" said Jia Feng Shui. With unique scenery here, Changling block the typhoon so quiet, plus the climate in the South China Sea. It is like spring all year round. Haiti Spring Garden area, Changling there are several clear spring water Lee, a school-Ban Yao Shan, a student said to have been quiet throughout the skin love, lived hard. And a tomb, the legend, who moved from the mainland, in the immortal Park grams of heaven, dressed in funeral Ling Ha. And caves, local people said that the old hole, through more than 2 years, through the North. King-tat of small sea. And rock starling-dong, were difficult to climb, During this period of social starling, often Shanlin Jian Huang Jing, porcupines, rabbits and the like come and go whenever harvest crops, the monkeys spent more angle to patronize food, Wild phenomena. Eight or nine months each year, sea and chicken, sea ducks, gulls and the like will come to play a small sea, Jiji Haoqiu born to sing each other. Chengkungling there is an extension of one hectare of natural forest , Lush jungle, Fujiki Interlacing, parasitic species, Gurong dense shade, the mother of Health Tingxiu, fat leaves, berries attractive, tall coconut trees, flowers and fan of Health. In the shade, have been abandoned have surfaced of a residential garden is still good, the second brother is said to be a county magistrate's office at the same time Deng-Ke House, as elegant place to live, still The local people take delight in talking about. There is a fresh water fish ponds near. South dune separated from the sea only about 100 meters, covering an area of nearly 0.5 hectares, the most up to the depths of 5 - 7 meters above the fish duck pond. A geological expert said to be rare exotic landscape. Dunhuang in Gansu Province, only the crescent moon pool, anywhere else. Wu Tai Ling on the eastern side of the market, there are a few Sand dunes as high as 20 meters, West Rock Hill. Mianzhaotaihai, is a high-Hua Sha Po good place. Spring Garden 4.2 km-long coastline, the waters of the Gulf area of nearly 2.5 square kilometers, sunny, the average was 24.5 degrees Celsius climate, water temperature 25 - 30 degrees, moderate width of the beach, beach-slope , Clean sand, water pollution free, no water, transparent as much as 15 meters, is to carry out a comprehensive maritime activities of the ideal places. To sea, submarine tour, yacht, sailing, surfing, sightseeing at sea, the beach net, inter-reef fishing, and so on. Spring Garden Sea, the Gulf a slim, sleek, quiet she was at a loss, is back to the Park , In 1993, a professor in the early spring when the tour, Ji Jing sentiment, leaving behind a poem, "Taiwan is a ray of others, before the sea after spending Lake 4:00; Vista as a monkey with a sharp, bi-run Pingsha welcoming gull, the management He is always dust in the world, and the temporary home to Spring Garden; cold to the Department not to muddy the province, exploration field visit to Cuba by China-year-old. "

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