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Qionghai Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qionghai City, Hainan Island is located in the eastern South China Sea to the east, south, west and north respectively, with the Mannings, Qiongzhong, Tunchang, Dingan, Wenchang, and other border cities. Living in 28 countries and regions overseas Chinese, Chinese 550,000. Have proven the value of mineral exploitation are titanium, potassium tungsten, gold, graphite, kaolin, sand, and other 14 kinds of glass, At 35 degrees for more than a perovskite 17,700,000 tons, 3,400,000 tons of graphite, K 200,000,000 tons, 100,000,000 cubic meters of granite, glass and more than 100,000 tons of sand.

  Water, electricity and resources year-round flow of six rivers, water total 27.9 billion cubic meters, has been using 263 million Meters, accounting for 9.4 percent, to reach the water quality of the national secondary drinking water standards. There are 7 medium-sized reservoirs with a total storage capacity to 259,000,000 cubic meters. Electricity and water reserves to 120,000 kilowatts, to develop capacity of 118,000 kilowatts. In addition, Kwun Tong, on the north shore of Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Kwun Tong, is a valuable, the traffic on 10 00 tons, the water temperature reached 76-84 degrees-taken, the state-level appraisal, is the world's rare hot mineral spring fields.

  43 km long coastline, the depth of Hong Kong Longwan 12m, is an international waterway near the deep water port, the construction of 1-5 million 42-ton berths. Fishing grounds around the East and West , Nansha, a higher economic value of more than 40 kinds of fish. There are 18.7 million shallow beach, seafood farming is a good base for the country's largest Eucheuma farms in the territory.

  World-famous River to the main line, including the River, Baishi Ridge, Hot Springs, Kwun Tong, Island, River to the sea, Boao, Palm Beach Harbor River Garden, constitute the entire tourism system, Hainan Province, was listed as one of the top 10 tourist areas opening to the outside world. There is also the first General Zhou Memorial Hall, the statue of Red Detachment of Women, together Quetta, for Speed and so on the runway more than Humanities Department, attractions, the famous "Boao Asia Tan "in Boao.

  223 national highway (Hai-yu east) and the East Island Highway was from the north-south through the territory of the two provincial highway running through the city, all cities and counties across the province and networking. Highway in the territory of 4 entrances, plus the location of the plot from the city entrance to the provincial capital Haikou, 86 public Only an hour's drive. Highways criss-crossing the city, extending in all directions, the city's traffic mileage of 2100 kilometers, with an average per square kilometer area of 1.1 km highway. Longwan under construction in Hong Kong, plans to build an international transit port in the near future. Tam Mun Hong Kong is well-known fishing port and is also leading to the east and west, in the Nansha Air Hong Kong, there are 10 fishing and cargo vessels of dual-use direct flight to Hong Kong.

  Existing program-controlled exchange capacity of 40,000 mobile phone subscribers reached 23,000, the realization of the urban and rural telephone exchange and transmission of digital program-controlled, directly allocated to domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and cities and counties and the World On more than 200 countries and regions.

  Reunification of the provincial power grid, in addition to the territory of the provincial cattle Ridge Road Station, there are large and small power station 26, a total installed capacity of 99,700 kilowatts and an annual generation capacity of 300,000,000, the surplus power.

  The city has reached the national secondary Water standards 2,790,000,000 cubic meters of water, there are 2 city water plant, the daily water supply capacity of more than 40,000 tons. At present, and Nissan is to build a water plant 100,000 tons, to meet completely the next 10 years, city residents and large-scale industrial water needs.

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