Sunday, December 28, 2008

West Island Sea World amusement - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sun, sand and blue sea, blue sky, the beautiful Island of the West, motor boats, banana, water-skiing, the most exciting, most challenging sport. Big horsepower motor (85 -120), measuring long, can accommodate 3, a banana may take 5, the main taxiway with the motor rally, water-skiing each 1, by the motor boats pulling off taxiway in these sports is the strength and speed of the game, immersive experience can speed limit, fighting the waves with the sea breeze and the race between the sea and sky in the painting a beautiful arc Line, feeling great! Glass vessels tourists can see the magnificent undersea colorful coral and marine life species So that you marvel at nature's magic.

West Island sea area of the state nature reserve of coral reefs, the island did not have factories, mines, water pollution, clear bottom, Underwater World is a gorgeous brilliant diving the Holy Land, diving, based in the West Island of the West Pier on the right side of the island, equipped with advanced Diving facilities, the Strength, is a member of the joint submarine in the world, first-class professional standards of training and CMAS diving coach, at any time for the passengers on the service, regardless of whether you can swim a few meters into the deep sea to experience the magic of nature and to explore The mysteries of the sea. At the same time, this increase has submarine ship and submarine-night services, Want to go diving there can be, to experience the immense benefits from it.

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