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Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, located in Hainan Province, a famous scenic tourist hot spring tourism is booming in the region (latitude 18 � 1 ', longitude 110 � 13', due to historical reasons, here since the beginning of the 50s of the last century, we live with more than 20 countries Returned Overseas Chinese and regions, especially in tropical areas of Southeast Asia to the Overseas-based), 163 kilometers away from Haikou City, 97 km away from Sanya City; here in the South China Sea to the east (about 10 km from the coast), surrounded on three sides by mountains, ample sunshine, a long summer without winter, humidity, rainfall and uniform, Is a typical tropical monsoon climate, suitable for a variety of tropical and subtropical plant growth and development; Due to the unique geographical location and prosperous weather conditions, in 1957 Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Research Institute selected spices drink here at home and abroad as the preservation of the collection of tropical and subtropical crops (plants) germplasm resources as an important base, has set up a Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden. Institute of spices in the drink more than four decades, Research efforts on behalf of the workers as well as the Institute for "research, development, tourism, three-in-one" model of reform and development, the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden has collected more than 1200 kinds of preservation of the unique tropical and subtropical crops (plants) germplasm, and has become a A set of scientific research, popular science, production, processing, tourism and species Protection of resources into one comprehensive Tropical Botanical Garden.

  Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden is divided into five functional areas: ornamental plant area, the pilot demonstration areas, scientific and technological development zones, three-dimensional planting areas and ecological leisure area; collection of 12 types of plants: tropical spice plants, tropical beverage plants, tropical fruit, tropical Francis forests, tropical ornamental plants, tropical medicinal plants, palm plants, tropical plants, tropical plants endangered, rare tropical plants, desert plants and tropical crops such as vegetables. Into the Botanic Garden, will open as an encyclopedia on the tropical plants, all sorts of wonderful nature here in the colorful scene, 000 Special thin the list goes on; through the botanical gardens, you will be a surprise Tan Qi, a state of mind at ease; a variety of exotic tropical plants pieces of flowers and trees composed of a beautiful picture, outside of which, like the middle reaches of the painting. Dailv according to the botanical gardens near the mountains, the lake surrounding the green, and the extreme ecological environment, fresh Gan The air will wash away the trouble you for a long time lag of thread, full of new vitality. "Hainan must Xinglong, is scheduled to go to Xinglong Botanical Garden," hometown of overseas Chinese is booming out of this green pearl mystery. In recent years, the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden features great efforts to develop tourism project: to carry out the tropical ornamental plants, lake fishing and other activities for You are tropical plants provide a tourism and leisure venues; agricultural research study tours, professional bodies for inspection, exchange, the provision of test model cooperative research base; agricultural science and education, young people with scientific knowledge of tropical agriculture and environmental protection, education ; To carry out farming, harvesting of living For tourists to participate in the practice of agricultural activities and fun. Garden Tour appropriate period of the year, suitable for all types of crowd participation. If you play tired, but also in the rest of the park free to enjoy the Botanic Garden produced a variety of beverages, Shannon's booming coffee, cocoa and coconut milk Ganxiangqinglie Champlain of tea. Long Tropical Botanical Garden has been the China National Tourism Administration as a "national class AAAA tourist area (point)," the first "national agricultural tourism demonstration sites", the China National Tourism Administration, the Communist Youth League Central Committee named the first joint tourism (point) of the National "Youth Civilization ", the Communist Youth League Central Committee has been named" National Youth Education ", The China Association for Science and Technology was named" national model of rural popular science bases, "the Hainan Provincial been named as the" tourist zone in Hainan civilization demonstration, "Tourism in Hainan Province have been rated" outstanding tourist attractions in Hainan Province (point) " , "Top Ten Tourism in Hainan Province King (district) of" honorary title. Xinglong Tropical Plants Has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 Environmental Management System. Create first-class environment, first-class order, first-class service, first-rate management is the relentless pursuit of botanical gardens, you are welcome to the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden and the magic of this beautiful land!

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