Sunday, December 28, 2008

Perfume Bay - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingshui County is located in the east. 18 km from the county seat, as a result of perfume range to flow into the Gulf of spring water named after. Bay County, with the perfume of the Mannings Shi Mei Wan-phase, the coastal scenery of strange. Perfume into the Bay, the first thing your eye is green coconut, hit or miss Then at the end of the silver beach, if the lower blanket, into a high hill, like Desert landscape. Craggy rocks beach, clear sea bottom, the tide waves, splashing Chu Yu-fei. At sea, fishing and small fan, seabirds Xiang play. Water Pik Shan-ching here, in particular fresh air. Perfume Bay Copper Ridge at the foot of the "stone tower" for people to watch the sunrise, "shiting", standing on the beach with a "dragon king chair", is a legend Dragon King's exclusive "Throne." Perfume Bay is the top of the range cattle, with the dividing line in the distance across the continents. Chau as if a boundary Crystal Palace, Youlanbobi water, stone lace, the same hole. Side hole covered with giant trees, shading strong, the rich different plants, Qinren the heart. Board here, such as the Penglai. Perfume Bay side of the mouth are "Sin Well, "is very strange, away from the coast only a few steps away, between the stone out of the sweet spring water. T'ienkan even in drought, spring never dried up. Local farmers in a popular proverb: a drink of the immortal Stephen Wells, to" Hong Three years, three white, three-off safely. "Perfume Bay is now being developed, the land had already been formed, 6 km from long cement road. A number of tourism projects will soon be launched. Perfume Bay will be her unique charm, to meet customer P Plus!

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