Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ma Baishan Memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma Baishan Memorial in September 26, 1997 completion. Ma-san, who was born in 1907 Chengmai County towns and villages Ma Ma a peasant family in the village. In September 1927 to participate in the Communist Party of China. Nanjing by the end of 1929 into the Central Academy study, in Shanghai after the party engaged in underground work. Back in 1932 Hainan, in order to teach the cover, the party engaged in secret activities. After the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japan, as an independent anti-Japanese team vice-captain and third team captain. Anti-Japanese War in the most difficult times, he led the troops to carry out extensive guerrilla warfare. To consolidate and develop the high-Pro, Danzhou County base, and white sand into the county, with Wong Kwok-hing to mobilize the masses to open Struggle to take part in the creation of Mountain District-based center. In March 1950, the People's Liberation Army led by the 40th Army Division 118 of a mission to strengthen, separate from the yacht the size of 81 Leizhou Peninsula submarine crossing the Qiongzhou Straits, to participate in the liberation of Hainan fighting. After the liberation of Hainan, he served as deputy commander of the Military District of Hainan. In 1955 was awarded the Major General Title II, the "independence and freedom," Medal, a "liberation" Medal. August 5, 1992 died in Haikou, the age of 85.

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