Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cervus field of protected areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Eastern 20 km away from the urban area, covers an area of 2000 ares, and Yang Zhao 400 Cervus only. Cervus and the giant panda, golden monkey, are rare animals at the national level, the body beautiful, and like deer, but it is a forward bend of the horn is worth watching. Cervus run good jump, startled when over 5 meters wide ditch , Usually in the thick undergrowth like the activities of the hillside. Their vision, hearing and smell are acute, look for Bucks songs by dual; song by the wife of your youth call for deer milk, even one kilometer apart can hear each other. Protected areas on the tower overlooking deer can be seen Divertimento. Cervus favorite color red, so North Korea And the rising sun, they come in groups activities. At this time a plethora view of the best deer, can also see the occasional wild boar, and other animals come and go. Transportation: Take arrived in Haikou City, Oriental Province, steam express train to the East and then by bus to the destination. Room and board: here can eat all kinds of live seafood; Near the hotel there Harbor Hotel, the Oriental Pearl Hotel, and so on.

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