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Gusao tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gusao Tower (also known as Wan tower, tower clearance lock) is located in Shishi City Baogai southeast of the mountain, was built in Shaoxing in the Southern Song Dynasty, ancient marine traffic in Quanzhou of navigation marks, "Kwan haze lock" for a major scenic spots in Quanzhou, Fujian Province heritage Unit.

  Gusao Tower, also known as the "lock tower clearance" or "Wan Tower", which was built in Song of the Year Shaoxing-year period 1131-1162, so far there have been 800 years of history. Its proximity to Quanzhou Bay, facing the Taiwan Strait, and the southern border town of Dong Ming-controlled force. "Quanzhou Chi House," it said, "Guan Town water tower is also locked, the cloud above the table, the board is expected to be imported to the business," shows that the real tower Gusao The role, as the buoy. During the Southern Song Dynasty, Quanzhou, Hong Kong is the world's largest trading ports, foreign trade is very prosperous, and more than 70 countries and regions, with business contacts. Wu Song, animal husbandry "Mengxi recorded," said: "If the pan-foreign trading ships, from Quanzhou will be overseas." In order to meet the overseas pay The needs of the office of the Department of Quanzhou port Baogai stone construction in the mountains, as a lighthouse beacon to be, its significance is very important.

  "Fujian-chi," there is such a document: "yongning in stone, there are very Hong-li, ship operators to move from the sea, landed refer to the period." Stone said here refers to Gusao tower. However, only very few figures recorded in local records, but is well aware that Gusao tower in the navigation on the guidelines of the Merchant Shipping plays an important role landed.

  This is the first level of the west tower opened an arched door, above the second floor there are two openings on each floor, corner upon plum-shaped cylinder, overhead bucket care, reduce the tower up level by level, each Diesechuyan. Each layer of the tower are outside the fence around the sanitation; tower of stone steps through the top of the tower there. The second door on the amount of carving, "Wan pagoda" words. Fifth floor of the outer wall of a square niche, niche, there are two women as stone, the two women is a legend in this Gusao. Su Chi River in the Ming Dynasty poems have said: "Joan tree when vacated, to fly On away with. Second ring Princess Huan Pei, Xiao Xiao is Autumn. "This poem is written Gusao tower. Centuries, people call it" Gusao Tower, "Why not call it" Wan tower "or" customs lock tower "?" Min "in such a period of record:" Xiyougusao for married women traders, traders Jiubu to the sea, and the tower Gusao In short, if Amah Rock, but carved in the tower as two women ... ... "

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Qu fighting Miyako sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qu fighting Miyako sites located in the Chengguan Dehua, discovered in 1976, Song, Yuan, an ancient sites. East 300 meters wide, 150 meters long north-south, there are 17 sites, unearthed more than 800 pieces of furniture and 670 more full of artifacts. Yingrun their products to the pure white for the characteristics of its shape and burn method of Song and Yuan porcelain features of the times. The ancient sites found in Southeast Asia for the determination of China and Germany unearthed porcelain kilns dating and I provided the kind of conclusive evidence for the study of the sea "ceramic road", pottery and export during the Song and Yuan friendly exchanges between Chinese and foreign trade provides an important historical Witness.

  Qu fighting Miyako sites At the "Chinese porcelain is" Dehua City, Fujian Province, said the corner of the United States and the village of Bao. In January 1988 by the State Council for promulgation of the third batch of national key cultural unit. The Song, Yuan, a total of 17 sites Porcelain kiln kiln-bed rooms, unearthed over 800 pieces of production equipment and more than 6790 pieces of incomplete or defective ceramic Objects. Qu fighting Miyako sites to explore the porcelain shapes and firing method has obvious characteristics of the Song and Yuan dynasty porcelain, and its study of China during the Song and Yuan Min Yao system, Porcelain-scale production, the structure of the kiln, firing process, porcelain And so on are important export value, at the same time as the "Silk Road on the Sea", and export porcelain During the Yuan and foreign trade provides an important historical data.

  What sites a width of 300 meters, 150 meters long north-south. 1976 excavation of a kiln chamber, there are 17 cages kiln, 57.1 meters long, 1.4-2.95 meters wide, and unearthed a total of 800 tools and fired 6 93 complete or incomplete, or the daily-use porcelain. Their products in order to clean the Yingrun characterized by white, and the production design process with the characteristics of the Song and Yuan Dynasties. Unearthed in the Cup's best, straight pattern washing, washing Zheyaoxianwen, block-style bowl, compact and the military to hold the Yuan Dynasty, and other products. In particular, through the bottom of the wash profile portrait gown, crown Ying, non-Hu As for the Mongolian features, pad tripodal Yam cake and India took charge of the Yuan Dynasty and Mongolia pa text. The porcelain powder box, they pot, cover pot, holding the military, small mouth bottles, lianpan bowl, bowl-block, the Cup's best, Fei bowl chord patterns, such as washing, there are the Song and Yuan at the time of export porcelain, have Were found in Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia Sri Lanka. Some compact stamp bearing the "longevity of the new ship" words, the product can be seen through the export of the sea. Porcelain kiln sites of the Palace fight, to study the "maritime silk road porcelain," has provided valuable materials.

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Shi shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ushiyama stone at the eastern part of Dehua, the main peak 1781 meters above sea level, as a result of the mountain like a cow named after the stone. Legends and Lao Niu Green riding on this significant and relevant.

The Hill is a typical full radial collapse of the volcanic basin, the Mesozoic volcanic peaks form, constitutes a scene in the endless wonderful Stone cave. Add all sorts of people given the myths and legends, this charming natural landscape adds color. A lot of magic left on the rock, and some hanging straight cut legislation, such as Monument Square, such as the Shing Mun, and some, such as penholder, such as the couch, such as flowers, such as Fei and other animals. Hole group over here, as many as a hundred a number of large and small, hole There are holes, and tortuous. Legend has it that the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing years, Wing Tai Road from the view of Zhang, Xiao Langrui Xianyou Road and Long Qing Zhang Minqing Road in the fight magic elf. Rock on dozens of footprints, fingerprints and sword play rock, stone anvil, washing Jian Quan, stone basin, such as relics from my law.

Foothills of the temple stone pot before Chong Ming in the frame in the Dragon (164O), 1939 Bingluan burned in the past few years has been overseas, the county and township people to raise funds to repair. Teramae have Longchi, Shek Ngau Wozhuo pool, floating in the water may seem Shen, life-like shape.

Ushiyama ancient stone still, "one door" and "the door for two days", "three days "" Longevity Tower, "" blessed stone pot "," Dong Tian "," off Taiwan, "and some obscure writing of Cliff and engraved poetic inscriptions.

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Six wins tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Six wins stone tower is located in Shishi City hairpin mountain lake, five-story octagonal tower is the heart Fang Mu-chu-Rendezvous Kok granite structure for governance and the Northern Song Dynasty monk Prospectus years in the construction, rehabilitation of the Yuan Dynasty, the ship is out of Quanzhou Bay, an important buoy .

  History is contained, governance and the Northern Song period (1111 -1117 AD), high Zuhui, Song, and so even through the fund-raising to build six wins in the tower col, the Southern Song Jing-yan, 2002 (1227 AD), the tower was destroyed military yuan. According to folklore, in 1276, the end of the Southern Song Dynasty Zhao case is over in Fuzhou, the yuan by military force, Taiwanese exile, for the G Pushou resistance, into the attempted Quanzhou City, Shek Wu refuge at one time And to build palaces, Shek Wu by the sea, died of Nao Island (now Wuchuan County in Guangdong South China Sea). Shek Wu Yuan-jun was a result of retaliatory looting, six wins would not escape tower. Subsequently, the continued development of maritime trade, Jiang once again cockles prosperity populated residential areas, the ship back by the wind Lin Qiang. Yuan Yuan Shun Di 2002 (the year 13 6), cockles wealthy Jiang Hui Ju Jia Ling Fu Japan-funded reconstruction. Since then, the tower has experienced vicissitudes of life, in May 1961 in Fujian Province was designated as the first key cultural relics in 1984 by the provincial government funding Xiurong, a new, revenue at the same time, "the nine-year compulsory education in the three-year junior high school textbooks", "China History, "the second volume. Six wins is the study of Song and Yuan tower construction with the kind of valuable art. The Department of granite tower loft-style structure, 36.6 meters high, at the end of Wai, about 47 meters, five-star anise, and its precision carving, majestic and magnificent, with Quanzhou East Tower comparable. This is another distinctive tower, each tower is the beams are Construction of the names and time. The bottom of the south arch hung on the door of the amount of a "monument with China," inscribed "Wan Tower," in the preceding paragraph, "Tan Yue Jin Jiang Hui-Ling Li Fu" (Note: Do not cockles, said Jiang Jin Jiang), the following paragraph, "Rat-La Yue Jian Yuan" ( Year in 1336). Carved above the floor by the time construction is: the second Year of the November Zichou "(Year 1337), the third tier of" Year of the Tiger October "(Year 1338), the fourth layer of" Year of the day Mao has been "(Year 1339), the fifth layer" Year of the Mao has been in March. "Knowledge which, after the tower before and after 4 years to complete. VI victory tower built so far, been Earthquakes, particularly in 1604 in Quanzhou domain of 8 earthquake, but safe and sound.

  Six wins Jiang Tower of cockles, Shek Wu in ancient times in Quanzhou important for the Outer Harbor, the waterfront stand, was the prosperity of overseas traffic to witness history. According to legend, when there are 18 ferry, parked a fan of the Asian-African countries ship 100, the popular sea traffic. The early Qing Dynasty, this has become the mainland and Taiwan on the ferry terminal at the center. Six wins 800 years of weather-beaten tower, the tower is like a Candle, a radiation light to illuminate the sea "Silk Road", as navigator Zheng He's voyages to western fifth pilot to clear the way, the guidelines of the compatriots across the Taiwan Strait Current Micronesia. When people relieve the top board, you can view the vast Strait between the shuttle and the Zhou Ji.

  Japanese popular bathing in the lake at the beginning of the sea, and that "large-hung Yizhuqingtian of view", "Long back to six days to see the high standard" of six wins tower, around the harbor, forest, beaches, villages, fields, the terminal Tu On a Guang-yan of color. This fascinating, this beautiful poem King's Painting, attracts many visitors. Towering six wins tower, day and night Ying hope the Taiwan compatriots to the aircraft.

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Yuen Ling Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuen Ling-Ling Temple at the source of Shannan Prefecture, was built in Sui Chu Kai-nine-year Queen (589). In recent years, both at home and abroad who trusted enthusiastic support of donors, re-planning of the expansion, repair Siyu. After the new temple hours before, during and after the three halls, temples towering spectacular, Diaolianghuadong hall.

Yuen Ling-shan incense usually keep Pilgrims every year, more than 1,000,000 visitors reached 000, even during the Buddhist voices.

  Siyu on both sides of the original and a subsidiary of construction for the expansion of a five-room three-deep, Zhong Yan Xie Shanding the majestic hall, covering an area of 462 square meters. Basilica before a three-room linked to the al-ting, cornices Alice Ridge, Jinbi Huang, Xuan Long and Hong-li. Beit Hall Gallery and Pavilion are using sophisticated Qingshi Toudiao exquisite dragon columns, gold-filled couplet inscribed at the two sites, including the Song Dynasty legend for the prime minister had been the subject of public light, "Mountain West to make a good community, the source of South-tide water," There are third overall in the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Rui calligraphy all the hand-written map "to hear from the repair thinking big ever born with disabilities; Hui beings to define their own open-Tang ", as well as an ancient Anonymous handed down a" deep hole spring misty rain, Haimen Yudeng the middle of the night "were linked. There are also hanging in the Qing Dynasty Hanlin Yuan Zhuang Jun titled" Buddha ", the President of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao The title "Source of Hope Temple," the former vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, Peng Chong title of the "Temple of Heaven" Horizontal inscribed board.

  In 1998, the hall after the completion of a three temples, as in the Main Hall, for the right to possession of the Middle Temple, having left for the Middle Temple. Front of the hall, shops 1,500 square meters of reinforced concrete square, very spacious. Plaza fronting the valley, as a result of the construction from a potential double-room on the ground, then as a The four-party guests canteens and dormitories. Scattered high and low, and there is addressed to the layout of the source of Hope Hill and by a scenic, and the source of Ling Shan mountain scenic spots cross-backed, complement each other. No wonder every day to attract visitors come away the.

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Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon Lake Dragon Lake Township is located about 3 km southwest of Wai-chuen, on the west side of the road surface of about 1.6 square kilometers, 2.5 meters deep on average, Jinjiang City is the largest natural lake. Dragon Lake broad surface of the water, the vast Yan Bo, Yan Huguang full of water, Lake on long fishing, fishing nets, on the shore of Lake adjacent to the field, Rice Diego Tsui Shu, rich One of the Fujian Water scenery. Lake Dragon King's palace has for the Department of ancient rain.

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Five-tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Five-tower, formerly known as Ling-water rock, also known as water-Ling Monastery, located in the northern foothills of the West Zimao Hill. Hill Zimao Quanzhou is one of the four famous mountains, which is famous far and near.

Five-tower was built in the Northern Song Dynasty, by the Southern Song Dynasty, as a result of the construction of five stone in front, then known as the five-tower. Five tower before the Temple of Stone 5, Song Du-po Tower configuration. 6 m high tower, a square base, the tower for layer 3, a hexagon, engraved with the words, two, three for the drum-shaped, three-relief Buddha, for gourd-like Tasha. Five groups of tower, lined up, the tower between 2 meters away, out in front of intramural board, Xianyao lying, condescending, since under the majestic look quite Concept. Five-yu Temple tower construction, power on the mountain, up and down the use of two natural Cave, the construction of water-long meditation gym floor and set light, like a castle in the air, do not have the scenery.

Five tower sambong large rock show, Feng Yan bizarre scene in the charming scenery, mountain and constitute a natural stone, there is evidence for a period of doggerel: three-phase lion show , I grinned Dan Hu, 99 monks, Shirengou outlet in the town. Three out extremely Shi Qi, Three Stone said. West is scheduled to light rock, rock for the Central Plains, like natural stone, water-rock soul for the East, under a small rock, called "tidal well," 4:00 do not dry up. Song Yang Wenguang legend Lvjun Fujian, has been in business in the vicinity of the customs Walled knife, as Tens of thousands of soldiers to drink this Quan, inexhaustible, is not drinking. The well is inscribed with "Stephen ZHENG" words, Legend was also Zheng Qi Bing had in here, the drinking of Stephen inscribed.

  Qidong five towers of rock, since as natural. According to the "Nan County," set: "Love Song Ling Yan Feng Shui show, in many Cave." Now There are five major Cave, the largest tiger empty, inside the cave, which can accommodate 200 people, the other can accommodate dozens of people. Around the cave, Shirengou, Shima, stone turtle, Shek Ngau Shek crane, stone, the stone incense burner, Shi Zhong, Shek Kwu, Ray cut stone, stone Lane, Dan Zhuo, stone benches and many other stone as a result of specific Scene. There are stone Cliff " Hill, "" Ancient Water Ling Chan, "" Buddha "and" Pan-dong "as a result of a lot of stones in the Italian language.

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Shenzhen Bay Harbor forest - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shenzhen Bay 6 km in length, Tan An lush forest. Sa Deep Bay (review of land) along the beach, at low tide when we can see the distribution of about one square kilometer of ancient forest hit (C14 isotope age around 7500) in recent years and remains of the oyster reef, hit the western side of Taiwan is to study geography and ancient climate , Paleontology, ancient plants Take-off and landing exercise, land and sea change in kind of valuable information. State Oceanic Administration has approved the establishment of the seabed remains of the ancient forest. Shi Chun coastal landscape of geological nature reserve, the area available for visitors to watch at home and abroad, a high-level scientific and tourist areas.

  Protected areas on the brink of the Taiwan Strait, the geographical structure of the strange, ancient sites Many natural scenic, socio-economic conditions of human superiority. There are buried in the intertidal zone experienced 7800 years of history of oil remains more than 20 cedar trees; and large grew up in thousands of years ago, Armstrong's oyster reefs, sea typical red rock hills, the beach rocks and eggs oil accumulation in the modern fine Sand dunes; can also display ancient 1970s, Mesozoic and Cenozoic, and so long geological history of the evolution of unique, classic, well-exposed, and a wide range of wave-cut rock. The establishment of protected areas for study ancient oceans, ancient geography and ancient climate, ancient plants, geological study of the Taiwan Strait and the sea-level sport and the Pacific tectonic plates, sports, research Hong Kong and overseas, the ancient Jiaotong Shi provide a reliable scientific basis.

  For a long time, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, Jinjiang, with a "Shen Tokyo, Fujian float" of ancient legends, and far-reaching implications. Harbor ancient forest oyster reef remains strong and strict protection, will be beneficial to the Taiwan Strait and the Bay of Shenzhen and Shanghai's geological structure and movement Zhen.

  In 7000 prior to the seabed near the ancient forests and years ago the oyster reef, such as strong precious "natural heritage", as well as the protection of the Bay of land and sea changes in the History of vivid, whether scientists or visitors on all of great attraction Protected areas and therefore can conduct scientific education of the masses, so that the masses Do young people access to scientific knowledge, but also for the development of seaside tourism provide an important resource.

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Grass Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Grass Park is located in Licheng District of the new gate Street, an area of 93 acres, is the Qing Emperor Kangxi years, General Shi Lang's construction in spring and summer, autumn and winter seasons in the garden of the Spring Garden, as a result of "Spring Grass" and the original idea Park, named it. In recent years, rehabilitation, "urban forest" of the country flavor is a natural elegance for leisure and cultural characteristics of public entertainment .

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House Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

House Confucian Temple in Quanzhou, Quanzhou Licheng District is located in Zhongshan Road, Fujian large-scale ceremony for the system construction, covers an area of 6 hectares of Quanta. Kai Yuan Tang Dynasty was founded, at the beginning of "Sikou Lu Temple", the late Tang and Five Dynasties to "declare temple," peace and rejuvenating the Northern Song Dynasty years (976-984) moved to build this site, the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing 2007 (1137 Left school right temple reconstruction of regulation, Jia Tai to the first year (1201) to begin the construction of lattice Star Gate, the size of shape. Lvjing repair history, especially?????(1736-1795), said the renovation of a large area, Temple, veranda, courtyard, Miriam Xijie involved in the door. Since 1998, state and local governments Investment to conduct a comprehensive repair and maintenance, the scale renovation of the surrounding environment, and external display into an open forum for people to visit and tour.

  The existing building includes Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing four generations in the form of construction. Dacheng Hall of the main building, Zhong Yan Dianding veranda, Miankuo 7 (35.3 meters), deep into the 5 (2 .7 Meters) to 48 supporting pillars carrying wooden beam framework, positive 6 Yanzhu relief Beaulieu, flavor, there are other features. Wai Yan brackets with five single-copy shop for the next two-Aung, Aung arrived in the end of the next-Quan, the Song remains the true shape Aung, a far-reaching eaves; four-Chuan Fu Fu of milk, with before and after the four-post, and Wai Yan brackets Queti The whole Surface-wood, decorated with non-Diaolou; Zheng Ji Qi Qiao at both ends of 1.4 meters, 16.1 meters long ridge and into a 11:1 ratio, are reflected in the Quanzhou area of structural characteristics of the ancient architecture. Dianqian stone platform, Lin Yang-Xu Mizuo mosaic, Lin review, hibiscus, camellia, peony, such as Lotus diabase stone reliefs, colorful patterns Shipu of the al-of-court for the half-moon pool Pan, Yuan positive for nine years (1349) built by the Pan Fei Jia of its bridge, stone, Ping-Liang, a parabola in the central arch, the stone home on both sides of the barrier. The veranda on both sides of the courtyard gallery 112 meters long, 10 meters wide, linked directly with the Great Gate. Great window 3, 2 deep into the left and the "king's" door, and right, "Yu Zhen," as one door together.

  East Palace temple for the school, and Yuying Tong Minglun door, and other construction. Minglun Miankuo Hall 7 (36.6 meters), deep into the five (22.8 meters), Xieshan Ding Zhong Yan, Shi Pu Lu for the front court, the court building stone pool side On the cross-stone bridge, leading to the Sino-British education door, the old building still Zhaobi.

  In the Confucian Temple and the palace school and between the east and west sides, the temple has been built Xiang Xian, 15 Minghuan Temple, the Temple 5, depending on the terrain on which, large and small, so far there are still remaining 6, do not have some fun. A door to the south Star Gate has retained lattice sites, master Stephen Wells, Lu Ting Zou Beach, Si-soo Bridge sites. Lvjing repair history, 26 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1761) large-scale construction. There are existing Shing Mun, Chi Pan, the platforms of the Great Hall, the gallery around veranda, Minglun Hall, and other construction, covers an area of more than 60,000 square meters. Dacheng Hall Miankuo , Into the deep-5, Zhong Yan Dianding veranda, carrying wooden beam structure painted facilities have to support 48 granite pillars. Chi Yan Zhu Qian Lang relief Beaulieu 8, with a solemn silence. Dianqian platform, with wing railings, Xu Mizuo waist between the embedded Yang Lin, Lin review, hibiscus, camellia, peony, such as hibiscus pattern Qingshi relief. Taiwan Connected to, the Court of worship. Pan Chi-of-court half-moon, on cross-positive for nine years yuan (1349) of the building Liang Pan-style stone bridge, slightly in the central arch, the bridge shop a long strip of granite stone 72, the symbol of the sage 72; Shek Wai to Barrier structure, a carved stone column column as, a symbol of peace and prosperity. East and West sides Da Dian Qian has long 12 meters, 10 meters wide veranda of the gallery, dedicated to Confucius and his disciples from the memorial tablets of saints and future generations. Two Corridors and set up before the veranda three, for the Great Gate, Dan Yan Xie Shanding, Miankuo 3, deep into the 2; Kim left for the glottis, the right to the door Yuzhen, three of effective intervention. Lu outside the court near the square, 66 meters wide, 60 meters deep, reaching as far as lattice Star . Temple on the eastern side is the Da House, the Center for Church Minglun, Zhong Yan Xie Shanding, Miankuo 5, 4 into the deep. Wide-open front court the 36 meters deep, the foreign tribunal pool, building stone, Wai to Shilan, the door leading to the Sino-British education. Confucian Temple, learn about both sides of the House has Chance-yin, and so on Minghuan 15 Temple, the Temple 5, also surviving are 6 Southern China's largest existing, Soong set, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty architecture in the form of four House of Confucian Temple complex.

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Stalagmite - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Quanzhou city has a peculiar monument, which is known of the stalagmite. This is strange stalagmite, located in Quanzhou, Jinjiang outside of the new bridge on the north shore of the Yellow Mountain on A Street.

  Stalagmite is used five cylinder cut and polish granite base stack from the next paragraph coarse, the upper smaller, at the end of a brief-like tip, Like a giant bamboo stands, it is commonly known as the stalagmite, the South for the Jinjiang River, the river rolling from side shoots and circuitous, rush down into the sea. Stalagmite because of this reason, this river is also an alias Jiang shoots. The south-west side of the stalagmite was established in the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty Emperor Yu (1049), Lin Zhang pontoon bridge, but also other "stalagmite Bridge." Stalagmite from pure white granite formed by simple processing, simple shapes, to retain the original natural state. As far as "Chi Quanzhou House" set: the Northern Song Dynasty large and medium-sized four-Xiang Fu (l0ll years) Quanzhou Prefecture high-hui has even "private anger hit Stalagmite off. " This knowledge can be pushed, the Northern Song Dynasty, this has long been the object of. Stone Since the high-hui was off batter, until the Ming Dynasty Chenghua period (1465-1487 years) to pick up the recovery. This heritage as a provincial unit.

According to the research scholars and experts, this is strange stalagmite, is likely to be the original tribal totem worship of relics, or Brahmanism, Hinduism Yield-worship, the Kaiyuan Temple and the Main Hall Gallery after the middle of the green two-hui's rock column, "Shiva relief totem" pattern on the genitals of the same origins. If you can say that this is established, then it sticks stalagmite system, eagle understanding of the Hindu system of the Tang Dynasty when imported. Stalagmite system if they reside in Southern Stephen Baiyue people in the vicinity of the ancient totem worship , The stalagmite system, eagle on the more distant era.

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Luoyang Qiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoyang Qiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China is the earliest existing cross-beam large stone bridge, located in Quanzhou in the eastern suburbs of Luoyang River, is one of the world as a bridge-shaped raft on the basis of the beginning of a national key cultural unit.

  Luoyang Qiao, formerly known as the "Onkyo million." Cai Xiang Quanzhou Prefecture in the Song Dynasty presided over the bridge. From the Northern Song Dynasty Emperor four years you (the public 1053) to a four-year Jiayou (Year 1059), before and after the calendar for seven years, spent two silver 14,000,000, and built a Kuajiang the next big stone sea. According to historical records, in the early hours to build a long bridge 360 Joe, Yi Zhang-foot wide, on both sides of the separation of warrior statues. The bridge is 731.29 meters long, 4.5 meters wide 7.3 m high, there are 44 boat-shaped piers, railings 645, 104 stone lions, a shiting, Stone 7.

  As early as the Northern Song Dynasty, our ancestors on an alarming determination and infinite wisdom, created a modern until it was recognized by a new type of bridge base - the foundation-raft. The so-called Type is the basis of a bridge along the axis of underwater at the bottom of a large number of stone-throwing home to form a link at the end of Jiang's low stone bridge base for the courtyard, and then built above the piers, which means the construction of the bridge China and the world of science are Is a great contribution. In order to consolidate the Rongji Bridge, the bridge in a large number of oyster farming, cleverly Vitex shell with the amount of strong adhesion, fan speed and the characteristics of Health, the bridge-pier and firmly cemented as a whole, this is one of the world's ingenuity in the history of bridge-building "kind of oyster-based method", is the world's first biological Used in bridge engineering precedent. At that time, no modern lifting equipment, on a "floating frame Law, "to use towards the sea level rise and fall of the location, set up large stone bridge, we show the ancestors of the bridge extraordinary talent. Boat-shaped pier is also distinctive, which is conducive to water. Luoyang Qiao successfully completed China's first Dashiqiao harbor, China's ancient bridge construction in the history of the great, well-known in China as a bridge post Professor Mao Yisheng praise: "Fujian Luoyang Qiao is the champion of the bridge."

  "Chao Sheng Luoyang," Quanzhou has always been one of the Ten. Tourists standing on the bridge, under the Song Yin, "Chao Chung straight to Chihiro snow, sunset passage Baizhang Rainbow", and a delight. After the liberation of Luoyang Qiao as a national cultural relics protection Unit. In order to protect the old bridge, the age of 60 in the old west side of the plane and a new bridge for motor vehicles to reduce the pressure on the old bridge. In recent years, the Government has allocated huge rehabilitation of Luoyang Qiao, an extraordinary style. Today, the old and the new River Bridge and drive, together with the newly-built railway bridge, such as three-lying Hong Bo, and even the United States and Qi Feng, very strong .

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Net peak Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Net peak Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Net peak at the Temple of net peak County town of Hoi An and Tang Xian Tong was built in three years (AD 861), the net peak by the Kwun Yam Temple Hall, Lee Sin Temple, Wenchang Ci, Treasure Palace, and other three groups composed of family building. Master Hong Yi in the study of Buddhism.

  Net Fung Yuen Wai-san-side show more like projectiles such as water snapper rocks, stones can often To the shell. It's a very interesting origin of the legend: The Legend of the net before-san is not mountains, but a vast ocean, an area of the East China Sea Dragon King. One day, the East China Sea King military adviser to the king oysters on the East China Sea Dragon King, not coincidentally Dragon King. Dragon King of the East China Sea as a military adviser, Wang oyster free access to it to see Long The case, the head of a delicate wooden packing box cotton, but also issued a golden light Road. With curiosity, opened the lid of a king oyster, the original stars is the panacea of life, they played a bad heart, it would be a steal.

  In the East China Sea Dragon King to come back after missing panacea, his temper and ordered to find Wenwubaiguan No results. This king oyster steal the panacea of life, said the disease for a long time at home, afraid to see Dragon King. Longwang see their own armies and divisions of the disease, and a long time, the shrimp will be sent first to visit, and later his own first-hand. Wang oyster could see ruddy face, there is no sick, but some look suspicious. Moreover, Wang oyster see Dragon King Unsolicited, after all, guilty, Zhizhiwuwu words, do not look natural.

  Back to the officer in the East China Sea Dragon King, Yue Xiangyue wrong. Thinking about this the other day said that his oysters have been to Wang. And then transmit orders oysters official Wang Jin procedure. Wang oyster task to see Dragon King. Dragon King in the harsh questioning that no oysters Wang Not a trick. Dragon King panacea also see no return, Wang oyster with a large number of credit, they ordered it locked in solid oyster shell, are not allowed to come out. Wang oyster did not used to freedom, locked inside, Biede hard for me to take advantage of the Xiabingxiejiang not pay attention to even the shells together rolled into the sea, fled the East China Sea Dragon King's palace, and then using all gas , The body Teng-up step by step, this body of the king oyster into a mountain and connected to the land, the hills above the surface, this has become a net-san. Net on the rock-san Feng Li picked up the oyster shell oyster is the king of change.

  Net peak ancient temple there to keep Mingseng. Song Yun-Ling monk Road this habitat , Modern Master Hong Yi Ming Seng Hong tin linked to this law. Qian Shan is located in the waterfront, surrounded on three sides by water, land and the negative side, Shan Kwong unique beautiful sea color. Today, the Temple money-yu, Taiwan Chamber, corridors, garden, Lianchi, Road re-repair, a new look, both in the Qing Dynasty Cliff has a number of stone and attractive. Protection unit at the county level.

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Qing Jingsi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qing Jingsi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China to the existing first, with the oldest of the Arab Islamic architectural style temple, located in Licheng District St. James Gate in the middle, the country's key cultural unit. Dazhong Qingjing Si Xiang Fu Northern Song Dynasty, founded in 2002 (the year 1009, the calendar back 400 years), by the year 1309 Yilang Yi Mirmohammad rehabilitation. Temple Damascus, Syria, modeled on the form of Islamic worship building, the door to the existing main building there buildings, from the Temple of Heaven and Ming Sin Tong Benevolent Society. Terauchi Ming Chengzu in a five-year Yongle (AD 1407) and Qing Jingsi issued to protect Islam, "Albrecht encyclical," one stone, is extremely rare.

Chong Qing Jingsi Northern Song Dynasty in large and medium-sized Xiangfu 2002 (the year 1009, the calendar back 400 years), by the year 1309 Yilang Yi Mirmohammad rehabilitation. It is modeled on the Temple in Damascus, Syria, in the form of Islamic worship building, the door to the existing main building there buildings, from the Temple of Heaven and Ming Sin Tong Benevolent Society. Terauchi Ming Chengzu in a five-year Wing-lok ( Million in 1407) and Qing Jingsi issued to protect Islam, "Albrecht encyclical," one stone, is extremely rare.

  The main building of the existing floor, the door there, from the Temple of Heaven and Ming Sin Tong Benevolent Society. The appearance of the floor, the door has a traditional Arab form of Islamic architecture. To the south gate, 1230 meters high, 6.6 wide - M, 3.80 m wide door, diabase stone masonry article, particularly, in. Within three. First, the two-story arches are rounded dome top and the third layer of brick for the dome. As a platform on the roof, surrounded by building "back to" pile-shaped, like a spy city in the north wall around 20,000 are embedded incised "on" and "Taiwan" in the stone for the Islamic Only the "Ramadan" for the Moon in order to determine the starting date of Lent, the whole building towering spectacular style.

  "From the Temple of Heaven" is a Muslim place of worship, now only around a stone wall. Tan's roof collapse of the Ming Dynasty years, the open space around the hall last surviving remnant of the granite base. A pointed arch at the main entrance into the east wall, look at the middle of the Western Wall A tip of the tall arched niche, sang in Arabic engraved with the ancient "Koran" by the sentence of stone, well-preserved. Temple to the north-west corner of the "Sin Tong Ming," Ming Longqing the first year (Year 1567), as a result of instructions from the Temple of Heaven Temple of worship after the roof collapsed, and followers who would move the church.

  In the eastern side of the Gate Tower I wish Santa "legislation within are positive 10-year yuan (Year 1350), Wanli Ming Bu II 2007 (1609 AD) rehabilitation of the Qing Jingsi tablets, Quanzhou is the study of Islam, an important material evidence. Yongle Temple on a five-Ming Chengzu Year (1407 AD) and Qing Jingsi issued to protect Islam "as encyclical" One moment, extremely valuable. China's Qing Jingsi and Arab peoples in all countries and cultural exchange between the witness of history, Quanzhou is also an important historical sites overseas traffic.

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Anping Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Anping Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuli, commonly known as bridge, in Jinjiang have with the head at the junction of Nam on the Gulf. Song Shaoxing 2008 (1138) was built 13 years after completion. It is China's longest existing harbor large stone bridge, full-bridge 2255 meters long, 3-3.8 m wide, 361 piers, there is water on the bridge pavilion, Lou Ting, China Pavilion, Yu Ting Gong 5, and so on. Eastbound there in the first Baita, 22 meters high, five-story hexagonal Zhuanta Hollow, outside the black smear. Tower Bridge, Xiangyingchengqu.

In March 1961, released bridge Wuli for the state's key protection units. Bo Jukuan dump has been renovated in recent years, Yi Qiao Ban fallen off the pier, to repair three Qiaoting, Tower Bridge Qiao Lan. In addition to digging on both sides of the bridge siltation, to restore water Changqiao young beauty, the bridge downstream of the Highway Department and the provision of this Zhaqiao, transport more convenient.

  Ping is said to bridge the huge stone bridge at the time, right close by home from the Department of relative exploitation of the island of Kinmen shipped, the pier has a rectangular pier, boat-shaped pier and a half and three boat-shaped pier design, the bridge - When the construction of the Northern Song Dynasty adopted Luoyang Qiao invention "-shaped raft on the basis of" form. Anping Bridge grand scale, engineering giant-ho, the magnificent structure, to show the working people of ancient China's extraordinary talents and create a great power. Contemporary scholars, poets walk Guo Ping Bridge, the term given Chant: "The heroic spirit down through the ages, the spirit of the labor Yang nine "China's bridges in the history of this masterpiece acclamation.

  Bridges, often a symbol of the rise of the times. In recent years, countries pull ping bridge repair money, so that the ancient bridge of KIWI is more spectacular, majestic Bujiandangnian. Yash during the Spring and Autumn can see the elegant grace of the tour to come to Guys and Dolls , Long ancient stone bridge, filled with the laughter full of youthful spirit, the formation of a pedestrian bridge like clouds, blue waves under the bridge as a mirror, the bridge banks of the picturesque scenery of "The Painting Scroll", it is God cardiac drunk, Tao Ran forgot to return.

  Although the world today has a large iron bridge across the river, Ling Fei Jia, such as the modernization of the overpass bridge, but still wandering at home and abroad like to walk around Anping bridge, stone tablets stroke, watching the burly security guards Yingwu Bridgestone, General, a taste of Old Bridge in life and ancient ancestors to work hard, Shi Lei Bridge's amazing perseverance and pioneering spirit, going through 800 years of baptism still Feng Yi Wei-ran Changqiao of majestic, deeply in the hearts of the people unforgettable impression!

  Anping Bridge, is left to future generations to read the history of an immortal Long Poem!

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Water World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Water World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West Lake Water Park is located in Licheng District, West Lake Park is part of the first phase of the development of the Pool, circulation River, colorful slide, wave pool, and other building projects, is currently more advanced and recreational water content of the new entertainment.

  Snow Park covers an area of the 7357 square meters, will include children's play pool, as Pool, circulation River, colorful slide, kayak chute, chute quick, Gentiana chute, building wave pool, disco music and stage large-scale open-air stage, and so on. Water-main area of nearly 10,000 meters. Park has to adapt Visitors of all ages entertainment, food, rest, and other facilities. Selection of water treatment system is currently the world's most advanced U.S. imports of a full set of water treatment equipment, water play pool for the introduction of automatic monitoring, automatic device medicine, water 4-6 hours a disinfection cycle. To the greatest extent on the Elimination of all kinds of bacteria, Health to ensure that water. Collection of the leisure park, entertainment, fitness in One, the province is the largest and most advanced equipment, the project's play Fu, the most innovative, exciting, safe and healthy recreational water project.

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Stephen Southern Christian Church - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Christian Zhenguan nine years since the Tang (635 years) was introduced to China, followed by the introduction of Quanzhou, said, "Nestorian", said Yuan Dynasty "in temperature can be taught." Yuan Dade 2007 (1306), Quanzhou Christian church has, "xing-ming Temple."

Modern Christian Xianfeng in the Qing six years (in 1856) into Jiang Sea town of Quanzhou into the following year, and Tongzhi in the Qing 2002 (1863) set up to teach in Quanzhou.

Stephen Christian Church is located in Quanzhou City, Zhongshan South Road 374, three-ching Tongzhi (1863) set up to teach, and covers an area of 1810 square meters. The Church has always been for the Christian Activity Center is Christian seat of the two.

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Regardless of Ms. Su Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Regardless of Ms. Su Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ms. Su Regardless of the temple is located in northern Shan Zi Mao, who originally belonged to the government of Quanzhou, Jinjiang County, 33 are rural Changchun, dedicated to the goddess Quan Su-South civil Liuniang. According to the "House of Quanzhou-chi," recorded in the integrated-ming, Su Wanli mountain gods Liuniang outstanding, ping war, the Japanese Yasukuni struggle has been called Health Care, St. Yan Chongfu his wife, his tomb Official Mrs. system in accordance with the construction of the temple??????so far. The soldiers were burning the early Qing Dynasty temple, the Azeri after the resumption of reconstruction, rehabilitation Guangxu 16 years. Jinjiang County Code, the history of Zambia for its title. Mrs. existing temple for the hanging brick-Hill, a three-Jin Ge, on both sides of the house to care, construction area of about 400 square meters, the temple erected Hill, Shuangyang look into the distance, two - Surrounded by, shade trees, natural scenery. Since the twentieth century, after all men and women, overseas Chinese donors continue to repair, the new look of the temple, incense its peak, at more than 50 furnace at the temple, Quanzhou all over the district, county, city, and with the overseas Chinese live, and the famous overseas.

  Temple sit Southern North, East 22 meters wide and 16.8 meters deep north-south, covers an area of 700 square meters. Qiandian from the main building, al-ting, the courtyard, the main hall, namely the traditional Taiwanese "into a three-room" 7.9 meters, into three 8.7 m deep, carrying beam structure, the roof of the hard-Hill. Pay a debt of gratitude to the left side of the Temple Church, dedicated to parents souf tablets, Side of the house care homes for Lent.

  Ms. Su has Miaohou Regardless of the tomb (Yi Xue), erect a tombstone with the words. Dozens of trees were old half-moon arch, Central Cemetery, up into the green barrier. Miaohou Department of hundred meters on the hillside, Tiger Chong year (1638) Mother Buddha sitting on a relief Xiang Yizun, 1.03 meters high, 0.9 wide Rice, the basic well-preserved.

  South Central street in front of the temple in recent years have restored Ming Dynasty 1.80 of a five-story stone pagoda, the 7-meter-high.

  Ms. Su Temple spent a few a few amendments, Junji five-ching (1648) have been burned Qing, 16 years Guangxu (1890), in years There have been rebuilt as a whole. Sim has been in the Republic of China (1941) of the remaining tablets donors. Since then, there is more damage to the temple in recent years to carry out a comprehensive Xiurong. Effective in the Philippines, the overseas Chinese donors.

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Qingyuan Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingyuan Shan, also known as the northern, Quan Shan, Qi Yun, the barrier north of the city of Quanzhou, 498 meters above sea level, covering an area of 62 square kilometers, away from the main scenic spots in Quanzhou City area 3 km. "Qingyuan to the odd stone" to the souls of Qingyuan Stephen. Yuan praised the "sea-Min Peng Lai Shan in the first." "Qingyuan Dingzhi" one of the Ten Quanzhou, as always Range Rover passenger to board. Water features mountain scene in Stephen, Jian, Tan, there are 135 waterfall. According to "pay homage to their side Meanwhile," the book contains: "The mountains have a stone-chuen, milk, and Cheng Jie Gan, given its origins in the Yan River, the county building, to name Qingyuan." Fujian is Qingyuan Shan Dai Yu Mo Yunshan, Rise amid ups and downs, mixed Shek Pik Lin Youhe deep around the rock Ran into a interesting, in many natural scenic spots, 572 meters long mountain range 20 kilometers, the pictographic rock, a thousand odd famous natural scenic spots, "Min Shan Hai Peng Lai in the first" reputation for Quanzhou one of the four famous mountains.

  Located on the northern outskirts of Quanzhou, it is commonly known as the northern; due to the rise amid often among the clouds filled, also known as QI Yun . This mountain is named after a legendary myth: that year in Sin Tieguai Li travel far and wide now, Calocedrus Jianci Hill pines, winding streets, the rise of temporary, Tieguai stabbed to praise. But too much force to Tieguaichuojin the rocks, was set aside after Stephen poured out, people said after the Qingyuan Shan mountains.

In view of the stones to a clear spring and that beautiful Lin He, Tang dynasties seekers can explore this question a lot of travel to stay, according to investigation records, in the mountains up to 300 square stone, has a very high cultural value. There Qingyuan Shan Buddhist monk Master Hong Yi's modern stupa, Master Hong Yi's early years after the busy, middle-aged monk ordained, Quanzhou in the vicinity of closed-door learning, after half a lifetime of the poor Jing-yi, left before the death of the "sad-yan intersection," two words. She Lizi's was worship him in Qingyuan Shan, the more the implication of human Hill added.

  Yan Yan Yu Xian Laojun original name, as a result of a carved stone and Laojun sitting there today, is located in the foothills on the right side of Qingyuan Shan Song Diaocheng natural rock. High as 5.63 meters, 6.85 meters thick and 8.01 meters wide, covers an area of 55 square is China's largest stone carving as Taoism, the amount of high-seated patterns there, drop ears, long hair flapping, eyes towards the right hand by a few , According to his left knee, life, serene look of Leisure, Simple home to simplicity, the portrayal of the Tao Follows Nature can be described as "the best in the world of Lao." Carved yet another exaggeration, be called for China's stone carving art treasures. Is a national key cultural unit.

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Jiuli Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuli Hu Xianyou County, located in the scenic town of Zhongshan, 31 kilometers from the town, 590 meters above sea level. Here in Lake, holes, Tam, Shek said the four-odd, particularly for the most Tan Fei, since ancient times, "Wu Lei Fei Tam surprising the world" reputation. Xu Ming Dynasty Great travel home with the Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Yuhua hole and said, "Sanjue." Legend has it that Emperor , Ho has nine brothers to serve our community in this Alchemy, Dan Carp cross into heaven immortal, and therefore Jiuli Hu named.


  Dang Jiuli Hu Cui-Qing Yang, Bichengyihong, is a beautiful natural lake. Around the lake, verdant forests, Qian Yan Jing Xiu, Saga rocks, waterfall accommodating riverbank, both Lin-sheng of the spring, the upper reaches of the stream Such as bottles all over the white, urn may well seem bizarre, such as caves, the legend was nine cents Alchemy of the site. Mountain forest scattered legislation innumerable rocks with rocks, such as Penglai stone, stone-Chou, feather fossils, mysterious stone beads, rub-long stone, stone pillow and wait for a natural, sight.

  Jiuli Hu is the most famous scenic waterfall nine riverbank As a result of the riverbank like its name. There riverbank Lei Hong, falls riverbank, riverbank Zhu Lian, Yu-zhu riverbank, Shek Mun riverbank, the five-star riverbank, Fei riverbank, the board riverbank, General riverbank, the largest drop riverbank to more than 100 meters, as small as 3-4 meters, nine Waterfall riverbank Or Fei Liu, Yin Yi, or fly, or spray Yang Yu-chu, which is to be a spectacular waterfall, Zhu Lian, Three columns riverbank. Nine riverbank falls more than 10 kilometers in length, along the cliff Jiazhi, the twists and turns, is very attractive.

  Jiuli Hu numerous scenic spots, Cliff Inscription, the concept of Taoism, artistic and architectural heritage sites in various 20. Hushan between "Ren Kai grass title engrave little stone End," "Son of Heaven million years" Penglai first "," Bishuidanshan "," Guan Bao "," Tengyun nine fin, "" Feiyubenlei "Inscription famous dynasties, ancient generous, free and easy Qiu Jin; nine cents Lake View, Crystal Palace, Yu Imperial House, the resplendent Ying-sen Hall, the magnificent; General, Mission Hills, Guanpu, miss, the hometown of five booths, the mountain Water Ya exquisite precision; the remaining spots in Ho Sin Temple, the whole bamboo temple, changing booths, kiosks Huguang sites, the tone is a good place for tourists; Sung Hsiao Tsung Emperor bestowed the "Sin Shui Ling Hui," Jin Bian Yi Hong's "Suoi Tien" That Qinglie to sweet, do not surprising rise.

  Chi Jiu Lihu the dream has a long history of cultural, Ho nine cents is the people Spread oldest and most influential Secretary of the gods dream, the dream of Prayer program since the Tang and Song has been adopted so far and it can study the culture of our country pray dream "living fossil." Daguan distinguished history, man of letters to the pilgrims, Dream Garden prevailing winds, the Six House is too Lu Qing Zheng, Song Ming-side Hall of Bachelor of Cai Xiang, Chen Ming Libushangshu by the state Jiangnan Tang Bohu gifted scholar, Li Ming Huan Qing Dynasty to modern times and some of the political Savimbi feel all around here, Dream Garden. Ming Feng Meng-long well-known novelist and Qing Ji Xiaolan, a famous scholar of her depression, and other crafts Jiuli Hu has been a dream of cultural arts and crafts vivid descriptions, and many crafts handed down for thousands of years to dream when the subject matter of cultural hand - Chapter beautiful word it a dream story of inspection, to the scenic Jiuli Hu put on a layer of mystery, and fascinating. Jiuli Hu in 1998 for the approval of provincial-level scenic spots.

  Jiuli Hu scenic and convenient traffic, the road winding through scenic areas, from the Chengguan Xianyou Jiuli Hu to have direct access to car travel, the region has to stop Field, hotels and other service facilities.

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Hong Kong virtuous days Zuci - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhong Putian Village Gate in Hong Kong, Gu Cheng: Hong Kong virtuous, Yi Ming, "Wong Lo in Hong Kong," Strait is the birthplace of the goddess Matsu -----, Mazu Eclosion after local people to build Memorial Hall. Zuci built in the Song Dynasty, Matsu worship room like wood, as far as "Chi Chi Feng days" set: "Shizhuancinei room like, a cosmetic plastic different people, different From the engine, and can not be both. "Cineiqiandian as a result of the General Assembly for worship Mazu room like. The amount of" days after the Temple ", dedicated to St. Houdian parents and first-generation tablets, the amount of" Zuci Lin ", the respect for "Zuci days." Wing-lok next 19 years (1421) bad Temple, Zhao Ting lawsuit in Hong Kong have taken it for granted renovation Zhi Ji, "days Zuci. "Junji 18 years of Qing (1661) to counter-ming Cheng Gong things, cut-off coastal community Kiyono, village and Matsu room as Hanjiang migration. Kangxi 20 (1681) rehabilitation sector, Temple has done Destroyed, fire-Lin Chang-Zhi Sun to launch reconstruction, to welcome people back to the Han Jiang room as Matsu, the Han people refuse, to invite the two sides due to cross , 99 have to pay Silla, who Hanjiang a ship-by-room as the ceremony was also sent to Hong Kong. Kangxi 23 years, Chifeng days. Zuci by ants when the wind erosion, drain tile wall dumping by Taiwan Fengshan teaching Pui-lam, launched fund-raising, to phase in the reconstruction of the mountain temple site, to 51 years Qianlong (1786) completed in September. 53 Qianlong ( 788 years) from St. Spring and Autumn Festival two, the ceremony included in the Code. Daliangangtie campaign in 1958, Temple razed to the ground, like a room to save Lai village woman, who survived on a 1984-style reconstruction of the original village to raise funds to February 2, 1988 (Lunar New Year Dingmao December 10 Five), which we see the celebration. Save this Cinei Matsu on behalf of the room as the Qing Emperor Qianlong and stone tablets in the vicinity of the "former residence of Matsu," "Well Fu" and "Eight Feng Jing", "not even face-chu-chu" in the Song Dynasty relics. In 1989 into the "virtuous Putian county in Hong Kong Zuci days after the tour area," the Fujian Provincial People's Government announced in 1991 for the provincial heritage conservation unit. In recent years, various parts of Taiwan, Matsu followers to "Lo Hong Kong source dried up ancestral pilgrimage," the pilgrims, the delegation flocked to the Royal and funding to build the "three Monument Square," "Bell-Drum", "Bin-ko" So that Ciyu is getting more sophisticated spectacular.

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Shishi rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shishi Rock Hill around the western suburbs of Putian has a number of sea caves, the New Stone Age relics have been unearthed, this is the last of the ancient cave, so-called Shishi. Buddhist monk late Tang Miao-founder should have been set up in this gym, according to legend survived two tigers to try to tame ride, it is also known as Yan Fu-hu. Song St. between Temple was built on the rocks, thanks to the amount of cases SONG Zhe Miaoying Temple said. Ming-cheng Si Yu Yi-ming spent between Libushangshu Wanli Chen Po by the state Sambo reconstruction and son in this class. After Emperor Xuan Temple, the Temple with disabilities, Sin Temple, built one after another Hall of the Ancestors, which has become the rock on Taoism co-Li Cheng-Sheng Jing wall. Mountainside wind around smoke from time to time, Meng Yin Yun air, "Shishi possession Smoke" Putian round one of the King. Since then, Hundred years into frequent repair, in 1942 the site changed hands to build "another Lingyun Temple", the formation of the current situation. Chi Ma Wan's red sheep, Shinianhaojie, the resort was declining. Stone Room Shan up Release uphold and safeguard gym, more than four decades. Bring order out of chaos after the four-Lai Shan Shi well-funded, Chung-hing, Shishi rock. Li Cheng to expand into this Road up the hill and traffic convenience, the rock palace pavilion Cuolayouzhi, Golden Revitalizing, in the shade hang shore Lin ancient cliff, and should retreat of the Miao-Dong Haiyin, tongue-long hole in the left side Song Yue Inscription "Yan Fu-hu" stone tablet Ming Jian seven four-Chu Zhuanta matrix and monuments, each other and become tourists pay to watch the nirvana.

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Temple Meifeng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Meifeng Temple is located in the middle of the road victory in the urban areas. Song plum tree planted on the mountain because, thanks to the amount of Huizong "Merlin Buddha", it said, "Meifeng Temple." Temple was the predecessor of a Guanyin Pavilion. Song and Yuan Feng 2008 (1085), the mother of local scholar Li, Huang began to more than 100 acres of homes, will be booths for the expansion of the Temple. Shaoxing 2007 ( 137), Ciming "Guangxiao Si pay a debt of gratitude." Temple set in the Yuan Dynasty officials say. Ming Jiajing 1952 (1562), the Japanese committed Po, the temple was burned. Ming Wanli reconstruction. Build more than the size of the Qing Dynasty temples built into Observatory, Cuoluoyouzhi. Hill on both sides of the door, stands a corner, the three-tier , The Drum Tower. Tower's third floor, there is an overhang of the original master of the Song Dynasty Cai-cast bronze bell, the sound can Bu Yin Qing, and the Sishili to mass outside. 13 years of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1887), the fire temple in Chujun melt-down. Font early years of the Republic and only 10 minutes a cast and weighing about 1500 kg, Zhou Wen foreign cast by more than 500 words, 10 minutes Flavor, extremely loud sounds. Whenever Xiwei dawn, the first bell, the melodious music, called "Zhong Mei Temple." In recent years, the enthusiasm of overseas Chinese under the auspices of the expansion of large-scale renovation. Guanyinge a new peak, up to tens, is the tallest buildings in the urban areas. Gordon Pavilion overlooking the urban area Panoramic landscape far and near. Manshan still planted a variety of plum, Xue-Hai Hong States for a unique urban landscape.

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Magnolia Pei - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pei Mulan in the suburbs outside the South Gate is located in Putian, about 4 kilometers Mulan Shan, built during the Northern Song Dynasty This is a primer and has, irrigation, row, block the use of large water conservancy projects. More than 900 years ago, a Department of Jianshui 360 Dasi, due to the impact of tides, flooding from time to time, people on both sides to provide the greatest possible Difficult. Song Ping Ye first year (1064), women's Changle Siniang money to carry Kim Po, in general Zhanglincunpang rock slope before the stone base. However, Pei has just completed the first project on the flood waters were, to put their lives at Siniangtoushui Pei martyrdom. Not long after her fellow Lin from the World Bank, hundreds of thousands of donors, the change in the lower reaches of the mouth of the hot springs building weirs, as a result of the election reservoir site Improperly failed. Xining 2008 (1075), Hou Guan Ying Zhao Li who came in with the assistance of Japanese monk FUNG Chi, summing up the lessons of previous failures, a broad choice of stream water in the gentle, even through the rocky river bed under the Mulan Shan Jian Pei ... ... After eight years of fighting, Tai Pei finally completed. Pei as a result of the Mulan Shan, as a result of Got its name. This result also known as the Ta Shee Mulan. Magnolia Pei Pei have the first project, the canal system works and three parts of the embankment, the distribution is reasonable, well-designed, precision construction. Pei weir gate for the first roll-dam, with massive granite building vertical and horizontal hook lock Diego. A total length of 219.13 meters, Pei Pier 33, the high - .5-Meter, 32-hole home gate. Pei both ends of the North-South, has a total length of more than 500 meters long reservoir retaining embankment. Pei trunk of 120 kilometers, built along the Doumen, culverts and so on a number of 300, sub-irrigated plains north-south ocean. Pei built in memory of the sages, Mulan's construction of the south bank of the money Siniang Lin from the World Bank, Li, Feng Japan's "Temple of the Association", has now turned into "Mulan Pei Memorial Hall." To preserve the temple has been famous since the Ming Dynasty written by Pei Xiu previous steles. Winter in 1962, Guo visited the Magnolia Pei, is pleased to Mingbi wrote, "Yong Pei Mulan" Poetry 6, Shi Bei have been erected in the temple. Magnolia Province, Pei was one focus of heritage . Mulan Shan in the urban areas have access under the highway.

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Cai Xiangling Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Park Caixiang Ling, Cai Xiang was the tomb, located in Xianyou Feng Ting Ling Jin, General Yamashita, Fusha Road on the west side of the old. In 1961 was classified as provincial-level key protection units. Cai Xiang (1012-1067), born in Feng Ting-Ting Wo Niushan Kiyosawa (now nine Village), Feng Ting Song passed away four years at home, at the age of 6-year-old, buried Jin Ling, Ouyang Xiu wrote for "epitaph", the court confer posthumously less division, Shi Zhong Hui, the tomb of a pair of legislation, "Wang Shi-chu," engraved on the couplet: "Five suicide by the state, the old-fang go down in history ; Chung Ji-Wan-an, Zhao Su-old visual impact. "Rumored, was an area of 60 acres of cemetery, the tomb of Li's Road also have a" military attache Ma, the Xia Jiao civil service "to discontinue the monument. In 1997, Cai Xiang at home and abroad to their descendants for the reconstruction of the tomb," Cai Xiangling Garden "and will last for three years for completion in 1999, covers an area of 20 acres, remained in the Song Dynasty art Design, build, "the Mountain Gate," Miriam door, wall, floor, out-side, four booths down, calligraphy Beilang As well as room and car park management, civil and military remodeling Weng Shi Zhong, Ma Shi Shi Yang, Dan Hu, Grave pave the courtyard, cement channels, such as ancillary facilities. Per mu yield of the tomb covers an area of hills, the construction of the ancient Zhuang Yan, the towering wall of green trees, green grass Yin-cheng, a beautiful quiet environment. Front of the cemetery, "Miriam the door", 7.5 meters high, built of white granite, Wang Corinthians, "Ming Chen Qingli," after the "upright impartiality and integrity"; Mountain Gate at the front door and were engraved with the couplet: "cross the bridge Li folk songs are not political benefits, flying dragon and phoenix ever brush Xunye cover article," and "allegiance to the country prosperous There are three suicide poem Yang Yu-ming Temple end, Lee Wai Man Wan-an-related exploits Luoyang Qiao risk-free "and" traitors frighten the public and the soul is to stay the course of events through the ages , Cheng Li-Cheng Zude 10,000-spectrum Forever, "Cai Xiang expressed his later life to the noble character and its evaluation of the achievements and admiration. Rehabilitation of the cemetery, according to President of the Philippines and the World Stratford, vice president of the Sangha Council Rui this (the descendants of Cai Xiang) hearing the news, special Congratulates speech. CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman Zhao personally wrote the Cai Xiangling Park "and" Forest of Stone Tablets. "Total length of 134 meters," Beilang calligraphy ", a total of 134 inscriptions, engraved Song Cai Xiang-based calligrapher of the four-kai, the grass, Li 12,600 words, for now, Fujian Province There's largest Forest of Stone Tablets. "Ming-side floor," Cai Xiang a plastic statue in the main hall, with calligraphy exhibition hall for You Visit.

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Eastern rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

East rock that Dongshan, Gu Cheng Wushishan, because there are rocks like a unicorn, also known as Shan-lin, in the urban areas of the Northwest. Early morning view of the mountain, the sun's exposure, the steam cloud Wei Xia, such as the round plate like, 10,000 golden light, the Meteorology Series, the "Xiao-Xu Dongshan" scenic spots, "King Putian round".

East Hill halfway up the mountain there is a "pay a debt of gratitude to teach East Rock Temple", built in the Song Min-sun of the first year (990 AD). Temple Zhudian after three blocks of hollow octagonal stone pagoda in the Song Dynasty, the virtual risk-top canopy, form a very ancient Odd. Relief base 37 lions, patterns varied life; guard tower gate of the Book of King Kong sculpture, rough lines, shapes Park. There is a lower right corner of the Temple built in the Ming Dynasty, "three religions temple," Si Feng "education" (Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism) founder Lin Zhaoen.

Lin Zhaoen (in 1517-1598) the word Mao Xun, Longjiang, Putian Chengxiang Stanley Lane people. Its advocacy of Confucianism, Taoism, the release said that the three-in-one teaching, said the World Third, the Education President, "and" Trinity leader. "Before his death he had" Chiao Tung-shan homes "to give lectures." Chiao Tung-shan homes "is the grandfather Linzhao En Lin (Guangdong and Guangxi Guanju of the total system) after Enteignis built villa. Linzhao En after the death of his Qiao followers of the homes to "Zong Kong Temple," to show to commemorate him. Linzhao En his disciples all over the world, Nanjing Beijing and other places also has a "three religions temple." Southeast Asian countries now live overseas Xinghua, also has a "three religions temple." As a result, East rock, "Zong Kong Temple," known as "Shan-lin Zuci."

  "Shan-lin Zuci" after a millennium Guzhang, about 15 meters high, 13.8 Wai , The tree is divided into three branches of a tree, of which two branches of a tree has withered, but there is still a fork of a tree Climb, Lung Poon Qiu dance. Some people say how the Millennium Guzhang three branches of a tree indicates a "three-education" of their own development, contains not disclose the meaning of.

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Meizhou Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The water in the Mekong, in the Sea Island, Lantau, such as Mei, Yi Wan has been to embrace the sun and the sea of magic island, which is the Meizhou Island.

  Meizhou Island is located in Fujian's Meizhou Bay in the central port facing the Taiwan Strait, only 1.8 sea miles from the mainland, Taiwan's Taichung Harbor east 72 sea miles, 100 nautical miles south of Xiamen Port, North Fuzhou Mawei Port 70 sea miles, the traffic is convenient. North-south strip of the island, such as the crescent-shaped, Land area of 14.35 square kilometers, population 38,000. Meizhou Island is a typical subtropical monsoon maritime climate, the average annual temperature of 20 ?, the average annual rainfall of about 1000mm, mild climate, beautiful show , A unique tourism resources, it is hard to come by tourist resort. Blue sky, blue sea, sun, sand constitutes a pleasant romantic coastal scenery, the island has a coastline of 30.4 kilometers, 13 of the total length of 20 km golden beach, and fell 5 km of sea rocks. There are financial and clear water Sands, green wood, sea , Stones, the temple was one of a number of scenic spots, 20, formed in the water there are mountain outside the sea, linked to Shanhai, the Haitian Isshiki strange natural landscape. Poetic Masterpiece of the age-old Chao Yin Mei Lantau, such as the Philharmonic or the rain, such as visual or Qiming, such as resentment against, such as the Cantabile roar. Goose rocks eventual end of the Stone God, after years of baptism Cool turtles, such as the frog, hawk-like, like lions, if a boat, vivid, lifelike. Beautiful charming Sabbiadoro, 3 km long, 500 meters wide, flat beach Pohuan, such as fine sand surface, known as "the best in the world beach."

  Here, not only beautiful scenery, is more Hunqianmengying the human landscape Meizhou Island is famous for peace at sea goddess Matsu's hometown, the birthplace of Mazu culture, is the world's more than 20 countries and regions close to 200,000,000 Hunqianmengying Mazu, worshiped the Holy Land, known as the "Oriental Mecca." Lin Song Jianlong Matsu was born in the first year (in 960 AD) March 23, died Yong Xi 2004 (the year 987 AD) September Ninth, Weijia life. She had Lan Hsin-hui quality, smart and eager to learn, understand medicine, knowledge of meteorological, navigation Tong, in her short life, and the neighborhood for the past fishermen on the sea merchants have done a lot of good. People admire her good deeds Ji, Jiukujiunan the spirit of the Mekong on Lantau Peak She Jian Li Miao temple, which is the origin of the Mazu belief. Mountain stand in the ancestral worship, Xiufeng stones, You Dong Jing Lin set off under the Matsu Temple spectacular towering; that stand tall statue of Matsu, Mianzhaodahai, big-kind, is an eternal god of the sea, peace Symbol. Matsu refined soul, everywhere Department in the past. Ancestral beliefs in Taiwan, has a broad mass foundation, the Taiwan Matsu Gongmiao more than 1,500, up more than 1,600 believers million. Since the 1990s, Meizhou Island every year to receive pilgrims inside and outside visitors as many as 000 million, of which nearly 10 million Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan is the mainland to attract the largest, most intensive, Do not be a year of the birth of Mazu and Mazu ascended to heaven during the festive season, an unprecedented pilgrimage tourism, is the so-called "broadcast the Song Ling-kun, Chang shrine worship; so far on the sea, fragrant everywhere."

  In June 1988, Meizhou Island in Fujian Province has been turned into the outside world tourism economic zone, in April 1992, established Taiwan's special tourist visas on arrival, in October the same year, the establishment of the China National Tourism Resort. Since then, Taiwan pilgrims flocked to tourist resorts in the ascendant. For more than a decade, the Island's progress has been made in the development and construction has been completed Matsu Temple, geese Oyama, gold sand, the beach Lianchi, Japan and Wen Shi, and other scenic areas Island Highway through the island, the ferry terminal, Taiwan 3,000-ton ferry terminals, sea power and water supply, communications, such as Green 50, as well as a number of infrastructure to provide 1,600 beds to receive the star-rated hotels, hotels and shopping malls, entertainment Center for services such as reception facilities, so that a growing Island Mazu has become a well-known text Pilgrimage center and tourist resort on the southeast coast. Here the beautiful scenery, has been named the national level AAAA tourist areas, 100 counties nationwide afforestation, Fujian Province civilized tourist area and the province's top ten demonstration counties and a quality living environment; simple folk here, hospitality, and this can be to play Matsu makeup, food Mazu feast, goods Zu holy water, Mission Hills Sunrise, the Homebound Fishermen, Peter smooth sailing; rich seafood here can enjoy the sea fishing, seafood cuisine, fun seaside resort.

  Matsu's native place in the new century - Island, the western side of a rising sea pearl!

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