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Net peak Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Net peak Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Net peak at the Temple of net peak County town of Hoi An and Tang Xian Tong was built in three years (AD 861), the net peak by the Kwun Yam Temple Hall, Lee Sin Temple, Wenchang Ci, Treasure Palace, and other three groups composed of family building. Master Hong Yi in the study of Buddhism.

  Net Fung Yuen Wai-san-side show more like projectiles such as water snapper rocks, stones can often To the shell. It's a very interesting origin of the legend: The Legend of the net before-san is not mountains, but a vast ocean, an area of the East China Sea Dragon King. One day, the East China Sea King military adviser to the king oysters on the East China Sea Dragon King, not coincidentally Dragon King. Dragon King of the East China Sea as a military adviser, Wang oyster free access to it to see Long The case, the head of a delicate wooden packing box cotton, but also issued a golden light Road. With curiosity, opened the lid of a king oyster, the original stars is the panacea of life, they played a bad heart, it would be a steal.

  In the East China Sea Dragon King to come back after missing panacea, his temper and ordered to find Wenwubaiguan No results. This king oyster steal the panacea of life, said the disease for a long time at home, afraid to see Dragon King. Longwang see their own armies and divisions of the disease, and a long time, the shrimp will be sent first to visit, and later his own first-hand. Wang oyster could see ruddy face, there is no sick, but some look suspicious. Moreover, Wang oyster see Dragon King Unsolicited, after all, guilty, Zhizhiwuwu words, do not look natural.

  Back to the officer in the East China Sea Dragon King, Yue Xiangyue wrong. Thinking about this the other day said that his oysters have been to Wang. And then transmit orders oysters official Wang Jin procedure. Wang oyster task to see Dragon King. Dragon King in the harsh questioning that no oysters Wang Not a trick. Dragon King panacea also see no return, Wang oyster with a large number of credit, they ordered it locked in solid oyster shell, are not allowed to come out. Wang oyster did not used to freedom, locked inside, Biede hard for me to take advantage of the Xiabingxiejiang not pay attention to even the shells together rolled into the sea, fled the East China Sea Dragon King's palace, and then using all gas , The body Teng-up step by step, this body of the king oyster into a mountain and connected to the land, the hills above the surface, this has become a net-san. Net on the rock-san Feng Li picked up the oyster shell oyster is the king of change.

  Net peak ancient temple there to keep Mingseng. Song Yun-Ling monk Road this habitat , Modern Master Hong Yi Ming Seng Hong tin linked to this law. Qian Shan is located in the waterfront, surrounded on three sides by water, land and the negative side, Shan Kwong unique beautiful sea color. Today, the Temple money-yu, Taiwan Chamber, corridors, garden, Lianchi, Road re-repair, a new look, both in the Qing Dynasty Cliff has a number of stone and attractive. Protection unit at the county level.

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