Saturday, December 6, 2008

Temple Meifeng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Meifeng Temple is located in the middle of the road victory in the urban areas. Song plum tree planted on the mountain because, thanks to the amount of Huizong "Merlin Buddha", it said, "Meifeng Temple." Temple was the predecessor of a Guanyin Pavilion. Song and Yuan Feng 2008 (1085), the mother of local scholar Li, Huang began to more than 100 acres of homes, will be booths for the expansion of the Temple. Shaoxing 2007 ( 137), Ciming "Guangxiao Si pay a debt of gratitude." Temple set in the Yuan Dynasty officials say. Ming Jiajing 1952 (1562), the Japanese committed Po, the temple was burned. Ming Wanli reconstruction. Build more than the size of the Qing Dynasty temples built into Observatory, Cuoluoyouzhi. Hill on both sides of the door, stands a corner, the three-tier , The Drum Tower. Tower's third floor, there is an overhang of the original master of the Song Dynasty Cai-cast bronze bell, the sound can Bu Yin Qing, and the Sishili to mass outside. 13 years of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1887), the fire temple in Chujun melt-down. Font early years of the Republic and only 10 minutes a cast and weighing about 1500 kg, Zhou Wen foreign cast by more than 500 words, 10 minutes Flavor, extremely loud sounds. Whenever Xiwei dawn, the first bell, the melodious music, called "Zhong Mei Temple." In recent years, the enthusiasm of overseas Chinese under the auspices of the expansion of large-scale renovation. Guanyinge a new peak, up to tens, is the tallest buildings in the urban areas. Gordon Pavilion overlooking the urban area Panoramic landscape far and near. Manshan still planted a variety of plum, Xue-Hai Hong States for a unique urban landscape.

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