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House Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

House Confucian Temple in Quanzhou, Quanzhou Licheng District is located in Zhongshan Road, Fujian large-scale ceremony for the system construction, covers an area of 6 hectares of Quanta. Kai Yuan Tang Dynasty was founded, at the beginning of "Sikou Lu Temple", the late Tang and Five Dynasties to "declare temple," peace and rejuvenating the Northern Song Dynasty years (976-984) moved to build this site, the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing 2007 (1137 Left school right temple reconstruction of regulation, Jia Tai to the first year (1201) to begin the construction of lattice Star Gate, the size of shape. Lvjing repair history, especially?????(1736-1795), said the renovation of a large area, Temple, veranda, courtyard, Miriam Xijie involved in the door. Since 1998, state and local governments Investment to conduct a comprehensive repair and maintenance, the scale renovation of the surrounding environment, and external display into an open forum for people to visit and tour.

  The existing building includes Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing four generations in the form of construction. Dacheng Hall of the main building, Zhong Yan Dianding veranda, Miankuo 7 (35.3 meters), deep into the 5 (2 .7 Meters) to 48 supporting pillars carrying wooden beam framework, positive 6 Yanzhu relief Beaulieu, flavor, there are other features. Wai Yan brackets with five single-copy shop for the next two-Aung, Aung arrived in the end of the next-Quan, the Song remains the true shape Aung, a far-reaching eaves; four-Chuan Fu Fu of milk, with before and after the four-post, and Wai Yan brackets Queti The whole Surface-wood, decorated with non-Diaolou; Zheng Ji Qi Qiao at both ends of 1.4 meters, 16.1 meters long ridge and into a 11:1 ratio, are reflected in the Quanzhou area of structural characteristics of the ancient architecture. Dianqian stone platform, Lin Yang-Xu Mizuo mosaic, Lin review, hibiscus, camellia, peony, such as Lotus diabase stone reliefs, colorful patterns Shipu of the al-of-court for the half-moon pool Pan, Yuan positive for nine years (1349) built by the Pan Fei Jia of its bridge, stone, Ping-Liang, a parabola in the central arch, the stone home on both sides of the barrier. The veranda on both sides of the courtyard gallery 112 meters long, 10 meters wide, linked directly with the Great Gate. Great window 3, 2 deep into the left and the "king's" door, and right, "Yu Zhen," as one door together.

  East Palace temple for the school, and Yuying Tong Minglun door, and other construction. Minglun Miankuo Hall 7 (36.6 meters), deep into the five (22.8 meters), Xieshan Ding Zhong Yan, Shi Pu Lu for the front court, the court building stone pool side On the cross-stone bridge, leading to the Sino-British education door, the old building still Zhaobi.

  In the Confucian Temple and the palace school and between the east and west sides, the temple has been built Xiang Xian, 15 Minghuan Temple, the Temple 5, depending on the terrain on which, large and small, so far there are still remaining 6, do not have some fun. A door to the south Star Gate has retained lattice sites, master Stephen Wells, Lu Ting Zou Beach, Si-soo Bridge sites. Lvjing repair history, 26 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1761) large-scale construction. There are existing Shing Mun, Chi Pan, the platforms of the Great Hall, the gallery around veranda, Minglun Hall, and other construction, covers an area of more than 60,000 square meters. Dacheng Hall Miankuo , Into the deep-5, Zhong Yan Dianding veranda, carrying wooden beam structure painted facilities have to support 48 granite pillars. Chi Yan Zhu Qian Lang relief Beaulieu 8, with a solemn silence. Dianqian platform, with wing railings, Xu Mizuo waist between the embedded Yang Lin, Lin review, hibiscus, camellia, peony, such as hibiscus pattern Qingshi relief. Taiwan Connected to, the Court of worship. Pan Chi-of-court half-moon, on cross-positive for nine years yuan (1349) of the building Liang Pan-style stone bridge, slightly in the central arch, the bridge shop a long strip of granite stone 72, the symbol of the sage 72; Shek Wai to Barrier structure, a carved stone column column as, a symbol of peace and prosperity. East and West sides Da Dian Qian has long 12 meters, 10 meters wide veranda of the gallery, dedicated to Confucius and his disciples from the memorial tablets of saints and future generations. Two Corridors and set up before the veranda three, for the Great Gate, Dan Yan Xie Shanding, Miankuo 3, deep into the 2; Kim left for the glottis, the right to the door Yuzhen, three of effective intervention. Lu outside the court near the square, 66 meters wide, 60 meters deep, reaching as far as lattice Star . Temple on the eastern side is the Da House, the Center for Church Minglun, Zhong Yan Xie Shanding, Miankuo 5, 4 into the deep. Wide-open front court the 36 meters deep, the foreign tribunal pool, building stone, Wai to Shilan, the door leading to the Sino-British education. Confucian Temple, learn about both sides of the House has Chance-yin, and so on Minghuan 15 Temple, the Temple 5, also surviving are 6 Southern China's largest existing, Soong set, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty architecture in the form of four House of Confucian Temple complex.

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