Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stalagmite - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Quanzhou city has a peculiar monument, which is known of the stalagmite. This is strange stalagmite, located in Quanzhou, Jinjiang outside of the new bridge on the north shore of the Yellow Mountain on A Street.

  Stalagmite is used five cylinder cut and polish granite base stack from the next paragraph coarse, the upper smaller, at the end of a brief-like tip, Like a giant bamboo stands, it is commonly known as the stalagmite, the South for the Jinjiang River, the river rolling from side shoots and circuitous, rush down into the sea. Stalagmite because of this reason, this river is also an alias Jiang shoots. The south-west side of the stalagmite was established in the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty Emperor Yu (1049), Lin Zhang pontoon bridge, but also other "stalagmite Bridge." Stalagmite from pure white granite formed by simple processing, simple shapes, to retain the original natural state. As far as "Chi Quanzhou House" set: the Northern Song Dynasty large and medium-sized four-Xiang Fu (l0ll years) Quanzhou Prefecture high-hui has even "private anger hit Stalagmite off. " This knowledge can be pushed, the Northern Song Dynasty, this has long been the object of. Stone Since the high-hui was off batter, until the Ming Dynasty Chenghua period (1465-1487 years) to pick up the recovery. This heritage as a provincial unit.

According to the research scholars and experts, this is strange stalagmite, is likely to be the original tribal totem worship of relics, or Brahmanism, Hinduism Yield-worship, the Kaiyuan Temple and the Main Hall Gallery after the middle of the green two-hui's rock column, "Shiva relief totem" pattern on the genitals of the same origins. If you can say that this is established, then it sticks stalagmite system, eagle understanding of the Hindu system of the Tang Dynasty when imported. Stalagmite system if they reside in Southern Stephen Baiyue people in the vicinity of the ancient totem worship , The stalagmite system, eagle on the more distant era.

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