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Lubuge Small Three Gorges - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lubuge small town east of the Three Gorges area is located 55 kilometers from the scenic Lubuge Dam power station along to Huangnihe up is Villaraigosa, 14 km long and 100 meters wide, 500 meters, on the east coast area for Xingyi, Guizhou Province City area. Lubuge area from the county to have two ways: one is along National Highway 324 by the Golden Rooster, to Itabashi Foot hole into the area, along the foot stand there, peak forest, the peak cluster, rhinoceros, and other attractions Ridge; and the other, a power station along the road by Lubuge Xinzhai, Walled banana, according to many, is the dam into the grid is a scenic, Shiwandashan along the way there, according to Buyi village, Lubuge power station, Huangnihe Canyon, and other attractions. Lubuge "Three Gorges" is a scenic spot because of the power station Lubuge backwater of the dam formed by a total length of 20 km. There are lion Gap, Gap drop-ling, as two-Gap Gap and so on. Gap in a "dressing beautiful women", "monkey fishing on", "Dragon King's palace bamboo hanging", "double as drinking water," "Ganoderma lucidum years", "Deep folding wings" "Gurong Imperial Court" and "Dragon Falls" and other natural scenery, dizzying people, away. Gap in Yanjiangdiezhang, thousands of cliff Ren. Coastal forest cover, forest deep quiet, Yingti birds, Qi Xiu great peaks. , Which rise amid the rivers, karst karst landforms charming stone bud and Gu Feng, with the peak cluster peak forest landform Seven Wonders of nature like a sculpture from the fairyland.

Boat roaming the meantime, the gorge landscape intoxicated people, nearly 20 km long gorge Lake, the water quality of pure crystal, the two sides of river-hung, dangerous, extraordinary show of landscape painting woven into a beautiful landscape painting: Kwok-hung, surrounded by hills, Extraordinary momentum; insurance Fang, thousands of cliff Ren, King different scene; odd, waterfall dragon appear out of the blue, like spit Dragons waterfall; show, blue green water, many of Castle Peak.

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Kowloon falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kowloon falls groups, Luo at the county seat 22 kilometers northeast of the river Kowloon, Kowloon Pak Lap from the river behind the mountains in a roar from the Pentium, raising the land of Luo's sons and daughters of all ethnic groups. Legend has it that when Shenlong refined Tonggu victory here, from this side guarding the waters, Hu You Kowloon which people on both sides of the river. As the days get Thick geological structure and long-term water erosion, in the form of the width ranges from 10 high and low, patterns of different groups falls, or grand, or dangerous, or beautiful, or ease, beautiful, absolutely great. Waterfall and waterfall between the bank and numerous pools, the Hin Feng Zi. Large and small waterfall, or if the photogenic powder silk, like A silk thread root wave in the wind, water or rolling, shimmering, or may plunge off the Milky Way, such as the powerful force that shook the mountains and rivers, fish or get robbed waterfall water, beautiful ... ...
Kowloon waterfall between ten to pit or bank to form a string of sun shine brightly colored pearl. These falls A change of season changes, changes in endless, dizzying. Harvest season, a number of years, Great Falls will hear the sound came.
Le block from the village down to 500 meters, will enter the Great Falls area of Kowloon. First of all, Pitt is seen on beaches, calm Kiyosumi. Heart River beach under the island into the water Unit to form a three width ranging from about 2 meters high Dieshui small, Kowloon This is the tenth in the first waterfall waterfall. If this waterfall photogenic powder silk, silk thread as if a root wave in the wind. River reed heart problems on the island, when the fish get robbed waterfall water, very charming scenery. This rising, is a Tianshengqiao calcification, small gurgling streams from the Bridge Tam Man-side who, under the bridge and come together to form a crescent-shaped calcification Dieshui Beach. Tam of the Yueya Hu. Further on, showing a dozen of about 2 to 6 meters wide and the bank, was evenly spread fan-shaped, rolling water, shimmering, which is "beach water."
Shun beach water line, have been connected with 4 different levels of calcification Water is the tenth most spectacular waterfall in order to block Le Great Falls, which is famous for the "Kowloon in the first waterfall." This waterfall 56 meters high, 114 meters wide, curved surface waterfall, a waterfall after about 10 meters deep Shuilian Dong. Under the waterfall is so unpredictable and ever-foot semi-circular dam. Stonehenge stands on the left, like an ancient war drive Tan Zhong. According to the Buyi people say, World War Shenlong refined bronze drum, the drum violent that is fine in this smashed to pieces and on the stone.
Stone standing on edge, saw the surging river from heaven, and say a few words of the broad chest, Tianhe diarrhea may drop, such as the powerful force that shook the mountains and rivers. According to experts, Kowloon Falls of the scale of momentum, the landscape and about the same Huangguoshu, and the intensity of the attractions is far better than the Huangguoshu. In Kowloon falls only 4 km-long river, there are dozens of large and small calcium-class beach and a dozen waterfalls, exotic shapes, vegetation intact, and is rarely at home.
Along the side of steep falls Stone road, climb on top of falls, looking down Looking back, day-Bi Tan, Yueya Hu, water beach, panoramic view Dieshui calcification.
Buyi living here. Lunar New Year every year on February 2, adjacent to Guizhou, Guangxi, such as the National Aquarium of the young men and women, clad in festive costumes, gathered here Duige spouse, joy Chang. At the same time, young people of all ethnic groups performed dances stilts, wild hair who dance. At this point the sounds of music with the love songs Fei Bao pour out: "The river water rose slowly, and throwing water-shun bamboo trees, hollow bamboo does not fall into the water, solid small-Mei Lang is not lost."

In addition to the Great Falls Kowloon Kowloon that is the first waterfall, there is also the first Kowloon Waterfall, waterfall in the third, co-Kowloon Liu Bao, Shilong roaming Beach, the car will Bianfu Dong Wen, as well as beach attractions.
Luo County in recent years has increased the Kowloon on the River Falls development efforts, the People's Bank of viewing repair roads, repair the viewing platform. After the invading standing on the elevated viewing platform, Kowloon River Falls to do in the eyes of the sublime.

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Nu Ma film - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma is a piece of the Nu River, the only provincial-level open ports in the state-level nature reserves - Gaoligong Mountain Nature Reserve in the hinterland of the West Slope. Ma Lu Shuixian film at the west, south, north, west, which borders on three sides and Myanmar, from Myanmar, the capital of Kachin State Shina only 200 km. Ma-chip border tourism in the region, the original dense Lin fascinating, picturesque countryside landscape, the vertical distribution of vegetation in the three-dimensional characteristics of the climate significantly. The beginning of this century, where there have been heroic fight against the ethnic Chinese and British imperialism, "Ma film events." Ma-chip border tourist areas around the content, a unique landscape, the landscape include: anti-Ma-chip Monument (Hall), wind and snow Yakou, take orders from a mysterious lake, the wreckage hump route, the border pastoral scenery, and so on. Lu Shuixian from the city to film the horse on the way, Gaoligong Mountain Nature Reserve in the Villa Jia Ping Yao. Around the dense forests, climate, the Nu River is a summer resort Gorge.

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Liuku - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From Kunming, Yunnan by the city of Shimonoseki 240 km west line, turned a "V" shaped mouth Project, a cis-high mountain stands in the slot an hour away, in front of the Nu River is rushing torrents. Standing on a riverbank on both sides of the Metro, this is the sixth library - Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, the capital of the seat. Six on the library, there are all kinds of people. Liuku deer is a homonym of the deduction, before the legend with a dense forest in the mountains, overgrown with weeds, there are many appear red deer, hunters often here under the withholding support deer, deer with the passage of time will be called under the deduction. There are six Treasury sixth library, the new bank's six points, the Treasury is the sixth in the past Government offices where Division. Treasury sixth of the Nu River, about two kilometers away from the flat land less than one square kilometer. Here verdant vegetation, Bamboo shade, the little cottage, do not have a cottage landscape scenery. Six library is the Yuan Dynasty's Yuan-long military and civilian government, in the early Ming Dynasty, to the state Yunlong, toast the implementation of the system, security for granted paragraph soil Yunlong The state level, including areas this Yunlong County, part of Lanping County, Lushui Xian Nu River in the east coast of the six libraries, Laowo. Later generations in the family library to build six government offices, the library is called the old six government offices. 1944 Japanese troops invaded Myanmar film from the horse, ready to insert east of the Nu River in western Yunnan in the hinterland. The Japanese army occupied the West Bank For the Nu River Nu was the resistance of the Kuomintang troops, they support from mortar shelling Tusi government offices, government offices destroyed an angle. In 1974, the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, the capital moved from the Bijiang Liuku after 20 years of construction, the library has become a six-row upon row of tall buildings, a thriving new frontier , As the "Pearl of the Nu River." Liuku the Nu River Bridge, built in April 1991, the bridge a total length of 337.52 meters, 2.8 meters wide, in order to pre-seat edge in a row of concrete bridge structure in Asia Bridge of similar rank in the second, at the same time on the Nu River is the largest and most modern bridge. Big Across East and West, will be on both sides of the town together, constitute a Riverside city scene. Standing on the bridge, the only Grand Canyon peaks stand, to break through the Nu River and to stop Pentium. Up and down the bridge, busy, the city of Grand Canyon - six library, decorate a more attractive.

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Long & P - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gongshan County by the Green Bingzhongluo pull barrels northward into the territory of the Tibet Autonomous Region is the first village, pine cone, Lung & P is the second village. Bingzhongluo possession of the area is more mixed anger, and the S & P Long live the uniform of the Nu people. Putin leaned in closely-long torrential side of the Nu River, after the stockade is a piece of the original dense forest, the Long Cheng-pu Dotted the side of the Nu River in a gem. S & P Long of the most fascinating, it is the pottery in the world. The village is burning pottery kiln, pottery factory in the early blanks. Into the home, saw numerous pottery. There may be help them put a few grains of food cans, buckets back, water tanks, cooking pot; small, such as Cha Guan, ghee Pot, lamp lights, incense, a small wine glass. These pottery also set into a variety of products such as appliances, boil wine, the fermentation tank, the sub-soil rice pot, pot of cold water, drain pan, funnel, altar wine, the wine glass; series of water. Nu making pottery, tools extremely simple, relying on a smooth boulder and a Penny . Production, the pottery clay in the top left hand on the rocks, in accordance with their own idea of form. These small pieces of ceramic-blank good, do not need a special kiln to burn, just burn it into the Huotang. Long & P was surrounded by mountains, it's around hundreds of years have not produced pottery in the world, the true fan is .

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Nu Lanping old Luo Qing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lanping old Luo Qing provincial-level scenic spot is the scenic spot, the hills of Yunnan is the ancestral Laojunshan tourism resources an important part of the landscape is characterized by Danxia. Lanping Luo Qing Gu is located in scenic areas Pumi Autonomous County of Lanping Bai Tong's rural village Desheng, by the ancient Luo Qing, Cui Pingshan Jinding, and Fu Shan Area of the three components. To have a plateau landscape ranch, "Valentine's dam," "Hill girl," and "mother tree," Whispering Gallery Baizhang, Zijin River rhododendron screen, Stone Forest, Huashan, water rock, stone pot, such as lead and zinc capital, with a total area of about 100 square Km. Lanping county area 56 kilometers away from Dali, Lijiang, 200 public , The traffic is extremely convenient.

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Mystic Valley DULONGJIANG - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yunnan Province, north-west corner of the map to highlight a block of long and narrow rectangular area, which abuts the northern part of Tibet Autonomous Region, close to the west and south of Myanmar, the region is that few people have been to the Drung River region. As a result of living in history books here on referred to as "the people of the Pacific" Dulong known, but also because of his unique topography and partial The blocking is known as the "Valley of the mystery." Valley in a wide variety of natural resources and steep canyons of thousands of Ren and the wonders of colorful ethnic customs, China is a rare multi-disciplinary kind of museum. Throughout north-south (250 km) from the DULONGJIANG Chayu County, Tibet, the abnormal turbulent China's famous river close to cross the mountain range west of the main northern foothills, the steep mountains by containment. To the east is more than 5000 meters high Gaoligongshan (Lisu language, said Qu fruit) in the west near the Myanmar with more than 4000 meters high power play Kazan. Drung River upstream from the river and Ma Ke Laoluo than convergence River from Di Buli Gongshan County into the side, top-to-mao also flow to the West, Marcus had to Myanmar, Jiang Kai-Import Enmei. In the territory of more than 90 km long, drainage area 1947 square kilometers. As if the entire DULONGJIANG a long line of blue, Pentium roar of the wind around the clouds in the mountains. The whole valley terrain, looking from above, the River Lin rolling hills of the vast magnificent. Hill Mountain from the limbs to the climate temperature varied widely, usually along the line trip, Huihanruyu, the mountainside to have Liang Yi, until the top is a Hanqixiren. DULONGJIANG a lot of water drops, the upper reaches of the river looking like a sense of appear out of the blue. Jiang's up 1 Feibao on tributaries 0 Yu, not only rich in water resources, animal and plant resources are very rich. Because of the Indian Ocean south-west monsoon, annual rainfall amounted to more than 3200 mm, rainfall, suitable climate. Valley in many plants, the valuable cedar bald, Cephalotaxus, Davidia, rhododendron sulfur, water sinense, tree fern, and so on, very complex The drug is also growing bamboo here. States are classified as rare birds and animals have the protection of the tiger, takin, red blue sheep, golden monkey, the dog (Red Panda), and so on, can be said that the Drung River Valley as a whole, is really worthy of the Kingdom of Animals and Plants in Yunnan Province in jewel . Generations living in the valley where the Dulong, China's population is more The nation, DULONGJIANG also be named. Dulong and a long valley, mountains and wild plants Xiangyiweiming, ate wild plants, wild plants are also used. If the crossbow hunting is Huang Sang-made, the ferry slipped away with the tube is used Sang Huang Hsiang-wood, wear clothing with the wild hemp, even the color of independence Carpet weaving is also used cannabis into the wild, live in the house is inseparable from bamboo and thatch, and sometimes hunger to eat wild fruit and Viola in the powder. Use of wild plants are so widely elsewhere rarely see.

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Diqing Haba Snow Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Haba" for the Naxi language, the meaning is the flowers of gold. Yulong Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain in the folklore which has been seen as Dixiong Liang, the two big tall and straight from the Jinsha River's flow through the middle of snow-capped mountains form the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Haba Snow Mountain because of huge differences in the level above sea level, forming a clear vertical mountain climate, according to The distribution of sub-tropical, temperate and boreal, such as cold climatic zones, and the foot of a mountain peak, the temperature reached 22.8 degrees worse, the climate also gave birth to a vertical strip of the distribution of ecological series. Three-dimensional distribution of alpine vegetation with Cryic, alpine meadow and alpine scrub, fir, spruce, fir needle, mountain evergreen broad-leaved forest belt, Valley fever grass with irrigation, and so on, a wide variety of plants. In the dense virgin forest, the habitat of many rare animals. Haba Snow Mountain peak 5396 meters high, the peak year-round ice cold snow. Tingboguao main peak, a small four-Feng Li around the ring, from afar, like a flashing silver crown of Baoding. With the Order Yinqing changes in the turn, Xuefeng unpredictable and sometimes steam fog cloud cover, when they are hidden when Bonding; Piaomiao clouds from time to time, fishes continuously waves in the Xuefeng, "If no intention to white, with white Snow phase swallow spit. " At an altitude of about 4700 meters or so, put a Bingpu cliff, is China's southernmost latitude Yang Wen-glacier. It is said that those attitudes thousand odd angle of the peak, ridge edge, U-shaped valley and the sheep back stone is a relic of ancient glaciers left behind. The ancient cirque also melt into the accumulation of a large number of lake ice Tut, Tut these ice on the lake in about 4100 meters millibar bring to the black for the famous Hai You. As a result of the Black Sea, such as water color and ink 000. Mysterious deep lake, and 4:00 of the different landscape. The most peculiar is that as long as people standing on the lake a few sound Zhang Xiao, around the lake will have rain, sometimes heavy rain poured down, people will be water vapor permeability of all. This unique landscape of the powerful, but also added the mystery of the Black Sea. There are a number of the Black Sea and more Fish, commonly known as "Wawa Yu", in the appropriate temperature, Xueyu come together to form a ring around the dense mass in the shallow waters of the lake, a very strange situation. In addition to the snow-capped mountains, lakes, rhododendron, Haba Snow Mountain Scenic Spot in many hanging Fei Bao Quan. Or delicate and pretty, fishes continuously, or surging momentum, the sound of thundering noise. Such as: Eagle's Nest Falls About 40 meters high, full of water, magnificent, water falling from the cliff top, as the drizzle, at times in the refraction of sunlight, water, turned into a seven-color rainbow, the scenery is wonderful; hanging big water falls, high near 200 Meters. At its source above the snow line, is a seasonal waterfall, April to September each year, melting snow and ice, Qiao only along the water rush down the cliff down to form a trickle of CMV show Haba large hanging water falls. Xuefeng snow, fog Piaomiao, Fei Liu Yun broke out into the Milky Way, such as dust, "Fei Liu thousand feet down" trend.

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Songzanlinsi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dan Tanganyika Songzanlinsi Yunnan Province is the largest monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism, District Culture and Sport is also well-known one of the major temples. Songzanlinsi also known as the Hua Si, 5 km from Zhongdian county town.

  Zhongdian County, from north to be looked at the wide end of the grasslands, mountains, there is a market town the size of the buildings, the Department of the extremely high housing There are gilt bronze Yi Yi-watt shine, the eyes were away. This group of near-castle-like building is Songzanlinsi.

Songzanlinsi possession of the country in the 11th Year of soil around a circuitous Yin (1679 AD) built on iron chicken Yin year (year 1681) for completion. Ciming pro-Dalai Lama "Dan-song Tanganyika Lin. "

Monastery for the site, a fortune-up to the assassination of God Lama said: "The forest is Shen You Qingquan, heavy gold distraction during the show." Songzanlinsi now there are clear spring water features, spring and summer is not over, not dry autumn and winter, and a pair of common distraction from gold. Zhacang, Jikang two main temple was built in the highest, ranking the entire temple . Temple blocks north to south for a five-storey building Tibetan carving. Zhudian the top gold-plated copper-watt, temples corner kissing animals cornices, a Chinese-style temples, the lower hall there are 108 Ying-chu, representative of the Buddhist auspicious number. Main hall can accommodate 1,600 people fell Block scriptures. Canon for about a wall, "rolls of cabinet," the front seat main hall for V, a bronze statue of the Dalai Lama, then arranged in a well-known Buddhist monk's remains dedicated to. Houdian for Tsongkhapa, Maitreya, the Dalai Lama VII statue, more than Sanzhang high, straight-through top. Lacan a middle-eight were from the Temple, Middle Temple law, Khenpo room, quiet room, meals room. Is the top floor of the Ad Hoc Buddhist temple, dedicated to reach V , The Dalai Lama VII Buddha, as well as by the volume Bayeux, Thangka, handed down, and other instruments used. Treasures Songzanlinsi in many dynasties, the Dalai Lama V and VII of the Dalai Lama during the 8 gold statue of Buddha Sakyamuni, the Pattra Sutra, Jing Hui multicolored gold juice Thangka, gold lights. Temple-wide collection of "Dan Zhuer" 10, in which two hand-written for the gold juice to A variety of fine gold or silver incense burner, light years, and so on.

The temple monks and Living Buddhas zaba divided into two categories, with the exception of Living Buddha by monks outside the academic qualifications and is divided into Geshe, get grid, Zhuo classes, and so on, according to the responsibilities of sub-contractors to have Kamu, the old monk, Hong recovery, Pakistan, the United Kingdom is, stem cells and so on a number of positions. Songzanlinsi currently has more than 700 monks from the county seat to Songzanlinsi the pilgrimage road repair has been one of the new. Songzanlinsi is unique to ancient human landscape of the Quartet to attract guests.

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Bi-old Tianchi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bi-old at the Tianchi Zhongdian Zhongdian County, a small rural village inside the joint, 51 km from the county seat, to an altitude of 3500 meters, covering an area of 0.21 square kilometers. The average water depth of 1.62 meters, the depth of about 3 meters. Bi-old Tibetan Tianchi "Chu Zhang", which means small lake of Italy, and Pitt sell their livestock, was named Bi-old ?. Radius around the lake for more than 30 square kilometers covered by primeval forest before. Tall and straight for more than fir, spruce, around the lake is covered with a rhododendron forest, is more HUANG rhododendron, azalea red and white azalea, Corolla large, bright color. Flowering in June to Zhongdian by the end of July, the occasion of the season, Lake Huajin Cucu, the group spent dispute , Very beautiful. Lake on the northern slope of nearly mu primrose rhododendron, flower color was pink and purple. Flowering in late May to early June, a smaller tree primrose rhododendron, anywhere derivatives, rich color, light and delicate fragrance. People's Bank of China which, like walking on the carpet color, you might see around, but see the four stifled Hill, quiet bursts From assail the nostrils, there are extraordinary people feel refined. Lake is the southern marsh areas, water problems, many wild birds, is the Huang Ya, duck, black-necked cranes, and so an ideal habitat for waterfowl. Lake has a heart of the oval-shaped island, on the island for more than rhododendrons, tree height between 1.5 to 2 meters. Legend has it that the island has two yellow azalea Huang Ya is a one-to-many situation of the change in a year from 6 to 9, there are groups of Huang Ya, a small island habitats, breed on the island. Bi-color Tianchi ancient jade, crystal clear bottom. Quiet environment, inspiring area of natural. Tianchi May to August each year is the golden season. This season, Meadow Lake, Green Grass, Wild flowers, such as gentian, Baochun, Androsace, dotted monocrotaline In the meantime, the full blooming of the azaleas in the wind, flocks of blue Huang Ya in the middle reaches of the lake to go down. Surrounded by fir and spruce Zhetianbiri dies shady. The wind blowing through the breeze, four Taosheng, very pleasant scenery. In the late 1980s, the road has to pass Edge. Visitors from the town by car to and from that day to this tour. In addition, the Bi-old around the Tianchi Lake in the mountains, the production of strawberries, two types of dividends yellow, bright color, transparency, taste delicious, is a rare plateau Shanzhen.

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Diqing the Yangtze River in the first Gulf - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The first is located in the Yangtze River Bay Zhongdian county in the southern village of Sha Songbi and Shek Kwu the town of Lijiang, 1850 meters above sea level, 130 km from Zhongdian county, there is direct access to the highway. Wan-li Yangtze River from the "roof of the world," the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Pentium, Batang county to enter the territory of Yunnan, and the Lancang River, along the Nu River in the mountain cross Through deep valley in the mountains. In the village of Sha Songbi of Zhongdian County, to all of a sudden a 100-degree turn, to the northeast, a rare form of the "V"-shaped bend large, "Jiang Liu into this downturn, the concept of expanding the Central Plains Benru" People call this spectacle for the world, "the Yangtze River Bay in the first." Yangtze River to flow Sha Songbi Belt, a wide water-yan, the quiet green of the river, Yoo Sung-green cross-strait line. Here is a look at the Yangtze River Bay in the first sunset of the excellent premises, Sha Songbi boats in the village after the hill, the Yangtze River Bay in the first panoramic view. Under the setting sun, Jiang Jin Guangyao face eyes, very colorful, dazzling golden light of Shan Ying were four gold, and the audience are also shrouded in golden light. Fishing Traffic to and from the Green River above the net behind withdrawal, Kim Ju flying, Chi Mei scenery. Sha Songbi the other side is well-known historic city - the town of Shek Kwu. This magical place, there are many beautiful legends, according to legend King in the wood with possession of the treasures and left a poem, which says: Shirengou of Shek Kwu, Gold and silver Wanwan Wu, who broke a guess, bought the Lijiang Prefecture. The poem said, "Shirengou" Sha Songbi in a village in the north, Riverside has a human form of rocks, the river can see the dry season.

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Damo Zu Shi-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weixi County, Diqing in its case under the Seomang Cheung Pei Shan, a mountain like a huge Buddha sitting in the sky, this is the Dharma Hill, from its case only 6km, from the foot of a mountain to climb, reaching as far as the division Da Mozu Temple hole. "Jimu lofty cliffs, towering temple then the clouds", the former having a hole out Temple in the solemn eyes, Huangwa walls, resplendent. Daruma Temple Gaju Pai is a temple, built the first year of Kangxi (1662). Temple built at an altitude of 3,000 meters on the cliffs. Legend has it that the division had Damo Zu travel far and wide to this, in this cave within 10 years facing the wall and Buddha attained enlightenment. Shek Pik hole has also printed founder was facing the wall To form images on stone holes before a pair of deep footprints, according to legend was the founder and win after "Cheng Dayton depression," left the shrine. Therefore, the cave got its name. Hole 30 meters high and 10 meters deep. Temple is in accordance with stacked wooden wall, depending on the shape hole, the stone from wood frame to create integrated Cave Sengfang with the strange landscape. And Under the sub-out around the Al-Aqsa Mosque and to distant Bodhidharma across the temple, as the three pillars, each angle upon trend has become known Buddhist holy sites. In l984 foot of the mountain after the originally only Gaju Pai tribute to Al-Aqsa Mosque and the origin of the Dharma Temple Gamagaju sent two monks of the temple of this merger activity. After the big Buddha enshrined in the Hall Padmasambhava founder, Tsongkhapa, founder of the Gelug Sect and the only two Gamagaju Gong founder of the statues and a collection is a legend Damo Zu division "stomp into a depression," the shrine, as well as teachers and students of the Da Mozu Remains dedicated to. There are nearly 80 monks. Damo Zu Shi-shan to the activities of the most attractive, turn to activities of the Hill I as a starting point, according to the clockwise around the peak week of about 3km, Tianchang in the course of time, the number of pilgrims, to become the path of the Hill. Each of the first lunar calendar, according to legend is Buddha Damo Zu division of the day, assembling a crowd of tens of thousands of pilgrims near and far, Fengcanlousu, bustling, the crowds have been turning more than hillside, magnificent scenes Daruma Temple to host the annual release of the Buddha Festival, monks have to jump "Qiang Mu" (religious dance). November's lunar calendar every year, "Georgia Winter Festival", men and women, young and old, empty cottage a few people again gathered at the barrier up on the lawn before and after the founder hole. Teng Temple jump far, the Jinsha like white hada, fluttering triumphantly, South winds; Tacheng clearance slope as blue dragon, enthusiastic somersault, the river fell, and in front of Xiangshan, then stretched out a long trunk, to prostrate ourselves before the founder of the foot.

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Napa Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Meaning "forest next to the lake," Shangri-La county is located 8 km northwest. Napa Lake is a highland lakes, there are many rare birds live here, the most famous of a number of countries to a class of protected species of black-necked cranes each year in September to March the following year, we can see a large number of birds in the water Xiang Ji circled. Napa Lake is the largest of Shangri-La Prairie, green grass in the spring, Yan Yamahana; golden autumn pasture, photography is an opportune time.

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