Friday, November 28, 2008

Diqing the Yangtze River in the first Gulf - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The first is located in the Yangtze River Bay Zhongdian county in the southern village of Sha Songbi and Shek Kwu the town of Lijiang, 1850 meters above sea level, 130 km from Zhongdian county, there is direct access to the highway. Wan-li Yangtze River from the "roof of the world," the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Pentium, Batang county to enter the territory of Yunnan, and the Lancang River, along the Nu River in the mountain cross Through deep valley in the mountains. In the village of Sha Songbi of Zhongdian County, to all of a sudden a 100-degree turn, to the northeast, a rare form of the "V"-shaped bend large, "Jiang Liu into this downturn, the concept of expanding the Central Plains Benru" People call this spectacle for the world, "the Yangtze River Bay in the first." Yangtze River to flow Sha Songbi Belt, a wide water-yan, the quiet green of the river, Yoo Sung-green cross-strait line. Here is a look at the Yangtze River Bay in the first sunset of the excellent premises, Sha Songbi boats in the village after the hill, the Yangtze River Bay in the first panoramic view. Under the setting sun, Jiang Jin Guangyao face eyes, very colorful, dazzling golden light of Shan Ying were four gold, and the audience are also shrouded in golden light. Fishing Traffic to and from the Green River above the net behind withdrawal, Kim Ju flying, Chi Mei scenery. Sha Songbi the other side is well-known historic city - the town of Shek Kwu. This magical place, there are many beautiful legends, according to legend King in the wood with possession of the treasures and left a poem, which says: Shirengou of Shek Kwu, Gold and silver Wanwan Wu, who broke a guess, bought the Lijiang Prefecture. The poem said, "Shirengou" Sha Songbi in a village in the north, Riverside has a human form of rocks, the river can see the dry season.

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