Friday, November 28, 2008

Diqing Haba Snow Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Haba" for the Naxi language, the meaning is the flowers of gold. Yulong Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain in the folklore which has been seen as Dixiong Liang, the two big tall and straight from the Jinsha River's flow through the middle of snow-capped mountains form the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Haba Snow Mountain because of huge differences in the level above sea level, forming a clear vertical mountain climate, according to The distribution of sub-tropical, temperate and boreal, such as cold climatic zones, and the foot of a mountain peak, the temperature reached 22.8 degrees worse, the climate also gave birth to a vertical strip of the distribution of ecological series. Three-dimensional distribution of alpine vegetation with Cryic, alpine meadow and alpine scrub, fir, spruce, fir needle, mountain evergreen broad-leaved forest belt, Valley fever grass with irrigation, and so on, a wide variety of plants. In the dense virgin forest, the habitat of many rare animals. Haba Snow Mountain peak 5396 meters high, the peak year-round ice cold snow. Tingboguao main peak, a small four-Feng Li around the ring, from afar, like a flashing silver crown of Baoding. With the Order Yinqing changes in the turn, Xuefeng unpredictable and sometimes steam fog cloud cover, when they are hidden when Bonding; Piaomiao clouds from time to time, fishes continuously waves in the Xuefeng, "If no intention to white, with white Snow phase swallow spit. " At an altitude of about 4700 meters or so, put a Bingpu cliff, is China's southernmost latitude Yang Wen-glacier. It is said that those attitudes thousand odd angle of the peak, ridge edge, U-shaped valley and the sheep back stone is a relic of ancient glaciers left behind. The ancient cirque also melt into the accumulation of a large number of lake ice Tut, Tut these ice on the lake in about 4100 meters millibar bring to the black for the famous Hai You. As a result of the Black Sea, such as water color and ink 000. Mysterious deep lake, and 4:00 of the different landscape. The most peculiar is that as long as people standing on the lake a few sound Zhang Xiao, around the lake will have rain, sometimes heavy rain poured down, people will be water vapor permeability of all. This unique landscape of the powerful, but also added the mystery of the Black Sea. There are a number of the Black Sea and more Fish, commonly known as "Wawa Yu", in the appropriate temperature, Xueyu come together to form a ring around the dense mass in the shallow waters of the lake, a very strange situation. In addition to the snow-capped mountains, lakes, rhododendron, Haba Snow Mountain Scenic Spot in many hanging Fei Bao Quan. Or delicate and pretty, fishes continuously, or surging momentum, the sound of thundering noise. Such as: Eagle's Nest Falls About 40 meters high, full of water, magnificent, water falling from the cliff top, as the drizzle, at times in the refraction of sunlight, water, turned into a seven-color rainbow, the scenery is wonderful; hanging big water falls, high near 200 Meters. At its source above the snow line, is a seasonal waterfall, April to September each year, melting snow and ice, Qiao only along the water rush down the cliff down to form a trickle of CMV show Haba large hanging water falls. Xuefeng snow, fog Piaomiao, Fei Liu Yun broke out into the Milky Way, such as dust, "Fei Liu thousand feet down" trend.

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