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Kowloon falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kowloon falls groups, Luo at the county seat 22 kilometers northeast of the river Kowloon, Kowloon Pak Lap from the river behind the mountains in a roar from the Pentium, raising the land of Luo's sons and daughters of all ethnic groups. Legend has it that when Shenlong refined Tonggu victory here, from this side guarding the waters, Hu You Kowloon which people on both sides of the river. As the days get Thick geological structure and long-term water erosion, in the form of the width ranges from 10 high and low, patterns of different groups falls, or grand, or dangerous, or beautiful, or ease, beautiful, absolutely great. Waterfall and waterfall between the bank and numerous pools, the Hin Feng Zi. Large and small waterfall, or if the photogenic powder silk, like A silk thread root wave in the wind, water or rolling, shimmering, or may plunge off the Milky Way, such as the powerful force that shook the mountains and rivers, fish or get robbed waterfall water, beautiful ... ...
Kowloon waterfall between ten to pit or bank to form a string of sun shine brightly colored pearl. These falls A change of season changes, changes in endless, dizzying. Harvest season, a number of years, Great Falls will hear the sound came.
Le block from the village down to 500 meters, will enter the Great Falls area of Kowloon. First of all, Pitt is seen on beaches, calm Kiyosumi. Heart River beach under the island into the water Unit to form a three width ranging from about 2 meters high Dieshui small, Kowloon This is the tenth in the first waterfall waterfall. If this waterfall photogenic powder silk, silk thread as if a root wave in the wind. River reed heart problems on the island, when the fish get robbed waterfall water, very charming scenery. This rising, is a Tianshengqiao calcification, small gurgling streams from the Bridge Tam Man-side who, under the bridge and come together to form a crescent-shaped calcification Dieshui Beach. Tam of the Yueya Hu. Further on, showing a dozen of about 2 to 6 meters wide and the bank, was evenly spread fan-shaped, rolling water, shimmering, which is "beach water."
Shun beach water line, have been connected with 4 different levels of calcification Water is the tenth most spectacular waterfall in order to block Le Great Falls, which is famous for the "Kowloon in the first waterfall." This waterfall 56 meters high, 114 meters wide, curved surface waterfall, a waterfall after about 10 meters deep Shuilian Dong. Under the waterfall is so unpredictable and ever-foot semi-circular dam. Stonehenge stands on the left, like an ancient war drive Tan Zhong. According to the Buyi people say, World War Shenlong refined bronze drum, the drum violent that is fine in this smashed to pieces and on the stone.
Stone standing on edge, saw the surging river from heaven, and say a few words of the broad chest, Tianhe diarrhea may drop, such as the powerful force that shook the mountains and rivers. According to experts, Kowloon Falls of the scale of momentum, the landscape and about the same Huangguoshu, and the intensity of the attractions is far better than the Huangguoshu. In Kowloon falls only 4 km-long river, there are dozens of large and small calcium-class beach and a dozen waterfalls, exotic shapes, vegetation intact, and is rarely at home.
Along the side of steep falls Stone road, climb on top of falls, looking down Looking back, day-Bi Tan, Yueya Hu, water beach, panoramic view Dieshui calcification.
Buyi living here. Lunar New Year every year on February 2, adjacent to Guizhou, Guangxi, such as the National Aquarium of the young men and women, clad in festive costumes, gathered here Duige spouse, joy Chang. At the same time, young people of all ethnic groups performed dances stilts, wild hair who dance. At this point the sounds of music with the love songs Fei Bao pour out: "The river water rose slowly, and throwing water-shun bamboo trees, hollow bamboo does not fall into the water, solid small-Mei Lang is not lost."

In addition to the Great Falls Kowloon Kowloon that is the first waterfall, there is also the first Kowloon Waterfall, waterfall in the third, co-Kowloon Liu Bao, Shilong roaming Beach, the car will Bianfu Dong Wen, as well as beach attractions.
Luo County in recent years has increased the Kowloon on the River Falls development efforts, the People's Bank of viewing repair roads, repair the viewing platform. After the invading standing on the elevated viewing platform, Kowloon River Falls to do in the eyes of the sublime.

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