Friday, November 28, 2008

Lubuge Small Three Gorges - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lubuge small town east of the Three Gorges area is located 55 kilometers from the scenic Lubuge Dam power station along to Huangnihe up is Villaraigosa, 14 km long and 100 meters wide, 500 meters, on the east coast area for Xingyi, Guizhou Province City area. Lubuge area from the county to have two ways: one is along National Highway 324 by the Golden Rooster, to Itabashi Foot hole into the area, along the foot stand there, peak forest, the peak cluster, rhinoceros, and other attractions Ridge; and the other, a power station along the road by Lubuge Xinzhai, Walled banana, according to many, is the dam into the grid is a scenic, Shiwandashan along the way there, according to Buyi village, Lubuge power station, Huangnihe Canyon, and other attractions. Lubuge "Three Gorges" is a scenic spot because of the power station Lubuge backwater of the dam formed by a total length of 20 km. There are lion Gap, Gap drop-ling, as two-Gap Gap and so on. Gap in a "dressing beautiful women", "monkey fishing on", "Dragon King's palace bamboo hanging", "double as drinking water," "Ganoderma lucidum years", "Deep folding wings" "Gurong Imperial Court" and "Dragon Falls" and other natural scenery, dizzying people, away. Gap in Yanjiangdiezhang, thousands of cliff Ren. Coastal forest cover, forest deep quiet, Yingti birds, Qi Xiu great peaks. , Which rise amid the rivers, karst karst landforms charming stone bud and Gu Feng, with the peak cluster peak forest landform Seven Wonders of nature like a sculpture from the fairyland.

Boat roaming the meantime, the gorge landscape intoxicated people, nearly 20 km long gorge Lake, the water quality of pure crystal, the two sides of river-hung, dangerous, extraordinary show of landscape painting woven into a beautiful landscape painting: Kwok-hung, surrounded by hills, Extraordinary momentum; insurance Fang, thousands of cliff Ren, King different scene; odd, waterfall dragon appear out of the blue, like spit Dragons waterfall; show, blue green water, many of Castle Peak.

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