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Guo Juma Keng Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guo State Museum is located in the north Sanmenxia urban village of Ridge, in the Western Zhou Guo Juma Keng built on the ruins of a thematic museum. The library was founded in 1984, covers an area of 1200 square meters, Xie Shan is an antique-style building. There are three basic museum display, that is, A Brief History of Guo State, Sanmenxia stone stele art history , And Guo Juma Keng replicas of the chariot.

  Guo Juma Keng, was in 1956 with Sanmenxia Yellow River water control project construction, in the village on the ridge was found by the State of the Yellow River Reservoir archaeological excavation team, the former vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guo's proposal , To Place to protect the status quo. This rectangular pit, the bottom 15 meters long from north to south, east 3.82 meters wide, 4.1 meters deep, kept the chariot pit 5, 10 horses, arranged from north to south. Vehicles for the wood structure, only her story, double, car paints Shih, wheels, car, parts such as Ju Yuan, to preserve integrity As clear. Per vehicle below the pressure has two horses, Ma Tau north, neatly arranged, after the burial of the Department of killing. Under the car also found a dog's skeleton. At the same time, unearthed a large number of Automobile Thing copper, copper horse ornaments and other items buried with the dead. Jing Shi made the discovery of the tomb Guo your tour group at the center of the region to build a Hopewell, a comprehensive display of the culture of Guo State Museum, Spring and Autumn by Guo, Guo archaeological finds show, Leung Tomb of Kyi archaeological finds show, Guo Juma Keng several thematic exhibition galleries.

  Guo noble tomb group with a total area of 580,000 square meters, in the cultural sector by the drilling of 140,000 square meters, there are all kinds of nobility 142 burial. Of these, 19 large and medium-sized tomb, Juma Keng 12, and other types of burial pits more than 50 blocks. Have been discovered in the clean-up of 9 burial, the tomb monarch 2, a tomb of Prince Edward, Princess Tomb of Kyi 1, 2 Juma Keng. Unearthed a total of copper, iron, jade, stone, gold, ceramics, wood, leather, Ma And so on nine categories of more than 17,000 pieces of cultural relics. Which unearthed a large bronze ritual more than 200 pieces, most of the inscriptions are cast. Jade mask is made up of recognized as the Spring and Autumn "Mingmu" ancestral type. Yu-string team for playing Han Yu Jin Lv, the predecessor of clothing. 8 unearthed in Ningbo is 10 minutes late Western Zhou Dynasty tombs discovered the only complete set. 12 composed of gold ornaments with gold for the Zhou Dynasty in the archaeological rare. A large number of valuable weapons, in particular the copper-Tiejian handle the excavation, has been recognized as China's first iron man kind, it found that China would back the era of iron - more than a century, can be called "the first Chinese sword" . Guo made the great aristocratic cemetery , The study Guo and even the history of Western Zhou Dynasty, political, economic, cultural, religious system, as well as metallurgy, transport, textiles, ancient war, and so on, have provided a rare kind of information is of great historical value. Guo noble archaeological finds in the cemetery in 1990, 1994, two years in a row was Home of the National Administration of Cultural Heritage as a major archaeological find one of the top 10. In 1996 the State Council have been identified as national key cultural unit.

  Juma Keng Guo State Museum, located in the Spring and Autumn Road on the north side of the city of Sanmenxia, in the Western Zhou Guo Juma Keng built on the ruins of a thematic museum. The library was built in 984, covers an area of 1200 square meters, Xie Shan is an antique-style building. There are three basic museum display, that is, A Brief History of Guo State, Sanmenxia stone stele art history, Guo Juma Keng and replicas of tanks.

Guo Juma Keng, was in 1956 with Sanmenxia Yellow River water control project construction , In the village on the ridge was found by the State of the Yellow River Reservoir archaeological excavation team, the former vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guo's proposal to place the protection of the status quo.

Juma Keng Guo State Museum, located in the Spring and Autumn Road on the north side of the city of Sanmenxia, Guo rely on state-level museum is re - Guo protection units one by one Western Zhou Dynasty burial site of the country and the establishment of a special museum. North of the Yellow River in accordance with it, look south Xiaoshan, is a set of cultural relics on display, showing the site, the landscape into a modern, multi-purpose museum. The library was founded in 1984, covers an area of 1200 square meters, an antique Hill-style building. There are three basic museum display, that is, A Brief History of Guo State, Sanmenxia stone stele art history, Guo Juma Keng and replicas of tanks.

Guo cemetery is found in China so far only a large-scale, full level, arranged in an orderly, well-preserved Western Zhou Dynasty, the large-scale Spring and Autumn Period State Cemetery, with a total area of 324,500 square meters. From 1956 to date found that more than 800 known types of sites, nearly 30,000 archaeological finds. In particular to explore the 90's Guo Ji, Zhong Guo Guo-jun two large tomb, as a result of the number of archaeological finds, and the high value of the owner of high-level people, as two years in a row Of the 10 national archaeological discoveries, "one of, and was named" China in the 20th century 100 major archaeological discovery ". August 2002 Guo was named the National Museum of AAAA class tourist attractions, and the adoption of international environmental governance IS014001 System Certification, in August 2003 and was awarded the first Session "of the National Museum of the 10 products on display."

Guo Juma Keng, was in 1956 with Sanmenxia Yellow River water control project construction, in the village on the ridge was found by the State of the Yellow River Reservoir archaeological excavation team, the former vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Guo Jian , To place the protection of the status quo.

This rectangular pit, the bottom 15 meters long from north to south, east 3.82 meters wide, 4.1 meters deep, kept the chariot pit 5, 10 horses, arranged from north to south. Vehicles for the wood structure, only her story, double, car paints Shih, wheels, car, parts such as Juyuan As to preserve integrity and image clarity. Per vehicle below the pressure has two horses, Ma Tau north, neatly arranged, after the burial of the Department of killing. Under the car also found a dog's skeleton. At the same time, unearthed a large number of Automobile Thing copper, copper horse ornaments and other items buried with the dead.

Guo Juma Keng is found in East China Intersection week period to preserve a most complete, is of great historical, scientific, artistic value, in 1963 in Henan Province have been designated as key cultural unit.

Guo Juma Keng museum covers an area of 150 mu, and its basic display, "Guo burial sites and cultural relics on display" into "one by one Xie Ying Guo Bao State cemetery on archaeological finds in essence "," Ji Liang charm - his wife, Guo told the finds from the tomb "," Ma Hsiao cars rumble of wheels - to get off to Ma Jun Guo array group sites "," looking for trace monarch - Guo Quarter of the tomb site group exhibition "four parts. Here are the country's first show, the largest array to get off Ma Jun, Elder First-tomb, "the first Chinese Tiejian," the earliest times, the most complete form of jade mask is made up of CAA Guo, seven groups Juan David Yuh-pei, and other weighing equipment. Here is one of the world's Guo Xing Yan Yuan, "Guo cutting off passers-by" to occur.

Guo Juma Keng museum's special geographic location, unique architectural style Fantastic display design, David Meilen the heavy, powerful array of forces on the ground floor, the mysterious monarch of the ancient tomb, the new service concept, visit the elegant atmosphere has become tourism and leisure, historical and cultural taste of the feast of excellent resorts.

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Henan Dinghu reed down Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingbao in Henan Province is located in scenic areas of the West Yan Wen rural village 600 meters north, with a total area of about 1 million. Quan Yong here on the ground floor, Doi abundance of water, vegetation problems on the ground, Lu Lan soaring, diving Waming, Jade, Lu Wei China, lotus Tingting, Jianjia gray, is a dream of Luyuan would like to deal with. Here the clear water, water Full, free from influence of the Yellow River water level, in the year to maintain water depth of about 1.0 meters, the Yellow River basin as a whole is a unique ecological area's largest wetlands reed down in Henan Province alone, but rare in the country, known as "the first swing of the Yellow River," " Baiyangdian west. " Set into the planning and construction of ecological, recreational and tourism as one of the special Tourist area.

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XIONGERSHAN Tanghe hot spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

XIONGERSHAN Tanghe scenic hot springs, is located in Lushi County, Wang Jian rural territory, 30 km from the county seat for the Yangtze River, Yellow River Basin and the boundaries between the two Ling, China is the North-South geological, climatic, biological Ridge boundaries.
"Shui Jing Zhu" XIONGERSHAN record, "King show two peaks, well-Ming Wang-ear", "Shang Yu Gong," "self-guided Luo Ear, "named after the open XIONGERSHAN. Taoist to the Holy Land since ancient times, the famous Central Plains. Xionger peak ridge 1569 meters above sea level. There is no one to turn the first day or two doors, three doors, fairy bridge, the sky-hole, the wind tunnel and so on the landscape. XIONGERSHAN grand dangerous , The extraordinary momentum. Cloud cover peak fog cover, or jade belt wrapped around the waist or to Daiding crown. The door the previous day, Mun-day, three-hung door and wait, SHU Xiu Longtan waterfall. A precipice between a canoe fairy bridge, years rotten no trace, the word of God for the people to set up, not close to the visitors. Ten straight hole, the hole can be seen after days of white clouds. Wind tunnel to the ice melt is not summer in July, August into the snow still.
Tanghe hot, place XIONGERSHAN more on the streets south of Tanghe, commonly known as "Tang Chi." Guangxu nine years, "Lushi County," it reads: "In the Tang Chi XIONGERSHAN enough, the summer can be smoked chicken, Mu Dong ulcers can be." Its cause, There are different theories. Myths and legends Quanshan under pressure for a Sun, shot by Hou Yi is on the day. Determination of experts: all the year round water temperature 49.5 ? Right, when 10 tons of traffic, there is Taiwan, sulfur, fluoride, calcium more than 20 kinds of trace elements. Chang Tang bath water, Sichuan rheumatoid arthritis treatment, skin diseases, as well as paralysis, neuralgia and other diseases, acne, eczema have a better effect. , After bath skin smooth and elastic.
Tanghe from the local people Since there is the custom of bathing naked. It is said that in ancient times, local men and women often struggle bathing pool, for which the father of Cao Cao Jing Hua Fu from mediation, the final agreement of the woman's bath time for the Lunar third, the six, Ninth and tenth should be grateful, and the rest are men Bath. Since then, throughout the year, according to the men and women will be able to make an appointment River shore, the Japanese round of the nude bath, toward the blue sky and white clouds, showers enjoy, in full view, Pangruowuren, showing a "harmony between man and nature" of the original style. From afar, such as an ink flow of the human body, so many foreign tourists vacationing sigh, amazing. Province, Yuan Mu SIN well-known historians to study after Tanghe Shi Yishou: "Tanghe overnight Castle, Taosheng night for pleasant to the ear, on the bare cliff dozens of Yu Nu, in the early morning light rain to wash culture."

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Niangniang Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Niangniang girl, also known as Shan Shan, located in the small eastern end of the Qinling Mountains. Niangniang on the Hill has a beautiful legends. Legend has it that Han, a foot of Li and two women, marriage and, equipped with optional For the mother, refused to end, Muyue: husband to the woman home, not those who never marry. Hill said, referring to two women: that is, my husband also. Hill then fled , Emerged after his mother left-kai, often powerful and widely rain falling for the benefit of the people and therefore the family, also known as Hill. For thousands of years, the legendary mountain Niangniang in widespread civil many touching stories of miraculous, so that Niangniang Hill to become the eyes of the people of western Henan Kamiyama. Peak Niangniang Temple, the tomb of Huang, fishing, and other children removed Landscape Left a very rich human stories, in order to put on the Hill Niangniang mystery.
Hill Niangniang 6 is divided into 29 major scenic spots, "Qinling sledge", an ancient King Lingbao one of the two. Niangniang risk in the hills near the main peak of the saddle, the ending climbers foot wide stone threshold of the non-Ying Chi, deep under the Provisional thousand Ren In addition, mountain breeze swept over the ear, the risk of carp back as Huangshan, Huashan shining ear of the cliff. Niangniang Shan mountain integrity, narrow ridge Jun Qiao, Jianqiao the towering peaks standing, when they see straight Shan-chu, Heng Kong born stone wall, between the towering clouds. In the air in the vicinity of 1136 meters above sea level, there is a huge turtle-shaped Millennium, covered tortoise, The first totally natural, perfect rows, turtle, toward the glans toward Niangniang Temple Mount, known as the "Herbie pilgrimage." Xifeng independent, the wind has become a huge body of granite stone monkey-day outlook, the first weight-bearing turtle, dragon fly, and so form a variety of landforms, uncanny workmanship, well that very aesthetic. Niangniang Hill Canyon landform Special education, mostly V-valley, the Valley clear spring, flowers Lam, Rulin in Wonderland, there is a well-known spring Xiaolongtan, Stephen Ma plane, the Longtan black, white, and so on more than 10 Longtan Department.
Niangniang Mountain-hung is 1556.12 meters of the main board Fengfeng Britain, East Jimu Vision, Lingbao high-rises, such as the flow of people and vehicles; South Pinghu, the Meteorology Series, the narrow mouth like a piece of green jade inlaid reservoir in between the mountains; West queue snow walls, granite guarded barriers to form a splendid view of the semi-Fei Liu stone waterfall; fruit bird's-eye view North Sea, the ancient plateau Hongnong green and luxuriant, more Spring Yellow, Manshanbianye, plus 6 million mu of Song Bolin, Huang Xiang muscle, structured, it is Relaxed and happy, to make access to the vicissitudes of life of the new ecstasy Tao Ran feelings.

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Kom Tong Hall Court, Bell-Drum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kom Tong Hall Court, 10 minutes Drum Tower, built in scenic areas in Shan Zhou Shan Zhou of the original old city of North Main Street, an area of 12,000 square meters, is one of the original site in the reconstruction, human-landscape garden and art into a tourist attraction.
Kom Tong Hall Court. Zhao also said that the public benefit. In the early Western Zhou Dynasty, Wang passed away, the young King into that By Zhou Zhou Wang's two uncles, Shaanxi cm-call rule, the assistant court, "Zhou Luo public, Zhao Shan Princess." Kan name of Ji-seok (shi), a well-known politicians in the early Western Zhou Dynasty, one of the Three. According to the "Shi Ji Zhao Yan family of the public" records under the public response and more inspections in the fields of public affairs Officials of the masses to let him break free housing, meals prepared Shaocha entertain him, he said: "The workers do not (I) a, and the labor people, is not benevolent." Response to the nearest public sitting of the mountain to rest under a tree Tang Li, Tang Li pick to eat fruit to quench their thirst, is pleased to praise, said: "It's nice tree Kom Tong Hall, concentrated Meng Yu Cong, sour fruits of palatability, Labor surname tired, rest is available to quench their thirst, it is necessary to properly protect the trees, not cutting firewood when the deforestation. "Wenting people, the public response Doukua sympathize with the people, extensive charity governance, popular. Subsequently, the common people" Zhao Shi-Tong Hall South, "poem to praise the response of the public and fund-raising and construction of the on-call Ancestral Hall, the hospital planted trees Kom Tong Hall To show that The public commemoration, it is also known as Tong Hall Shanxian County, the old rule. Ancient poet was also an emotional tribute to Fushi, poetry HAN Xiong said: "Yang Liu Chun-qiao should Qi leaves, the ancient county tong also make sweet flowers."
  Drum Tower 10 minutes, Qiao, also known as (qiao) building, built in Tang Dynasty, built cross-Street, momentum. Daqing is downstairs from the large brick arches, There are drums, the ancient system, "Zhong drum" percussion. In 10 minutes of the Drum Tower is plane Department calligrapher Qi Gong personally wrote the "Bell-Drum" and written by Fan Zeng, "Yunfu future"; is on the back of the van had written "Wangsan vancomycin," both sides of the box by the book writer to write Jia Pingwa The couplets: "World growth potential in the short Dian Qi Shi, who more Hui choose to be less people. "Today, the reconstruction of the bell and drum tower Tong Hall Court skillfully integrates Guci carry legacy, pavilions, Qushui path, rocks Xiuzhu, reliefs persons Cuolayouzhi important, so beautiful. Contemporary calligraphy and painting master Qi Gong and Fan Zeng, Zhong Shan, Prince Junior Smith, Gui Ru, and other masters of the house were Dan Mexico Kom Tong Hall Court, 10 minutes Gulou point of collection for the eyes.

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White Dragon Temple High River scenic forests - Chinese tourism scenic spots

White Dragon Temple High River scenic forests, located in Lushi Chang Li Gou Xiang kiln in the territory, covering an area of 80 square kilometers, is by far the neighboring provinces of Henan Province and found the largest and most well-preserved virgin forests.
Its main peak pine tip l996 meters above sea level. On the summit, the Jimuyuantiao. Ye Yang, wild boar, , Musk deer, golden pheasant, and other traces of wildlife can be seen everywhere, Jinqian Bao and other large animals come and go from time to time. A total length of 18 km of the leaking oil trench, the trench White Dragon, winding paths, the High Mountain and Flowing Water, Fei Bao pools, both phase. Miter waterfall, waterfall Chuan words, words, waterfall, waterfall, and other characters such as the fog falls like magic, 10,000 kinds of style. Longtan white waterfall About 20 meters high, more than 5 meters wide, hanging above the Shek Pik, Yihong falls under the green water, clear bottom. Yamahana trench brilliant, wild fruit fragrance, "North banana" bombing in August, Ye Putao, pecan, such as Kiwi hands available, Polygonum multiflorum, Schisandra, Shan Yu, precious wild herbs such as Gastrodia everywhere to be found "According to the Inter-song moon, clear spring upper stone" beyond the realm, will be given a chance to fully experience the natural closer to return to the beauty of nature. At present, with the opening of the 209 National Highway, near the area have been completed and the family farm music more than 50 hotels to form a reception capacity of individuals and groups of tourists.

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Iron chain whitecaps of the Yellow River Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Whitecaps iron chain of the Yellow River Bridge, located in the rural Mianchi Xian whitecaps. The bridge across the Yellow River, Shanxi direct. August 1986 was opened to traffic. Bridge 450 meters long, 160 tons of load, wide bridge, side by side through the 3 trucks, China is currently the longest single-channel flexible cable bridge.

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Dinghu Bay Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dinghu Bay tourism area is located in Lingbao Creek area 20 kilometers north of the Yellow River near East and West about 3600 meters, 1800 meters wide north-south, with a total area of about 1 million, 310 National Highway in the south, north of the Yellow River, north-east Dayu Du Yu, Wing-lok Palace tour of the Northwest Cape Magpie House, universalist Temple, also in the territory of Hangu Guan Yu Lingbao, Timor-ting of the original cast, Wushan, and other Asian tourist areas adjacent to have a good geographical location and the value of the development. Formed a proliferation of vegetation, soaring Lo, surrounded by fishing nets, diving Waming, graceful lotus natural landscape, tourists are sightseeing, fishing, summer, Dangzhou good place.

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I narrow Reservoir Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

I Lingbao narrow scenic area is located in the south, 5,000 acres of the vast blue, crystal Bitou occasional waterfowl Fei Qi, the more the United States and static harmony, here or in person Dangzhou, or by boat Fang, leisure can be artificial, " JIANMENGUAN into the boat, the rise of Yixian Tian, "there is a canyon on the right bank of the reservoir, circuitous twists and turns, a heavy water Complex Hill, Valley Hu spent floating, such as steep on both sides of the cut, phosphate rocks Xun.

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North Pingkai site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

North second tone at the site of Lingbao in Henan Province Town Pingkai second tone of the West Village, 500 meters, a Neolithic site.
Near the site 5 km long from north to south, east 300 to 500 meters wide, "Zhang Jie ten." Explore 320 square meters area and found Hui Keng 27, 5000 before the Yang Hui Keng period of 24 months, the Western Zhou Hui Keng 3, 5 to explore ancient tombs, of which Yangshao period of two tombs of the Warring States tombs 3, to explore the house during the Yangshao 3, found in a variety of pottery, stone tools, 100,000 number of bone, flat terracotta pots, small mouth bottles at the end of a sharp, coarse ash Tao Gang, and so on, belongs to Yang Joe and the Longshan culture.
North Pingkai ruins piled up thick, rich culture, with the main types of Miao Digou, Yangshao culture with advanced features of the center is to explore the origins of Chinese civilization key areas.

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Yangshao Grand Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangshao Grand Canyon at the birthplace of world-famous Yangshao culture - Mianchi Xian city of Sanmenxia in Henan Province, north of the Yellow River Xiaolangdi reservoir area. Canyon length of 50 km with a total area of 56 square kilometers, there are various types of natural scenic more than 500. Has initially proved Magazine Gap, Gap turtles, dragon and tiger gorge, the lights Gap, Gap sheep lying HANGING COFFIN 6 Valley area. Yangshao risk to the Grand Canyon, odd, quiet male characterized, much favored by tourists. Magazine Gap Jueya confrontation over mossy stone Watarfall flying, extremely dangerous; turtles Stephen Tam Gap linked stones Miao-sheng, competing show peaks, picturesque scenery; coming around the Old Gap, the hole is Om Diego, Qualcomm Labyrinth You, if the Court in Wonderland Jin Feng Lamps backwater to Gap, Qi rise steeply, magnificent, magnificent Cantabile. Grand Canyon walking for King, when King moved to different, can be called Shangri-la, Tianranyangba, Grand Lake waterfall, the treasure-house of stone. Its various types of resources, a perfect combination for domestic rare, with the development of high value.

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Shaoshan Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaoshan Mianchi Xian is located 20 km north of the city, the main peak of 1492.9 meters above sea level, due to wind around the mountain often cloud, rising into the sky, like clouds of its Health Department, it is also known as "Cloud Gate Hill."
Shaoshan range upon range of hills overlapping peaks, beautiful Linhe. The size of the 35 peaks of effective intervention. In addition to the main peak, with another duo Wang Shan, Guan Shan, Michael Hill is best known for. Is more than 10 km at the northern foot of a precipice, natural barriers, only three can barely climb. There is a north-west loach back like a long ridge, wave clouds, floating in the air to come and go, people walking through the clouds over during such fog. Yuan Wang Ji Mu from the peak, Jade Mountain Bi, stones everywhere, Zhang Xiao say, mountain valley should ring, Yin Yu Around. Shaoshan look at the past four seasons flowers, Xiangyingchengqu. Late spring, black locust flowers in full bloom, put on the mountain as snow; summer, broad-leaved forest cross-Ke Zhijie, green and luxuriant; autumn, the slopes of color like red dye; winter, the film into a pine forest, mottled embellishment, added vitality to the SS.
There is a cloud on the south side of Mount Temple, built in Chiayusaurus the first year (Year 1056), the top Caiwa, construction Kit Kat, Diaolianghuadong, dazzling. Binghuo behalf of the experience of war, the original appearance has changed. Temple of the West have a clear spring, do not over do not flow, not endless dry up for visitors to drink.
Shaoshan Shanzhen a lot of game: red, yellow persimmons, grapes, pecan, Pigs, deer Shan, Zhang Zi, badger, wolf, and so on. There are more than 200 kinds of medicinal herbs, known as "half a medicine cabinet marked" Legend of Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs have come here.

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Jiulong Dong Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the Jiulong Dong Lushi County, 60 km southwest of rural two-tree in the territory. Legend for a long time ago, Guan Zhu Yang Du's shop is home to a member of DU, he called one daughter Runyu. Although Du members outside Jiacaiwanguan, but less greedy, heartless. Miss Run Yu Huarongyuemao long, brilliant, is known far and near Regardless of Qiao . His father, and the difference is that Miss Du is a good kind of girl.
Miss Du eighteen-year-old in the winter of that year, a member of the same clan to help her sister-in-law in a small river washing clothes, all of a sudden the river to float a huge bright red peach. Gusao two Tuirang each other, and finally Miss Du will be eating peaches. Since eating a peach After Miss Du does not think of eating, growing thinner, Du members think outside the daughter of the disease, diagnosis and treatment of doctor, only to have been pregnant daughter in the body. Du members outside the direct Qiqiaoshengyan anger, his daughter will play Bianti injuries for the preservation of reputation, must include his daughter will be buried alive.
Miss Du and sister-in-law were rescued by villagers, fled to the scores of the night A boulder outside the cave, and sister-in-law by villagers on a rotational basis to bring food. Sister-in-law on this meal delivery to the Cave, Miss Du was found in a pool of blood, body Hengqishuba climb to the nine small snake. Miss that she is dead, the tears back to the villagers, no one from delivering meals to go.
In fact, and Miss Du There are dead, and that it is the small snake 9 of 9 Lung Health. Nine dragons become more grown up, and people often language, respect for his mother as "Our Lady of Kowloon", said the biological Zhidong "Jiulong Dong."
Jiulong Dong Shihmen Reservoir is located in the upper reaches of the east coast at the foot of tens Qingfeng Department. Hole 3 meters wide, 2 meters high, about 5 meters deep, said "Xiandian", is slightly ahead, people have to practice, a few meters after the Gochang gradually, there is water in the ground, tens Department has a pool, Stephen shares. Water outflow from the lower part of the Cave outside. Tam around the stone, a platform, there are still on their eight-called "nine studio floor." A very deep hole, monensin poor people of their source. Many different rock inside the cave, or squat Or suspension, different patterns. There are odd holes trees bloom every year different, the experts, the Department of Kenan tree, was born in the south, not north. Since the spring water poured out of holes under the spray flying, flow stability, do not dry up all the year round, Ganlie extremely clear, high-quality mineral water system tests.
Great Jiu Longdong is a legend color A large cave, and in the vicinity of Xian Jia-dong, Laojun hole, and other components of a set of common characteristics of great mountains, water, scenic hole.

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Asia Wushan scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Asia is located in Wushan Lingbao Yu-ling 25 km south of the Qinling Mountains in the small East, according to Xiao letter, Tongguan west, the Qinling back, overlooking the Yellow River, the main peak of 2156.9 meters above sea level, with a total area of 100 square kilometers, is above sea level in Henan Province The highest, the largest of the scenic spots. Fax with Wu in the Great monk, after the Wudang in Hubei Province to win here, then known as Asia Wushan. From a distance, such as the Phoenix Youth Pre-employment Training Zhu Feng, Yue Yue Fei, it is also known as Phoenix Mountain.
Wushan Asia-hung natural landscape, dangerous, extraordinary show. Oasis valley from the mountains. As if the natural deep into the galleries, gurgling springs, Xiu Qi Jing, Shi Zhengrong giant. "Welcome stone," Laughter Guests; "stone of one mind" and encouraging Tim force; peak as a bean curd into Stackable; peak crow like a rooster's Shenjing Bell herald the break of day; Walled Shiro, Shi Feng as a female lover in the sea Feelings; Legend has it that colored stone for the Sky by Nu Wa stay; "immortal basin", "celestial bed" is said to be immortal for a bath and rest areas; Wu Ya-Mountain open the charming beautiful Peony, Peony legend was the sister of Empress Wu was demoted to Luoyang when passing through the mountains, here in Wonderland obsessed with this settlement. There are, "Stone Eagle", "mushroom" and "water Cang Long," God-shaped features; rock song, wind tunnel, "Kim Zhanbai Guanyin" wonders of the eye; "Green Longtan "Heilongtan" unpredictable; "rotten wood bridge", "Ladder" and "stand up Yaozi" shocking; lock-related cross-sectional "Heaven Lake"; Sword sky locking doors; Falls hung upside down, spray snow-spreading; Bi Qingquan Flow, few fish; Song Boqi show Bitian shade; Jing Yan wild flowers, birds contend.
Sword-off Asian Wushan Wufeng eye. Dongfeng like Li Qing Yu-zhu, the sky-line; Qixiu Xifeng, it seems from Fupi; North Xiong Jun towering peaks, magnificent; South towering peaks, Rulinjiuxiao above. Standing in the very top peak, can be hand touch the sky, Fu Xingyue sleeves; overlooking the sea of clouds, such as Tao, the wave Tun mountains; East Vision Haitian sun, light Joe; South QIN Feng Wang surge, the weight stack Luan peaks; West Gu Hua Shan, distant relative; Jimu the North, such as with the Yellow River, Castle Peak faint.
Wushan Asian cultural building in the Tang Dynasty began. After the continuous expansion of the repairs are now a total of Palace View, Temple, the Court, such as the tower of the old buildings more than 30.
Folklore Wu in the Great Mountain Zhengguo Xiucheng, nostalgia as a result of sub-scenery Wushan's view, should return to Asia in June each year Wushan summer. Therefore, every year in June, the ADB should be held in Wushan grand temple.

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Gan Mountain Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanmenxia mt at Forest Park Sanmenxia City Shanxian kiln shop in the southern territory of the forest, 30 km away from Sanmenxia in the urban area, 28 km away from the urban area, 40 minutes by car 3A state-level tourism zone (point). Area with a total area of 3800 hectares, the highest peak 1884 meters above sea level, park animal and plant resources Sub-rich, as many as more than 1500 kinds of plants, animals and more than 20 species of forest vegetation coverage rate of over 95%. Natural scenery with a surprising show, Yan, quiet, quiet feature of the spring, summer, autumn and winter scenery varied, unique, very beautiful scenery. The main attractions are Butterfly ditch, tile iron temple, the temple founder, the Clock Tower Walled MA Wu, Dong Cui, and so on. Is developing the project are: Villa Villa mt, mt Convention Center, the National Folk Playground, mt, Kam Shan Botanical Garden, Gan Yang Luchang Hill, shooting range, the artificial lake. Sanmenxia mt Forest Park is a leisure vacation, a good place to go back to nature.

Weiwei mt (also Dry Hill, often steamed Hill) stands in the south of Xiaoshan, South barberry bird's-eye view. West Qinling, animal and plant resources are very rich in forest area of 12 hectares, nearly 3000 kinds of plants, 100 species of rare birds and animals, Manshanbianye different Feng Qi Shan, Qi Shu-Yi Cao, dense forests, brilliant Yamahana, birds Contend, gurgling streams, scenic Li Yi, Keren color.

  Mt through the vicissitudes of life rich in human culture, all over the temple, the beautiful and moving story legend. The mysterious hole Cui, towering old trees in the hope that Taiwan Township, iron towering temple tile, such as the cutting edge of the million She Shenya, Chuan's magic bell pull slot, the towering tall and straight Walled MA Wu, colorful Butterfly Valley microphylla range of beautiful scenery and so on, really: hole monument, the temple, Hall of Warburg, the peak, cliffs, Chai, Ling God in Wonderland. "Flowers are surrounded by mountains, the ever-present birds a year."

Park is rich in resources of animals and plants, as many as in the more than 1500 kinds of plant species, the oldest to the "Millennium Tree ", although the changes after the millennium, but still Climb, green and luxuriant; 500-year old Yang Ju Henan, Henan has been the title of crown of poplar Populus, the most interesting thing is hollow inside the tree can accommodate 4 people playing cards, not only the sun And wind. Jinqian Bao of the park, antelope, deer, and so on more than 110 kinds of wild animals, not only Beautiful mt to maintain the ecological balance, but also adds vitality.

Mt's forest coverage reached 95%, known as "forest bath, Tianranyangba." Mt of the spring and summer season are looking hole green, especially in the summer season, the temperature in the urban areas than in the low temperature of about 70C It lived on the complexity of the lively city with great people, no doubt the temptation, 40 minutes to enjoy the cool air heat.

  Mt of the most beautiful autumn season to a few, in late September each year to 10 months, Gan Man Po Shan mountain is covered with red leaves all, is to make stained-storied, such as the sunset, such as the rainbow, like Dan stream, Colorful picture. The depth of winter snow season, mt-wrapped, it is enchanting.

You mt the best place to go is up to 156 kinds of butterflies evolved well-being of their homes - Butterfly Valley. If the abundant rainfall, the annual June-August, the colorful butterflies dancing in the Valley, every day, all my Yidong "Die Lianhua."

In 2004, Kam Shan National Forest Park, the new national village every day from the display shows the Yunnan Dai, Aini family, Yao, Wa, Myanmar's long-necked people, black teeth and so on more than a dozen ethnic minorities Pavaner, S cattle, and other ethnic dance and ethnic dance costumes, handicrafts, etc. Mt 84 peaks, which rise amid permanent peaks. Mannan main peak and peak-Feng Cui, Feng Han, Sianfong together, Guangwu, and other peaks towering Tzu-Feng Wei-hung, magnificent. Peak to stand, look, you might see, thousands of panoramic scenery, Sanmenxia City, 9 of the Yellow River faintly visible, it is refreshing.

  Gan Four Seasons is very attractive scenery. Tulv million trees in the spring, flowers are put Jing, Feng Fei Splendor, Yingti bird Bird; summer Lin vast, white clouds, blue sky, Pinnacle mountains, gurgling water; the fall of Hong Kong in Full, to make stained-storied, Danfengliuxia, Cangshan sea of clouds; winter Lin Yin Jia Phi, cliff hanging ice, snow-wrapped, particularly Rao demon.

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Yang Liandi Bridge and the memorial of martyrs Yang Liandi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Liandi bridge is located in Shanxian Guanyin Town Hall between the rural and Kip Stone, 48 m high bridge, 172.5 meters long, the Longhai railway line is the highest bridge, the Longhai railway linking East and West is the key to the project. In 1921 by France, Britain, Belgium, engineers designed Three, four years into. During the War of Liberation Democratic Party will be the army blew up the bridge, leaving only 5 bridge pier. In 1949, for the liberation of the Northwest, ordered to repair the railway corps, due to backward technology, low in the sky can only depend on the human operations, and may be destroyed at any time. Local farmers said that "on the 8th top, top on the 8th, missed out into a cake; side on the 8th, on the 8th end of the bridge God. "Yang Liandi railway corps of a detachment of soldiers in order to create a single dauntless spirit of the ladder, climbed up to take the lead in more than 40-meter-high bridge piers for the bridge repair for a time. For this reason, Yang Liandi won the" hero high ". U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, China to participate in Yang Liandi People's Volunteers. In May 1953, Qingchuan Jiang repair the bridge when the glorious sacrifice. Chinese People's Volunteers bodies for his leadership of the Principal WORM gong, awarded the title of a hero, naming his company as "Yang Liandi even." He also was awarded "Hero of the Republic of North Korea," the title, there was a gold medal medal of the national flag. China's Ministry of Railways will be on the 8th Bridge "Yang Liandi Bridge", in the west and the north side of the monument set up Yang Liandi. 14.5 m high monument, the monument under the wide and narrow body, positive for the trapezoid, the surface of the monument inscribed "Yang Liandi Martyrs Monument" in red Chinese characters. Monument face toward the railway in order to pay respect to the visitors in the past.

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18 group (the Eighth Route Army) military depot Sheng Chi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sheng Chi Cheng Guan Sheng Chixian military depot located in the small town Guan Village. 1938 11 18 menstrual Comrade Zhu De armed group to sign documents, three appointed by Liu Xiang authorities to negotiate with the KMT after the founder of our party and our army of public agencies.
Resident military depot in three: a country is to close 310 small Village Road, with military depot Office, warehouse, soldiers and their families home, the military depot private room; the second county in Dongguan, who is now 93 Main Street, open sea of a house in (the old Chi Sheng Liu Shaoqi); the third town in Dongguan are Lu Hai 000 North Street house 29 years (that is, the Chinese Communist cadres in western Henan recorders to expand the former site of the meeting).
Anti-Japanese War as a military depot pool party to the army headquarters of the Eighth Route Army Taihang Mountains, a large number of anti-Japanese front-line delivery of military supplies sent to extend the revolution to the Holy Land of Yan'an, in North China, East China, Jiangsu and other places of a large number of cadres and progress of students is Tong All over the country to transport hubs in the world. In 1938, the party's Sixth Plenary Session , Liu Shaoqi (not his real name was Hu Fu) from Xi'an, Yan'an, as the Eighth Route Army to the Office of the Sheng Chi, on Dec. 20 at the military depot Sheng Chi held a "Chinese expansion in western Henan special committee meeting of cadres," to convey implementation of the Sixth Plenary Session of the spirit. After the meeting also organized two training courses Party, to attend training classes to learn the party comrades are more than 80 Liu Shaoqi in the training class for the first time for the party within the party preach a shining page in the annals of its political masterpiece "On the cultivation of party members."
In late November 1938, Deng Xiaoping, Yang Shangkun and other leading comrades from Yan'an to the Sheng Chi military depot, and the resulting North Duhuang He, too rushed to the front line, November 21, 1939 International well-known doctor Dr. Basu rate of India Aid to China in the Sheng Chi medical team to stay two days, military depot, escorted by the military depot sent too rushed to the front line. Zhu De, Peng Dehuai comrades have intervened personally to guide the work of military depot.

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Yellow ancient path along the cliff - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ancient Yellow River Sanmenxia Dam is located in the path along the cliff on the north shore of the lower reaches of the Yellow River close to the steep cliff, there were two. From a high river, a river from a lower, are next to Shek Pik Department, the impact of the cut.
From the ruins can be seen on the Yellow River in ancient path along the cliff close to the Sanmenxia Yellow River Valley, only the two sides of the river red wall Department dug out a narrow stone road, and then off the road in the Department Shangyi Pai cutting deep four-hole, and then stuffed with wood piles trail created for the boatmen were above fiber pull back. The Sanmenxia Water Transport of Grain in the ruins of two, from a high river, a river from the lower. Cut the path along the cliff walls in a bear of a four - Cattle and nose-piercing, still clearly visible, the four-hole spread throughout the Shek Pik on the path along the cliff, about eight, 900. In ancient times people on Cave nail into the wood piles, to climb to the Shek Pik. Fortunearia boat tracker allows the Department of rope climbing, in the rough when the boat to the nearest Shuanzhu. All from the vessel, There are 89 in the river water was swallowed. There was such poetry as "a hundred deep faint ghost's door, two more people Bizhai prison, the ferry boat who called the bloody, right close by home life of a feather light." So from the start of the Western Han Dynasty, the annual dry season, the court must be mobilized a large number of human and material resources to carry out this section of the Yellow River dredging, repair and cutting of the path along the cliff Today on the ancient path along the cliff, will find the path along the cliff walls cut in a bear of a four-hole and bovine-shaped perforation. These four-hole spread throughout the Shek Pik on the path along the cliff, about 000 Bajiu Bai. Cave on the ancient nail into the wood piles, in order to climb to the Shek Pik. "Bovine" is on the line so that the rope climb boat tracker , In the rough, but also close to the boat Shuanzhu.
The time has been cut path along the cliff can not be known, the earliest existing stone is the first year of peace Huan Di of the Eastern Han (AD 50). But this side is carved in stone of the renovation work on the path along the cliff, we can see the path along the cliff's time to dig even earlier. There are the path along the cliff Wei, Sui, Tang Song, Ming and Qing of the stone.
  Yellow ancient path along the cliff is not only the ancient Yellow River boat tracker portrayal of the real hard life, but also in China Jiaotong Shi things and the Yellow River Water Transport of Grain in the history of precious cultural relics.

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Sanmenxia Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanmenxia City Museum is located in the western city of Shan Zhou Scenic Area, located on the north side of Temple Lun, is a friend of Japan President Ichiro Ishikawa donors on the basis of 2,000,000 yuan, in November 1989 into a comprehensive museum. Area of 44,000 square meters, construction area of 3200 square meters with a total Architectural style: Museum in the park, park in the Hall, the solemn ancient, beautiful and elegant.
Sanmenxia major museum collections of historical relics unearthed in areas of natural resources and samples to show the world since ancient times so far Sanmenxia splendid cultural heritage and rich resources. At the same time launching a wide range of exhibitions, reflecting the three Gap city's economic achievements, ancient region in western Henan, as well as the folk customs of Hou Yu from the water to the modern management of the Yellow River, the development of the Yellow River, the Yellow River to use the historical picture.

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Shan Zhou ancient city sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shan Zhou site of the ancient city, located in the western end of Sanmenxia in the urban area of 3 kilometers of scenic areas in Shan Zhou. Shan Zhou is a city of the ancient city, there are ancient, "surrounded by water on three sides by mountains, the city-Yan Shu-Tien City," said. Zhouwen Wang's younger brother called the public has the town seal, and Christians under a tree in the Kom Tong Hall, the people of their sense of morality, to build Memorial Hall, it is also known as the Shan Zhou Gan The old rule. Now the city of Sanmenxia Juma Keng museum has called Shibei Ancestral Hall, the public response spreading love, Kom Tong Hall, and other ancient tablets.
According to historical records, ancient city built in the Western Han Shan Zhou Jing Di years ago more than 2,000 years of history, when a large-scale, the situation Xianyao. History of the famous battle of Xia and Shang, Zhou called sub-Shan Leave out of Guo Yu, Qin Jin war story, and so on, are testimony to this. After successive Bingshi frequent destruction of the city many times, many times, the rehabilitation has been a county, the county seat of the government. As the access is located in the Central Plains area of the throat, the rulers of great importance for the history, is the vital importance military rulers to send more staff to go-getters from the treatment. Tang Li Shimin in the year 637 AD in spring travel Shan Zhou, Tang Vision tower down field, see a boat back to the Bi-up, dense haze Tsui, Fang Fei Hung spot, Xiu-Hua Yanagawa, made for the articles life, "Shan Zhou Yong." After the emperor, Han Yu, Du Fu, Liu Gong, Po Chu, Li Shang-yin, Liu Yuxi, Du Mu, and other politicians in the Song Dynasty, as well as Sima Guang Wang, Jin, Ming and Qing Dynasty, many noble-minded literati have been in this tour. Taiwan Shangguan Yi Tang Shi Lang, the former residence of Zhao Rong Tong Shangguan Dongbei Yu Shangguan Lane in the city, the Northern Song Dynasty poet Wei Ye Cottage in the east of the Three Mile Bridge. Story is crossing the sun, is the North Beach Kam million, the city has Selenastrum Hill, Drum Tower 10 minutes, Po Temple, Confucian Temple, Guan , Yu Temple, the Ancestral Hall Zhao, Stephen GAMA, such as the stone arches of the old buildings. Lan Hong Sanmenxia Dam in 1960, the city is located in Shan Zhou due to the deep library of the original design of the dam inundation areas, the relocation of all residents, so that this becomes an open space. Has now been opened up for the scenic, ancient city of Shan Zhou's outline of the vaguely discernible, Po Temple, Shi Square has been the protection of monuments and rehabilitation.

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Yan Ling Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yan Ling Guan Shan Xian is located in the southeast and rural palace garden at the junction of the former township, from the Sanmenxia City, about 28 km. Yan Ling Guan said Nanling Spring and Autumn Period, Northern Wei Tang, also known as xiao West. Zhu Shan near, it was "Shui Jing Zhu" has documented thousands of Xiaoshan, called xiao plate. Xiao, Yan sound of the word rhyme with the past, the suspect whose real name is Guan Yan Ling Ling Xiao Guan, because the people circulating around town, said Yan Ling Guan for.
  Yan Ling Guan points for the Shan Qin's throat briefly, about the width of 200 meters, 30 meters wide narrowest point. Crossing 851 meters above sea level. Junba steep cliffs on both sides, hung quite dangerous terrain. Ling Yan Ping Shan crossing south-east ring for the first two xiao Zhu Shan. Weather board at a time when peak, East Point Luoyang deceive Sichuan Such as tobacco, Vision West Xiyue Huashan faintly visible. River, the Yellow River winding Siyu with the North and the South. According to Luo Xia night, embraced the Xiaoshan Zhu Feng, such as the turmoil of a very spectacular.

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Seven Mile Guhuai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guhuai in Shanxian Yin Tong Town Qilihe East Village, 43 km from the city of Sanmenxia. Height 24.4 m, 8 m Wai trees, exotic trees, tall and straight vigorous, leading the masses called Pteris.
Gu Huai river next to the two sides, and the Longshan Shangzhouwenhua site. Because it is located in the ancient roads, the legend of the Tang Dynasty big business King Yuchi delamar Guhuai view, to enjoy the majestic Guhuai admiration for a long time and refuse to leave. So far, visitors to this often stop to watch, a souvenir photo.

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Hong Qing Temple Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hong Qing Cave Temple, located in the eastern outskirts of the city of Yima 7 km from the village of stone, a total of six caves.
The first cave: a rectangular plane, a central pillar. West-story wall carved Buddha, Sakyamuni Kehui in the upper part of the tree, hand-yi branch, an air of calm; Feizi and the lower part of the two ladies advised not to become the scene of Sakyamuni. South wall engraved Angiopteris Fozuo, two each on both sides of the Buddha. North wall reliefs carved in the middle Jiangmo change plans, 10 more than the devil, holding a weapon, Xiangfo closing. Each carved a niche on both sides, Kannei a disciple of Buddha and Buddhism, the shrine outside the animal. Dongbi engraved with the tall tower, up and down a tree and dressed in long clothes of the crowd. There are Buddhist centers at the two sites, and deer Umbrella image of the waiter, and so on. Rigorous composition relief, carved.
Cave II: The wall is engraved with a pointed arch-shaped petals and the Netherlands niche; Zuobi carved a niche Zuofo three have been damaged; Youbikannei a carved Buddha, the disciples, the Buddha.
The third cave; The Story of the Buddha carved take a positive phase, both sides of the two disciples, the Buddha; Youbi three niche Niche among big enough to pay for the Maitreya, there are flying.
Fourth Cave: Kuding carved caisson and the second Flying Lotus; wall is engraved Zuofo 5; Youbi Kannei a pointed arch inscribed Zuofo 3, the niche carved Zuofo 5; niche has great Zuobi bad, on their Flying there.
The fifth, sixth awaiting clearance at the Cave.
According to the literature Contains statues and carvings of style, with the exception of the Fourth Caves for the works of the Tang Dynasty, the other three are the Cave of the Northern Wei period of work. Was published in 1963 in Henan Province for the first group of key cultural unit.

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Qin Zhao UNITA Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gu Qin Zhao League City, Taiwan, South-West Mianchi Xian is located 1 km, in water Sheng, Yang River confluence of Taiwan on the ground.
According to the "Historical Records Lian Po Lin Hsiang-ju's biography," recorded when Zhaoxiang Wang Qin (282 BC-280 BC), Qin Zhao Bing Gong made three times, and not yield to defeat Zhao. Qin Zhao to conquer, to open Political and diplomatic struggle. In 279 BC, the Qin Emperor Wen Zhao told Zhaoxiang Wang sent, in order for the good of the two countries and the two sides will be in the pool Sheng League. Accompanied by Zhao Wang went to the doctor on Zhao Lin. Qin and Zhao Wang will drink, coercion Zhaowangguse and historian to remember the history of Ru Qin, Zhao Wang so that was very embarrassing. , Appeared solemn and Lin Qiang and Qin Please hit pottery, Zhao also historian who recorded the history of Zhao. Qin refused to accept the official, threatening to cut Zhao Qin birthday to the city, 15, also forced requested Lin Qin Zhao Wang to cut capital Xianyang birthday. This tit-for-tat, tongue lip gun sword until the end of the banquet, the King of Qin also failed to win any less, Zhao Wang was with the make up. As an indication of dormant and stop the war, the two soldiers holding weapons buried in soil to show friendship, then will UNITA into the high-profile.
In the long history, the League will vicissitudes of Taiwan, history continually repair. In 1941 the Kuomintang Army Medical Jin Guo Chang presided over the prison, Wei Lihuang, Zhang Shizhao AU-sponsored religious Taiwan again. Taiwan was a three-dimensional trapezoid, surrounded by the stone block, a cone-shaped monument erected at the top of the tower, inscribed to the east of Pucheng Kou Lishu ya, "the ancient Qin Zhao UNITA Taiwan," the six characters, the rest is engraved on three sides of Zhang Shizhao, "Tang made more Lin Jing ", as well as legislation Ciyi Shou-huang, Guo Chang Jin Zun write their own" rehabilitation of Zhao Qin UNITA Taiwan in mind And the "reconstruction of the Taiwan League will remember." Unfortunately, these have been building damage.
The existing Council Taiwan UNITA Mianchi Xian People's Government in 1985 was the original deposit remains on the basis of the re-construction. Ting Ding horizon to 22 meters high, 14 meters high. The two things build 52 level. Pavilion on the stage 8 meters high, two-tier system Kok Tiaoyan steeple-building style of the ancients. Middle of the pavilion erected a stele of the Quartet, to the west to "repair the ancient Qin Zhao Taiwan tablets", north, east and south on three sides were well-known Chinese calligrapher with Shu, Chu plans and South Xiaolao the inscription. Taiwan's AU will be built to enable ancient rejuvenation of Taiwan, Feng Zi again. "Taiwan's AU setting sun," Sheng Chi is the first of eight.

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Guo cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guo Sanmenxia urban cemetery at the village on the northern side of the ridge, the Zhou Dynasty is a feudal aristocracy and the monarch Guo cemetery. 1956 - 1957, discovered 234 tombs of various nobles, Juma Keng 4, the precious cultural relics unearthed up to 9179. In 1984 to preserve the integrity of the Juma Keng, 1727 on completion of the Guo Juma Keng cultural relics exhibition hall. From the beginning of 1990, also found that various types of noble tomb 142, of which 19 large and medium-sized tomb, Juma Keng 12. On the cleared 9 burial tomb monarch 2, respectively, were classified as 1990.1991, the country one of the top ten archaeological discoveries. Many archaeological finds Objects.

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Xing will Gudu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xing will cross the Yellow River is the famous one of the three major Gudu, 6 km in the urban areas in the north of the Office of the south bank of the Yellow River will be Xing Zhen, Lu Ping, Shanxi and the north shore of Mao Jindu across the river. As a result of an ancient Shan Zhou Ping Lu, the history, collectively referred to as Mao Jindu. Canyon cross-strait confrontation, calm water, beautiful scenery.
Xing will be crossing dangerous terrain , Is the ancient western Henan, Shanxi supplies of water channels and the exchange of military. In 658 BC, false Jin Yu Guo out by Mao Jindu to cross the river to the south, and win a victory in one fell swoop. In 624 BC, the Qin from the North ferry cutting Jin. Eastern Han Dynasty, Liu Han Xiandi-nation Association of this north fled in panic. Tang Dynasty, "On the history of "Tang Su-subcontractors for by Huihe 3,000 soldiers, and thus into the Central Plains. Revolution, Qin Long Fu Yu Han-jun two east, near the ferry in fierce fighting with the Qing. During the War of Liberation War of Resistance Against Japan and the I was crossing the transfer of party members on the ground floor, to preserve the revolution's main strength. August 22, 1947 Chen Xie in the army of Mao Jindu Jiyuan and the long cross-chuen, by the "oil" to cross the river, crossing for three days and three nights. Well-known in the history of Shanxi Lu salt, which also ferry.
After the liberation, will rebuild after several cross-hing, the Yellow River has become the largest mobile one of the ferry ship. "Jin Mao night crossing" Ancient Eight Shan Zhou One. General non-night crossing of the Yellow River, emergency, but here is the night of the crossing. Night, the boatman, son shouted, in Jiazhou Zhuolang in advance. Flashing lights flickering on board, the boat people's inner tension, Cijing at this time, in the Yellow River is the soul-stirring, it is difficult to see.

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Palace beginning - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hangu Guan Gong beginning at the right side of the East Gate. Legend has it that Lao Tzu greeted Hangu Guan Yin Xi, the division ceremony to ask for their book Lao Zi, Lao Tzu wrote in the "Dao De Jing" five thousand words. The book is rich in a great impact on future generations (some people think is the name of care for future generations). To commemorate this, future generations Lao Zi in place by the beginning of construction of the palace, was a Taoist temple. Palace beginning for the classical-style building temples. Hall of ridges and gable plastic canopy on the edge of a unicorn, lion, tiger, chicken, dog, and other rare birds and animals, both God-shaped. Dianding fly vertical and horizontal beam, rafter purlin vary, although the complexity of the roof frame, but into self-rule, wide temples, no support . History contains the beginning palace was built in Western Zhou Dynasty. Gong Zhu beginning of the existing hall was built in Tang Dynasty before, Yuan, Ming and Qing generations have Xiurong. Stone Temple of the existing two-hospital, a stand-Dade million for four years, a stand-ching Junji years, above all records of Lao Tzu riding NIU Green had Hangu Guan's story.

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Hangu Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hangu Guan is the history of our country to build the first Xiongguan one of the fortress, as in the valley, such as deep-risk letter, the Hangu Guan said. Here was a horse neighing of the ancient battlefield, known as "Kazuo when Kwan, Fu Moke million." Here is our ancient thinkers, philosophers Laozi writing five thousand words, "Dao De Jing". Thousands Over the years, many at home and Taoism are on a pilgrimage here to worship.

  Hangu Guan Lingbao in Henan Province is located 15 kilometers north of the village of Wang stack, from the Sanmenxia City, about 75 km, is located in the "Chang'an Road", close to the shore of the Yellow River. Because in Canyon, such as the risk of deep named after the letter.

  Hangu According to the highlands of the West, not east Jian, south Qinling Mountains in the north side of the Yellow River, China's first build Xiongguan one of the fortress. Founded in the Spring and Autumn, is to Luoyang East, west of the Changan throat, known as "open days Hangu Guan Zhuang, shock-million dust and air to the north," "Great River towering peaks, a battlefield since ancient times Hangu "Said Ancient vital importance for the military. Shen Zhou Jing Wang for three years, Chuhuai Wang Ju's six-nation Faqin division, according to Qin Hangu natural barrier, so that the six-nation army, "a million dead, bleeding organizations drift." Six of the First Qin Emperor, Chu, Zhao, the five countries, including Wei Qin guilty of the armed forces, "to Hangu, were defeated." "Liu Xiang Yu Shou Guan refused", "Shih" Tang Jun The rebels, "World War Taolin", the Chinese army in 1944 and Japan's military aggression, "Han Guguan World War II," are here.

  Hangu Guan is not only an important military area but also the hinterland of ancient Central Plains and Northwest cultural and economic exchanges between the points. The clearance around the city re-circulating " Gas to the East "," Lao clearance "," Jiminggoudao, "" Kung-sun white horse "," Gai Yuan emperor, "the story of history and legend, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, the emperor, Sima Qian, Li Bai, Du Fu and Bai Ju-yi, Sima Guang, such as the history of noble-minded celebrity Pro Yinshizuofu customs, have so far been more than 100 articles.

  State AAA-class tourist attractions Hangu Guan Ancient Culture and Tourism Zone, located in Henan and Shaanxi provinces at the junction of Shanxi, Henan Province, the west gate of the territory of Lingbao, the area of 16.5 square km area, the main attractions are beginning Palace Road, Shing Temple, the Taoist Health Park, Canon Floor, looking purple floor, cock Taiwan, Forest of Stone Tablets, Wax Museum, museums, customs building, letter Road more than 20.

Hangu Guan is a great thinker of ancient China, the Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu writing school mountains masterpiece, "Dao De Jing", the Holy Land of Hope Valley, the birthplace of Taoism culture; ancient West to Chang'an, the east of Luoyang Tongqu throat, the Central Plains culture and the culture of Qin Jin To the intersection; is a thousand Phone-in will be the occasion, the military will fight the strategic fortress, East Ziqi, cock letter, and other related historical stories and legends of the land Faren. In the long course of history, famous people here (Lao), books ( "Virtue"), were related (Hangu Guan) Liu-fang history, the sound broadcast overseas.

The military has a long history text Hangu Guan was built in the Spring and Autumn on the occasion. "In the valley, such as the risk of deep named after the letter. Xiaoshan from the east, west tong Tianjin, Tongminghangu, known as a natural barrier" ( "Ci Hai"). Xiao you Han Guguan hold the throat, the value range to the west, not east Jian, according to the South Qinling Mountains in the north near the Yellow River, Xianyao terrain, narrow roads Known as "non-party rail car, horse and does not bridle." "World peace in mind" in the "north of the city with its rivers, mountains and the south, weeks Wuli back more than 40 step-by-step, high-Er Zhang." City grand-scale clearance, clearance floor again and again rely Pik gold, which is located in the center of the peach Lince, Xiaoshan Road letter of the throat, known as "open days Hangu Guan Zhuang, vancomycin scared to dust Air "(Don? Places Hu Shi)," River peaks too high, since ancient times Hangu a battlefield "(gold? Willing Xin Shi)," Kazuo when Kwan, Kai-Fu Mo million, "said. Shen Zhou Jing Wang for three years ( In 318 BC) Chu, Zhao Wei, Han, Yan Faqin the five countries, according to Qin Han Guguan natural barrier defeated the army of the six countries. Qin Shi Huang 2006 (Public 243 years ago), Chu, Zhao Wei, Han, Wei Faqin Five, "to the letter of clearance, are defeated." Qin Mo Chu-Han War, Liu Xiang Yu had Shou Guan to block attacks. Tang, "Shih", the officers and soldiers and rebels in the pre-clearance for the famous World War Taolin. Since the Spring and Autumn since two thousand years or so, after the Han Guguan Hung hegemony, the struggle between Chu-Han, Huang Chao, Li peasant uprising, as well as the Revolution, the Anti-Japanese War, the War of Liberation War Lang Yan, whether Zhuluzhongyuan or aggressive clearance, Hangu Guan has been the battleground of the strategic .

Lao Tzu's extensive and profound culture

  Laozi is Country late Spring and Autumn outstanding thinker, statesman, philosopher and writer, is not only the founder of the Taoist school of thought theory was later Taoist teaching as their ancestors, but also the hundreds of pre-Qin enlightening. His book "Dao De Jing", that is, "Lao Zi", is the world's cultural treasure trove of treasures. Since the "Dao De Jing" World Bank, senior officials from the emperor, Lai Man-down to the common people, all of this classic has a great enthusiasm for research. According to incomplete statistics, there are historical records of more than 1800 kinds of up version. Not only in the far-reaching impact on the domestic, but also in the seventh century AD Sanskrit to be spread abroad, spread to Europe and the United States in the 18th century, After sweeping the world gradually. Well-known German philosopher Hegel once said: "Chinese philosophy and the other in specific groups ... ... as it is based on speculative characteristics. Faction of the main concept of this is that this is rational. This philosophy were in close contact with the philosophy of life The play is the way of Lao Tzu. "French philosopher Nietzsche said: "Dao De Jing" is like a never-dry thirst of the Jing-quan, filled with treasures, learn the lay down their barrels at hand. "Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan in his 1987 State of the Union, it has quoted Lao Tzu," Governing a big country if small cooking fresh, "explained the well-known to his strategy for running the country. Lao ideological breadth and depth, and rich, involving sky, All aspects of the people in the political, economic, military, arts, ethics, health and other fields have unique insight and wisdom of the Guang-yan.

Lao research ideas into a world class cultural phenomenon. Britain, France, the United States and Japan more than 40 countries in the "Dao De Jing", the translation of "Dao De Jing" This has reached more than 600 species, of which the Japanese writing up more than 330. "Dao De Jing" in Hangu Guan-cheng, Hangu Guan truly become the birthplace of Taoism culture. October 20, 2002, the China Taoist Association, Yuxi Road Min Zhiting for the Hangu Guan wrote the name of the tourist areas, "Taoism and the source of the" four .

Liufangqiangu scenic spots and historical sites

  1, Guan City site. No deposit building. According to textual research for the city of Hangu Guan Guan irregular rectangular, with long, round, flat rammed rammed into play. 1800 meters long east wall, west wall 1300 meters long, south wall more than 180 meters long. With the basic history of the site Match record.

  2, Hangu Guan Guan House East Gate. Customs House, the original no longer exists, now see the merits of the 992-year old started the construction of the building.

  Customs House, South and the North East Gate of long-term employment 71.2 meters, 21.5 meters high, were concave, sitting west to east, control of the main customs clearance. Customs House for Two-door top-floor three-county building, the roof decorated with a Danfeng, it is also called the "Tan Fung House."

  3, Hangu Road. Wang Jian farmers from the East West Bank, East Gate of Hangu Guan, customs across the city to the west, from the village of Wang pile of fruit groove, the Yellow River valley, Langpi to ditch old Kuwata (now the San thick), the total length of 15 km, this is The only thing channel. In a deep valley 50 - 70 meters, 10 meters wide around the corner, the Department has only a narrow 3-meter, the banks severe Valley 40 - 80 degrees, the bottom has the same winding roads, narrow and rugged, deep Valley, which the People's Bank of China, such as income In the letter, customs on both sides of the Road, cliffs Dou Qi, Feng Yan Lin, dangerous terrain, and Awe-inspiring. Hangu Guan said in ancient books "regardless of rail cars, and do not saddle horse," "East and a Ni Wan Feng Hangu." In recent years, a village of farmers working in the field, had excavated an ancient human bones found in his possession a dozen arrows, identified by the cultural relics department, was found in his possession Jiancu of the Warring States period for the products, can be seen at the time of war Spot.

  4, Pit Arrow Warring States Treasury. Hangu is located in East magnetic door on the right side of the lower end of the wall, a diameter of 0.9 m shaft kiln-point weapons warehouse in July 1986, when the Warring States is Shou Guan officials of the Arrow weapons storage library. Well Storing a library as an arrow, placed inside the ethnic Yi Kunkun Arrow, about 1 cubic meter The arrow is copper, iron shaft is very light, rust has been together, not separately. Arrow this library to study weapons of the Warring States dynasty has provided an important basis.

  5, Yinxiguzhai site. Legend has it that Yinxi for the home. Yinxi, the Spring and Autumn Period, know-Sky, who make Hangu Guan Guan. He was legend The Lao reception. Tang Kaiyuan 19 years (AD 741 years) Chen joined the army Tin Palace with the show (Taolin County) pledges for the emperor, made into the Emperor Xuanzong said heavy magic in it Hanguyinxi room, Xuanzong Jiqian people to dig, dig really have to " Panacea, "Xuanzong rejoicing, thinking of Lao Tzu is a gift from him, then the year" Yuan "to" Tianbao. "

  6, cock-Taiwan, also known as Tian Taiwan. Idiom "Jiminggoudao" story took place here. Taiwan's reconstruction of the cock is the legend was Tian customers high-school cock port.

  7, Qi Wang of Taiwan, also known as purple-looking floor. Legend is Hangu Guan Yin Xi Guan make a long-term perspective, Theater Review place. "Ziqi East to" find their origin in this idiom. Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu, "Qiu-lan," the poem "Seomang down the Queen Mother of the Jade Pool, East Ziqi to full clearance letter" sentence. After the commemoration of man-made him put a long-term perspective Yinxi of soil named Hill: Taiwan air look. Tang, when the construction of the above ten feet high by 3 "Bringing the Purple House" In the House, destroyed by years Binghuo. Now we can see that in recent years, the construction of the antique building.

  8, beginning palace. Hangu Guan Gate East is located on the right side. Legend has it that Lao Tzu greeted Hangu Guan Yin Xi, the division ceremony to ask for their book Lao Zi, Lao Tzu wrote in the "Dao De Jing" five thousand words. This implies A wealth of books on the great influence on later generations (there are also considered to be descendants of the people asked for). To commemorate this, the Lao people will be in place by the beginning of construction of the palace, was a Taoist temple.

  Palace beginning for the classical-style building temples. Hall of ridges and gable plastic canopy on the edge of a unicorn, lion, tiger, chicken, dog, such as Jane Animals, both God-shaped. Dianding fly vertical and horizontal beam, rafter purlin vary, although the complexity of the roof frame, but into self-rule, wide temples, and no chu up. History set, beginning palace was built in Western Zhou Dynasty. Gong Zhu beginning of the existing hall was built in Tang Dynasty before, Yuan, Ming and Qing generations have Xiurong. Stone Temple of the existing two-hospital, a stand-Dade million four years A stand-ching Junji years, above all records of Lao Tzu riding NIU Green had Hangu Guan's story.

  9, Des Hangu folder. Lingbao is located 17 km north of the city's Old Village Mengcun small-ri, north of the ancient Han Guguan about 2 km. Des folder appearance as gun turret, brick, Shing Mun-building. Inside and outside the sub-two-door Outside the gate, brick inscribed, "Des Hangu folder" 4. Shing Mun on the second floor of the Department of Xieshan Ding-floor, 1.40. In addition to the north side of the roof and some parts were damaged, basically intact, according to the identification of the existing building on behalf of the Ming and Qing Dynasty rehabilitation.

  10, Forest of Stone Tablets in Hangu. Forest of Stone Tablets in the construction of Hangu in 1988 , Forest of Stone Tablets 100 meters long from north to south, east 40 meters wide, covers an area of 4000 square meters, 62-stone. One only has to collect from all over the Lingbao of Bricks, such as the Song of the monument of the legal system, the earthquake monument in the Tang Dynasty, Yang's brother Yang Zhongsi Epitaph of the monument, Li Bu Shang Ming Dynasty Ms. Xu Tianguan Epitaph of the monument, and so on, And there are also modern and contemporary masters of calligraphy writing celebrity Hangu Guan recite poetry of the new monument, such as: Kang Yu-wei in the Qing Dynasty to the county at the time of Lingbao banners written in stone, Li Xiangyang prototype pen tablet, such as text.

  There are three in the history of Hangu Guan, said that in addition to the above, the Spring and Autumn period of Hangu Guan Jian Guan (now known as Qin Guan , There are Han Guan Wei and Guan.

  Han Guan, Xin'an County in Henan Province in this 500 meters, 150 km east of Qin Guan. According to Chi Lingbao records, since the rise of the Han Dynasty, for GUANZHONG Royal Park, east of Hangu Guan said outside the customs. People have their own customs people are proud of. Ship Building, General Yang servant, Hangu origin New County to the east, that he was kept closed to outsiders, he is deeply unhappy, they do at home to donate funds, in the Han Yuan Di three years (AD 184 years) in the new City County also revised from a majestic city, it said Han Han Guguan it. With this new clearance, it Yeung has become a servant of the people in customs. Chinese customs has long been abandoned and now the only To close the site.

  Wei Guan, Lingbao is located 20 km north-east, away from the Qin Guan, about 5 km. Legend has it that the three countries, Zhang Lu Cao Cao review of the West, Ma Chao, in order to rapidly transfer food-bing, life, where Xuchu dug tunnels, built Customs House, not far from Qin Guan, so Shinseki said. This morning and later became the east of Luoyang, Chang received a major transportation route. Anti-Japanese War when the tower was destroyed Binghuo, the site for the Sanmenxia reservoir submerged, it is only to stay and beacon towers Road site.

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Sanmenxia Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanmenxia City, Henan Province is located in the western border of Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan provinces at the junction of East and connected to the city of Luoyang, Nanyang and South-phase, north of the Yellow River in Shanxi Province and across the West according to Tongguan in Shaanxi Province and adjacent, dominates Lingbao , The city of Yima, Shanxian, Mianchi Xian, Lushi County, and Lake District with a total area of 10,496 square kilometers with a total person 2,200,000.

Sanmenxia unique tourism resources. China's ancient civilization and the motherland at the present day sites, Huguangshanse of southern Xinjiang, north of the magnificent rivers and mountains, here cleverly combined with the show. There Yangshao culture of the Neolithic sites, the late Western Zhou Dynasty Spring and early Guo Juma Keng group, Jingshan Xuanyuan tomb of the Warring States era of Taiwan's AU Qin Zhao, Lao Tzu, "Dao De Jing" in Hangu Guan, China's ancient architecture, one of the four Echo Temple Po; there are eight-way Sheng Chi Army depot site in western Henan Folk cave tourism, water on three sides of the Yellow River resort, scenic spots Wushan, Shanxian mt forest parks, scenic hot spring resort Bishu, standing on the Yellow River in the rolling pillar of the world-famous Yellow River dam. Has a long history of the Yellow River culture and unique folk arts, such as the brilliant Yamahana throughout urban and rural areas. The main tourist routes tour of the Yellow River, opened in April 1986 to Has held five of the Yellow River International Tourism Festival. "The Yellow River Journey" line has been listed as the China National Tourism Administration of the National Tourism 14, one of the green, into the international market. The tourist season, a boat trip in the rippling blue waves of the Yellow River, only to watch "The Yellow River in the East China Sea off the days go," Bang Bo and the momentum of the local coastal scenery, but also By Liu Shao ship, flying the surface of the realm of myth. Tour of the Yellow River, King Lansheng, a total revitalization of the five states side by side; open 3, Welcome friends, the prosperity of the world hand in hand. Since reform and opening up, Sanmenxia and has 15 domestic cities in Japan and listed on the North, Australia's Murray Bridge, the city established a "sister city" relationship with Countries and regions set up relations of economic cooperation. Bathing the spring breeze of reform and opening up, play a unique advantage, Sanmenxia is ahead in order to meet the profile of the twenty-first century.

  Sanmenxia City, is accompanied by the first miles of the Yellow River dam construction and the rise of a new city, mountains and rivers in order to show , Resource-rich and famous. Legend has it that Yu water, so that God will ax Picheng mountain "gate" and "door gods", "Ghost Gate" Canyon 3, Sanmenxia and thus got its name. After 40 years of hard construction, Sanmenxia with a new attitude stands in the western border, known as embedded in a pearl of the Yellow River shore. Three Gap is located in Henan, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces at the junction of the east and adjacent to the city of Luoyang, according to South Funiu Mountain and the city of Nanyang phase, Seomang the ancient city of Chang'an, Shanxi and north of the Yellow River every other echoes with a total area of 10,496 square kilometers, the jurisdiction 3 County (Shanxian, Chi Sheng, Lushi), 2 City (Yima, Lingbao), District 1 (Lake), with a total population of 2 30,000, of which the urban population of 235,000, is at the junction of three provinces in the history of economic and cultural center. China's ancient civilization and the motherland at the present day miracle, Huguangshanse of southern Xinjiang, north of the beautiful glacier, where was clever and enrichment to show the development of the tourism industry has a unique and very broad Prospects. Rich history and culture left here for a number of historical sites and cultural landscapes. Yangshao Village to discover and explore the site, opened a Chinese New Stone Age archaeological cause of the first, primitive society for the study of China has provided a wealth of information laid a solid foundation.

  Miao Digou cultural sites and the West Guo Guo-jun cemetery unearthed a great deal of the history of art, high culture aesthetic appeal. Interpretation of the Warring States period, Qin, Zhao between the two countries bury the story of the ancient Qin Zhao UNITA Taiwan, according to Qin Xiaogong customs of the Han Guguan against the enemy, and Lao Zi "Dao De Jing" the beginning of Hangu Guan Gong and Taiwan, Wang Qi, Meng Changjun exit of chickens Taiwan, China's four major architectural echo of one of the Po Temple after repair, a new rhyme, and each year attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.


  The natural landscape into the main sightseeing, mountain climbing, one for the summer, enjoy "Hua Shan" Wushan known sub-national forest park; Surrounded by water on three sides by mountains, the city of a half-smoke the village of Tin City, "Shan Zhou scenic areas of the Old City; beautiful scenery and landscape won a narrow victory over the historic step of the Sanmenxia Yellow River resort, and so on. In recent years, the introduction of the" Yellow River Tour "tour, has been China National Tourism Administration as a tourist line 14 of the second, the international market.

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