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Sanmenxia Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanmenxia City, Henan Province is located in the western border of Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan provinces at the junction of East and connected to the city of Luoyang, Nanyang and South-phase, north of the Yellow River in Shanxi Province and across the West according to Tongguan in Shaanxi Province and adjacent, dominates Lingbao , The city of Yima, Shanxian, Mianchi Xian, Lushi County, and Lake District with a total area of 10,496 square kilometers with a total person 2,200,000.

Sanmenxia unique tourism resources. China's ancient civilization and the motherland at the present day sites, Huguangshanse of southern Xinjiang, north of the magnificent rivers and mountains, here cleverly combined with the show. There Yangshao culture of the Neolithic sites, the late Western Zhou Dynasty Spring and early Guo Juma Keng group, Jingshan Xuanyuan tomb of the Warring States era of Taiwan's AU Qin Zhao, Lao Tzu, "Dao De Jing" in Hangu Guan, China's ancient architecture, one of the four Echo Temple Po; there are eight-way Sheng Chi Army depot site in western Henan Folk cave tourism, water on three sides of the Yellow River resort, scenic spots Wushan, Shanxian mt forest parks, scenic hot spring resort Bishu, standing on the Yellow River in the rolling pillar of the world-famous Yellow River dam. Has a long history of the Yellow River culture and unique folk arts, such as the brilliant Yamahana throughout urban and rural areas. The main tourist routes tour of the Yellow River, opened in April 1986 to Has held five of the Yellow River International Tourism Festival. "The Yellow River Journey" line has been listed as the China National Tourism Administration of the National Tourism 14, one of the green, into the international market. The tourist season, a boat trip in the rippling blue waves of the Yellow River, only to watch "The Yellow River in the East China Sea off the days go," Bang Bo and the momentum of the local coastal scenery, but also By Liu Shao ship, flying the surface of the realm of myth. Tour of the Yellow River, King Lansheng, a total revitalization of the five states side by side; open 3, Welcome friends, the prosperity of the world hand in hand. Since reform and opening up, Sanmenxia and has 15 domestic cities in Japan and listed on the North, Australia's Murray Bridge, the city established a "sister city" relationship with Countries and regions set up relations of economic cooperation. Bathing the spring breeze of reform and opening up, play a unique advantage, Sanmenxia is ahead in order to meet the profile of the twenty-first century.

  Sanmenxia City, is accompanied by the first miles of the Yellow River dam construction and the rise of a new city, mountains and rivers in order to show , Resource-rich and famous. Legend has it that Yu water, so that God will ax Picheng mountain "gate" and "door gods", "Ghost Gate" Canyon 3, Sanmenxia and thus got its name. After 40 years of hard construction, Sanmenxia with a new attitude stands in the western border, known as embedded in a pearl of the Yellow River shore. Three Gap is located in Henan, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces at the junction of the east and adjacent to the city of Luoyang, according to South Funiu Mountain and the city of Nanyang phase, Seomang the ancient city of Chang'an, Shanxi and north of the Yellow River every other echoes with a total area of 10,496 square kilometers, the jurisdiction 3 County (Shanxian, Chi Sheng, Lushi), 2 City (Yima, Lingbao), District 1 (Lake), with a total population of 2 30,000, of which the urban population of 235,000, is at the junction of three provinces in the history of economic and cultural center. China's ancient civilization and the motherland at the present day miracle, Huguangshanse of southern Xinjiang, north of the beautiful glacier, where was clever and enrichment to show the development of the tourism industry has a unique and very broad Prospects. Rich history and culture left here for a number of historical sites and cultural landscapes. Yangshao Village to discover and explore the site, opened a Chinese New Stone Age archaeological cause of the first, primitive society for the study of China has provided a wealth of information laid a solid foundation.

  Miao Digou cultural sites and the West Guo Guo-jun cemetery unearthed a great deal of the history of art, high culture aesthetic appeal. Interpretation of the Warring States period, Qin, Zhao between the two countries bury the story of the ancient Qin Zhao UNITA Taiwan, according to Qin Xiaogong customs of the Han Guguan against the enemy, and Lao Zi "Dao De Jing" the beginning of Hangu Guan Gong and Taiwan, Wang Qi, Meng Changjun exit of chickens Taiwan, China's four major architectural echo of one of the Po Temple after repair, a new rhyme, and each year attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.


  The natural landscape into the main sightseeing, mountain climbing, one for the summer, enjoy "Hua Shan" Wushan known sub-national forest park; Surrounded by water on three sides by mountains, the city of a half-smoke the village of Tin City, "Shan Zhou scenic areas of the Old City; beautiful scenery and landscape won a narrow victory over the historic step of the Sanmenxia Yellow River resort, and so on. In recent years, the introduction of the" Yellow River Tour "tour, has been China National Tourism Administration as a tourist line 14 of the second, the international market.

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