Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sanmenxia Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanmenxia City Museum is located in the western city of Shan Zhou Scenic Area, located on the north side of Temple Lun, is a friend of Japan President Ichiro Ishikawa donors on the basis of 2,000,000 yuan, in November 1989 into a comprehensive museum. Area of 44,000 square meters, construction area of 3200 square meters with a total Architectural style: Museum in the park, park in the Hall, the solemn ancient, beautiful and elegant.
Sanmenxia major museum collections of historical relics unearthed in areas of natural resources and samples to show the world since ancient times so far Sanmenxia splendid cultural heritage and rich resources. At the same time launching a wide range of exhibitions, reflecting the three Gap city's economic achievements, ancient region in western Henan, as well as the folk customs of Hou Yu from the water to the modern management of the Yellow River, the development of the Yellow River, the Yellow River to use the historical picture.

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