Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yangshao Grand Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangshao Grand Canyon at the birthplace of world-famous Yangshao culture - Mianchi Xian city of Sanmenxia in Henan Province, north of the Yellow River Xiaolangdi reservoir area. Canyon length of 50 km with a total area of 56 square kilometers, there are various types of natural scenic more than 500. Has initially proved Magazine Gap, Gap turtles, dragon and tiger gorge, the lights Gap, Gap sheep lying HANGING COFFIN 6 Valley area. Yangshao risk to the Grand Canyon, odd, quiet male characterized, much favored by tourists. Magazine Gap Jueya confrontation over mossy stone Watarfall flying, extremely dangerous; turtles Stephen Tam Gap linked stones Miao-sheng, competing show peaks, picturesque scenery; coming around the Old Gap, the hole is Om Diego, Qualcomm Labyrinth You, if the Court in Wonderland Jin Feng Lamps backwater to Gap, Qi rise steeply, magnificent, magnificent Cantabile. Grand Canyon walking for King, when King moved to different, can be called Shangri-la, Tianranyangba, Grand Lake waterfall, the treasure-house of stone. Its various types of resources, a perfect combination for domestic rare, with the development of high value.

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